Narrated by David Thorpe; Sherry Baines; Alex Wingfield; Nick Biadon; Clare-Louise English; Billy Ashcroft; Beth Eyre
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Pub Date 9 Dec 2021 | Archive Date 18 Dec 2021

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Seven friends. One killer. You can run, but you can’t hide…

It’s Boxing Day and your friendship group has planned a hike.

You know tensions are running high. You’ve heard the rumours flying around.

But this trip is a chance for you to reconnect.

As you head into the reserve, everyone is quiet. It almost feels like you’ve imagined the rift.

But as the sun sets, you hear a gun shot.

One of your group is dead.

And someone you know killed them…

A fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller with a killer twist you just won’t see coming. Fans of Ruth Ware, Lucy Foley and T.M. Logan will be totally gripped from the very first page.


Readers are completely gripped by HIDE!

I am *freaking* out!! … Has me on the edge of my seat…I've had to turn the light on because I genuinely feel like I'm stumbling through pitch-black woods in blinding snow and trying to outrun a murderer! … Incredible!’ Reader Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tense, twisty and full of toxic secrets – a chilly fight for survival guaranteed to give you shiversT.M. LOGAN, author of Trust Me and The Holiday

‘There’s a touch of Agatha Christie to Hide…her humour is crisp and even and the plotting as keen as an axe in the skullTHE TIMES

Claustrophobic and intenseFabulous magazine

Holy. Hell. I haven’t finished a thriller this fast since Gone Girl’ NetGalley Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Wow! I'm so glad that I had a whole day off work to read it as I honestly couldn't put it down’ Goodreads Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘An outstanding thriller – impossible for me to put down!’ NetGalley review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘I am still thinking about it – the last sentence was a jaw-dropper!’ NetGalley review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘You’ll definitely be left with your jaw on the floor and your head spinning’ NetGalley review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Wow, what a story! The ending just blew me away’ NetGalley review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Seven friends. One killer. You can run, but you can’t hide…

It’s Boxing Day and your friendship group has planned a hike.

You know tensions are running high. You’ve heard the...

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Hide by Nell Pattison Audio version. Narrated by David Thorpe; Sherry Baines; Alex Wingfield; Nick Biadon; Clare-Louise English; Billy Ashcroft; Beth Eyre The narration bought the book alive. When you can hear and feel the tension and angst, it takes the narrative to another level. The cast did an excellent job and should be applauded for the brilliant and varied range of voices. The Hide is an engaging and intriguing novel with a different twist. Seven birdwatchers set out to view a starling murmuration. All have secrets of one description or another, skeletons in the cupboard that they would prefer to keep hidden. When one of them is killed, then it seems all may have had a motive. But who did it? Whatever happened, it was going to be a nightmare experience for most of those remaining. Chaos and paranoia reign supreme within the group as the tension ramps up a notch. That niggled a little because rather than pull together, there was a lot of discord. Acting like brats when your life is in danger just does not ring true. I know drastic changes in situations can emotionally derail a person, but it annoyed me. And anyone wanting to take the lead in such a small group should be banned from doing so immediately. Characters are well thrashed out as you learn their past histories in the early chapters, although it did not do them any favours in my eyes. There was not anyone particularly I liked, and if that was the authors aim, then it worked. I enjoyed the scenery and natural surroundings, and the author did wonderfully in describing them with such detail. The author has created an atmospheric, claustrophobic novel that will keep you guessing to the very end. The Hide is an enjoyable thriller and a decent whodunit, and definitely a suspense-filled and tense listen. Thank you, NetGalley and HarperCollins UK Audio, Avon.

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Another incredible book from Nell Pattison. This one definitely had me gripped from beginning to end. Bird watching and tramping around hides isn’t something I’ve done or know much about so it was a delight to discover something new.

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Twisty turny fabulous read and this audiobook is such a great addition. Love this book, one of my favourites!

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What you do after Christmass? You go for a walking adventure that turns to an nightmare. The idea of the story is good just maybe too much suspects after one of the so called friend is daed. They are really not friends, sisters are not conected and everyone is against someone or afraid. Well thazvis interesting discovering and the final twist was a shock. Thank you to Netgalley.com and Avon publishing for advanced read and listening copies.

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ven people, who take part in a regular Meetup Birdwatching group, meet for a special Boxing Day Birdwatching walk on a reserve to watch the murmuration of starlings. The reserve is supposed to be closed to visitors that day, but are they alone in the woods? Are there hunters in the woods as well? The story is told from each member of the groups point of view, and it’s clear that there’s not much love lost between many of them. They aren’t really friends and there are underlying tensions and secrets between them all. One of the group is shot dead in a hide and they all have to navigate their way out of the reserve to raise the alarm. With the weather turning and snow and night falling - it makes for a claustrophobic and paranoid journey through the woods and marshes and out of the reserve. This is my first Nell Pattison book and it won’t be my last!

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We follow a group of 7 people who have met up on a closed nature reserve for a birdwatching trip on Boxing Day. Lauren works at the nature reserve and arranged the group meet up, she invited her sister Emily along who is deaf but has cochlear implant’s to hear, they aren’t particularly close sisters but this is seen as an opportunity to bond, One of the members is found shot dead in one of the hides and here begins the search, the reserve is closed and they’re the only ones out there… aren’t they…why would someone have shot this person…is anyone next? The blurb on the front of this book says ‘seven friends’ however from reading the book it does not seem that they are friends at all, just a group of people with 6 of the 7 have secrets that one of the group members knows about, but who’s keeping secrets and who in the group knows them, are their secrets the reason why this is happening? We find out their secrets gradually throughout the story, I listened to the audiobook of this and it was fun to listen to I particularly enjoyed that each chapter was from the POV of the characters. I did find the story a little slow to start but it did quickly build up and then it was action packed. Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to listen and review.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Avon for an audio arc of this book. I was really excited for this one having receiving all of Nell Pattison’s earlier books on Netgalley too and loving them. I was delighted that the style was very much the same as her other books. I must say this one took me a bit longer to get into as there was a bigger cast of characters with similar sounding names ‘Ben & Dan’ mainly and I kept getting people mixed up. I enjoyed the initial storyline of all of the characters having secrets, it made each characters chapter interesting and kept the reader intrigued as to what was happening. I did guess a few of the plot twists, I won’t say which ones as to keep this spoiler free but overall this was a well thought out wintery thriller, I would definitely recommend if you liked books like One by One by Ruth Ware or The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley.

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Excellent, Especially the Characters 💛 Psychological thrillers often sacrifice characterisation in the name of plot. Not Hide. The cast of characters brought together in this nature club are multi-dimensional, interesting and have in-depth back stories to match. ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ SOUNDBITE 🎧 An absolutely gripping listen, as well as an easy one. With six excellent narrators, it’s easy to tell when one character stops and another begins. ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ SHALL I COMPARE THEE TO... If you enjoy this, try The Secrets of Strangers by Charity Norman. This is the thriller that comes to mind that really focuses on the characters. Lucy Dawson’s books also have a similar feel. ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ Big thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK Audio for providing me with an ALC in return for an honest review.

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The narrators worked perfectly for the overall tone of this story. It's gripping in a way that keeps you sucked in till the very end. I would recommend this very easy read to someone looking for a wintery/isolated thriller with morally grey characters. It doesn't require you to work very hard to solve the mystery, but it also throws quite a few red herrings your way. Also, that ending threw me for a loop. I absolutely did NOT see that coming!

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this was an enjoyable read which reading on the cold winter nights added to. The story is taken from many points of view and this got a little muddling. however once i got my head around it the story weaved together nicely.it was a good murder mystery with some good twists and turns.

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Hide was the perfect title for this novel. Its was quickly evident that it wasn’t just about everyone was hiding something. But also the place this mystery suspense takes place. How brilliant and every person was mysterious. This was in my opinion well thought out. Lots of lurking around every corner, wondering what the heck was going on. This was a new author to me and I’ve really enjoyed this. I recommend it and I chose to listen to this book on audio. To many narrators to mention but the were awesome. 7, yes seven narrators and it was 9 hours and 56 minutes long. Thanks Avon via Netgalley.

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Hide - Nell Pattison I received an advance review copy for free thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Seven friends. One killer. You can run, but you can’t hide… The winter hike is meant to bring their nature group together. Emily, the sister who never lets her hearing loss hold her back. Lauren, the sister who always feels a step behind. Morna, who doesn’t get on with Lauren. Ben, whose feelings for Emily border on obsession. Dan, the quiet newcomer to the group. Kai, who isn’t just on the hike to enjoy the wildlife. And Alec, the one who knows all their secrets. I enjoyed this book - I wasn't sure what to expect going into this book but I was drawn in by the cover. Each of the characters is hiding something and it could lead to any of them being the murderer. As the reader, I felt as in the dark as the characters I was reading about, as they were running around the reserve in the dark. I listened to the majority of the book in one sitting and even when I wasn't listening I was trying to work out who the killer was. This book is told from the perspective of each of the different characters - with each character getting their own chapters. Rating: 4/5

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The multiple narrators are great for people like me who get lost with too many names and all narrators did a good job. The tale is dark and jumpy and you doubt everyone at one point or another. Sadly the audiobook ended before the end of the story. I don’t know if I had a faulty copy. That was a complete let down as I will now never know if anyone gets out alive or why Emily is a target

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