Under a Siena Sun

Escape to Tuscany Series Book 1

Narrated by Colleen Prendergast
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Pub Date 28 Feb 2021 | Archive Date 3 Jul 2021

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Lucy needed a change of scene. She didn’t expect the change of a lifetime.

Doctors Without Borders has been Lucy Young’s life for the past four years. After an emergency extraction from a conflict zone, she’s making a change from saving lives under gunfire to practising medicine in safe, serene Siena. Now treating obscenely wealthy patients at a private clinic, she's never felt less comfortable. She’s used to helping those in dire need – not those in need of a nip and tuck.

Her turmoil grows when she encounters injured tennis star David Lorenzo, whose potent smiles make Lucy forget her aversion to the rich. She’s soon falling for the sportsman but feels like she’s losing herself in this world of excess. All she’s ever wanted was to help the underprivileged and be a positive change in the world, so can her future lie in Siena at the clinic – with David?

This sunny romance is the perfect escape for fans of Lucy Coleman, Lori Nelson Spielman, and Rosanna Ley.

Lucy needed a change of scene. She didn’t expect the change of a lifetime.

Doctors Without Borders has been Lucy Young’s life for the past four years. After an emergency extraction from a conflict...

A Note From the Publisher

Author Bio: T.A. Williams lives in Devon with his Italian wife. He was born in England of a Scottish mother and Welsh father. After a degree in modern languages at Nottingham University, he lived and worked in Switzerland, France and Italy, before returning to the UK. He’s taught Arab princes, Brazilian beauty queens and Italian billionaires. He speaks several languages and has travelled extensively. He has eaten snake, still-alive fish, and alligator. A Spanish dog, a Russian bug and a Korean parasite have done their best to eat him in return. His hobby is long-distance cycling, but his passion is writing.

Author Bio: T.A. Williams lives in Devon with his Italian wife. He was born in England of a Scottish mother and Welsh father. After a degree in modern languages at Nottingham University, he lived and...

Advance Praise

Praise for T.A. Williams

‘The characters in the story really make it exceptional … Natalie is a brilliant protagonist … and I absolutely adored her journey to self-discovery to find her new identity.’ BooksandBookends

‘Wow! This is contemporary romance at its best! The writing is exquisite. … And the plot is brilliantly clever, captivating, and delightful with a little bit of drama, love, loss, and of course romance.’ WhatsBetterThanBooks

‘The characters are all brilliantly written, the storyline flows extremely well throughout, and I loved every bit of it.’ Fiona Wilson (#10 Goodreads reviewer UK)

‘T. A. Williams has that gorgeous way of writing a feel good story…he’s absolutely backed up that men can write chick-lit.’ Reviewed The Book (Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer)

Praise for T.A. Williams

‘The characters in the story really make it exceptional … Natalie is a brilliant protagonist … and I absolutely adored her journey to self-discovery to find her new...

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EDITION Audiobook, Unabridged
ISBN 9788726869941
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DURATION 7 Hours, 24 Minutes


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Typical chick lit set in Tuscany, very predictable so if you just want to lose yourself in a holiday read then this is for you. A very quick read for me, thank you #NetGalley for the audiobook.

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After putting her own life on the line to help others, Lucy realizes her needs to reconsider her options. She’s loved her time in Doctors Without Borders, but she barely escaped with her life last time. She takes a job at a private clinic in Siena, where her patients are uber wealthy and more concerned about their appearance than their health. She’s decidedly uncomfortable and out of her element and when she falls for injured tennis star David Lorenzo, she’s swept up in his glittering, fast paced social life. Is this what Lucy really wants? Are her feeling for David enough for her to bury her own dreams of working with those who have no one else? This is a charming, life affirming read with a lively narration that brings the story to life

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Story: Under the Siena Sun is a charming summer read. This enjoyable novel captures the elegance of Siena in a sweet romance following Lucy, a surgeon with Doctors Without Borders, trying to reestablish life away from war torn DRC. She meets David, an American tennis star, who has been out of playing due to an injury several years earlier. The descriptions of food life in Siena is a welcome break from the summer heat and sparks a desire to travel to a remote town to relax. I love Lucy's character and relate to her so much - just turn doctor in to teacher.

Audiobook: The narration of this book is well done. They capture many different accents effortlessly. At a few of the chapter starts the voice sounds different, like the recording was at a different time and the sound was off, but it didn’t take away from the story.

Overall, an enjoyable easy read. Good for a lazy summer day. I would definitely consider reading other books by this other and in this series. I would give it 3.5 stars, but will round it up to four.

Thank you Netgalley and Saga Egmont Audio for this ARC. Could be a possible read for books club.

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Lucy is working for Doctors Without Borders in Africa. She loves helping people, caring for them and has friends at work. But is she as fulfilled in her job and life as she thought.

Circumstances conspire to find her leaving Africa and ending up in Italy, in the wealthy region of Sienna to be precise. The change is sudden but needed and she finds herself taking a job at a clinic full of the region's wealthy. Her current reality is so different to her past that she finds herself remembering the past. She had bad dreams when she came back from Africa and fortunately her parents were there for her in her initial time back in the UK. The difference between, and her experience in, every country in this book is excellently explored and portrayed by the author, and he always has an excellent eye for detail.

I loved how her passion for travel never left her and how she was strong enough to keep traveling after Africa.

I love T.A. Williams' books and have never been to Italy or Sienna. As always, this novel was just as romantic and atmospheric as his other ones. Every time he writes a book, I feel so immersed in the setting and the characters' lives.

The region of Sienna sounds stunning and one day I hope to visit Italy. T.A. Williams' books alone are enough to make me want to. The images are so visual and each novel is a light but entertaining one.

Thanks to T.A. Williams, Canelo and Rachel's Random Resources for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.

5 stars

The people are supportive

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I enjoyed this audio , having read the previous series by this author I was pleased to see the audiobook available.
The story was lovely, set in a Siena with all its history.
The narration was good and I enjoyed it.

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I have fall in love with this series, and they're so easy to go by and the problems very down to earth, they put you to think too.

And if you add the paradise that Tuscany provide then you're in for a very delightful mix of romance, intrigue and labradors, seems to be a recurrent thing on these, but everyone loves them so no problem.

This one tooks us from very dangerous places geographically to dangerous waters of the heart and it was so awesome, I get to know some interesting things too in this books, organizations and a way to further rekindle the hope on others.

They're gorgeous and sweet, very pleasant if you need a pause and want something a little more real to get a little reality but with the easy feeling of love.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Saga Egmont Audio for a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

Lucy is a doctor working in the active war zone of Africa, having seem to many horrid things to mention and needing a break from all the conflict she travels to Italy and takes a job in Siena at a private clinic. Thinking she would stay there for awhile and maybe travel around the country, her plans change when she meets her lovely neighbours who quickly become great friends and tennis star David Lorenzo.

A nice sweet heartfelt romance set under the beautiful Siena Sun. The author whisked me off to a beautiful place filled with charming people and lovely black labradors. HIs amazing descriptive writing almost made me taste the wonderful food and smells on offer, like I sat there watching the scenes unfold infant of me. The narrator always did a brilliant job and she was a pleasure to listen to. This definitely won't be the last book I read by TA Williams.

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With thanks to #Netgalley and
#SagaEgmontAudio for an early audio copy of #UnderASienaSky by T.A. Williams.

Lucy has been working with, Doctors Without Borders. During conflict in The Congo, an emergency situation means Lucy and some of her colleagues have to be removed.
Lucy decides to take some time out in Tuscany.
Finding herself a new job, a new home and a new man, can Lucy build a new life amongst the trappings of wealth and privilege or will her core values and morals over power her in her new life?
This is a well written book, with some fabulous descriptions of people, situations and locations.
Anyone who owns a labrador will identify with Boris the black lab, who it’s fair to say, is the star of the story!
A wonderful book, that will leave you full of warm and fuzzy feelings.
Just to add, that Coleen Prendegast narrates the story perfectly.

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What the unique story and what an amazing naration it was. I really enjoyed the listening to the audiobook of this book and I have to admit it's been a while since the last time I read or listen to a book with such a unique plot. I really felt like I was in Sienna enjoying the Italian scenery. I have to admit I'm really looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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I loved immersing myself into Italian life in the latest offering from TA Williams. Tuscany is our destination and Lucy is our main character who is a a doctor working in a war zone in Africa who is taking a break and ends up in Sienna. Lucy has a romantic interest in the book in the guise of her neighbour David which makes for a perfect summer romantic read. The descriptions of Italy and the food just made this book for me! The narrator is Colleen Prendergast, who is one of my favourites , and does such a great job on this lovely book! Thank you to Netgalley
and to Saga Egmont Audio for my gifted copy.

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I just love T.A. Williams' novels. Set in Tuscany, this one focuses on Lucy, a British surgeon who has just returned from a stint with Doctors Without Borders in the war-torn DRC (Congo). She first takes some time to just relax at a friend's house near Siena, but then is offered a job at a private clinic, polar opposite from her work in Africa. She rents-to-buy a cottage from a mysterious landowner. Several different men are presented as romantic possibilities, and one doesn't really know how this is going to turn out for most of the book. The book is filled with lovely descriptions of this part of Tuscany, as well as characters that are very complex. And, for the dog lovers, there are some labradors included in this setting. Can't wait for the next book by this author!

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I really enjoy T.A. Williams books so even though I read this one last year, I listened to the audiobook that was just released in February 2021. The book was narrated by Colleen Prendergast. I really enjoyed her performance. She used great expression, tone and the voices she used were well done. There were accents (British, French, Italian) and she does a good job with them. I will not hesitate to listen to other books she narrates.

I have been enjoying T.A. Williams stories for several reasons, and this story added another. This one starts off with a bang, when Lucy and her co-workers with Doctors Without Borders and being attacked and waiting for a helicopter to evacuate them. Arriving in Siena, Italy with some PTSD and not knowing what she is going to do next, Lucy is at loose ends. Spending time with old friends introduces her to a private hospital that is need of a surgeon. Deciding to stay for awhile at least, she buys a small stone house and settles in. The first patient she operated on, before she was even on staff, attracts her. She soon learns that he lives in the huge home on the hill, and is the recluse she bought her home from. They become friends, then a bit more than friends.

Dr. Lucy Young is a wonderful character. She is a skilled doctor, a wonderful friend, a kind person and someone who wants to help others. David is in hiding. He is a famous tennis player, who was severely injured and will not be able to play competitive tennis again. He is stinking rich, a bit depressed, dealing with the end of his marriage and oh so handsome. When Lucy and David realize they are neighbours, their chemistry finds them meeting up for various reasons. I loved how they both tried to fight the feelings. One of the other things I loved were the dogs, so many dogs. It seemed that everyone in the village owned a lab, and the labs were all related. Who wouldn't want to be friends with a sweet dog and in turn, their owner. The secondary characters were all relatively well developed and added so much to this story. I loved getting to know this area of Italy. I am not familiar with this area, so learning about some of the history, the beauty, the food, and the geography had this armchair traveler entranced. The main thing I loved about this story was the plot about the rich getting richer and the people living in warzones or refugees barely living at all. Lucy could not reconcile living like David knowing what so many others deal with and live without. I don't want to spoil this story for you, so I am just going to say, pick this one up and read it. Yes there is a HEA, for so many.

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This book takes the reader on a delicious read, the descriptions of the food is scrumptious. The idea of making your own wine and olive oil is exciting. The book follows Lucy (main character) as a doctor and her relationship with a retired race car driver. You learn about the medieval history of the region from a learned professor at Florence University, which is a treat for history buffs. Really enjoy the Labrador dogs in the book which add a wonderful "quiet" character. The adorable Labrador, Boris, who stole the show with his antics, cute, funny, furry dog definitely steels the show every time. Parts of the book are a bit slow and are a bit difficult to get through.. I have not read this author previously but believe this book can be managed as a stand alone.. As an audio book the narration was done well, the accents and change of voices were done nicely.

This is a nice light summer read that takes the reader on a travel adventure through words to the Italian Country Side.

Thank you to Netgalley for ARC to read and review.

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A mostly nice feel good book with many qualities (a gorgeous setting, mouth-watering food, a dash of history and lovely people). Lucy's constant judgmental attitude towards the rich and famous was a little grating after a while. I thought it became a little too much after the first half of the novel. Also, the romance felt a little bit too neutral in my opinion. The most interesting interactions were those of friendships instead. Otherwise, the narration was good and kept me engaged until the last page.

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