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I cannot read and review this book because it is in a format that is not compatible with my Kindle. I am blindly giving it 3 stars
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I am sorry that I couldn't  complete the book on time and it got expired. I am giving 1 star because of the book description. I liked the synopsis and that is why I asked for the book.
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Alexandra de Falla is half English and half Spanish.She has lived quite a sheltered life in London. She has been raised by her English aunt as her mother divorced her Spanish father and died and then the war happened.

When the novel starts has Alexandra already written two novels that made her financially independent and when her father asks her to come and at last meet her Spanish family she sees it as at least an opportunity to do background research for a novel.

And that is how the writer of this book works as well. She has experienced Spain and weaves with her own travelmemories the background for this story. Resulting on us - while safely tucked in bed with a cold in my case - experiencing the Semana Sancta in Seville, going to a masked ball or attending a bull fight.

Although the book as far as I know never says it is 1950 the writer tells that in an included interview. We can deduct it by the fact that rationing in England just ended, it is 20 years after the Spanish civil war and Brigitte Bardot is an up and coming movie star.

Spain in 1950 is a lot more conservative than England in those days. Still one is supposed to be chaperoned for instance.

While the book is about the love affair between Alexandra and her adopted cousin Salvador it is even more about discovery of her cultural background.

The writer paints Spain vividly. The family members are colourful though one dimensional people but that does not matter that much apart from an in my opinion a very absent father.

With a title like indiscretion you would expect a book full of hot scenes but that is not the case. However the smouldering love between the two cousins is palpable even when there is only a stolen kiss once and awhile.

It is a very believable story and you really root for Salvador and Alexandra. You can feel the despair.

A really good book that I can also recommend to people who normally do not read a book around a love story, Because it is so much more. But you have to be interested in reading a lot about Spain and Spanish  culture.
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Beautiful storytelling in a slightly old fashioned style, which is by no means a criticism. An absolutely lovely read.
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A romance more reminiscent of the classics than the newer, more contemporary novels on the market today. If you prefer the more contemporary books, then you are unlikely to find much enjoyment in this book. But if the more subtle, passionate romances are your cup of tea then you should definitely pick up this book! The classic romantic can't help but fall in love with this book.
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Why did it take me so long to read this? I absolutely love Hannah Fielding's writing style and was instantly entranced in the story. Set in the 1950's, with perfect pacing and realistic and lovable characters, it's one I will certainly be recommending to historical romance fans and any who like a few twists along the way. Definitely going to have to read more from the author!
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I was hooked from the beginning and wasn't disappointed at the end. Tjis was my first book by her but will definitely be reading more!
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This was a very interesting book. I normally don't read books from different eras/or different time period but this one caught my attention. The writing was very good so much detail made me feel like I was there. Great read. I would definitely recommend this book to others.
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I had high expectations for this book, which was due in part to its description. I have always been intrigued about stories set in exotic places. One thing that appealed to me about this book was the setting, which was in Andalucía, Spain.  Did it live up to my expectations? Well, sadly it did not. Not that I did not like it. Actually, my feelings are mixed, as there were parts of the story I enjoyed, and some not so much. I must admit I was curious to discover how the events would unfold, but the rush to get to the end was not high on my list. A book this size (489 pages) would normally take me on average three days to read, instead it took me over a week.
The story follows Alexandra De Falla, a romance novelist, who never experienced being in love.  She left London for Spain to re-unite with her estranged family. However, she never expected her welcome to be frosty. She found herself with a stepmother who hated her, a sister jealous of her and a father who was weak and afraid to stand up for her. Secrets, lies and fight for position drove the De Falla clan. Besides the family drama, she found herself caught up in romantic debacle with her cousin Salvador, the man she never expected to fall in love with. She is embroiled in a situation where deceit, jealousy and feuding reigned supremely.  Not only does she have to deal with his ex-fiancee; there is also a jealous mistress in the fray.  
What I admired about Alexandra as an individual was her willingness to embrace the unknown. She was not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. She is a woman who enjoys adventure and experiencing new things. Her stubborn trait, however, would either make her or break her.  Unfortunately, my admiration did not extend to Salvador. I had difficulty warming up to him and by the time the story ended, I still was not convinced to like him.

I enjoyed the initial set up of the romance, but as the story evolved, it frustrated me. The romance became overly dramatic. This was due in part to the actions of both protagonists.  It would appear that he is torn between love and a sense of gratitude and honour, but I thought he was indecisive. I did not appreciate how he treated Alexandra. One minute he was hot and passionate and the next he was cold and urging her to return to England. Her response to his actions revealed her naiveté in the affairs of the heart. She used another man to make him jealous, an action which I found detestable. For a moment, I thought I was reading about teenagers playing at love instead of adults who were truly in love. Because of this, I had difficulty connecting with them as a couple.  

The story started out slow and it maintained that pace to the end. Readers are introduced to the lush beauty of Spain, its history, the customs and its people.  I must confess, when I hear the term gypsies I think of Romania, I never knew that they resided elsewhere.   Reading this book, taught me differently. They also live in Spain and appear to be a dominant part of the Spanish culture in the 1950s. The author’s descriptive writing style made me feel as if I were present in every scene.  However, there were times when I felt the descriptions were a bit too much, which contributed to the story being lengthy. In spite of this, it was actually my favourite part of the story.
There was a particular scene involving Alexandra and her stepmother, which the author failed to follow upon leaving the issue between them unresolved. Gypsies fascinate me, so they being a part of the story was a plus for me. However, I was hoping for more interaction from them, especially seeing that one of their own was intimately connected to the De Falla family. However, the author did not take advantage of this set up, which was disappointing.
This book had potential, but it did not grab me has I expected. I have seen where a lot of other readers enjoyed it more than I did, so if you have no problem with the issues mentioned above then you should give it a chance.
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This was a great story! I love the passion and chemistry between Alexandra and Salvador! You felt like you were there in Spain with the great description of the land and the time! I only wished there was more of them actually being together instead of all the obstacles they went through.
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Utterly gorgeous, the setting was so well realised that you felt as though you were there. Just wonderful.
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Where to even begin?

This was a lovely story. It was so beautifully written! It helped that the location was beautiful as well, but I felt like I was there. At some points I was more curious about the details and location then the actual story. Spain has always been an area that I wished more stories where set in, because it is a lovely area. It certainly added to the drama of the story!

At some points the book did get intense! I think setting made it feel more intense, but I enjoyed every moment of the unnecessary drama. Yes, unnecessary but entertaining nonetheless. This would make for a great movie! Just so much drama and beauty going around.

I was not a fan of Salvador. Yes, he was good looking, but he annoyed me. I would have kicked him to the curb if I was Alexandra. However, I do not care for complexity in my relationships. Not my thing, but not everyone is like me, so I was trying to understand her. I tried to understand and like her. I grew to like her as the story went on, but I just don't get WHY she stayed and WHY she was so in love. Everyone was so MEAN! It just seemed too much for me. I know when I am not wanted and I will not stay. However....that is me....Alexandra, I felt, needed to be loved by them. Poor girl.

Again...this was a lovely written book with some intense drama going on! I am curious to see what else the author is going to bring to the table! I want to read more. :) My only issue was Salvador himself. I grew to understand and like Alexandra, but it was still sad to see such a nice girl get treated like crap for a while. I highly recommend this to those that like historical fiction or what a book set in Spain. I will say it ONE last time....LOVELY! Out of five stars, I stamp this with 4.
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Alexandra is a writer living in London who embarks on a trip to Spain. While there, she is entranced with the country, a pretty nu e'd change from the boredom of home. She meets Salvador and absolutely falls in love. Unfortunately, love doesn't always come easy. This is actually the second novel I have read by Hannah Fielding. I have loved both! She builds such an amazing story that you can't help but be taken in. The romance (and indiscretion) is timeless.
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Excellent. Liked the characters and story flow. Recommend reading!
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Loved, loved, loved this story! Especially with it being set in Spain - it gave it an exotic feel! Would highly recommend.
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After turning down an engagement Alexandra, bored with the privileged life she leads feels the calling to connect with her father's Spanish side of the family. She travels alone from England to meet her family for the first time in Andalucia in Spain in the 1950s. Traveling alone is dangerous and unheard of but Alexandra has an adventurous side and will not be denied. Upon arriving she is caught up in the wild landscape and danger of the area. The Spanish people are as untamed as the lush,vast wilderness. I could feel myself baking in the sun there and hear the cheers of the bullfighting. I felt the danger as the gypsies and fortunetellers lurked. I heard the music and felt the excitement in the air. 
She is soon entangled in a web of secrets,lies and deception. She finds she has fallen for Salvador but scheming members of her family do everything they can with deception and lies to keep the couple apart. The areas bull fighting champion wants to make her his and she is flattered by this handsome man's attention. When he is set to announce their engagement at a reception one evening she knows it's all a huge misunderstanding as she never agreed to marry him. Salvador believes she is set to marry the other man though and she is heartbroken. To deal with her broken heart she travels back to England to try to forget him but true love is not lost after all. This is my first book by Hannah Fielding but definitely won't be my last!
Pub Date 25 Mar 2015 
Thank you to NetGalley and London Wall Publishing for a review copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Having read Legacy last week, getting started on Indiscretion was like a kid getting to keep the candy store and I loved every single minute of swiping left on my e-reader!

The Author succeeds in revealing Spain to the reader in a colorful and passionate way unlike I've ever experienced before. It's set in the 1950s, and there is Alexandra, a young Writer, who writes romance novels but has never quite experienced love. She decides to get back to her roots and travels from Chelsea to Spain.

Having read Legacy, I found myself comparing the two male leads- and while Ruy in Legacy was relentless in his pursuit of Luna, here Salvador was more cautious if not hesitant. He loved Alexandra but he feared that his past mistakes and entanglement with the gypsies would put her in arms way and so he was hot and cold with her. At some point, I found Alexandra's frustration to be my own!
All in all, this book succeeds in delivering passion, sacrifice and most of all the power of making decisions and sticking to them. Big shout-out to Netgalley for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review, loved it!
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I enjoyed this. The premise of this was interesting and had me hooked from the very first page
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I wish I had been able to read this book, but it was archived before I could.
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To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring ourselves
-Federico Garcia Lorca 

This review is a tough one, because I really liked the was just soooooo long. I mean it's >450 pages! It could have been about a hundred pages shorter. 
The book is extraordinarily descriptive, I felt that I could have smelled the dinners, enjoyed the expanse and scenery as though I was there, and drawn the characters from memory, but sometimes it was too much. 

The story is of a 25 year old woman, Alexandra who is half English, half Spaniard; her mother died when she was young and she was raised by her Aunt in England. Her Father was away most of her life (This story is set in 1950s Spain, just after The Civil War), as it was difficult for him to come and visit her often. 
Alexandra has grown bored of her life in England and longs for adventure, she eagerly goes to Spain to find herself.
Well....What she finds is a bit of a tele-novella. Her step-mother hates her, her step-sister is a spoiled brat, there is one awesome and fun cousin who I loved, and then most importantly Salvador....
Salvador is obviously hotter, smarter, more brooding, and more passionate than all other Spaniards, but he also has a sordid past and unfortunately it is coming to bite them both!
I loved the scenery, the gypsies, the PASSION. (kicking young me for never going to Spain while I was single). :)
All of it is so intoxicating in this story.

***Thanks to Netgalley and London Wall Publishing for providing me with a copy of this novel for my honest review.
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