The Confessions of Jonathan Flite

The Jonathan Flite Series Volume 1

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Pub Date 1 Jul 2014 | Archive Date 10 Jan 2022

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Jonathan Flite claims to have memories he can’t explain. Seven layers of them, to be exact, all belonging to a group of teenagers who disappeared from a place called Idle County in 2010—ten years before his birth. Seventeen years of anxiety, violent outbursts, and refusal to admit he is lying have landed him at Crescent Rehabilitation Center, a seaside juvenile center for rich kids, and nobody has ever dared to believe his memories might be real.

Until now. On a blustery November day just three months after a nuclear terrorist attack in Geneva, Switzerland, ex-CIA psychiatrist Thomas Lumen arrives at Crescent to interview Jonathan for a book about Idle County. Fueled by his personal connection to the disappearances three decades earlier, he asks Jonathan to share what he knows—anything and everything.

By reigniting this thirty-year-old mystery, however, Jonathan inadvertently becomes a target of the very same religious terrorists who attacked Geneva, and they’ll stop at nothing to keep the secrets of Idle County under wraps. Jonathan must then make a choice: to continue telling his story, or risk the safety of everyone he loves.

Jonathan Flite claims to have memories he can’t explain. Seven layers of them, to be exact, all belonging to a group of teenagers who disappeared from a place called Idle County in 2010—ten years...

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This is a great book I love sci fi particularly the concept of multiple universes and was attracted to the book because of this element in the story .I was not initially aware that this book is part of a planned 7 book series snd did not discover this until I was 90% of the way through and it began to dawn on me that there was no way that all the multiple threads of the book were going to be tied up satisfactorily by the end .I did find this frustrating as I’m a person who likes explanations but I suppose I will have to look for the next book and vomit for the long term ! The book is complicated but not impossible to follow ,I occasionally got some of the characters confused and needed to double my concentration. The central characters Jonathon Flite and his mother were interesting quirky people well described and with lots of potential for further development in future books The book zips along at a fast pace with some very exciting scenes such as the raid on the special unit housing troubled boys I loved the concept of Jonathan holding memories of others who had lost their lives decades before and see the potential here for the 7 planned books in the series .I’m hoping that this special skill is explained more in future books as I was left feeling rather cross that I hadn’t discovered even a little piece of the puzzle by the end of the book I read a copy on NetGalley Uk and having now read a good selection of books on this format icon my kindle I was expecting formatting errors as this is usual with early copies .I was however pleased to find the book beautifully formatted ,I particularly liked the circular image at the beginning of each chapter which remains on your retina as you move to the next page on your kindle and makes you feel like you were falling into the story .I don’t know if this was deliberate but found it fitted the circular imagery in the book rather satisfactorily

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This was honestly pretty scary and haunting. I don’t really let horror get to me but this was one that actually spooked me but in a good way of course. I had lots of fun going through this and of course Matthew J Beier is someone ill keep on a watch out for in the future when it comes to these books!

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I enjoyed reading this book much more than I thought I would, I couldnt put it down. It was such an interesting premise for a storyline and it delivered. This is exactly the type of sci-fi come horror book that I love

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A teenage boy just might be at the center of two historical events: the disappearance of seven kids in the Moon Woods that was never solved and happened years before he was even born and the nuclear bombing of Geneva that happened in the boy's present life--being locked up in a juvenile detention center. He claims, and has claimed since he was very young, that he holds the memories of one of the kids who went missing. Does he have some sort of past-life connection; reincarnation? A psychiatrist writing a book on the unsolved case seeks to find out. Some pieces line up while others do not. But what makes it all the more pertinent is the boy's memories or visions of Geneva, seemingly just before the bomb exploded. The FBI has connected that bomb to a Catholic clergy member with a militant outlook and an open wound of the world turning its back on organized religion. This Catholic terrorist also has a connection to Victor Zobel, who is another key player at the center of these two historic events. Zobel was not only the founder of the cult that drew people away from churches but his stepdaughter was one of the seven missing kids. Can you sing dun, dun, duuuuunnnnnn?! This story is complex, webbed, tangled, layered, interwoven. You must pay attention not only to follow along but to catch the hints and clues. Each character is complex with their own little piece to add to the bigger puzzle. The timeline stretches from 2037 to way back in 1910! So, new and unknown-to-us tech is used as well as relics from our history books. Despite all this, I didn't struggle following along, I never got confused. In fact, I quite enjoyed tagging along and working to solve the mystery. The writing was superb! Smart, individualistic, and flowed like a mountain stream. The characterization was believable. The plot, with all its twists, landslides, and explosions was absolutely gripping in every conceivable way. It was chilling, goosebump-inducing, and it had the little hairs on my arms and the back of my neck standing straight up. This story was a masterpiece from start to finish and Beier is an instant favorite from who I look forward to reading more.

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This book was amazing! This is the story of Jonathan Flite, a teen who says that he has the memories of the Idle County Seven, a group of teenagers who disappeared eight years before Jonathan was born. Tormented by the memories, and more importantly that no one believes him, Jonathan occasionally lashes out. Unfortunately, during one of these episodes Jonathan kills his nurse. Sent to a mental hospital, Jonathan's story is suddenly taken seriously after a terrorists sets off a nuclear bomb destroying Geneva. Told in flashbacks, Jonathan relates the story of Molly Butler, one of the Idle County Seven, while trying to protect himself and those he loves from unseen enemies. Enemies that have something to do with the disappearance of the Idle County Seven. I absolutely loved this book! Both stories were compelling. I didn't feel like one was just there to move the plot along. Beier's language is beautiful and manages to capture the feeling of tweenhood. His characters are complex, fascinating and ring true to life. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes science fiction, mysteries and/or just plain good writing. I can't wait to read the next installment in the Jonathan Flite saga.

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This book is amazing! I really had no idea what I was getting into and was blown away. I have no idea how this book snuck under the radar from me all these years. The story is top-notch. It really has a bit of everything. It's a thriller that has ghosts, cults, murder, and more. The characters are very well-written and even though there was kind of a lot to keep track of, the core group was easy to remember. After the first half, I went and sought out the next two books right away. There was no way I could let this story drop knowing there was so much more. The writing style is really fantastic and keeps you locked in. I can't wait to get into book 2 later today. This author is massively talented and I am so glad that I stumbled across their books.

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I got a newsletter from Netgalley saying I should really get the Jonathan Flite books while they were still available, so I did and I'm really glad I did. I wasn't expecting much because I barely read the summary, trusting that if other Netgalley readers were making it a best-seller it must be worth it. Wow, the plot is twisted but the story-telling is very well done and all the strings of past present and future weave together without forming knots, everything flows into place flawlessly. I loved that the characters ranged so widely from kids looking out for ghosts to various kinds of doctors, people aging with or without sickness, most characters holding deep and painful memories that give them ground and volume to hold their spot in the story. Now this was a promising start, I'm excited to read the next ones!

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