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Pub Date 19 Jan 2021 | Archive Date 30 Dec 2020

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"This fun and fast-paced sf adventure with a healthy dose of tween friendship drama will keep readers hooked until the very end." — Booklist

Fans of Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants will love this fully illustrated graphic novel about a middle school super genius who starts a lemonade stand to fund his ultimate top-secret project, only to find unexpected competition right across the street when the new kid starts a rival stand.

Robbie Reynolds isn't just a genius. He's a super SUPER genius! But he doesn't have the cash to fund his ultimate (and top secret) project. That's why he's opening a lemonade stand. Not just any lemonade stand: this one is state of the art, and his automatista can make you any flavor of lemonade your heart desires! Bacon, salsa, potato salad, dirty diaper—anything you want.

Unfortunately, Robbie isn't the only one in the Lemonade Hustle. Daphne Du-Ri, his new across-the-street neighbor, has her own setup going, and something about her lemonade is resonating with people in ways Robbie's can't. Before the week is over, Robbie and Daphne are in a full-on Lemonade War—one that Robbie is quickly losing.

Desperate, he tries to discover Daphne's secret recipe. Her lemonade is just lemonade, isn't it? There can't be some secret ingredient that compels people to buy it, can there? It wouldn't cause the end of the world if her lemonade fell into the wrong hands.

Would it?
"This fun and fast-paced sf adventure with a healthy dose of tween friendship drama will keep readers hooked until the very end." — Booklist

Fans of Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dav...

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Jarod Pratt’s Lemonade Code is a book brimming with creativity, and I would readily and enthusiastically share this book with readers young and old. I loved the unique style the artist brings to the page!

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This is honestly so good and refreshing for all ages, will surely gift my younger cousin with this. The characters are wholesome as much as the plot. Many thanks for the opportunity to read.

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A mid school mad genius boy in a rivalry over lemonade with his cute neighbour, flavoured lemonade over original lemonade. This was a good concept and taken well forward by the author, enjoyed the story and the quirky characters, hope to see more of them. Recommended read

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Title- Lemonade Code Written By: Jarod Pratt Illustration: Jey Odin Genre: Graphic Novel Publisher: Oni Press Rating: 4.5/5 stars Jarod Pratt's Lemonade Code is funny, interesting and addictive. It takes us on a virtual journey to future, at the city of Detroit where little Robbie lives with his mom Dr. Mama. Robbie has a penchant for coding and he wants to be a Mad scientist and help his mom to finish her project. The place where Robbie lives has changed significantly over the years. With the advancement of science and tech, now they have hoverboards, flying cars, robopets and all the other cool gadgets you can dream. To help her mom in her mission, Robbie has started a lemonade shop at the frontyard. But this is now ordinary stall!! Here you can get lemonade of any flavour you want!! Whether it is the flavour of chocolate or pizza or defeat and sadness, Automatista, the robot at the stall can give you any flavour you want. Interesting!! Isn't it?? But then comes the real problem! A new girl named Daphne arrives at the locality with her old-fashioned lemonade stall. Would Daphne be able to sell more lemonade than Robbie? What would happen when Robbie and Daphne would start a lemonade war to defeat the other? To get the answers you have to read the book. Review: I loved the way the writer has presented the story. Also it was absolutely amazing to witness the unconditional love and bonding Robbie shares with his mother. Illustrator Jey Odin has done a fabulous job in bringing the story to life with the mastery of his art. As far as the character construction is concerned it is good. Though I was looking for a bit more twist in the plot. Overall, it was a fascinating experience going through the work. I give this work 4.5 stars for the storyline, illustration and overall presentation. Happy Reading

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This was so much fun! I think this is great for kids and adults alike. Think 'Dexters Labratory' for a new generation. I found all of the characters instantly likeable and interesting but I especially adored the dynamic between the main character and his mother. Some of the scientific/coding details got to be a little much for me but overall I really enjoyed it and I think it will be a big hit with tweens.

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Hilarity and madness run amuck in a story about the cutthroat business of lemonade stands. Kids are going to really enjoy this one. With well-drawn illustrations and diverse characters, this is one story that fans of graphics, science and mad science aren't going to want to miss. For libraries: Definitely worth purchasing.

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This was amazing! It's been a while since I've read something cover to cover in one sitting. I am left with a satisfying ending and want to read even more. This author is definitely going on my favorites list. I love how the science parts are explained in proper and layman's terms. Anyone could understand the worldbuilding. I am absolutely going to request that my local library gets a copy on hand as soon as it's out.

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Robbie is a budding mad scientist in the year 20xx, and is putting his skills to use by creating a lemonade stand that can produce any and every flavor imaginable. Business is great, until newcomer to the neighborhood Daphne opens up a stand selling simple, old-fashioned lemonade. Or is her lemonade that simple? Robbie's efforts to find out Daphne's secrets nearly lead to the end of the world. The wacky mad science, Robbie's touching relationship with his mad scientist mother Dr. Mama, the spirited rivalry between the lemonade sellers, and the fantastic drawings make this a fun, hilarious read with surprising depth.

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