Treachery in Tuscany—A Jordan Mayfair Mystery

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Pub Date 2 May 2018 | Archive Date 25 May 2018

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Church bells chime in an ancient bell tower as architect Jordan Mayfair, from Savannah, Georgia, and her travel-writer uncle, Alexander Carlyle, arrive at Convento di Santa Francesca Firenze in Florence, Italy. Jordan expects the 15th century convent with its exquisite gardens to offer a safe and serene retreat from the crowded, bustling, touristy district of Europe's premier Renaissance city, and anticipates a romantic interlude with Paul Broussard, charming patron of the arts, who is flying in from Paris, just for her.

But the polizia municipale are on site, investigating a burglary by jewel thieves, and a mugging has occurred outside the convent walls. Several guests of the convent are not who they seem to be, and one is soon dead. A suicide, the police say. Jordan suspects murder.

Her attempt to find justice for the victim leads her to discoveries as dark as the labyrinths of the convent that she explores with an architect's eye, and as far-reaching as the spectacular Tuscan hills. But Jordan's findings give little comfort as she uncovers the truth about Paul's unstable daughter, Bella, who has come to Florence with evil intentions. In the third book of the Jordan Mayfair Mystery Series, treachery tears a prominent family apart, takes an innocent life, and threatens Jordan's relationship with Paul that has evolved, through three books.

Church bells chime in an ancient bell tower as architect Jordan Mayfair, from Savannah, Georgia, and her travel-writer uncle, Alexander Carlyle, arrive at Convento di Santa Francesca Firenze in...

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I really enjoyed this book. It had a good balance of intrigue, history, romance and food! I liked the characters although I did find they find they were a bit unmoved when a young girl was killed but at least Jordan solved the murder for her!

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I enjoyed the mystery plot and the main character who delights in the city of Florence. The book also gives an armchair tour of the city and its sights, architecture, and history, which is woven into the story. Lovely book for romance, mystery, and travel buffs.

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4 stars

I read the Kindle edition.

Jordan Mayfair is an architect and on a trip to Florence with her uncle, Alex. Alexander Carlyle is a travel writer. Jordan has traveled to many places with the uncle. As they arrive at the Convento di Santa Francesca Firenze, they meet a young woman named Sophia “Sophie” Costa. She is another guest at the B & B. Her parents believe that she is still at university. The Convento is a 15th Century building where nuns still live. In order to bring in much needed revenue, they have turned part of their convent into a B & B.

When Sophie later falls out of a window, the police say it is suicide. But Jordan believes it was not. Jordan who, as readers are aware, seems to have a nose for trouble.

Jordan also has a visit from Paul Broussard, who appears in an earlier novel.

This is an interesting and informative novel. It describes the wonders of Florence; the architecture, and Florence’s people and culture. It is very well done. The reader almost believes that they are there. The book is both well written and plotted. It is an easy read and very entertaining.

I want to thank NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for forwarding to me a copy of this nice book to read and enjoy.

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This is the third in the series and now I need to go back and read the first two! This was an engaging, exciting book! Captivating characters, interesting murder and an enjoyable read! Jordan and her Uncle are in Florence, Italy and they go visit an old friend of her uncle’s. While in Florence they stay in an convent where the other guests create intrigue in this mystery! Overall I really enjoyed this book and hope there will be more in this series!

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Jordan Mayfair and her uncle find themselves in the heart of Renaissance : Florence. Everything starts out well; this is a trip for relaxation, after all, and a chance for her to see her romantic interest, Paul Broussard, who's flying to Florence from France just for her.

But things will start to go terribly wrong. Between a series of robberies around the city and the death pf a young girl, Jordan will find herself investigating things the police theorizes are simple accidents. Can the death of a young girl who was full of life really be a suicide? Could it be staged? And what can Jordan do in order to help uncover the truth?

As if all this wasn't enough, Jordan will have to face cruel facts about Paul Brussard's daughter, who does not seem to like her at all. But could she really be more than just spoiled? Could she actually be dangerous?

This is a well written, pleasant mystery book. Perfectly easy to read in a day, it easily holds the reader's attention to the end. The story peaks perfectly, becoming quite unpredictable at points. The region of Tuscany is also very well described, the author drawing a perfectly accurate picture for the reader.

All in all very enjoyable, I recommend it for the fans of mysteries. Treachery in Tuscany is the third book in the Jordan Mayfair Mystery Series, but it can be read on its own without any plot difficulties for the reader.

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What a joy reading this book was! American architect and amateur sleuth Jordan (early fifties?) and her elderly uncle Alex travel to Florence so he can do research for his new travelguide and she is looking forward to do some cooking classes and enjoy sightseeing the monuments and museums. They check in at an old convent in the middle of town and set about seeing the sights.

The town is described so vividly that the book reads like a travelogue. You can picture the churches and I even looked up the famous David statue as I had never realised he was so big (no not that part).

When Jordan takes a Masterclass in Italian cuisine at a villa in the hills the book turns into cookbook. We learn how to make tiramisu with strawberries and that ravioli should be cooked in a broth.

But then someone drops dead in front of Jordan and the book turns detective.

Oh wait there is also a French love interest with a daughter from hell.

The writer did such a good job that it feels like you have gone to Florence yourself and had slept in an old convent meeting all the different types of people you do while on holiday.

Maybe because I could identify with Jordan. The characters never become unrealistic.

A very enjoyable book that I can certainly recommend.

5 stars out of 5

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Thank you Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the ARC.

Exciting murder-mystery with a twist, set in Florence, Italy. Written at a perfectly pleasant pace, giving opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful city. Very vivid, good read.

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Jordan Mayfair and her Uncle Alex have traveled to Florence so Alex can gather information for the travel guide he is writing. Alex has also been in touch with Angelica Moretti, a woman from his past, who lives with her family at the Moretti Villa, one of the places they will visit as Alex may include it in his book. As for Jordan, besides accompanying her uncle sightseeing, she is thrilled that Paul Broussard, a man she finds quite captivating is coming to Florence and she looks forward to spending some time with him.
Things don't go exactly as planned for either Jordan or Alex. The police seem to be outside the convent they are staying at almost on a daily basis. There are robberies, secrets, lies, the death of a girl staying at the convent, murder, and a locked door mystery. Paul's adult daughter Bella is also in Florence and she has an extremely unhealthy obsession with removing Jordan from her father's life. Jordan puts on her amateur sleuth hat and vows to do what the police cannot uncover the truth about these many seemingly unrelated events.
A well-written mystery with likable main characters and descriptions of Florence that made me feel like I was there. I won't hesitate to read other books in this series.
Thank you, Phyllis Gobbell, BooksGoSocial, and NetGalley for the complimentary digital ARC to read and review.

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Very enjoyable an kept me interested right up to the end. I enjoyed the intrigues of the relationships and the eventual conclusion. Definitely recommended.

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Here's an old-fashioned mystery that makes the best of new-fashioned ways. Why old-fashioned? Because here's a mystery that's actually a mystery, not a thriller in disguise. - there are thrills to be had, but front and center this is a solid mystery - a trail of clues the reader can sort over and ponder on. I'll leave it at that - no need to spoil the fun!

And why new-fashioned? Because this is a travel mystery and the reader has a chance to learn about a place. Here the traveling sleuth is architect Jordan Mayfair, and through her we learn about Florence, Italy. I enjoyed the descriptions of places that are new to me, and a new-fashioned bonus is that it was great fun to look online and find photographs and descriptions of the various churches and landmarks the characters visit.

Jordan and her traveling companion, her uncle Alex, are believable and likable, Jordan's love interest is a bit of a set piece, but he is in keeping with the tradition of love interests that provide human interest without getting in the way of the mystery. I'm thinking here of Rex Stout's detective Archie Goodwin with his girlfriend Lily Rowan and, to bring in a more current example in the genre, Sara J. Henry's Troy Chance and her love interest Philippe Dumond. All very wealthy, all no hindrance to the real action of the story. Gobell has written an engaging book - a very nice find, indeed.

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I was pleased to see a follow-up to "Pursuit in Provence,” and “Secrets and Shamrocks,” the two previous Jordan Mayfair mysteries. “Treachery”, set in Florence, and the surrounding hill towns, is another adventure with Jordan, her uncle Alex, and a visit from Jordan’s inamorata, Paul Broussard. Jewel thieves, double lives, and an encounter with Paul’s adult daughter, all make Jordan’s visit to Italy more exciting than she had planned. With lots of delicious, albeit virtual, meals and sightseeing in the Beautiful City, this is a enjoyable novel.

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I love a mystery set in a seductive, foreign location with some sort of hook drawing on the art, history or culture of the locale. I felt like TREACHERY IN TUSCANY was billed to be this sort of book. This is more of a formulaic mystery and while I didn't get the historical angle I was looking for, the book was an enjoyable, entertaining read. Jordan Mayfair is an architect traveling in Florence with her uncle, a travel guide writer. Joining Jordan in her adventure is her love interest, Paul and his daughter, Bella. A series of robberies, one of which ends in murder, draws the investigative interest of Jordan and she soon finds herself in the middle of the police investigation. Although an entertaining and light read, I did not find the level of suspense or tension that I enjoy in a mystery. The plot was somewhat predictable and I felt that the culprits were readily apparent. That being said, I enjoyed the descriptions of the landscapes and architecture of Tuscany, I was just hoping for a little more intrigue and suspense.

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