She Wolf

A Paranormal Shifter Romance, Book 1

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Pub Date 3 Dec 2021 | Archive Date 1 Jan 2022

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A chance encounter. Fated paths. Unlikely allies.

When I was young, I met a boy at the waterfall on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Our pack was prohibited from venturing there. But being the alpha's only child and a bit of a social misfit, it became my second home.

Tiam and I became best friends, experiencing each other's firsts and building an unbreakable bond. Until fate caught up with us, and I had no choice but to reject him, to protect him from myself and my pack. It was the wrong choice, leaving me more shunned and outcasted than before.

Years later, ostracized and sick of dealing with the alpha holes in Sibyl Falls, I plan my escape, and that all goes to shit when my biggest secret is uncovered. To make matters worse, young girls in our pack start disappearing, and no one takes it seriously until one of those girls turns out to be someone I care deeply about.

On the run and trying to Nancy Drew this shit, I find myself working with the most unlikely ally, Damen Elder, the once heir to the largest shifter pack in the realms. He is deadly, sexy, and wounded. Yet, we are like colliding stars, unable to resist the pull and heat of our attraction. As the danger thickens and secrets begin to unravel, I discover his fate and mine are more interlinked than I could have ever imagined.

A chance encounter. Fated paths. Unlikely allies.

When I was young, I met a boy at the waterfall on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Our pack was prohibited from venturing there. But being the...

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Featured Reviews

I was drawn to this book initially by the front cover and the title as I love wolves in general and especially books that contain them. Once I started this book I couldnt put it down, it was completely compelling. The writing was great, the characters were great and the storyline was unique and interesting. I really enjoyed this read and I look forward to the next one.

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Great writing and dialogue. I loved the main character and the story is very unique and the writing draws you in . i can;t wait for for Book 2.

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She-wolf by Maya Morrison.
A paranormal shifter romance book 1.
When I was young, I met a boy at the waterfall on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Our pack was prohibited from venturing there. But being the alpha's only child and a bit of a social misfit, it became my second home.
I enjoyed this book. Likeable story. I liked
Edith character. I didn't trust alpha Dire or
Duke dire. I liked Damen. I'm looking forward to the next book. 5*.

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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

Action packed romance with twists, murder and kidnappings. It is well written. Nova and Tiam are fated mates but circumstances and evil want to keep them apart. This is book 1 and ends on a cliffhanger. Anxiously awaiting book 2.

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I did not think i would like this as much as i did!
I honestly LOVED it!!!! 💜
The main character wasn’t annoying or fake which i loved as i hate pick me girls.
I loved the love interest and the plot behind their romance and their bond which made me really interested!
The actual plot itself i liked especially how the girls go missing! I feel like it makes the story very interesting.
Only rated it 4 ⭐️ because at some points u found the plot to be repetitive but not to the point where it was actually annoying.
Also loved how the main character wasn’t a basic shy and innocent girl because i’m so over that. Instead, she was confident and knew what she wanted which was so refreshing!

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Edith/Nova spent her childhood hiding her wolf from everyone - her abusive packmates and her only friend. When her last tie to the pack is murdered, Edith gets out of Sybil Falls and into the world at large. Her best friend is kidnapped and she has to work with the sexy if annoying Damen Elder to find Asha and get her back. Damen is also hiding secrets - he remembers Nova from long ago and blames her for fracturing his life. Although they are both attracted to one another - the secrets and lies hold them apart.

I really enjoyed Edith as a character - she's strong, confident and tries to make the best of a bad situation. Damen is stubborn and strong and carries too many secrets. This has a enemies-to-lovers vibe, but it took a while to get into the story. The beginning is a little muddled with back and forth chapters and time jumps. The dialogue is great. There is a real cliffhanger too.

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Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with this ARC, to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Romance 4.5/5
Protangonists 4/5
Plot 3.5/5
Side characters 3.5/5
World Building 2.5/5
Cliffhanger Ending alert

What I liked:

Edith was great, she didn't let her circumstances affect her disposition. She had a strong will and approach to life. Damien, is complicated, and I liked that. The character development was done well, Edith acknowledges her mistakes and Damien is stubborn, but towards the end was willing accept the suggestions of others and be more open-minded.

What I didn't like:
The story initially had a couple of chapters from different ages of the protagonists, but once or twice, it became a little confusing esp. since it had gone without a specific sequence. It had the "special snowflake" theme to it, but it merges well with the story. The dimensions were a little confusing, I didn't understand the travel powers or the world quite clearly, but that might be due to the fact I was reading this way past my bedtime.

But overall a good find, will definitely continue the series.
My complete review has also been posted to Goodsread on 14th Dec 2021, with spoilers.

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I requested this based on the fact it’s a shifter PNR and the cover, but I never expected to love this as much as I did. I mean I should have known I was going to it has some of my favourite requirements in a read, strong and free willed lead, enemies to lovers feel, reject/ostracised, my main dislike is cliffhangers but only because I have to wait for the next book., which I am definitely eager to read, this is a good start to what I think will be a great series.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion

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A really good start to a series, but watch out if you don't like cliff hangers! A little slow in places but some interesting twists on the usual werewolf stories. Can't wait for the next in the series. Definitely one to watch.

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Thank you for allowing me access to a free eARC of this.

I thought this was a great book as it includes many of the tropes that enjoy from fantasy werewolves are strong female heroin comedy, cool fight scenes and The great pacing book that draws me into the novel

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I met a boy at the waterfall on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Our pack was prohibited from venturing there. But being the alpha's only child and a bit of a social misfit, it became my second home.When I started reading I couldn't put it down. Maya Morrison is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next

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An enjoyable easy read that will hook you from start to finish, loved the characters and the way the story blends together, you want be disappointed with this book.

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Edith is the only child of the alpha pack of the human realm. However even though she’s a wolf shifter she spends her childhood hiding her wolf. At a young age her father losses his status as alpha and making her an outsider in her own pack. She meets a boy not from their pack one night and their friendship builds over the years. Then one day they give into desire and find themselves marked as fated mates. Edith rejects Tiam for reasons she can’t explain and that night he loses more than Edith. Years pass Ediths best friend goes missing and her biggest secret is discovered. Its during this time fate throws them back together sort of… Will Edith and Tiam reunite? Will Edith find hee best friend that’s been kidnapped? Why are girls disappearing? So many mysteries. As Edith and Tiam struggle to solve these things and more they find new friends and allies throughout the Realms.

Maya Morrison creates a beautiful paranormal world with all types of creatures with unique powers. She paints some pretty amazing images of magic and it’s creations. Her characters are woven with such great detail you find yourself knowing how they would react in almost any situation. There is plenty of action and adventure as Edith and Tiam never seem to get a break just when they figure one thing out more questions pop up elsewhere.

My only complaint was how the beginning of the story was non-linear and I had to go back and check a few dates to try and remember what had happened and what was still to come also some backtracking when a different character tells their side of a story.

I have to give this book 5 out of 5 stars due to beautiful character and unique plot that keeps you guessing even after the story is over. I am definitely waiting for the next book and to see where things go for Edith and Tiam.

This book is appropriate for adults. There is vulgar language, some violence, and some sexual situations not appropriate for younger kids. It may be appropriate for older teens as none of the material are that graphic.

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How could you do that to me with that ending! I really hope book 2 is coming soon.

I liked this book, I really did, it’s got a good foundation. I loved the setup between the two main characters and the overall plot is interesting, some unexpected twists. Not crazy about either character’s present day personality but I got past it and I think they will improve.

However, this story has one of my least favorite things. It’s *checks calendar* 2022 and we’re STILL writing stories where the couple is separated and the girl remains a virgin while the guy sleeps around all over the place?! Really?

Despite that, I’m giving this 4 stars because it was a fun read with really good drama and angst.

*thank you so much to Maya Morrison and Victory Editing for giving me a copy of the book for an honest review*

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