They Will Be Coming for Us

The Jovian Duology Book 1

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Pub Date 6 Jan 2021 | Archive Date 8 Feb 2022

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In this gripping sci-fi thriller, Svetlana Peterman has met her soul mate in Andrew Jovian, a young astronomer who works for Starbright International, the aerospace company his wealthy parents own. Once married, they make a home in Kirksberg, Pennsylvania, a small town famous for a UFO sighting that occurred in the 1960s. Svetlana is, for once, truly happy, except that Andrew’s family is strange, and not in a normal-strange kind of way.

Preoccupied with only two things—the night sky and carrying on their family lineage—the Jovians lack social skills and often pry into Svetlana’s personal life. Her intimidating mother-in-law demands she get busy fulfilling her reproductive duty to the family, and Andrew’s eccentric uncle seems to be able to read her mind.

Feeling bullied and wanting a career before motherhood, Svetlana takes precautions but ends up pregnant anyway. But that’s the least of her worries when she discovers the Jovians have a monumental secret that will change her fate (and that of her child’s) forever—a secret so powerful, it could alter the course of mankind.

Buy They Will Be Coming for Us today and experience this mind-bending tale of love, loss, and the mysteries of the night sky.

In this gripping sci-fi thriller, Svetlana Peterman has met her soul mate in Andrew Jovian, a young astronomer who works for Starbright International, the aerospace company his wealthy parents own...

Advance Praise

"""They Will Be Coming for Us holds readers spellbound."" Blueink Review (starred review)

""Nuanced and compelling ... Thoroughly addictive. This is a stunner.""The Prairies Book Review

""A young woman's greatest dreams and darkest nightmares are pivoted against each other in Catanzarite's dynamic sci-fi thriller."" BookLife Reviews

""An admirable heroine and a chilling premise."" Kirkus Reviews"

"""They Will Be Coming for Us holds readers spellbound."" Blueink Review (starred review)

""Nuanced and compelling ... Thoroughly addictive. This is a stunner.""The Prairies Book Review

""A young...

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Well this one really kept me on my toes. I really loved it. I was hooked from the beginning. And was gasping with every twist and turn. Henceforth definitely a 4 star read for me

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A unique character-driven sci-fi story that kept me hooked - great for those who have enjoyed more literary sci-fi like Becky Chambers, Station Eleven, etc. Can't wait for the next book!

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WHOA! This book right here is exactly what I didn’t know I needed in my life! It starts a bit slow but when it picks up hang on! Unputdownable. Kim Catanzarite is on the top of my watchlist after this one!

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This has to be one of the strangest books I have ever read...but also, one of the best books in the alien trope I have ever read! Hear me out as I explain the hows and whys.

Svetlana is a Russian immigrant, adopted along with her "sister", Helena, by an American do-gooder couple who is barely ever around. The novel introduces them both at their job in an ice-cream shop, in a city where there is a major alien enthusiast convention every year. Helena soon absconds to Russia, as Americans and their strange sensibilities did not suit her, leaving Svetlana alone- though, not for long. She soon meets Andrew, and the two are struck with love at first sight, beginning a whirlwind romance that concludes with a quick marriage. Our heroine is beyond happy, as love and a family are the things she wants most in the world. However, Andrew's family is...strange?? His mother, Caroline, is always behind Svete to begin "procreation," his father, Edmund rarely shows any emotion, and let's not even discuss Uncle Jimmy, the strangest of them all! Svete cannot understand how her loving and affectionate Andrew came from this family and strives her best to keep the peace with them. Soon, struck with a tragedy that leaves her floundering, and a baby that is counting on her, Svetlana discovers a huge secret that sends her reeling and has her running scared for the lives of her and her son.

The summary as described above barely scratches the surface of the plot of 'They Will Be Coming for Us.' I had never heard of Kim Catanzarite before discovering this book, but her ability to keep me hooked while reading this book has to be commended! If not for the mundane vagaries of life- a demanding job (I mean, who really needs to be able to pay bills), two demanding toddlers (urgh, children am-I-rite), and sleep (*rolls eyes*), I'd have finished this in a day, it was that good. There was never a moment where I was not drawn in, and the storyline was easy to follow. There was an appropriate amount of action mixed with world-building so that neither one nor the other was lacking.

I took away one star as I found there needed to be more background explanation about the Jovians; I had so many questions about them that were left unanswered and I am hoping they will be resolved in Book 2. Otherwise, I had no issues with this and am eagerly awaiting the second part.

I definitely recommend this to fantasy lovers and anyone who likes a good, fast-paced novel! The novel was professionally edited, and I saw no instances of grammatical and spelling errors. There was no profanity or overly erotic content, so anyone fourteen and older can safely read this. Trigger warning- there are a few chapters where there is major angst after a character's death, so keep this in mind if you are struggling with this yourself. Ms. Catanzarite has found a new fan in me, and now I am going to go stalk her on all her social media platforms to see when Book 2 is being released!

*Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this novel for review.*

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Holy moly, what did I just read? The first half of this book, They Will Be Coming for Us by Kim Catanzarite, is a bit of a slow burn, and it's not clear where it's going. The story really picks up speed in the second half. The Jovians are so over the top creepy and weird, which gave me an unsettling feeling the entire time I was reading. If you like that kind of tense uncomfortableness, this book is for you. I felt like the ending was a little bit of a deus ex machina, but this is only part one of a duology so it looks like there is more to come. I will definitely pick up the second volume to see what happens. I hope it resolves some of the unanswered questions from the first book!

Thank you to Kim Catanzarite, BooksGoSocial, and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this free e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

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Our main character Svetlana has met her soul mate in a young astronomer named Andrew. They fall in love, get married and soon Svetlana realizes that her new husbands family is a bit on the strange side-only worried about the night sky and for her and Andrew to carry on the family lineage. Soon after Svetlana’s life drastically changes-she finds out just how strange they are.
This was a very fast and easy read. From the first page I was pretty invested in the story and at times found it pretty unputdownable. The story had a really great mix of sci-fi/thriller/romance. It is part of a duology, but I felt that it had a complete enough ending that didn’t make me feel like I was left in the middle of a story, but also left enough of an opening that I can’t wait for book 2!

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They Will Be Coming for Us is fantastic. I would put in my top five of the year so far. The characters are very well-written. You really come to care for Sveta, Andrew, and even Uncle Jimmy. That last one took me a bit, he was super creepy in the beginning. But the real stand out of this book is how the author is able to keep the tension rising almost throughout the whole book. Seriously the amount of tension was crazy and it never really lets up. I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait to read more by this author. They certainly know how to tell one heck of a story.

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An admirable heroine and a chilling premise In this gripping science fiction novel. Well worth a read. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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SO gripping! One of the most engaging new sci-fi stories I have read in a while! A definitely 4 stars for me. I would recommend this to everyone who is a fan of the genre!

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Oh boy, They Will Be Coming For Us was not what I expected.

Out of this world, this book was one I could not put down until I read the entire story. I needed to find out what happens to Sveta, Andrew, Uncle Jimmy, etc.

Exceptional story - sci-fi at its best!

Can't wait to read more from this author!!

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The two girls were brought from Russia during their early teens. They had been living in an orphanage after their parents died in a tragic accident. Helene, one of the girls, wanted to go back to Mother Russia, while Svetlana wished to remain in the United States. Their adoptive parents were seldom home and the two girls were growing up wild and free in their adopted country.

Svetlana met Andrew and her life took an about face. Andrew’s relatives seem a little strange but his love keeps her engaged. Aunt Constant and Uncle Jimmie are unusual but seemingly very protective. Additionally, she and Andrew produce a baby that is also very guarded by his aunt and uncle. Andrew’s sudden death throws Svetlana’s life in another direction entirely. She feels nearly smothered by her new family!

Ms. Cantanzarite weaves a very entertaining saga of the future of this former Russian orphan. They seem over-zealous almost to the point of being wardens rather than family worried about her future. The progression of the tale leads to suspicion that all is not well as clinging relatives are aggravating.

Their surnames are Jovian and this is the first hint that all is not necessarily human in this union. As the tale expands, treachery seems to be in Sveta’s future. Can she escape this caustic relationship? The climax is very intricate and satisfying. Perfect for the sci-fi enthusiast! Enjoy. 4.5 stars - C.E. Williams

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