By Chance

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Pub Date 30 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 15 Apr 2022

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A sizzling romance under wraps – what do you do when the sparks are too bright to hide?

There’s so much going on in Vicky’s life. A demanding job as the only female VP at a male-dominated company, good times with her tight-knit group of best ladies, and of course, her fabulous dating life. A committed relationship is somewhere near the bottom of Vicky’s list of life goals. A massive fan of new beginnings and the thrill of being swooned off her feet, Vicky has the perfect formula: date, for a limited period, and never exclusively.

Not many people go to sleep anonymous and wake up the next morning a worldwide sensation. With a voice that melts hearts, and a dangerously lethal smile, Ricky’s overnight fame means he can have anyone he wants, but the one he wants isn’t into a serious relationship. To make matters worse, pursuing her goes against his record contract stipulation to remain single.

Opposites don’t simply attract – they detonate.

When a forbidden sizzling affair sparks between the music industry’s newest heartthrob and an ambitious corporate world prodigy, it brings along an ageless question – would you give up your dreams for a chance with The One?

A sizzling romance under wraps – what do you do when the sparks are too bright to hide?

There’s so much going on in Vicky’s life. A demanding job as the only female VP at a male-dominated company...

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This book has it all - a ride-or-die group of strong female friends, a powerful connection between the two main characters as they wrestle with their attraction even when circumstance tries to keep them apart, and even a little bit of rock and roll. It's a book that I couldn't put down. I already can't wait for the next in the series!

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Not my usual type of book but I’m glad I gave it a try. I’ll definitely be reading more by this author! Well done.

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An equally excellent read as it's predecessor. Ehrlich has a knack for amazing character development and engrossing plotlines. While this could easily be read as a standalone, it was so much fun to rejoin the Poison and Wine crew and witness more of their hilarious interactions as a group.

Victoria is a no-nonsense professional in the office and a woman on a mission for fun and pleasure after hours. She has no time or desire for monogamy and is happy with her 'harem' when the need to scratch an itch arises.. So when Ricky a hotter than sin rockstar in the making shows up one day and shows her one of the best nights of her life without getting physical her guard immediately goes up. She's not looking to catch feels, there are reasons she's closed herself off and no one has gotten past yet why should Ricky be any different.

Ricky never believed in love at first sight, that is until he met Victoria. One night of talking, sharing, getting to know one another and he was hooked. He sees she has built up walls of steel around her heart, but he's up for the challenge because he knows she's worth it. But fate has one more hurdle in store for him when his musical career takes off overnight and suddenly the guy looking for nothing more than monogamy with the girl of his dreams will have to appear as a bad boy/player in the press. As if things weren't complicated enough in winning over a woman with enough baggage to fill LAX, now he has to convince her to drop her harem all while publicly appearing to have his own.

This was filled with laughs, realistic life obstacles, and the fear that comes with opening up your heart along with the magic that accompanies it.

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I love this fast paced romance. Both the main characters are the people you love to root for. I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen. Highly recommend this one!

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When I got this book on Netgally I wasn't aware it was the second in a series. I always feel the need to read the first when this happens but oh well. This book definitely stands alone though without the need to read the first to understand which I appreciate. This book was super cute! There were a lot of side pieces that seemed unnecessary, but overall I still liked it and there were funny parts. 3.5!

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eARC was provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
There were moments where the characters and plot were frustrating but as you continue reading things get resolved. I loved the friendships shown through the book. Overall this was a fun read.

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Complimentary copy was given for my honest review and open. ARC copy provided by NetGalley. Ricky becomes famous overnight but Vicky isn't too sure she is ready to be in the spotlight. This romance makes happily ever after look possible.

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This is second book of author Sigal Ehrlich's Poison & Wine series.

In this story Victory Nielson doesn't want to be in a serious relationship. She's happy being the VP of a big time company and enjoys spending her free time with her friends and the harem of men that she has.

From the moment that Ricky Hart set eyes on Vicky he was a goner. He knows that Vicky feels the same attraction to him as he does to her, but she's very stubborn and wont even give him a chance. Along with meeting the girl of his dreams his new agent gives him the change to achieve all of his dreams but there is one stipulation, he is not aloud to date.

Ehrlich has pulled all the stops with the development of the characters in this book. She shows how social media can affect a person success, how pictures that are uploaded or statements can be misconstrued. The social media aspect made me stop and think about using social media.

Although I liked this book. I am not keen on the shortening of names. Especially when they rhyme, they are way too cheesy for me. The characters themselves I liked. Vicky is strong and successful, but she comes with baggage, just like most women. Ricky is what they call swoon worthy. He saw something special in Vicky and decided that he wanted her, so he pursued her, despite all of the obstacles that were placed in his way.

This was a wonderful story and I am glad that I read it. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher, Sigal Ehrlich OU, for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Strong female characters make my heart sing. The two main characters Victoria & Ricky had the best connection—office life meets rock and roll.

This was a fast-paced and easy read that had me excited for how it would all come together in the end. And although this is a second in a series, it very much can stand alone as having not read the first, everything was easy to understand.

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Absolutely loved this! Was really well written and an excellent read in between the dark romances I read! Thank you for the ARC! Such good story can't wait to read more from this Author!

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I really enjoyed this book, so much so that now I am going to have to get book 1 in this series to read as well! The characters were all easily likable and there was plenty of relatable content to enjoy in this story.

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Thanks NetGalley for this arc !

I loved the illustration for the cover of this book. It’s so pretty and what made me interested in it. Victoria has no time to be in a relationship but then something happens :)
Great read totally recommend !

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Vic and Ricky are the couple that just isn't supposed to work, she's corporate, structured, follows the rules and builds walls around herself for protection, he's the up and coming rock star covered in tattoos that says ok when someone asks him to move, or change his persona, or not be in a relationship.
In the beginning the romance was a firestorm, I'm still not sure who started what but it was fun and fiery to say the least.

They really shouldn't have worked together but they did, and it made for one great read.
Victorias friends or the "hens" were the perfect group, the one all the women want to be part of and all the men want to date one of them, they even supported Vics unusual lifestyle, at least in the beginning. You see Victoria is one of those rare women that doesn't want a relationship, marriage, or a family (or so we think) it seems perfectly normal to her to be dating multiple men and not really feeling a true connection with any of them

I for one was really happy to see Ricky sweep Vic off her feet, she needed someone to break down the walls she'd built and who better than Ricky.

While this was a lighthearted fun read there were some serious topics touched on, with her health issues and the trauma it caused for them, I'd honestly say the blending was perfect, you rooted for our main characters and when the unthinkable happens you feel for them and want them to have everything they dream of.

After reading this one I can't wait to go back and read the first and the rest of the series.

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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, Sigal Ehrlich OU and by #NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own.

Fast paced read with likable main characters.

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I received this book for free from NetGalley for my honest review.

I was so excited to get this book. I love reading about women who are successful in the business world and Vicky THAT. It’s her focus so she prefers casual when it comes to romantic relationships. Ricky is a musician who is “found” and has to do some typical Hollywood style things due to his contract. I absolutely hate that for him or anyone that has to do that. While I love the glamour of Hollywood I wish their were less “fake” things going around. It was hard to read what they had to go through to be together, yet I had to find out how they were going to make it work!

There were definitely times during this story where I was beyond frustrated with Vicky. I really wanted to understand why she handles things the way she does…. Things become clearer as the story progress and I won’t deny it rips my heart a little! Of course this book puts it right back together.

I truly enjoyed this book! I was incredibly sad about the fact that there was no epilogue, but I’m sure we will hear a little bit more about them in the next book. I believe it focuses on another friend of the group.

Oh and in case you were wondering this is an “open” story. No fade to black here!

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Thank you to NetGalley, and Sigal Ehrlich, for this ARC in exchange for an honest review -

When I requested this title I was unaware this was the second in the series, but I felt it still held up as a standalone!

I really liked the Poison and Wine Crew and I will absolutely be picking up the first book - I loved the strong feminine vibes. This was more dimensional than just a romance and had themes of friendship and shows women in business and a position of power that isnt often represented in romance novels. I am also a sucker for books portraying romances with rockstars... so... this was a hit for me!

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A big thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this arc!

Victoria Neilson knows what she wants and what she doesn't. And what Victoria does not want is to be in a relationship. She's a successful VP for a multi-million dollar company. So it's not surprising she doesn't want to be tied down.

Enter the endearing and ever-persistent Ricky. He's determined to capture Victoria's heart but what happens when the one you set your heart on can run faster than you could ever possibly catch? The second Ricky tries to get personal Victoria is helpless but to open up followed by fleeing.

I enjoyed the characters her group of friends ( the chickens) was adorable.

And I liked the chemistry between Vicky and Ricky. Their nicknames also rhyme which is adorable.

Will Ricky and Vicky be a rhyming match Made in heaven or will they be a disaster in the making?

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Be still my heart.
This book was just so beautiful to read. As someone who loves love. Books like this kill me in a good way.
I'm almost scared of reviewing this book so i don't spoil it for anyone
Would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for their next swoon worthy read

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I had no idea that this was the second book in the Poison & Wine series. But I still read it without reading the first one and I felt like it can be read as a standalone. I was in love with this book as soon as the first page. It has a way of sucking you in and right off the bat I knew I was going to love Victoria. I thought I was going to get a basic romance by reading this and that I was going to end up forgetting about it as soon as I read it but I was pleasantly surprised. Victoria is everything that I aspire to be now. She is such a boss and she's so funny. There were so many moments in this book that I just burst out in laughter and it shocked me because it's one of the very few books that has been able to do that and on multiple instances as well. It is told in dual pov which I absolutely loved. Even the side characters were done to perfection. This book in general was perfection. If you are looking for a quick fun romance this is definitely for you. Also, it's a rockstar romance who doesn't want to live out that fantasy?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an EARC. While I did receive an ARC the thoughts in this review are completely my own.

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*Thank you to NetGalley, and Sigal Ehrlich, for this ARC in exchange for an honest review*

I am a big fan of Sigal Ehrlich. I have read all of her books and consider myself a groupie. This is the second book in the Poison and Wine series and is absolutely perfect. It is a little "raunchier" than "By Mistake", but I enjoyed less of the closed door romance between Victoria and Ricky. It was funny, sexy, and heartbreaking at times.

Victoria is a star at her company, poised to go all the way to the top. Ricky is a singer with a small band in Seattle. A relationship is the last thing on Victoria's list, but Ricky wants her as his girlfriend. When a music manager discovers a YouTube video of his band, she is determined to make him a star, but the rule is no relationships. Just when Ricky and Victoria are getting started, they must hide their relationship, which is fine with Victoria. until it isn't.

One wonderful thing about Ehrlich is the friendships she creates, particularly in this series. I am envious of the four chickens and their hilarious group texts and traditions. This story is so sweet, and I loved Ricky's character. He was so genuine. The third in the series is about Kayla and I can't wait!

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'By Chance': 4⭐

(Unpaid Review: thank you to Netgalley, Sigal Ehrlich and the publishers for allowing me to read this eArc copy in exchange for a review.)

A question: what happens when you meet the right person in the wrong time? What would you do in this case?

Anna and Liam are in this situation and I must say, I do love this trope! They always end up finding a way and I'm absolutely here for it! The chemistry between these two: flawless!

I've only now discovered there's another book and this is a series - can be read separate tho. Can't wait to pick the other up!

Was this review helpful?

Same as Vicky, I work in an industry where men dominate by a big percentage, and so have to face some of the situations she encountered, so it was interesting to see. The steam was really good (despite my preferring books without it).

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In book two of her “Poison & Wine” series, Sigal Ehrlich turns up the heat and swoon for a fall read more satisfying than a pumpkin spice latte.

Victoria Nielsen doesn’t have the time nor the inclination to be in a serious relationship. She’s content as VP of a multi-million-dollar company, and spending what free time she has with her close knit group of friends and her harem of guys.

Patrick “Ricky” Hart knew he’d found “The One” from the moment he laid eyes on Vicky. He knows the attraction is mutual, the problem is the stubborn woman won’t give them a chance. And on top of that, his new agent has given him the chance to achieve his dreams with one stipulation: he can’t date.

On paper, the two don’t add up. Can they actually make it work?

With Vicky and Ricky, Sigal has created two very likeable individuals. Vicky is a strong, liberated and successful woman with some baggage. But don’t we all carry some around? And Ricky is absolutely swoon worthy. He recognized someone special in Vicky and pursued her relentlessly no matter how many obstacles were in his way.

I only wish I could’ve gotten more details about the character’s lives in general and when they met. Regardless, their chemistry sizzles and sparks off the page.

I also loved the supporting cast. In particular the loveable chickens (Vicky’s sister and friends) who gave an added smile worthy layer to the story from their texts, to their banter to their activities together like “Hensgiving.”

Ehrlich charmed me with this irresistible romance and left me wanting more. “by Fate” can’t come fast enough.

By Chance is book #2 of the Poison & Wine series by author Sigal Ehrlich . It is a standalone, contemporary romance. Told from both points of view with a happy ending. Subgenres: Rocker Romance | Women’s Fiction | Forbidden Romance | opposites attract

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I was lucky enough to get an arc copy of By Chance by Sigal Ehrlich

If you love: strong independent leads, punk rockers who have tattoos AND drive a motorcycle BUT ALSO has a soft spot and takes care of his grandpa, and an amazing, loyal girl group.. PICK THIS ONE UP!!!

This is the 2nd book in the Poison & Wine series but can be read as a stand alone.

This book follows Victoria, a VP at a cooperation who works extremely hard for everything she has. In the beginning she is introduced as a harem, swearing against exclusive relationships. She is convinced that guys will slow her down.

Enter Ricky. Tattooed, sexy singer who rides a motorcycle. He is the lead singer of a band that Vicky’s best friend, Kayla, is the drummer for. Victoria seems unattainable to Ricky but he takes on the challenge.

Let me tell you, Ricky is SUCH A GOOD GUY. He fights for what he wants. The passion between Ricky and Vicky is SOO intense. This is certainly a steammyyyy read!!!

This book is absolutely amazing and touches on soo many of my favorite tropes. The guy falls first, there is an amazing girl bestie group and they call themselves the “Chickens” (just wait into you read about their roadtrip, I was laughing hysterically), and of course we have our boss ass bitch, Vicky.

This book was a bit dragged out at some parts but I did enjoy the character development. The side characters are super lovable too. I read this in a day and absolutely adored how it ended! There is a bit of plot twist too which I always appreciate!

@sigal_eh amazing job on this one!!!

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Spice: 🌶🌶

Was this review helpful?

Power-woman Victoria is a woman dominating in a mans world and are obsessed with controlling every little thing about her life since one little sign of weakness could break her career. That includes getting into a committed relationship.
There is only one thing she can’t control and his name is Ricky. The sexy single that sings in a local band that plays at Vicky and her friends favorite bar. He got his eyes on Vicky and won’t give up. Not even when he get a record deal that says he must remain single.
On paper Ricky and Vicky is total opposites, but yet they can’t seams to stay away from each other. Somethings are beyond contracts and control..

I really enjoyed this book. The story had a good flow and it was a pleasant ride. It was well written and I would recommend it to someone that doesn’t read much since it’s easy to catch up in the story and you don’t need to read 1/3 of the book to feel like you have a grip on the story.
I almost got a little Sex and the City vibe with the four women that were best friends and very different.
I think that a lot of women who are single around 30 can relate to Victoria’s fare of losing the strong and independent side of herself by being in a ”normal” relationship. I liked that Vicky talked open about her dating-style that is probably something that’s more stereotypically something a man would do since it’s 2021 and sex is something all genders enjoy.
I would have liked a better picture of how Ricky’s life were before Victoria and the record deal. My first thought about him are a guy with tattoos who follow Victoria around like a little puppy.
Except from wanting more I think this book were pretty good. It could make a good movie. Who can resist a hot tattooed hero that can sing?
Book one is on my want to read list and can’t wait for the next book.

I recived an ARC copy in order to write an honest review. Thank you, I truly enjoyed it.

Was this review helpful?

This series is so much fun. By Mistake was my first read by Sigal Ehrlich and I was in love with the book by the end of the first chapter. When someone is looking for recommendations this series is always on the top of my list. You don't need to read book one to enjoy By Chance but as the characters are intertwined and you get a glimpse of the chemistries beginnings my thoughts are it's even more enjoyable with book one read.
Victoria wants everyone to think she's got herself all out together and she does professional she can take down any man. But personally she tries to navigate her love life like a business because without maintaining that control she'd have to admit her feelings. Which I'll let you read about those.
Patrick well he's an artist and wow does he make Vic feel and she hates it, but she also loves it. One things for certain though she can't seem to control it.
And Ricky well he just wants to show her they can be together despite everything if she would just give them a chance.
There are so many obstacles Vic herself being on of the biggest.
But there will be plenty of lighthearted and fun moments to, if you haven't met the Chickens yet you are in for a real treat. Otherwise known as Anna, Kayla, Pandora and of course Victoria.
Did you know Cow Cuddling was a thing? I didn't, so reading this book I learned something new as well.
Seriously though I can not wait for book 3 By Fate I already know it will be amazing. 💙🐤🐄

I have voluntarily left this.

Was this review helpful?

Sigal Ehrlich has created another faced paced fun and feisty female led romance.
Whilst this is part of a series you could read it as a stand-alone but I think you’d be missing out ont he bonds between these ‘chickens’.

Was this review helpful?

You had me at ROCK STAR! 😍

This book was adorable! I really liked reading it.
It was funny, cute, sparky, sexy, rock stary and a bit heartbreaking.
I didn't love his name. No idea why... but I can't take a guy called Ricky serious as a hot rock star! Patrick is his real name - the first one who ever called him Ricky as a grown up needs to be hit over the head with my kindle!🤣
And I hated all those becoming-a-rock-star 'laws'. I would've never signed that contract. He's not a 17 year old boy band cutie. He's a grown man! He could've made it on his own! Grrr. I hated that manager lady at first.
But anyway. The story was really sweet and anything rock-stary will always be my favorite kind of book!

Can't wait to see what Kayla's story will be like next - By Fate!

Was this review helpful?

I found this book was an enjoyable read, I hadnt read any of the previous books but i found this was an easy stand alone read. I like the story and the characters and found it just an easy amd quick romcom read.

Was this review helpful?

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