Her Perfect Life

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'Her Perfect Life' is a twisty psychological thriller, telling the story of successful British TV chef Gracie Dwyer, who is living the dream - big house, husband, and a young daughter she adores.
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Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book for free in return for an honest review.
Gracie Dwyer, domestic goddess, wife to Tom and mother to Elsie has it all. Her cooking programmes are a huge hit, her cookery books fly off the shelves and she's living the high life. Jennie is down at heel, she lives in a flat with her daughter, separated from her husband she's struggling to get by, that is until she meets the oh so amazing Gracie. Jealous of Gracie's fame and comfortable lifestyle, she wants a piece of that life and will do whatever she has to do to get it.
This is a good book, not what I'd call outstanding but all in all its good and there are some edge of your seat moments. I did think in places it was a little repetitive znd slow but all in all it was good.
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You definitely can't second guess this book.  The twists just keep on coming.   Kept me hooked.  Well worth a read
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Seemingly Gracie has the perfect life.  She’s a celebrity cook and successful businesswoman.  She lives in a designer house, has a handsome husband and is the mother of a beautiful little girl. But Gracie’s “perfect” life is starting to unravel.   Juliette definitely has anything but the perfect life.  She has money problems, is a little bit too fond of a drink and is struggling to bring up her daughter alone following a messy relationship.    
The unfolding events are recounted from the points of view of Gracie and Juliette and an unnamed third narrator’s diaries.  I thought the author did a good job of creating distinctive voices for Gracie and Juliette and revealing different aspects of their characters as the book progressed.   Gradually, the connections between Gracie, Juliette and the unnamed diarist are revealed resulting in a satisfyingly clever twist at the end (which I guessed part of but not all).   This was an entertaining read.
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so enjoyed what a story loved the twist will put my review amazon day of publishing
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This isn't the most gripping psychological thriller I've read but I kind of enjoyed it!  It has an OK storyline and I didn't see the twist coming so that's fine by me!
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Not since I Let You Go has a twist had me gasping out loud, this book has a real sting in its tail! 

The characters have a three dimensional quality that ensures even though they aren't always likeable you certainly feel a connection to them. Captivating and at times really rather eerie, this is a captivating and assured debut. 

Thank you to the Publisher and to NetGalley for the copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Highly recommended.
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Gracie Dwyer lives a perfect life,handsome husband,beautiful daughter,career as a cook on tv and adoring friends

Juliet is a penniless single mum,lives in a squalid flat,has no job and a bully of a ex who is doing everything in his power to make her life a living hell.

So what draws these two completely different women together to forge a unlikely friendship.In this twisted tale of lies and betrayal will either of these women be alive at the conclusion.

The story is told from the perspectives of Gracie and Juliet both of whom I found very unlikable for completely different reasons.Throughout the book there are extracts from a diary written in the past by a character called Pauline Bryce.These entries add mystery and intregue to the story,who is she and how does she fit into events that are happening in the present?.

It's not a fast paced story but there are plenty of twists,mystery and intregue to keep the reader hooked and turning the pages including a totally unexpected twist at the end.I love the breaking glass effect on the cover of this book and I thoroughly enjoyed this twisted mystery.
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I loved this book! It was instantly gripping and kept you guessing and wondering what was going to happen.   It was really easy to read and the characters were well written and likeable!  I would definitely recommend this book!!!
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I'm not sure I would categorise this as a psychological thriller?

Unfortunately I predicted the obligatory twist quite early on so I had to wait a really long time to be proven right.

I wasn't blown away by this book but I got through it quite quickly.

Thanks to Harper Collins UK for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Her Perfect Life by Sam Hepburn is a slow burning psychological thriller that keeps you turning the pages.The story is based around the life of Gracie who is a celebrity cook and her husband Tom who has a daughter Elsie and whose first wife tragically died.When Juliet and her daughter meet Gracie an unlikely friendship develops and so as their paths collide strange and sinister things are brought to the fore involving other friends and family.Although a bit slow at the beginning the book had me gripped the further i read and i never saw the ending coming at all.A good book i would recommend to anyone who enjoys this genre.
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Lighter (in a good way) than the usual psychological thrillers but had a great story and twist.  The book includes infidelity, stalkers, the unstable and the perfect character!  I thought I had some idea of where it was going but finished with a good ending I did not foresee.  Thanks to Netgalley and Publisher for advanced copy.
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