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Pub Date 3 Feb 2022 | Archive Date 3 Feb 2022

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The latest mind-blowing novel from award-winning author Christopher Edge, Escape Room is a thrilling adventure that challenges readers aged 9 and up to think about what they’ve done to save the world today.

When twelve-year-old Ami arrives at The Escape, she thinks it’s just a game – the ultimate escape room with puzzles and challenges to beat before time runs out. Meeting her teammates, Adjoa, Ibrahim, Oscar and Min, Ami learns from the Host that they have been chosen to save the world and they must work together to find the Answer. But as he locks them inside the first room, they quickly realise this is no ordinary game.

From a cavernous library of dust to an ancient Mayan tomb, a deserted shopping mall stalked by extinct animals to the command module of a spaceship heading to Mars, the perils of The Escape seem endless. Can Ami and her friends find the Answer before it’s too late?

With cover illustration by David Dean.

“A writer of genuine originality” – Guardian

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The latest mind-blowing novel from award-winning author Christopher Edge, Escape Room is a thrilling adventure that challenges readers aged 9 and up to think about what they’ve done to save the world...

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Working on the premise that it’s better to be late to the party than not attend at all, I have only managed to read one title –Space Oddity – by Christopher Edge up until now and I was several months behind everyone else reading that. Having learned my lesson there, when this new title was offered up on Net Galley, I immediately requested it – determined to be ahead of the game this time around.

And what a wise move that was, because here is another winning middle grade story – a fast-paced tale crammed full of danger and puzzles to solve as we follow our protagonist Ami and her new friends as they try to work their way through the escape room of the title in order to return to their family and friends unscathed.

We first meet Ami as she arrives at The Escape for an evening of adventure – her reward for working hard. Unsure if gaining access to the building is her first task, she eventually spots a revolving door through which she enters. Wondering where everyone is, she finds a badge with her name on and pins it to her top as she ponders whether or not she will have to play on her own. Before this possibility can take place, another girl joins her – introducing herself as Adjoa – and then a couple of boys, Oscar and Ibrahim, before a girl called Min completes the group.

With everyone now assembled, the group watch excitedly as the face of a man appears on the wall next to them and welcomes them, telling them he is the Host and that they have been chosen to save the world and that they need to find the Answer. After explaining that everything that they encounter can be a part of the game, he sends them on their way to the first room to start playing. Presented with what initially seems to be a simple game of chess, the children start to play along but the game is far from simple and does not end as any of them might have envisaged.

With no option but to continue on to the next task, Ami and her companions soon realise that nothing is as it seems and that they appear to be playing for their lives. Can the five of them work together to find and solve the puzzles that they find themselves facing? And can they escape from The Escape, or are they doomed to remain trapped forever more within its walls?

For such a short book (208 pages), an awful lot of action is packed into the story. As Ami and the others are thrown together in their attempts to find their way out safely, their efforts to work out what exactly is being asked of them and then to complete their tasks become more and more frantic the further into the game they go. With no prior knowledge of one another and no friendships to glue them together, they have to swiftly appraise not only what is going on but who is best placed to take on which roles -something with which they struggle at times as the dangers they face threaten to engulf them all.

Although there were short sections of the story that reminded me of the fairly recent titles Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell and The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith by Loris Owen, this is a fresh take on the quest story format and one which contains twists and turns aplenty, including one towards the end which I had absolutely no idea was coming. This will appeal greatly to both the author’s current fans and also to fans of those other titles who are looking for something else to pick up.

I thought this was a great read. Yes, it’s quite a bit shorter than many middle grade titles but I would always choose quality over quantity and that is exactly what the reader gets here. I would also add that for those children in Years 5 and 6 who want a cracking book to read like their more confident classmates, but do not as yet have the stamina for longer reads, this is perfect.

As always, enormous thanks must go to publisher Nosy Crow and to Net Galley for my read in advance of publication on February 3rd 2022. A fantastic 5 out of 5 stars.

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Ami is excited to get the chance to play The Escape, as she absolutely loves escape room games. There she meets four other kids to team up with and find The Answer, though none of them even know what the question is. However, as they play it seems to get more and more dangerous and less like a game at all.
Some lessons on awareness and environment but they didn't feel preachy at ll.
I could feel the excitement, intrigue and suspense right from the first page. I thought I knew what was going to happen at one point but I was so wrong, I definitely didn't expect what actually happened!

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Another book by Christopher Edge that I have enjoyed. On finishing the book I was reminded of another that I had read years ago but giving the title would be a plot spoiler. The comparison of the two books would be a good discussion point with readers.

Five teens start an Escape Room challenge to save the world. What follows are some wonderful descriptions of rooms to escape from that show the resourcefulness and knowledge of those taking part. The characters of the five are developed quickly. The selfish one, the natural team leader, the girl whose general knowledge is phenomenal, the girl who has clearly played many video games and the boy who quietly looks in and observes then contributes. It would be possible for readers to identify with the individual characters and this could lead to very interesting discussions. The descriptions of the different rooms are also excellent.

The book has a strong conservation message and the sense of jeopardy in each room is immense and could be seen as a metaphor for the world today. Along the way there are clues which the reader could solve. The denouement at the end is quite a twist and totally believable, giving the reader plenty to think about regarding the future of he earth.

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A new Christopher Edge book is always something to celebrate and Escape Room provides the mix of edge-of-seat adventure, mind-bending conundrums and heart that we are used to. Ami has been gifted the ultimate Escape Room experience for her birthday, but it soon becomes evident that this is no ordinary escape room. The stakes are much higher and the wrong move could be deadly. As each room pushes her and her companions to their absolute limits, it becomes more apparent that the people who run the room (the Host) are trying to get the group to solve more than just the individual puzzles. Why are they being asked to 'save the world', and why has Ami been joined by this particular group of players? As the book progresses, the themes of the room offer challenges to Ami and her new friends and to the reader, to solve the mystery at the heart of the room. The final reveal is deeply satisfying and challenging.

Escape Room is packed with brilliant descriptions of the themed rooms that Ami and her companions have to beat. The scale of them is breathtaking.. There is genuine peril for the players, which lifts the stakes (and, at times, the heart rate of the reader), and it works because the characters are so well drawn that it's impossible not to care for their fate. Exciting, fun and ultimately thought-provoking, this is classic Edge.

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That Christopher Edge is some kind of genius. His Escape Room swallowed me whole and threw me out with a big “whaaaaat just happened??”. A fast-paced action-packed edge-of-your-seat MG adventure. Amazingly original too.

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I have enjoyed other Christopher Edge books in the past and they are always popular in my classroom, so I was keen to read this latest offering.

Ami is treated to an escape room experience where she meets her 4 teammates. Together they are tasked by The Host to find The Answer. However, this is no ordinary escape room. The team soon finds itself battling technology, travelling through time and even into space. Will they be able to find The Answer and make their escape?

This was an action-packed book and the pace was full-on throughout. Just when you thought the team had got somewhere, another fiendish puzzle appeared.

It is hard to go into too much detail without giving anything away, however this was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I have no doubt that children in my class will devour it.

Thanks to Net Galley and the publishers, Nosy Crow, for this advance copy in exchange for my review.

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Well what an awesome read that was! An exciting adventure through a complex escape room with an interesting group of characters you are hoping will get through. Lots of gentle storytelling about climate change. And then a great twist. Beautifully written, fast-paced and a real page turner for this age group. Buy it. And Christopher’s other books as they are all totally different and pretty fabulous!

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Christopher Edge does it again! This was a fast-paced adventure centred around the idea of an 'escape room' exploring a whole host of issues around humanity, history and our impact on the planet. Really enjoyed this - a quick but enjoyable read for adults but one I will definitely recommend to Year 6!

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Wow! This was a whirlwind of a read - so exciting! Perfect for young (and old) escape room fans and anyone in search of a fast-paced, high-stakes adventure. The twist at the end brought everything together nicely too.

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Ami loves puzzles and her dad bought her a trip to ‘The Escape’ - the ultimate escape room experience. Instead of going with her own team, Ami gets matched with other players Adjoa, Oscar, Ibrahim and Min to create a team. The Host explains the game: they are the last humans and their task is to save the world by finding ‘the Answer’. All five of them have got a different approach to solving the puzzles, which makes it difficult for them to work together. There is something different about ‘The Escape’ though; it’s not like other escape rooms. The rooms are huge and it’s a lot more dangerous than any of them expected. Ami finds herself doubting whether it’s actually a game or whether they really are trying to save the world.
It’s difficult to say much more about the book without giving the story away, but expect the usual twist and turns from Christopher Edge. Nothing is ever what it seems and the story is dark and at times creepy. The plot is clever, confusing (that’s not a negative) and manages to pack an astonishing amount into a couple of hundred pages.

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Ami arrives at the The Escape eager for a new escape room experience and, hopefully, some new friends to puzzle out the clues with. None of them could have ever anticipated the dangerous scenarios they would soon be put in or just how far their strengths and fragile new bonds would be tested. It seems that winning the escape room isn't all they are fighting for, the continuation of the entire planet is!

I loved Ami as a protagonist. Her quick wits, thoughtful gaze, and high intelligence were well-needed throughout her adventures but, just as her personality and strengths were exposed, so too were those of the other children she battled alongside. Each was given a distinct character and their voices made this a fun and immersive read, even if Ami remained a personal favourite throughout.

Every element this contained combined to ensure it a fun reading experience, which centred upon an escape room but included so much more. It proved more educational than expected and definitely included more twists than anticipated, too. Every reader, of all ages, will benefit from the moral ending and I closed this book feeling far more pensive and melancholy than I thought this seemingly fun children's book could ever make me.

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5 teenagers go into an escape room to try and solve the clues and find the answer. The escape room isn’t quite what they expect though and events quickly become far more dangerous than they had anticipated.
I loved the setting of this story and the different parts of the escape room are vividly described. The puzzles are far more threatening than the characters and the reader expects and the unfolding of events definitely takes you by surprise. The characters are all individuals and are thrown together seemingly by chance to make a team that can solve the puzzles. It’s definitely on the dark side for a Middle Grade book but the danger and threat level feels just on the right side for this age group.
The ending did take me completely by surprise and I wasn’t completely convinced by the final couple of pages. The environmental message was present throughout the book but I felt the way it was delivered right at the end was out of keeping with the rest of the book.
This is a great MG read though and any child who loves escape rooms, adventures and puzzles will really enjoy it.
Thanks to Net Galley and Nosy Crow for this ARC in exchange for my review.

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I had no idea where this story would take me: an escape room that AMI is given as a treat from her father, a watching host, and four other players who must find THE ANSWER.

It was a captivating read and will definitely recommend this to my students!

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“Find the Answer. Save the world.”

I love the idea of escape rooms, a group of people working together to find clues that will enable them to solve a series of puzzles. Ami loves solving puzzles and is excited by the challenge The Escape presents.

Ami is joined by four other participants. There’s enthusiastic Adjoa - “Think Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones, but with a better sense of style.” There’s Ibrahaim, who notices things other miss, and Min, the smart one. Then there’s obnoxious Oscar, the one I really, really wanted to vote off the island. And Ami? She’s the all-rounder.

There’s plenty of action in this book, with a need to not only solve each individual room but the overall puzzle. I consistently felt the characters were facing impending danger. This all made for a compulsive read.

The rooms the group explores included one where “old computers come to die” and an abandoned mall. I loved trying to figure the rooms out alongside the kids. Had I been invited to play, though, I would have been eliminated very early on.

Even if I somehow managed to survive the first room, the library (of all places) would have taken me out. While all of the connections that were needed to level up made sense, I don’t think there will be too many readers who will be able to confidently say they would have made it through the entire game.

The message, which quickly became obvious to me as Ami and her team moved through each room, was a really good one but it came across pretty heavy handed. Granted, subtle probably wouldn’t be the best approach given the gravity of the situation, but the twist that accompanied its reveal felt so jarring that it lessened the impact for me. I’m hoping the target audience will just go with it and find the message empowering.

When the kids were explaining things like the Mayan calendar and space dust, they sounded suspiciously like walking encyclopaedias. This will make sense by the end of the book.

I couldn’t figure out why Ami didn’t immediately recognise the Host’s voice. I absolutely adored the literal firewall.

I haven’t managed to find the correct alphabet to decipher the symbols on Ami’s library card. Yet.

I loved David Dean’s cover image and the illustration that accompanied the beginning of each chapter.

“Do you still think it’s a game?”

Content warnings include the death of an animal.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Nosy Crow for the opportunity to read this book.

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In true Christopher Edge style, there is so much more to Escape Room than meets the eye. With layers of symbolism and the complete unexpected, readers are challenged to think about their own place in the world.

12-year-old Ami has been given a fantastic gift – an immersive escape room experience. She absolutely loves puzzles so this is perfect for her. At first, she wonders if she will be playing alone but then four other young people arrive: Adjoa seems seriously cool with her pink sunglasses and so much confidence; Oscar has a sporty swagger; Ibrahim is quietly clever; and Min is a walking encyclopaedia. Together they should make a brilliant team. Their task – Save the World and Find the Answer.

The escape room starts out as they expect – clues, puzzles, messages to decipher. Ami knows she needs to question everything and take nothing for granted. When they come across a strange, automated chess set, the solution seems simple enough – defeat the machine and move on to the next stage of the escape room. But suddenly, the situation takes a dark turn. This is no ordinary game and the threat seems real. Are they supposed to win or lose? Go forward or back? Trust their judgement or find a different way? One thing is clear – this is not going to be easy.

The team find themselves in a series of bizarre rooms: an attic full of old tech, a library with more books than anyone could ever read, a cursed tomb and a deserted shopping mall. Each is more dangerous than the last and none of them are certain they’ll all make it out alive. Some say life is a game but Ami’s not sure this is the game she wants to play.

Ami is pushed to question everything she has ever known about reasoning, logic and her own abilities. Questions of the problems humans have created, the destruction of the environment and the power of a child’s mind run through this captivating story until the mind-blowing final moments. Nothing is as it seems in the Escape Room.

This story will challenge readers to dig deep into their own understanding. They will love joining the team and working through the escape room puzzles with Ami and the others. Then, as the story takes a darker turn, they will find themselves questioning just what it means to have intelligence and our responsibility for what we choose to do with this power. Only with optimism, creativity and imagination can we build a brighter future.

Thank you to Nosy Crow for this intriguing book.

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I loved Ami as a protagonist. Her quick wits, thoughtful gaze, and high intelligence were well-needed throughout her adventures but, just as her personality and strengths were exposed, so too were those of the other children she battled alongside. Each was given a distinct character and their voices made this a fun and immersive read, even if Ami remained a personal favourite throughout.

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Back with a bang! Christopher Edge doesn't disappoint with this inclusive, accessible modern mystery which all ability MG readers will be desperate to 'escape' with. Simpler in format and language than most MG reads in this genre, Nosy Crow have again made complex plots and themes accessible to all children. I think every child will find a character to relate to, and see themselves portrayed in the book
Cleverly layered with facts, clues & thought-provoking questions, this is perfect for all KS2 classes, either as class novel or independent reading for pleasure. What an ending!

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Absolutely loved this escape room book. Excellent choice for a theme for a young adult book. Would love to see more like this.

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For puzzle-loving Ami, the chance to challenge herself at The Escape - a thrilling escape room experience - is the perfect day out. It appears that Ami might be playing alone until four others arrive; all action and impulsive Oscar, quiet and observant Ibrahim, book-smart Min and natural-born adventurer Adjoa. With the team set to go, the ‘Host’ sets them a challenge…‘Find the Answer. Save the World.’ Sounds simple enough.

But this is no ordinary escape room and soon the children are on a dark and dangerous path where every room is out to get them. Will everyone make it to the end? Can they find the Answer before time runs out?

Now I love an Escape Room, have even escaped from some of them successfully, but I have never experienced anything of the like that Ami and her co-escapers face. Christopher Edge’s latest release, Escape Room, is expertly written, full-on and fast-paced and is much more than I anticipated. I absolutely loved it.

Edge is somewhat of a master in delivering quality over quantity, and, as always, there is a lot crammed into two-hundred-and-eight pages. With its short page count it is perfect for those children who find longer books overwhelming. Full of peril, excitement and with plenty of twists, turns and a very unexpected ending, Escape Room is a thought-provoking story that will appeal to gamers and young activists who are keen to help save the planet.

The thrilling, puzzle-solving adventure will have readers on the edge of their seats as Ami and her team discover various rooms in which the threats and dangers are all to real; an attic full of old computer tech, a dusty labyrinth library, a Mayan temple with a cursed tomb, an abandoned shopping mall home to extinct animals and the command module of a spaceship heading towards Mars.

But nothing is at it first appears in The Escape and each room, a representative symbol of the world today, holds much more than just the immediate puzzle that needs solving. The game ‘Host’ has a bigger puzzle that needs solving and through events from the past, present and future, Edge challenges both Ami and the reader to face-up to the world’s problems. Highlighting extinction, climate change, pollution, a throw-away-society and the possibility of human existence on another planet, Edge addresses important and timely issues, raises questions and provide lots of food for thought.

Where adults have perhaps failed, it is up to children with their ideas and creativity who hold the power to change the world. So, what have you done to save the world today? Or perhaps more importantly, what action are you going to take to save the world?

With huge thanks to Nosy Crow for the copy I received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Recommended for 9+.

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I was talking to my class about how much I couldn’t wait to read this as part of our school reading challenge: Book Battleships as Christopher Edge is one of the authors on there. We are also participating in Fantastic Book Awards run by the Lancashire Library Service and the children have absolutely loved Space Oddity too, Escape Room was no exception! Lots of glorious twists and turns, really great characters and a plot that kept me guessing! Can’t wait to share with my class again and recommend to everyone. Thank you for letting me read an ARC.

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A clever plot using the idea of an escape room where everyone needs to work together to solve the clues. There are twists aplenty and Christopher Edge really knows how to create another world. I especially liked the fact the themes of each room (the Mayan one in particular fits so well with our history topic) and they were conjured up with great detail. The story moved headlong from one adventure to the next which made it very difficult to put down. The conclusion arrived with a jolt however, with a profound message but maybe out of step from the rest of the book?

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Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟💫
Age recommendation: 9+

Have you ever been to escape rooms? I love the concept and would like to do it again one day.

When Ami arrives at The Escape, she thinks it’s just a game – the ultimate escape room with puzzles and challenges to solve in order to find your way out before time runs out. But then it turns out that together with her teammates, Adjoa, Ibrahim, Oscar and Min, Ami has been chosen to save the world. Together they need to find the Answer. As the Host locks them inside the first room, they quickly realise this is no ordinary game... Can Ami and her friends find the Answer before it’s too late?

Christopher Edge has done it again! Escape Room is an absolutely thrilling adventure that grips from the very first page. I really liked the challenges that Ami and her friends were faced with and how different each room was. And then, at the end, comes a massive twist - one I definitely didn't expect! At the core of the text is also a very important message and a question about the future of our planet.

As with other books by Christopher Edge, I really liked the fact that the brilliant story is condensed to 200 pages.

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An absolute roller coaster of a read. I read this in one sitting.
Ami’s father has gifted her an Escape Room experience. From the first minute she is solving puzzles, trying to just get in the building.
From there she meets the 4 others who will make up the group.
Each room they go in gets bigger, more complicated, more dangerous and more difficult to escape from.
The author pulls no punches, there are sacrifices along the way and an unforeseeable twist.
An absolute must read.

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Wow! Well I LOVE escape rooms and I love fast-paced, edgy middle-grade and this novel combines the two with bucket-loads of tension and intrigue from the get-go. I was pretty much hooked from the front cover, and this gripping read does NOT disappoint.

When Ami turns up at The Escape, she thinks she's there to play a game. But as she meets her teammates and the Host sets their challenge, they soon descend into a world of terror that feels NOTHING like gameplay. As they battle their way through a dust-filled library, a Mayan tomb and a deserted shopping mall that is prowling with extinct animals, Ami must hold her nerve. But what or who is behind The Escape and can she beat it?

This is writing and imagination at its best, but perhaps not for the faint-hearted reader. With high stakes and extreme peril, Christopher Edge moves his characters through a compelling range of dark and vivid challenges that will have readers on the edge of their seats. The novel may be on the short side, but it's jam-packed with dangerous adventure and mind-bending mind benders.

I loved the eclectic mix of rooms. The Mayan temple evoked real fear, the library was intriguing and eerily sinister and the shopping mall just terrifying. And yet, lying beneath the surface of every level is an important message that culminates in a powerful twist and punchy ending which hit me like a sledgehammer and yet left me with hope.

This is the first novel by Christopher Edge that I've read and it has definitely left me wanting more. Meticulously plotted and full of fantastic imagination, it also provides a dose of tough talking, which considering that the clock is ticking, may be what we all need.

A big thanks to Netgalley and Nosy Crow for allowing me to read a review copy. Escape Room is released tomorrow, 3rd February 2022.

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Escape Room begins with a bang and ends by throwing a serious gauntlet to the reader.

As a reward for working hard, Ami Oswald’s father buys her a ticket for The Escape - the ultimate locked-room experience. She meets her team and the adventure begins. And how!

The first locked-room is thrilling: puzzles, red-herrings, and an urgently ticking-clock. By the third chapter I was swept away.

The game master gives the children a clear mission: save the world, find the Answer. But as they race from one hazard to the next, they learn that solving puzzles is not their only challenge: surviving is.

As the story evolves two things emerge: the ways in which different skill-sets shape a team’s performance, and the hostile environments threatening the children. The latter being a theme which grows throughout the novel and shapes the ending in a topical way. What starts as an exciting bedtime story has, by the end, become something much more serious.

The ending surprised me. I wondered initially if Escape Room was the first part of a duology, but on second thoughts I think Christopher Edge is inviting and expecting the reader to join Ami in the game’s conclusion. Our collaboration is the only escape.

Love the cover and the illustration at the start of each chapter.

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Being a huge fan of Christopher Edge's other books especially #TheInfiniteLivesOfMaisieDay I was delighted that the publishers Nosy Crow and Netgalley gave me early access to this, his latest offering. In Escape Room, we join Ami and a small group of others as they play an ultimate game filled with puzzles and challenges. What follows is an explosive adrenaline filled adventure story that had me hooked from the opening line. I was completely immersed in the game along with Ami. Edge creates books that fizz and ignite questions and Escape Room certainly did that as well as imparting knowledge. The format of this text will enable fluent readers to enjoy the journey whilst also enabling those who are just becoming more independent to dive within its pages. Escape Room has many levels - not just the levels of the game that the characters are playing but the levels of understanding that readers will consider as they immerse themselves within Edge's world. The ending packed a powerful punch and was completely unexpected. This will be one of those books that will be spoken about in classrooms - I will certainly be recommending it and one that readers will return to to see if the clues to the ending were there because "all you need to succeed is hidden inside The Escape." A uniquely brilliant 5 star read.

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I have never read anything by Christopher Edge before and now I am wondering why? This book is thrilling from start to end with so many unexpected plot twists I defy any reader to predict what is coming next.

This middle grade adventure follows Ami and 4 other children through an escape room. There are lots of puzzles for the children to workout, each having special talents to help them. Their adventures and puzzles are deep and offer lots of opportunity for discussion and potential cross curriculum teaching in the classroom. Once thing that did puzzle me from the start is the randomness of the teams - Ami is matched to four strangers, yet she soon becomes attached to them in their different ways and some of their adventures do not end well!

This is an exciting read with many things to ponder on and plot twists of a more philosophical nature: even as I type this I am uncovering deeper meanings and messages at their different challenges.

This is a short read but it packs a punch: action at every turn and an ending you will find hard to believe.

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I loved reading this brilliantly thought out book. It was a great, fast paced adventure and had a wonderful ending.

Was this review helpful?

If you are someone who enjoys problem solving and computer games, you will love this book. If you enjoy reading science fiction, you will love this book. If you enjoy adventure stories, you will love this book. If you are someone who enjoys stories with a strong female character, you will love this book. If you are a slightly older person (like me) who enjoys reading fantastic and well written children’s books, you will love this book. If you are someone who enjoys visiting escape rooms, you will love this book …. but you might also be a bit wary on your next escape room visit.
For her birthday, Ami’s father has organised a visit to the most amazing, hi-tech escape room --- ever! Here she is teamed up with a small group of children who also seem to share her love of problem solving challenges. Their ultimate goal is to save the world before their time runs out.
This, though, is no ordinary escape room and the challenges that this small, intrepid team are faced with prove to be both mentally demanding, physically challenging and perilous. The importance of teamwork in this escape room cannot be underestimated. The challenges that Ami and her team have to overcome become more and more dangerous with every ‘door’ that they open, every step, every twist and every turn they take: do not be mistaken, the peril is real.
If you have ever read any of Christopher Edge’s books, you will know that he really enjoys grappling with important issues. This makes his stories not only exciting but thought provoking and highly original. In Escape Room he succeeds in challenging his reader’s thinking with his questions on the nature of human existence. This story fizzes with adventure and danger resulting in the rapid turning of pages. A truly exciting read.

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In typical Christopher Edge fashion, this book was a rip-roaring adventure right from the first page. His writing is concise but never dull, full of character and suspense. I really enjoyed the ‘escape room’ premise of this book, and the characters were each very distinctive and memorable. It was easy to imagine every ‘room’ of this strange story, and I loved the scary wonder of the library and the shopping mall full of extinct beasts. The ecological theme was well woven into each of the rooms too, and I enjoyed how that angle became more apparent as ‘the question/answer’ towards the end. But unfortunately, it was the ending that stopped this being a 5-star book for me. I didn’t particularly like the idea that all the children apart from Ami weren’t real, and the AI aspect threw me but not in a good way. It didn't really make sense how Ami didn’t know about her ‘father’ or herself, regardless of the explanation. I think perhaps the escape room might have been more powerful as a real game educating real kids about the climate crisis, rather than how it panned out. I think a book needs to impact the characters to really impact the readers, so Ami having done all this before, and the other characters not even being real was a disappointment. But I’m sure my students will love it regardless! It’s still a fascinating and brilliantly crafted story that’s perfectly suited to reluctant readers for its pacy adventure.

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This was a very twisty and thrilling read! I loved the writing and the plot was just amazing! The ending was quite surprising and I enjoyed it a lot! Overall this was a great mg read and I would definitely read more from this author!

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the free e-arc!

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