Project Anan

Book 1 of the Energy Exchange Series

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Pub Date 7 Sep 2015 | Archive Date 1 Nov 2021

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Our Ancestors Are Back.

Abandoning Earth after extracting their precious energy, Aliens left and forgot about the human population they changed. Those changes linked three species across time and the Intergalactic Space that separated their worlds.

Ravaged by sickness and an energy shortage that threatens their extinction, Aliens return on a clapped out old rust bucket seeking help.

Earth, devastated by climate change, wars and population explosion, is not what they expected, radically altering how they make First-Contact with humans.

Together, aliens and humans embark on a Project that may give the three species hope for survival.

Battling against discovery by evil forces, technology problems, mistrust and war, a Scottish Oil Rigger, an Irish Farm Girl and a Marine from East London find themselves embroiled in events they could never have imagined.

Led by an Alien Overlord — they have an unenviable task as the Managers of Project Anan.

Engulfed by tragedy, drama and romance, events take them and their crew to New Zealand, France, Australia, Switzerland and Space on a journey to a New World in a distant secret galaxy.

Don’t miss this thrilling Space Opera from the new Author Lionel Lazarus.

Our Ancestors Are Back.

Abandoning Earth after extracting their precious energy, Aliens left and forgot about the human population they changed. Those changes linked three species across time and...

Advance Praise

"5.0 out of 5 stars. Some books arrive that deserve our attention. This book is one, highly recommended.

Irish author Lionel Lazarus may not have an academic background but his experiences picking up writing skills while working as a Toolpusher on the North Sea Oil and Gas Rigs as well as living in Aberdeen, Belfast, Dublin, Malta and Singapore, and working in the North Sea and the Middle and Far East subjected him to the environmental and climate changes that infuse this well scribed tale. It offers solid proof that talent as a writer need not necessarily be coached by degrees from universities when the writer has the skills and innate talent for story telling that Lionel possesses.

5.0 out of 5 stars. As good as the old Perry Roddan series

First class story a traditional Sci-Fi book looking forward to the next instalment. Could not wait till I got to the end.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Globe-trotting sci-fi.

A cracking sci-fi adventure. The author started his writing while working on oil rigs around the world, and it shows in the technical details and globe-trotting adventures in his first book. Looking forward to more from Lazarus - his characters will rise again!

5.0 out of 5 stars. Project Anan -great story!

Great book - can't wait for next in the series.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Project Anan- A Fresh, Exciting, Intelligent and Intriguing Tale

The author has given us a number of new things in the book that makes the story an entirely fresh read.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Powerfully exciting.

Lazarus embarks us on a journey of epic proportions involving sci-fi, tragedy, drama and romance. …Fast-paced, nevertheless easy to read and follow. I commend Lazarus on his writing style becoming lost within the storyline and characterization…

4.0 out of 5 stars. An absolute page-turner!

I found this space opera fascinating and well developed. …the story wraps up absolutely perfectly in a way that I couldn’t have even predicted. Every page was amazing!

The plot of this book was so exciting and intriguing. There was nonstop action and mystery. The plot twists were shocking, and I could never predict what was going to happen next. I was constantly on the edge of my seat…

4.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Sci-fi Saga!

I have never read a space opera before, and I didn’t even know what one would look like, but when I saw those words in the description for Project Anan (Book 1 of the Energy Exchange Series) by Lionel Lazarus, I just had to buy it. … I am definitely glad that I went for it. The plot is refreshingly unique.

"5.0 out of 5 stars. Some books arrive that deserve our attention. This book is one, highly recommended.

Irish author Lionel Lazarus may not have an academic background but his experiences picking up...

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Featured Reviews

I almost made the mistake of shelving this after the first couple of chapters because of all the moralising. Yes, as a species, we have fouled up big time in many areas. Climate Change, politics, religion and countless wars have done mankind no favours whatsoever. I did not need to be reminded of it, thank you very much. But I stuck with the book and was so relieved I did so, as it turned out to be a brilliant Science-Fiction novel. There is an excellent storyline, with some outlandish characters, and a fascinating conclusion. The novel employs multiple narrators, which makes for interesting reading. Using the narrator’s personal interactions gives differing perspectives throughout the narrative, which is always a good thing, especially when you see two sides to certain issues. There is a lot of dialogue early on, but it was not the least bit boring, in actual fact having multiple narrators made it fun. This was helped by the light-hearted banter between some of the main protagonists. Even some of the aliens shared in the humour, as they caught on to the earthling style of satire and irony pretty quickly. The initial parts of the book are more of an introduction than anything else, but there is still plenty of action thrown in. As the story develops the three main Earth protagonists, Robert, Niamh and Thomas, take centre stage. Everything revolves around their strong, but very different characters. These characters are well described and full of depth, each having characteristics vital for the success of the mission. The incidents of the story are wholly absorbing, especially Thomas Parker’s antics. (Scary-bloke). Project Anan is a well written and well-crafted Sci-Fi novel that is full of intrigue and intelligence. Has a complexity about it that is most enthralling and definitely kept me riveted once past the initial opening chapters. Do not be put off by the slight naivety of first contact either, as everything has to start somewhere and somehow. It wasn't exactly 'take me to your leader' but near as. The author manages to paint a vivid picture of life during climate disasters, and it is not pretty. It is a stark warning and obviously something the author feels strongly about. But he also shows through insightful observations and in-depth studies (albeit fictional) how humans can resolve these issues by working together (In this regard with alien life forms). I thoroughly enjoyed Project Anan, and I look forward to the next in the series. Thank you, BooksGoSocial & NetGalley for the ADC of the book.

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Lazarus has written a great first novel. I was happily engaged the entire book. And immediately read the sequel The Energy Wars. Project Anan starts out with two beings landing on earth. The beings are humanoid but easy to tell apart from humans. They slowly recruit a team of humans in secret. Their mission to refurbish an old spacecraft and move a team of humans to another planet. I could not put the book down.

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"Sure didn't see that coming!"  Sci-Fi, Drama, Tragedy, Romance, AND is a novel full of freshly conceived, sometimes shocking plot twists. Project Anan earns the category of Space Opera hands down with triumph, tragedy, and drama galore. Major story pivot points are refreshingly original with deepfelt emotions always the primary determinants. There's a lot to like about the plot complexity. More people to keep track of than I normally feel comfortable with, yet always able to keep track of each character's storylines. Younger readers would be comfortable with a vocabulary level highly accessible without a dictionary by your side.

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This seemed like a pretty unique story, in addition to an unusual way to tell the story. It worked quite well. This is a nice effort from this new author, and I look forward to his future work! Thanks very much for the free review copy!!

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