A Violet Fire

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Pub Date 9 Dec 2019 | Archive Date 30 Nov 2019

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A darker Shade of Vampire  meets the writing style of Divergent in this riveting debut. 

In the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain, human blood is scarce.

For centuries, vampire councils have sought to assuage the blood shortage by enslaving and breeding humans, turning them into profitable supply units for the rich and the abled.

Today, eighteen-year-old Wavorly Sterling is officially a supply unit, bound to serve her blood willingly to her master for the rest of her life. One of only few humans that was not bred in Cain, Wavorly knows freedom better than anyone, and she is determined to escape the clutches of her oppressors, even if by the hands of death.

But surprises lay beyond every certainty, and within every doubt. Where Wavorly's hatred for both vampires and her enslavement once flowed free as blood, it merely trickles as she grows to admire her reserved, yet receptive master and savior, Anton Zein. 

Although warmed by comforts never felt before, danger still lurks in the castle, and a prophecy calls from beyond the walls of a lavender gate—concealing the horrific secrets lodged between handsome smirks and cinereous eyes. It will take everything within Wavorly to face her fears and her doubts; to harness the truth of her past despite what that means for her future; to shun the manipulative idea of love for the sake of the human race. The only question is, will she?

Set in a richly detailed world of fantasy, A Violet Fire is a gripping journey filled with passion, betrayal, lies, and the encouragement we all need to take a stand for our freedom—no matter the cost.

**A Violet Fire is the first installment of an intended trilogy**

A darker Shade of Vampire  meets the writing style of Divergent in this riveting debut. 

In the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain, human blood is scarce.

For centuries, vampire councils have sought to...

A Note From the Publisher

This book is intended to offer a twist on classic, insta-love vampire romance by showcasing it for what it can be—manipulative, and the result of emotional starvation.

This book is intended to offer a twist on classic, insta-love vampire romance by showcasing it for what it can be—manipulative, and the result of emotional starvation.

Advance Praise

"A vampire tale with a heady mix of defiance and doubt, rebellion and romance." — Kirkus Reviews

There is not a single dull moment in this book... A Violet Fire by Kelsey Quick has all the ingredients to become the next Hollywood movie about vampires." — Readers' Favorite

"Quick does an excellent job of crafting character arcs, an interesting and unique setting, and a fabulous twist on vampires." - E.C. Farrell

"A vampire tale with a heady mix of defiance and doubt, rebellion and romance." — Kirkus Reviews

There is not a single dull moment in this book... A Violet Fire by Kelsey Quick has all the ingredients...

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ISBN 9781733072403
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**Disclaimer: I was given an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

Title A Violet Fire

Author Kelsey Quick

Release Date December 9, 2019

Description from Amazon

In the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain, human blood is scarce. For centuries, councils have sought to assuage the blood shortage by enslaving and breeding humans, turning them into profitable supply units for the rich and the abled.

Today, eighteen-year-old Wavorly Sterling is officially a supply unit, bound to serve her blood willingly to her master for the rest of her life. One of only few humans that was not bred in Cain, Wavorly knows freedom better than anyone, and she is determined to escape the clutches of her oppressors, even if by the hands of death.

But surprises lay beyond every certainty, and within every doubt. Where Wavorly’s hatred for both vampires and her enslavement once flowed free as blood, it merely trickles as she grows to admire her reserved, yet receptive master and savior, Anton Zein.

Although warmed by comforts never felt before, danger still lurks in the castle, and a prophecy calls from beyond the walls of a lavender gate–concealing the horrific secrets lodged between handsome smirks and cinereous eyes. It will take everything within Wavorly to face her fears and her doubts; to harness the truth of her past despite what that means for her future. The only question is, will she?

Initial Thoughts

Please see my hype post for my official initial thoughts but, overall, I was excited to start this book. It was different from anything else I was working on and I wanted a change of pace.

Favorite Character

Gemini — I want more of Gemini. I love that he called Wavorly “Dimwit” and I thought there was so much more to him than we got to see. I love his story with Savvy and I hope to see more of them in future books in this series.

Series Value

I didn’t realize this book was the first in a potential series when I started reading it. That being said, I was initially very critical of the fact that I made it through almost 80% of the book and didn’t understand what the central plot was. At just 50% I was starting to worry but by the time I was in the 80s, I was like what is going on here? After finishing the book and seeing that there is at least one more book planned, I can understand why it took so long.

I think this book sets up the series well and is rich with background information and world building. However, I think some hints about the overarching plot are needed earlier on in the story.

Some Things I Liked

The setting — I liked the mysterious, semi-dystopian setting. I’m not totally clear on what year this book takes place in but I like the mystery of it all. It works and I think it gives Kelsey Quick a lot of room for interesting elements to work with in future books.
Wavorly’s attitude — I thought her no-nonsense sass was a welcome change for a main character. She did what she wanted the had almost no regard for consequences. I liked that.
A likeable villain — It’s been a while since I read a book with a truly likeable villain and I loved the twist and the big reveal of the villain in this story.
One Thing I Wasn’t Crazy About

I felt the story was lacking a plot for a huge portion. I understood the setting and the characters but I didn’t have that sense of caring. What I mean is that things were happening, but there was no pressure or driving force. I missed that sense of urgency and connection to the story. I think the larger plot needed to be revealed a bit sooner.
Final Thoughts

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the world building in this book. I thought the concepts and setting were fascinating and left me hooked on this as a series. I didn’t like that I was unaware of its status as a series until the end of the book and I think that played into my final judgement. I could have been more open-minded about the lack of plot if I knew there was definitely more to the story.

I would definitely read the next book in this series.


Recommendations for Further Reading

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo — talk about likeable villains! I practically rooted for the Darkling in this series. Definitely give it a try if you liked the villain and the hero/villain relationship in A Violet Fire.
The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer — not to be cliché, but this is probably one of the most popular YA vampire series out there. If you liked the vampire element, and you haven’t read this series, give it a try.
Before the Broken Star by Emily R. King — while this book is not dystopian or about vampires, the main characters are quite similar. Both Everley and Wavorly (see, similar already), are headstrong, revenge-bent, and fearless. They both have little regard for their own safety when it comes to getting what they want. If you enjoyed Wavorly’s attitude and overall personality, give this series by Emily R. King a try.

Was this review helpful?

I actually really liked this book. I honestly didn't see that coming! The story hooked me immediately and I feel like the author knew exactly what they wanted their readers to feel as each scene played out. I'm excited for the next book to see how it plays out. That being said I do think it could have been more detailed.

Was this review helpful?

Overall I did like like this book .
Waverly is a young woman who knows what it’s like to be free. To have choice . Unfortunately Waverly lives in a near future where vampires rule. Humans are kept in compounds . They learn vampire etiquette. When to speak , what tone to speak with . History of the vampire wars. There is 5 aristocratic vampire houses. Waverly is owned by Zein . A vampire who has proved himself in battle and can be ruthless.
Waverly has tried to escape and has been caught,. To keep a eye on her Zein bring her to his castle to compete for his attention with all the other women aka blood supply units. There is a undercurrent of dark attraction there.
I liked it and was happy overall.
This review will be posted to amazon when published.
Thank you so much

Was this review helpful?

Interesting take on the typical vampire story line. Wavorly is a human whose family is killed and she is taken by a vampire to be raised as a blood source for the leaders. However, she is everything a good blood source is not. Despite her attitude and disrespect to the leaders, she becomes the favorite of her Zein. As she learn more about him she begins to accept her new life and begins to care for Zein. However, once Wavorly finds out who she really is her whole life changes. Everything she thought she new is now uncertain.

Was this review helpful?

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

I requested an ARC of this book because the intro intrigued me. This is definitely not a romance or your typical Vampire story. Waverly is a human in a world where humans are raised and breed to be food for Vampires. Her family was murdered and she was swept away to a school to be raised as a supply unit (donor) to one of the five the Lord Generals, Lord Zein. She hates all Vampires with her very being and will do anything to try to escape them. She knows what its like to be free, unlike her fellow students who were raised within the school, never knowing their families or freedom. But alas, there are plot twists and secrets. Cant wait for the next book to come out!!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you Netgalley and D&B Management for sending me a digital copy of A Violet Fire.

This book is quite different from typical vampire stories. In a world ruled by vampires, Wavorly is a mere human, trained to become a supply unit - humans who provides blood to the vampires - for the dark brooding Lord Anton Zein, one of the five rulers of the vampire nation, who rescued her years ago from an attack of rogue vampires. But just because Wavorly owes her life to him does not mean she is willing to serve as his slave and live to feed his blood lust. She loathes him and chooses to defy him in every way she can but as she spends more time with him, she starts to question whether he really is the monster she thought him to be. But in this ruthless world ruled by bloodsucking monsters, things are not the way they seem. Soon her life takes an unexpected and dangerous turn as she learns about sinister plots and hidden prophecies.

I was quite torn on whether to give it a 4 star or 5 star, so i guess I am settling for 4.5 stars. This book gave me everything I needed - dark and forbidden romance, chosen one, cool prophecies - everything. It is perfect for all the Darkling and Alina (from Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo) shippers including me. I loved the main character - but while she starts off as a badass heroine, her character kind of becomes more of a lovesick damsel in distress in the middle of the book until she regains her awesome stature in the end. The love interest/ villain is extremely well written - he is manipulative and evil but he also has this soft vulnerable side, especially, in the end of the book you see his conflicts and realize that no matter what his original intentions were, to his own dismay, he IS in love with Wavorly. I still hate him for all the heinous things he has done, but I also ship him with Wavorly so hard and hope to see him redeem himself eventually (though I don't know if anyone can ever excuse this level of atrocity). This book is set in a dark and semi dystopian vampire world which I haven't seen in books before and enjoyed very much. The starting of this book, however, was very slow. I was almost 20% in when I was seriously considering not finishing - but once you get past it, the plot (atleast romance wise) starts getting interesting. I also felt like the author was unnecessarily too descriptive. The book would have worked just fine without those details and I skimmed through most of them.

Overall, it was a really good book - a bit slow paced but swoon worthy. I can't wait to see more of Wavorly and Zein. Prophecies and chosen ones are my favorite fantasy tropes and I am very excited to see how this one plays out. I look forward to reading the next installment of this series.

Was this review helpful?

Anyone who's enjoyed Holly Black's The Cruel Prince needs to read Kelsey Quick's A Violet Fire. It takes the same basic concept of being a rare human in world of magical, powerful creatures, and turns it into a kind of psychological drama with a fantasy backdrop. It's beautifully crafted, and the character development is top-notch. This book exemplifies what an active protagonist should look like--not jumping from one big, exciting event to another but pushing the plot forward with her decisions.

When the book begins, Wavorly (or Wave, as her few friends call her), has every reason not to have agency. She's enslaved as a young child, raised in a world where her only purpose is feeding a vampire master, and pretty much spends all her time locked in one cage or another. Yet her fierce goal to escape and find freedom permeates her every action. She gives herself agency. Her choices matter, and she reflects back on them and adjusts future actions accordingly. Wave never just walks anywhere. She surveys her surroundings, looking for openings she can use later.

The core of the book is the war going on in Wave's head. She has always hated vampires, but when her master Zein starts showing her small moments of kindness, it throws her off, and she finds her resolve weakening. The reader is left constantly trying to figure Zein out as much as Wave is. I could still see readers having mixed feelings about him even after the book is over.

Throughout the book, Wave gets visions of a sort by stepping into a room of violet flames that only she seems to be able to see. These build up to an excellent twist at the end that I don't believe any reader is going to see coming, simply because the hints Wave gets from her moments past the wall are too disjointed. But I don't believe this is one of those books where the aim is to figure the twist out. The big question becomes, once all is revealed, what does Wave ultimately do with this final piece of information? Does she give Zein her full trust or not? There are surprisingly stiff consequences if her assessment about him is wrong.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I hope I get to read more of the author's work in the future.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Was this review helpful?

I looove this book. I'm so happy that vampires are officially back in the YA genre. The plot was engaging and had some twists I didn’t see coming but thoroughly enjoyed, the writing was easy to follow and the characters were relatable and full of life. I had so many emotions while reading this, and for me, that’s the element that makes a book a good one.

A Violet Fire is a dystopian novel in which vampires rule the world and use humans as their blood supplies. Men and women born in the territory of Cain are learning from an early age that their only purpose in life is offering their blood to their masters and serving them as best as they can. Wavorly Sterling is tossed into this life at the age of eight, and ten years later hates everything that has to do with vampires and her enslavement. Anton Zein is an enigmatic vampire who saved her life when she was little and is now responsible for her fate. What will happen when their paths collide?

Wavorly is the type of character that either you love or hate. I liked her a lot! I think she is strong, opinionated and just, but she is equally immature, impulsive and has a big mouth on her. She is a very realistic character as all the other cast members. Zein is mysterious and magnetic. He won me over from the second time we get to meet him. He has his scary moments but, most of the time, he is kind and understanding. Their interactions are addicting and their chemistry is tangible. Also, the relationships and the dynamics between the supply units are very interesting to read due to their hard competition with each other.

The only issue I have to point out is the pacing. I think there are many unnecessary descriptions that slow the story down and makes you want to skip them and get to the juicy parts. Still, I don’t think it’s something that will spoil your reading experience.

The ending is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to read the next one! If you like YA paranormal stories, I’d say to give this one a try.

I received this e-arc from NetGalley for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

A Violet Fire by Kelsey Quick. First, I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book! I could not put it down! I started it and kept finding excuses to stop everything that I was doing to read! I was intrigued at the very beginning and I SO did not expect the first book to leave me wanting to find the sequel and buy it! I will probably buy a hard cover to keep in my classroom for the dystopian section of the common core unit.

Wavorly is not the typical teenage girl in most dystopian books. Her character is strong and very cynical to the point of getting her in trouble. Zein IS the typical vampire character—but just when you think you have he plot and ending figured out, you are wrong. This is am adventure that I was thrilled to go along for the ride with. Can’t say again how much I loved this book.

Was this review helpful?

6+Stars. Can you say HELL YES!!!

Kelsey Quick is a new-to-me author and she made one heck of an impression on me with A Violet Fire!

Set in a time where humans are scarce and thus, so is the blood supply for vampires, humans are now serving at their whim. From breeding farms to brainwashing and sustenance for vampires, humans are completely dominated and oppressed.

Wavorly, however, has known freedom and the outside world. She bucks convention and all demands. She has a huge hate for vampires. Especially one who saved her from death by another vampire then left her and promised to come back when he never did.

Being headstrong, passionate and courageous she defies convention and that sets her apart from her peers who shun her because they cannot understand her willfulness and defiance. This has left her alone for too many years.

When once again she meets Zein, the vampire who saved her, she has more hatred and distrust for vampires than ever. When she is chosen to follow Zein to his home after the Distribution Ceremony, she cannot wait to escape.

As the days go by, however, her mindset starts to waver. She starts to believe that not all vampires are evil and that includes her master, Zein. Can she trust him? Or, is everything just a ruse?

Holy smokes! This book blew me away! It’s excruciating knowing that I have to wait for the next book. There are breath-stealing moments that left me at the edge of my seat. It is exciting, gripping and full of danger. It consumed me. Around every corner there was a new development. Twists and turns abound. This series is going to be my newest addiction.

My anxiety during the selection was raging alongside Wavorly’s. I needed to know what her fate was going to be.

Wavorly is strong, defiant and courageous. She left me slack-jawed. She is such a ballsy little thing!

Zein is a tough one to crack. We do not get to see much of him but he keeps everything so close to the chest. He is powerful, demanding and somewhat of a bully which befits his station. It was hard to categorize if he is good or bad and what his intentions are toward Wavorly. I have a feeling that in the long-run even he doesn’t really know.

This is one book you don’t want to miss!

I received an ARC via NetGalley of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

**Disclaimer: I was given an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

I'm excited to see where this series goes! It's hard to find YA novels with low doses of cringe, but the author does a great job of making the character's actions believable while also not wholly expected. There's definitely some logical gaps in the vampiric societal structure, but it also feels like there's a lot more we don't know that may lend answers later on. It's clear Wavorly is just beginning to really know the world she's living in, and we're learning alongside her.

I like her exploration of the idea of how one knows what they really want, which is much more complicated than one would initially suspect. Wavorly's thoughts flip-flop dramatically, all in accordance to the influences around her, making both her and the reader wonder how will she know her true desires? The concept of freedom is an ideal she holds to rather naively and assigns to others without consideration of factors beyond what affect her in the moment, and as she experiences new things and sees other perspectives, Wavorly begins to realize how much of her desires are reactionary to her own experiences. Truth in all its forms -- true desire, true love, factual information -- becomes something she grapples with more and more, and it seems that her real challenge is not in conquering vampires, but in conquering the truth.

My biggest criticism so far would be the "chosen one" aspect of the story, which is a trope I'm not a huge fan of. While momentarily empowering for the reader (and for a YA novel, I'm all for that), the idea that only one special person has the power to make any real change in the world isn't entirely helpful back home on Earth. However, there are still two books to go, so I hope to see strength through cooperation and teamwork shine through more than the prophecy predicts.

Overall, I loved this book and burned through it when I was supposed to be working. (Shhhhh) There's a lot of potential in this story, and I think Ms. Quick has set the stage to make the most of it.

Was this review helpful?

What do I want to say about this book? First off, I really liked it. I stayed up a little too late reading it and then immediately picked it up again when I woke up. I was fascinated by the story because I had no idea where it was going and honestly, that's a satisfying trait in a book. It can be nice to know how a book is going to end, but it's much more fun to be surprised.

The writing style was also highly enjoyable. I liked the sarcastic tone of the main character, and that bled into the description of people and surroundings. The main character also had a relatable internal conflict: the fear that one's friends are going to abandon you. Painfully annoying as such a problem is, I could understand exactly what Wavorly was feeling when she expressed that fear, and that drew me to the character.

The vampires themselves? Awesome and terrifying. This isn't some Twilight wannabe. This is a "vampires are predators you need to be constantly on your guard" type book and that is far more fun to read about. Wavorly's conflict about caring for a vampire is real and perfect, because again--PREDATOR.

I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who's read other vampire novels, and even to those who don't think they like vampire books. The conflicts within are real and complex, and you won't be disappointed.

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

Was this review helpful?

Engaging, passionate, dangerous, fascinating.

Like a vampire needs blood I needed to read this outstanding novel. Fast paced, unique storyline keeps the readers interest. It delves into and crosses over the line of brain washing and what it's like to be in an abusive relationship. The emotional depth transcends into reality for this science fiction thriller.

The story begins when the main character gets kidnapped and her family killed by vampires. This world of blood sucking vampires use humans in the worst way, making them think they are giving to a good cause "their blood."

Wavorly the main character told from her point of view remains resistant but similar to real life kidnapping's she starts to sympathize with her captor. I think the author did an excellent job with keeping the psychological hardship of captivity realistic.

Definitely a must read. This is a book I like to have in hardcover to read when times get tuff and when I need a good vampire story, that's currently hard to find.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC Kindle eread.

Was this review helpful?

What an engrossing read! I had a hard time putting it down. In a world where humans are scarce and vampires rule, humans are raised as living blood bags and bred to continue the race. Wavorly, raised on the outside, is sent to train to become a slave to her vampire master, Lord Anton Zein. Wavorly is headstrong, fierce, and longs for freedom. In this book we follow them as they become closer and secrets from the past come to light.
I’m heavily invested in this series and really really want to know what happens next. That ending left me speechless 😶. If you like vampires, forbidden romance, and secret societies this one is for you. I loved it.

Was this review helpful?

This book is not a vampire love story, it is an epic tale in a vast and detailed world of fantasy. The depth and intensity of the story, the thorough character development and fantasy, that still has elements of reality, make this a fantastic read.

The story develops at a steady pace. Since A Violet Fire is set in a fictional reality, much of the early part of the story is focused on setting the scene, this was done in a way that was entertaining rather than tiresome. It is filled with suspense, twists and turns that kept me on my toes and guessing to the end. This story is very complex, but not confusing in the slightest.

This novel has my head spinning, in a good way! I need the next instalment. I can't predict how this story will end, and I love that!

Was this review helpful?

An amazing read, not a vampire love story, but a ale that will be spread over books. Engaging and thoroughly entertaining. Wavorly is an amazing character, so gutsy I loved her so much, we don’t get to know Zein too much as it’s kept quite withdrawn and it’s obvious we will learn over time. I can’t wait for the next.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion

Was this review helpful?

Wow an awesome first book a Y/A vampire dystopia about Waverly a human who is kept for a food supply and Zein. Vampire lord who saved her as a child but is a little on the rough side.
Waverly knows what freedom is and keeps trying to escape.
She catches the eye of Zein and things start developing between them.
Great drama,dialogue twists angst beginning of a possible romance.
With a unexpected ending.
Can't wait to read what happens next.
Really kept by interest.
Voluntarily reviewed.

Was this review helpful?

Upon reading the first sentence of the synopsis of A Violet Fire I knew I wanted to read this book. I mean "In the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain, human blood is scarce." First it's telling me there are vampires (my favorite weakness) and then it tells me human blood is scarce so I know I'm going to get some craziness with how vampires need to feed. And oh boy do we ever!

In Cain humans are considered supply units due to a blood shortage. They are bred and raised like cattle only for the elite vampires to feed on. The rest get a poor substitute for human blood in a synthetic version. The supply unit humans are trained in a finishing school of sorts and conditioned to only want to please and serve their vampire owners. Unlike her captive bred supply units happy to serve their owner, Wavorly knows freedom. She was not bred in Cain. She grew up free and fights to escape her oppression instead of accepting being enslaved to her vampire master Anton Zein.

We get a gorgeous, fierce, dangerous vampire in Zein. The villain I end up rooting for to contrast fierce independent Wavorly. She who would dare to not follow the tight societal rules of supply units and risk becoming one of the Fallen, monsters who are no longer quite human and can never be all the way vampire. Wavorly wants to take control of her present and her future, but she's in a castle surrounded by comforts and maybe Zein really isn't as bad as he seems?

I enjoyed this book overall, however I'm incredibly partial to vampire stories. The world building was a slightly different take on vampire society where vampires are born not made than I've read before and I enjoyed that. It's difficult to read a book where humans as a whole are considered slaves even if they don't realize this. It made sense in the construct of the society of Cain where humans are nearly extinct. Vampires respond in a way that ensures their food source, similar to how humans do so in our own world.

The pacing of the story is slow which gives a lot of time to become immersed in the world Wavorly lives in. We get betrayal, lies, and some steamy vampire scenes that feel totally right for the characters. When I went into the book I didn't realize it was going to be a series. Knowing this now, the pacing makes even more sense. We get more to come so the world building and reveals could take their time. I definitely will keep reading because I'm invested in finding out what happens next for Wavorly.

Was this review helpful?

A Violet Fire not only met but exceeded my expectations for an inventive and thrilling vampire novel set in a world not entirely apart yet not completely the same as ours. Following 18-year old human protagonist, Waverly, readers are introduced to a vampire-led stratocracy, based specifically within the region of the world known as Cain. In Cain, vampires brainwash, enslave, torture, and feed from humans. What follows throughout the novel is Waverly - a human who grew up outside the restrictive grip of Cain - battling with her hatred for vampires and her need to escape.

Honestly, similar to Waverly, I also grappled with my thoughts about not just vampires but the book itself while reading. The writing itself is well-crafted and engaging, but I was expecting to review the book overall as a problematic, yet gripping read. Fellow readers: I was wrong. Or rather, it took the electrifying twists and turns of the novel's plot to its very end for me to develop a true appreciation for the story Kelsey Quick has crafted within the world of A Violet Fire. Brace yourself for a protagonist who is strong of mind and heart, and likely to become your latest young, female protagonist to root for as a character that commands attention and solidarity.

As a former Twilight fan (shout-out to those middle school years), I'm excited by any opportunity to fall in love with a new vampire novel or series. Looking forward to the next installment, and as ever, appreciate the opportunity through NetGalley to read an advanced edition of this book.

4.5 stars

Was this review helpful?

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review (Thank you!)

Wavorly Sterling’s treatment at her Nightingale school, prior to being taken to Lord Zein’s estate, is strongly written, and deals with the world building well. Many times, there are too many new terms and laws that an author must introduce to a reader, and quick does a good job at introducing them gradually without feeling like I was reading a dictionary.

Upon Wavorly’s entrance to Zein’s estate, the book really begins to pick up steam. In a classic vampire novel, there are frequently tropes that take place, centered around the vampire falling in love with a mortal. and that does begin to take on the ye old vampire novel touch.

The author does a good job of introducing the vampire genre into the 2019 light and does a wonderful job of not making the reader feel like this is another 2009 sparkle vampire book (for the most part).

“Enslavement is still enslavement, no matter how soft the chains.”-Kelsey Quick, "A Violet Fire"

Was this review helpful?

a new kind of vampire book , vympires rule the world and humans are their slaves, but a young woman starts to change things. a real interesting story, I m looking forward to the next part.

Was this review helpful?

Whoa! What an incredible Journey!

I like Vampire books, but have tended to stay away from books where the main character is a blood slave because that storyline just didn’t appeal to me. However, I requested this book from Netgalley for some reason and I ended up loving every minute of it. I have been reading it straight since I started and haven’t even stopped to eat dinner. It is now after midnight, so that tells you how much I liked it. My son even offered to make dinner But I was too engrossed to stop and eat.

The story is fully developed, all the characters are well rounded and described perfectly, there are a bunch of supporting characters in this story and you get to know all of them very well. The story surrounds an eighteen year old human girl named Wavorly Sterling who used to live in a town called Avignon, France. Until it was overrun with rogue vampires and her family was killed when she was eight. One of the five Pureblood Militarily leaders of Cain, the Vampire Stratocracy, was nearby and came to check what was going on and saved Wavorly.

He was one of the most feared in all of Cain and after that, he owned her. His name was Lord Anton Zein. After “rescuing” her he put her in Nightengale school of infantry supply, basically a training center to be blood supply for one of the five Leaders of Cain. Almost all of the “supply” in Nightengale came from Saya which is a breeding center where they get sent if their blood isn’t good enough or after they are done being used by the Lords of Cain. Once they get to Saya, they have baby after baby until their bodies give out.

Wavorly is different from everyone else in that she was once free, so she knows she is a slave and she longs to be free again. Whereas the rest have been bred to serve their masters and brainwashed since they were born to think that it is their duty and the best they can attain. They don’t understand why she wants to escape.

The pace really picks up once the day comes that the Lords arrive to choose their supply. Each Lord already owns a bunch of humans, but they test the blood of each to decide who goes with them to the castle, who goes to Saya, and who is fed to the rogue vampires in the cells under the school. The rogue vampires tear them to pieces.

Wavorly meets Lord Anton Zein again for the first time in ten years. I won’t give away spoilers but it is a good story. There are so many unexpected surprises and Wavorly never does what you think she will. She is a pretty great heroine and though there is a huge cliffhanger, I will be reading book 2 as soon as I can.

Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This book was on my wish-list and I'm absolutely happy to say my wish was granted to me.

This world that the author created it threatening, forbidden and captivating. I found myself catapulted by the twisted concept of being born with no fundamental rights is definitely prevalent in this book.

The mindset that was used in the story to justify slavery has its complexity, and Kelsey Quick the main character expanded it further in a simple and ordinary way, whether you were human, simply you were enslaved. And the society was summoned accepting of that. Especially how this kind of enslavement applied to all aspects of the character's life and everyone else around her.

This book inundated my brain with images of what a world like this can look like if lived in, especially when Wavorly realizes that she has been tricked and that she's now more trapped than ever. She's devastated with anger and grief and acts out in self-destructive ways, which, especially at her age and around these tough circumstances, I find it understandable.

Freedom is something that is amiss in the castle, although clearly it the story dealt with a topic that kind of slavery is justified, it wasn't fathomed by the main character. Which as a matter of humanity and the way it was portrayed in the story, of a young woman who was barred from all her rights, it was made in no mistake the verdict mattered to her dearly.

Wavorly Sterling is a fascinating character--a blood supply unit, as you say, in a world of vampires. Personally, I find her situation extremely sympathetic. For someone so wise and rational, she certainly goes in for a lot of vengeance and escapism, the character will have gone on a huge journey from the first scene till the end in intense and creative detail that helped me imagine the world more vividly through her eyes completely.

Lord Anton Zein, he's the one who fascinated me--the most beloved companion of the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain, his character is the whom intrigued me in a way that it bothered me as I flipped through this book I wanted to understand him, and why he meant so much to Wavorly in a way that it didn't hate or love or even indifference. The only time I considered a biased switch was towards the end, even then I was conflicted in my own head.

Thwarted love, freedom, greed, jealousy, fear and resentment towards merciless vampires, in this book Kristen, had the ability to take an emotion or a situation and push it to the limit, her particular style helped create a cadre of which it was gripping and brilliant.

And finally and I will not spoil the marvelous twist at the end, I loved Wavorly's ending in the book to be for herself and no one else. But she isn't the character who has taken up residence in my brain for this next novel to follow hopefully. I never know, but in the meantime, I hope that others will tackle this creative world because it's worth reading and I can't recommend it more.

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I recieved an ARC of this book from the publisher through Netgalley for a review. All opinions are my own.

This story is about a teenager named Wavorly Sterling. She use to live in Avignon, France. Which was over run by rogue vampires and killed everyone she ever known. One of the five purebloods saved her and after that owned her. His name was Lord Anton Zein. After he rescued her he put her in Nightingale school. Which is a training center to be a blood supply for one of the five Leaders of Cain. Wavorly finally meets him again 10 years later.

Wavorly is different from the rest of the supply units given that she was once free. So she knows she is a slave. She always longs to be free and will do anything to be free. The rest have been bred and brainwashed to serve their masters. To them nothing else matters but making their masters happy. They dont understand why she wants to escape so bad. Just about all supply in Nightingale comes from Saya. Which is a breeding house for when supply units dont have any value to the lords of cain. So they have babies until they can anymore.

This is the first vampire novel I've read in a long time and I enjoyed every second of it. The story pulled me in immediately and made me want to keep reading. I really liked the writing and the story is very well developed. The characters are well rounded and very well describe. You ever get to know and learn about the supporting characters. I just loved everything about this story and can't wait for the second book come out.

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Solid 4/5 stars!

When I received an ARC for this, I was so excited to dig in. I'm always searching for new vampire novels, and i find that indie authors are the best places to look. The synopsis sounded really interesting and similar, but still very different, to other books I have read.

Waverly is not your typical female MC. She's strong-willed, foul-mouthed, and knows just how oppressed the human race actually is. While all the humans have been brought up to serve their vampire masters, Wave knows exactly how it feels to have your freedom stripped from you. She's defiant, and I loved nearly every moment with her character. Lord Zein, the vampire who oh so graciously rescued her from a vampire attack when she was 8, brings her into his castle to be a part of his bloody supply unit. He has always taken special interests in her, and has never severely punished her for her misbehaving in the past when others would be dealt with for less.

We learn more about them as the book goes on, delving deeper in Wave's past, as well as seeing another side of Zein we didn't expect. While I found their character developments to be the main focus, it did drag around the 70% mark. We had a change of setting and some scenes felt a bit out of place. However, it was only for about 10% of the book before it all quickly built back up. We have a calm before the storm, before a very explosive and emotional ending. The beginnings of the climax were felt to be forced, but once the ball got rolling it was hard to put down. Needless to sat, I am very much looking forward to the next book! The sneak peak included for the next book had only confirmed my speculations, and I'm very excited to read it!

ARC provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I loved this book. The writing style, the story line, and all of the characters. I’m so glad I got an opportunity to read this story..

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First: I got this copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
4.5 stars rounded up. Would highly recommend if you want more vampires in your life with good world building.

Definitely one of the better vampire books and hopefully this does lead to a big trend of vampires again. The love interest isn’t absolute garbage and the world building is actually very good, like I’d want more set in this world.

The MC actually has a personality and it was not insta-Love. It takes a solid chunk of the book before the lovey stuff sets in. There is an interesting internal dynamic the main character deals with, and I think it does a good job of showing how a human would feel in this world.

Ok so I’ll say like 80% of the this book was extremely good. The last 20% I’m still undecided on, mostly because I am still thinking of how I feel about them. A plot twist happens, and I just don’t know how I feel about it. It made me interested in the sequel but, the sequel would have to be handled VERY well to make to set up work.

I am mildly annoyed it pulled one of my least favorite romance tropes, but I know how it will end so I guess I can’t really complaint

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I am a closeted fan of vampire books, especially the YA genre, but if anybody asks me I'll deny it.

I watch the Twilight movies every. single. time. I see them on the guide, much to the chagrin of my bf. Again, I'll deny this fact.

And A Violet Fire is exactly why I'm such a fan of the genre.

It's not so much of an original storyline as it does have the typical ingredients: super hot vampire dude, willful chick who is, at first, immune to his wicked charms. However, I was pleasantly surprised that that is where the stereotypes end in this book.

This story revolves around blood slaves which is especially awesome in my book.... errrr... I mean this book. Whatever. I would totallyyy be a blood slave. In the cerebral words of Paris Hilton, "that's hot".

"Enslavement is still enslavement, no matter how soft the chains."

See? Totally hot.

Unlike typical vampire stories, vampires don't hide in the dark in this book, they rule the world. Muahahahaha 🦇

I appreciate that vampires are the only creepy peeps walking the earth in this story because I'm not particularly fond of mixing my paranormal monsters. I'm a snob that way.

There's a twist at the cliffhanger end that I didn't see coming. To be honest, I didn't even know I should have been looking for one.

Kelsey Quick's writing flows swiftly, never getting bogged down with superfluous page fillers. Easily a one sitting type of read.

I am totally invested in this story and will be awaiting the second book with cold blood-tinged bated breath.

Oh... and look at that cover. That's hot, right?

** I was provided an ARC from the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. **

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Whoever said that the Vampire genre was over - was wrong.

A Violet Fire by Kelsey Quick is everything I love about a good vampire book and has a refreshingly realistic take on vampires as a species.

Moving away from the gentle, peace loving, just trying to 'fit in' vamps of recent books A Violet Fire takes us to a world were Vamps have taken over and rule with iron fists (or fangs). They mongered war until they almost hunted humans out of existence, leading to a blood shortage and then the need for human breeding and blood laws. They maintain their power through manipulation and brainwashing and I am a huge fan of authors that use that as a method for keeping the masses down in their books because it's so true to life!

Plus I'd take a blood thirsty, intelligent, manipulative, slightly unhinged vampire overlord over a sparkly, shy, gentle vampire any day of the week.

A Violet Fire reads a little like a fan fiction (and this is in no way an insult) in that it has gratuitous blood drinking, human slaves, a class system that creates forbidden love, and the age old troupe of enemies to lovers, swiftly followed by multiple betrayals.

And I am here for it! It keep me guessing the whole way through.

Honestly, I was addicted from page one and immediately wanted Zein and Wavorly to get it on, even though we don't actually meet Zein properly until page 41!

I ship Zevorly!

Zein is the kind of character where his decisions blur lines between villain, anti-hero and hero so much that you can't pick just one to label him with. All I know is that he may be a fearsome war lord who might of have done the most heinous and evil things but I just really like him! It's his wry sense of self and scheming that won me over.

Wavorly on the other hand both frustrated me and made me feel for her. I think the thing that irritated me the most was her relationship with Savvy. There were a few times when she was on the receiving end of Savvy's brainwashed anger that made want to throw Savvy to the Fallen myself. But this being said, I also understand that the humans who are born and bred under in Cain will be suffering with Stockholm Syndrome and so I have to give Savvy a pass and by extension Wavorly too, because Savvy is her only 'real' friend. And it would take a lot of strenght to be the only 'normal' human amongst all the cattle in Nightingale.

What I did love about Wavorly was her lack of self control when it came to telling the Vamps what she really thought of them , I love a gal with a impulse control issues, who is witty and scathing all in one breath. And that is our Wavorly.

To her own detriment in fact - which I think is a very realistic character trait. We've all been there; said and done things we know will land us in a world of trouble but we think 'fuck it' and do it anyway! Sometimes you've just got to let it out and Wavorly does that often, especially, in fact, when she shouldn't.

The backdrop of Cain is a brilliant dystopian/magical world that enchants you as a reader - note to Kelsey can I please have a Basten for Christmas along with a Triltree magical lamp, thank you.

For Wavorly Nightingale is a torture chamber, Lord Zein's residence (in the Sabbanthian territory) is a prison and Amaorin's castle in Isshar (Cain's capital) is her last hope. For me as a reader I'd of happily behaved myself just to go back to the safety of Zein's sweet digs! But then I don't have the fate of the world balanced in my hands (and let's hope I never do!)

All in all I sped through this novel and am desperate for the follow up - I'm team Zein all the way and hope that he endures all! I feel he has more surprises up his sleeve and I want to know which side of the fight he really believes in.

I did notice a few typos in the text (grammar and word choice wise) but I was advised in advance that the author will be making final edits before it publishes on the 9th December 2019, so I'm not worried about this at all.

If you like old school vamps, enemies to lovers, manipulative romances and neck biting then this is for you.

Thanks to NetGalley and Kelsey Quick for letting me read this in advance.

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**Thank you to Kelsey Quick and Netgalley for an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Welcome to the world of Cain, where vampires are in charge and humans are blood slaves called "supply units" that are bred from birth to be pliable, submissive, and utterly in love with the vampires. I mean serious brainwashing here. There is a limited supply of supply units so only the greatest of vampires are able to own them. Wavorly used to be a free-roamer, a human from a separate colony, unmarred by vampires. When her whole town is slaughtered by vampires, she is saved and brought to the Nightingale but a seemingly "nice" vampire. The Nightingale is a school meant to teach supply units how to be better at their job of feeding vampires and being utterly enslaved.

Wavorly is the only one who doesn't agree with how life is going for humans. She is the opposite of pliable, submissive, and in love with vampires. But, her owner, Lord Anton Zein continues to keep her alive even with all her attempts to escape. When she is brought to live in Zein's castle, she starts to have empathy for vampires and her feelings begin to change. However, things are not always as they seem...

I'm generally always a fan of vampires books, and I definitely enjoyed A Violet Fire. Wavorly is feisty and doesn't have a filter for what she says at all. She makes mistakes, but she owns them and that's about all you can do. She is trying to make the best of a situation that she has no control over but desperately wants to change.

The plot was solid, however I felt the love story was too quick and happened abruptly. Very much the enemies to lovers trope for those who enjoy that, I know I do. There was a good cliffhanger on at the end that leaves you questioning what is real and what isn't - and I'm sure Wavorly is too.

If you love enemies to lovers and vampire stories, A Violet Fire will be for you.

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Loved reading the fabulous and fantastic first book in the Vampires in Avignon series. Waverly, a blood bond servant, has one goal, to escape the vampires of Cain, but when Anton Zein takes her into his castle as one of his special blood bond servants, Waverly's goals aren't so clear. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written, full of suspense and action, and a must read paranormal story. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.
I reviewed a copy of the book through NetGalley.

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Woah! These are not your sparkly vampires!

Vampires rule over humans. Having turned humans into an endangered species, vampires now breed humans and keep them in compounds, where they are trained how best to serve their vampire house as a ‘supply unit’. Waverly, our heroine, is one of the few humans who lived free before being brought to the compound by Lord Zein. She understandably struggles with this enslavement and despite attempts to train her to be a good supply unit, she remains determined to escape to be free again. Although at times I thought subtlety might serve her better, I admired that she was able to stay true to herself. She was gung ho and prepared to act, despite possible consequences to herself. She’s absolutely prepared to take risks to do what she believes in. Other interesting characters are Gemini, Savvy and Zein.

Although unlike a previous reviewer I did realise this was the first in a series, I agree with them that the overarching plot of the series took a while to emerge, but in the meantime there was a lot of very compelling world building to engross the reader. A good read.

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I love some vampire books and just don't like some of them. It is not my favorite genre but when I find a series I like I go all in. I found this with 'A Violet Fire". While it does have some of the typical worldbuilding we would associate with vampires, there are some new ones that I did not see coming, Wavorly is a blood slave one of the humans who has been bred for generations to provide blood for the rich. As she faces her fears and doubts and her emotions towards her master, this book takes you on a fantastical journey.

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Thank you NetGalley for the advanced digital copy of A Violet Fire by Kelsey Quick in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I found this book very quick to get into and hard to put down. Wavorly Sterling is a human held captive in Cain for the purpose of providing blood to vampire Anton Zein. Things are not always as they appear and this book is not without it's surprises.

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I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it and I can't wait for the next one in the series! Wavorly isn't like the other humans whose sole purpose is to offer their blood to their masters. She was raised free and speaks her mind, which makes her dangerous to the establishment. Vampires rule this dystopian world and humans are food suppliers and breeders. Zein is Wavorly's master and he seems to value her uniqueness but all Wave wants is her freedom.

When Wave finds out what her true purpose is supposed to be, she's shocked and conflicted. Her feelings for Zein are complicated and will define her decision on which path to follow. More please!

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