I Like The Outdoors ... what jobs are there?

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Pub Date 6 Oct 2020 | Archive Date 19 Nov 2020

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Do you love the outdoors and dream of working outside when you grow up? If the answer is yes, then this book is for you!

In this entertaining and informative book, children who love the great outdoors can find out all about the future careers they can choose from.  

  From a travel writer to a marine biologist, a surf instructor to a firefighter, a construction manager to palaeontologist, this book takes you through a day in the life of 25 outdoor workers, showing you how each job unfolds on a typical working day. You’ll learn what it takes to get the job, what duties and tasks are involved, and discover a world of opportunities. Turn the pages and find out the best part of a geologist's day and what really bugs a ski instructor… HINT: it involves freezing cold snow! 

  With a variety of careers covered, from jobs on construction sites, cliff-faces, icy oceans and many more, this book is sure to inspire children’s ambitions and get them excited for their futures. Aimed at outdoorsy readers aged 7 and older the illustrated narrative approach tells the story of each career and helps introduce children to the world of work in a playful, engaging way. 

When they’ve finished reading, children will have gained an overview of each of the featured jobs and will have discovered that you can turn a passion, an interest or a hobby into a rewarding career.

If readers want to know more about the opportunities ahead they can check out That's a Job? I Like Sport, or That's a Job? I Like Animals and discover even more of the world's coolest jobs.

Do you love the outdoors and dream of working outside when you grow up? If the answer is yes, then this book is for you!

In this entertaining and informative book, children who love the great...

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an electronic copy to read and review. This is a wonderful book to help children understand what sort of job they can strive for if they love being outdoors. What I really appreciate about this book is that it shows a whole bunch of jobs that can be done in a variety of settings - wilderness, suburban areas, and also within an urban area. I can't wait to share this book with students!

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This is a good book, about all the different outdoor jobs there are. There are 25 jobs such as: paleontologist, travel writer, marine biologist, and construction site manager. For each job it has the beat and worst parts of the job. Its a very interesting and informative book.

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I wish there had been books like this when I was at school (also available are I like sport and I like animals). When I was in school the careers officer assumed everyone was going to be a doctor, lawyer or work in a bank! This book allows children to discover what future careers they can choose from if they like the outdoors. Among the 25 jobs listed are Marine Biologist, Civil engineer and Botanist. Qualities and skills are outlined to give an idea of which direction you could go in and each job starts with a brief description of what it involves leading onto day to day experiences and the very useful best and worst parts of the job section. Beautifully illustrated throughout this book would be very informative for any young reader.

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An informative guide about jobs people can do outside including being a forester or a travel writer. Well illustrated and told through case studies, this is a great read for inspiring young people and children.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group for kindly providing me with a digital copy of this book for review. Let me firstly say, I love the aesthetics of the books Quarto Publishing Group produce. I’ve read quite a few and they always grab the eye and keep the children interested. This book particularly appealed to me as I work in a windowless building with artificial light and ventilation. I really miss not being able to see the seasons change, what’s going on outside or feel a breeze coming in from an open window. I find myself craving outside and fresh air. I think I’ve passed this into my children as well as they are equally never happier then when they are outside playing and exploring. I can certainly see them being suited best to outdoor work when they are older and this book has given them many ideas to think over. Palaeontologist was the winner for my youngest as he’s very into dinosaurs. So watch this space and in 15 years time I’ll get back to you! Another winner for us and we all enjoyed this book a lot.

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I loved this book so much as did my 6 year old boy. ‘I like the Outdoors - what jobs are there?’ goes through a wide selection of jobs available if you like the outdoors. These include a forester, a landscape gardener, a civil engineer and a lifeguard. The book then outlines a day in the life of each career. At the end of the book, it asks children to consider their strengths and their particular interests and suggests which of these jobs might be suitable on the basis of their selection. The illustrations are beautiful and my son loved learning about jobs that are not heavily publicised or promoted. This is a brilliant book and would be an excellent addition to any school library.

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Oh wow. Now this book is a must for inspiring ambition in kids even as little as 4-5 in my opinion. This worked best with the elder of two infants. But the smaller also got an enjoyable amount of it too. This book was so good even I got the chance to learn about jobs I didnt know about. We loved the layout of the roles in the book, that was really good and allowed the kids to see all the different jobs of the world. Lots of information, lots of pictures, the attractive style and layout of this book made it a firm fave and one that was thought provoking, with lots of questions and learning. My fave bit about it was the best and worst parts of the job. The illustrations in this book were very good and this also provided such a wonderful response. The author has done a very thorough job in making sure all the information comes through in a child friendly way and makes the learning environment an enjoyable experience. Thanks to the author, the publishers and netgalley for this free book in exchange for my honest review. We will definitely be buying this one and keeping it on our shelf. Can't recommend it enough and shall be keeping my eyes peeled for other works by Carron Brown.

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