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What appeared at first to be a light-hearted game played by six university students, gradually becomes more and more demeaning and humiliating. The inclusion of an outside influence increases the implications of the game. I found it difficult to finished the book because the psychological fears it engendered became too much.
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Review: BLACK CHALK by Christopher Yates

There are so many twists in this labyrinthine novel that I felt quite like a pretzel when I finished, but I also came away with a feeling of satisfaction at reading such a deep, rich, story. I can't say I liked or admired some of the characters, and even those I did empathize with had failings (don't we all), but the author's gift absorbed me into the story regardless. At the ending I kept demanding of one of the characters, "Why didn't you? Couldn't you just--?" That didn't alter my enjoyment of the novel, and would have led to some other ending (and I took a personal object lesson from it).
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