Hope in the Valleys

A sweeping, emotional WW1 saga

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Pub Date 20 Jan 2022 | Archive Date 11 Jan 2022

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Will Elizabeth choose love over duty?

It’s August 1917 and WW1 continues to take a toll. The villagers of Dorcalon, a mining village in the Rhymney Valley, try to keep hope alive; but every day brings fresh tragedy as more of their sons and fathers are killed on foreign battlefields.

Elizabeth Meredith, daughter of mine manager Herbert, enjoys a privileged position in the village, but she longs to break free of society’s expectations.

Falling in love with miner, Gwilym Owen, brings more joy to her life than she’s ever known… until she’s forced to choose between her love and her disapproving family. Seeking an escape, Elizabeth signs up as a VAD nurse and is swiftly sent to help the troops in France, even as her heart breaks at leaving Gwilym behind.

Separated by society and the Great War, can Elizabeth and Gwilym find their way back together again? Or will their love become another casualty of war?

A romantic, emotional saga set in WW1 - fans of Katie Flynn and Sheila Newberry will adore this captivating read.

Will Elizabeth choose love over duty?

It’s August 1917 and WW1 continues to take a toll. The villagers of Dorcalon, a mining village in the Rhymney Valley, try to keep hope alive; but every day...

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Featured Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was set in the Welsh valley during the first world war. Lots of men went to fight in France and abroad. The book tells of the lives of some who fought and some who stayed behind to work in the mines. I do recommend that you read this book.

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Absolutely loved this book set in a welsh mining village, lovely characters and a beautifully written storyline which shows how snobbery of the middle classes can be overcome Highly recommend this book and the author Brilliant read and set in the beautiful Welsh valleys

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It was lovely to return to the village and meet these characters again, bringing their stories forward to the end of the war. This book concentrates on Gwen and Elizabeth, and the blossoming of romance, each falling for someone not regarded as altogether suitable in a time when the lines drawn by class and status still mattered so much. We get a glimpse of women working outside the norm too, in munitions factories and in nursing at the front, and the terrible consequences healthwise and emotionally, while also giving us a foretaste of the changes the war brought, in more independence for women and the movement towards getting the vote. Pleased to see there is another instalment of the series on the way.

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Another great instalment in the valleys series, set in the Welsh valleys during world war 1. The books are about a group of friends growing up and falling in love. This book tells the story of Elizabeth and Gwen and their struggles with love in the different classes, with both falling in love with someone from a different a class and the problems it brings. Really enjoyed this book and I’m already looking forward to reading the fourth one.

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I was so excited to start this book, the 3rd in the series. It was like visiting family, Violet, Gweneth and Anwen as they go through their lives, as their families grow. I loved that Elizabeth was able to develop and grow. I recommend this book and hope there will be another.

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Forbidden Love As WWI rages across the land a small mining town reels from the losses of their sons in the great war. Even though mining is a dangerous job those families of the miners are happy that many of their sons are saved by being in the mining industry that saves them from being conscripted into the Army. There is some hard feelings between those that volunteer to serve and those that stay to work in the mines. Elizabeth is the daughter of the mine manager Herbert Meredith. As such she enjoys a privileged standing in the village but longs to be free of that social expectation. She falls in love with a miner named Gwilyn but is forbidden to see him by her mother as he is below her social standards. Elizabeth rebels and runs off joining the VAD nurse and is sent to France leaving her family and her love behind. Elizabeth and Gwilyn are now separated by society, war and a continent. Will the two of them get back together or will they go their separate ways and lead separate lives? Will it ever be possible for her family to change their minds and will Elizabeth even survive the war? So much will change in the time she serves. The book is written about a small town where gossip and rumors abound. Where social circles are much removed from each other and it is not thought of to cross the line. It is a story of the mining town and the war and how the two stories interact as one. A story of friends, love and hate and forgiveness. A story of protests and sides taken. A story of the war and those lost, those returned not the same as they left some wounded in mind and some in body. How the families come to terms with life and what it brings. I did enjoy reading this book and I would recommend it. Thanks to Francesca Capaldi for writing this great story, to Hera Books for publishing it and to NetGalley for making it available for me to read.

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This is the third book in the series. And it was like visiting old frie da and family. I liked the character development. I rooted for them when they stood UP for themselves. I cried when they got Hurt. It is Just like coming home Reading this book. Thank you to netgalley for letting me read this e arc in exchange for an honest opinion

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