Dragon Clan: A Dolphins and Dragons Science Fiction Thriller Sea Adventure

Order of the Dolphin Book 3

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Pub Date 14 Sep 2021 | Archive Date 2 Jan 2022

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A dragon will kill her creator to protect her family.

Dr. Eva Paz wants only a peaceful life on Roatán for herself and her dolphins, continuing their research in dolphin communication and educating children on the importance of caring for the reef.

But when the Navy reactivates Taffy and Finn for exercises in Pearl Harbor, that all changes. For she finds Julian is there as well, and he is armed with yet another genetically modified creature. This time, it has the spirit of an actual dragon.

Thankfully, Eva has her friends and her family—and Thomas—on her side. Not to mention a whole host of new friends: the members of Dragon Clan.

Join Eva as she works with Thomas and her dolphins to save the Hawaiian Islands from an environmental disaster that could destroy them all.

For fans of Michael Crichton, Dragon Clan is book three in Kristie Clark’s Order of the Dolphin Series.

Book club questions included. May be read as a standalone, but Dragon Clan is best enjoyed with the other Order of the Dolphin series books: Killing Dragons and Dragon Gold.

A dragon will kill her creator to protect her family.

Dr. Eva Paz wants only a peaceful life on Roatán for herself and her dolphins, continuing their research in dolphin communication and educating...

Advance Praise

"Loved it! 😍

An exciting plot enriched with amazing characters and a goal to save mankind!

This was an incredible read from start to finish. 

Dr. Eva Paz and her dolphins were the highlights of the story! I loved their relationship. The way they pushed each other forward was incredible. I always love learning about the different sciences and this was truly one of the best! 

The dolphins were so cute! Taffy and Finn training for the Navy and seeing them in action were such a thrill. I loved that the author gave us the dolphin’s POV too. It was amazing watching them communicate with each other and with the humans. They are so smart.

“Semper Fidelis!”

“What does that mean?” Eva asked.​​

Sarah beamed. “Always faithful.”

 And to top it all off, a dragon! And there is a clan of people descended from the dragons - the Dragon clan. We see Thomas and his family are descendants of this clan. Thomas’s grandmother fighting to protect the dragon and the dragon protecting them were thrilling. 

Thomas was a interesting character. I loved his job and his affection for his family. I loved how he dropped everything to go help Eva and find his grandmother. I am very much interested in knowing more about him.

Eva and Thomas team up to save the dolphins and the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands from a natural disaster. The dolphins are taken away by Julian when Eva leaves them to find Thomas’s grandmother. All the events come together and the objective turns different. There is a higher purpose almost. 

“And is that what Luahine is doing with the bones?"" Laura asked. “Trying to bring back a living giant Komodo dragon, like what we found in the cave?”

“That’s what she was trying to do, Dr. Wilson. I believe she’s accomplished it.”

That was exactly what Thomas was afraid of.

Truth be told, I did not read the first two books in the series. But the blurb sounded so good that I had to try. I am going back to reading the series in order immediately. Definitely recommend this series!!

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Fangirling Over Frappes"

"Loved it! 😍

An exciting plot enriched with amazing characters and a goal to save mankind!

This was an incredible read from start to finish. 

Dr. Eva Paz and her dolphins were the highlights of the...

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Another rollercoaster of a ride, with Dr Eva Paz and her friends. Unfortunately, the Navy want to get their sticky paws on her research and dolphins once again. But that is just a minor subplot to the main storyline of a new genetically modified creation from her nemesis, Julian. I was interested in how the author used the current climate problems as a backdrop in her narrative. She did not shrink away in showing how it affected the smaller villages and the lesser well-off areas hit by climate change. It is fascinating and somewhat terrifying to see the interaction between humans and dolphins. And even though this is Science Fiction, and there have been breakthroughs in communicating with the species, you do hope it is never abused. The author offers insightful observations on moral and spiritual dilemmas, and this book explores some very dark themes. Messing with Mother Nature is never a good idea at the best of times, and we seem to be getting more and more earthquakes. This book is a timely reminder of the way things are heading. The writing is first-rate and very well crafted, and although the story is similar in many respects to the previous novel, it has enough subplots to make this a thriller of a ride. I love how some of the narratives are told through the dolphins perspective, which is highly unusual and a pleasant change. The Dolphins and Wolphin are obviously the highlight of the books and bring the narratives to life. The author uses her research well and all the descriptions of land, sea and underwater are truly breath-taking. It has been a joy to follow the Dragon series from Kristie Clark and look forward to her next venture. Thank you BooksGoSocial and NetGalley, for the ADC of the book.

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I love this series! Order of the Dolphin – Dragon Clan – book #3 – Dr. Eva Paz is continuing her human-dolphin communication research on the island of Roatán when the U.S. Navy advises her that the dolphins are being called up for naval maneuvers in Hawaii. So, the entire clan, animal and human to travel to Hawaii. Meanwhile her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Thomas, is called home to Hawaii for a family emergency. Non-stop action ensues to make a very enjoyable read. The reader is treated to more knowledge of the Hawaiian/Polynesian culture and religion along with more critical elements of climate change and its effects on ocean creatures and humans living by the sea. I really enjoy learning more about both. Anxiously awaiting book #4! I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the opinions voluntarily expressed are my own.

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Poor Dr. Eva Paz. All she wants to do is continue her dolphin research but something always seems to be getting in the way. This time it happens to be the US Navy, who are looking to put her aquatic friends back in action. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Julian , Eva’s nemesis, is at it again, creating another genetically modified sea monster. While I don’t think it’s necessary to have read the previous two books in the series to enjoy Dragon Clan, I ‘d highly recommend doing so. I think you’ll feel more invested/connected to the characters. Dragon Clan is another thrilling aquatic adventure, featuring an excellent storyline, heroes you’ll cheer for, a villain you’ll love to hate, and plenty of action. I’d like to thank the author and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an eARC of Dragon Clan. https://www.amazon.com/review/R3RNDFK9ZPFE0Z/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv

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With a new setting and adventure, this book is a nice addition to the series. Sad to say it' snot out of this world exciting, but it's a good continuation of the story lines and closing some overreaching arc's and giving preparing us for new adventures with the characters.

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Since book one I've been hooked on this series so much so That I'm wanting too do a re read of all 3 books. Not once has this series let me down. From the non stop action, to the monsters that are more dangerous and scaryer then the last.

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This isn't the first book in the series but that didn't make it hard to read. I went right into it and found it an easy and enjoyable read. I enjoyed the book and the tinge of magical along with regular life fit right in. Well done. The Hawaiian information at the end of the book was fascinating.

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