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Pub Date 22 Jan 2022 | Archive Date 20 Feb 2022

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Would you share a bed with your enemy to save Christmas?

Down with a bad case of writer's block, Riven has escaped to a mountain cabin for a prolonged writing retreat. The last thing he needs this Christmas is for his family to invade his sanctuary away from LA. What he needs even less is for a family of strangers as large and boisterous as his own to also be stuck in the same house after a double-booking disaster.

Especially when he ends up having to share a bunk bed with Wendy—a gorgeous, feisty New Yorker who quickly learns how to get under his skin.

Sharing a room with her is sweet torture and Riven isn’t even sure what he dreads more: that every passing day brings them closer to saying goodbye or that they have yet another night to spend together...

Home for Christmas is a full standalone novel perfect for fans of One Night on the Island

by Josie Silver.

Would you share a bed with your enemy to save Christmas?

Down with a bad case of writer's block, Riven has escaped to a mountain cabin for a prolonged writing retreat. The last thing he needs this...

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Featured Reviews

Really enjoyed this book. First time I have read a book from Camilla Isley but will deffinately be reading more!

Liked all the characters and how they were presented.

I would definitely recommend this book!

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Even though it’s a bit late in the season for a Christmas read, I really loved this book. Everything about it is perfect: the characters, the setting, the love story. I could not put this down. It makes me ready to pack up my stuff and rent a cabin in SLC…

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What a great Christmas romance! Reading about the enemies to lovers from both Wendy's and Riven's point of view was so much fun.

Wendy's friend Mindy and Riven's friend Danny provided a lot of the comedy but I laughed out loud when reading Riven's thoughts. The sisters Amy and Tess added the eye rolling commentary as the rest of the families shared the cabin with good natured humor.

The writing, plot, pacing and character development are all excellent and Home for Christmas is a book I recommend for all romance readers.

Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Riven and Wendy meet when his chalet is double booked over Christmas. Their two families end up spending the time together, and Riven and Wendy don't get on at all. When she ends up having to stay longer, will it give them a chance?

A great festive read, hope we see more on the characters from this book and get a series!

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This was such a cute, festive read that was a perfect read on a chilly winter day. I love Isley's humor and characters!

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I loved this book! It was sweet, fluffy and enjoyable.
It is a sweet romance.
And should I say this was my favorite tropes, enemies to lovers😍😍
The banters between the Riven and Wendy was funny and I liked the friends.
Sometimes I felt the pacing was a little slow but it made me smile a lot 😊😊

Thanks to Netgallery for this ARC.

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This is a fun book with twists and turns all the way through it. I actually stayed up all night reading this, I just didn't want to put it down. 5 stars and well worth them all.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this e ARC

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I was able to have the opportunity to read Home for Christmas and I honestly really enjoyed it. While it was nothing that evoked dramatic emotions, it was a heartfelt read that gratefully lacked a lot of the cliche themes I would have expected to see in a book of this calibre. The enemies-to-lovers plot immediately drew me in and the interactions between the main characters and their families were so cute and wholesome. It was also refreshing to read a contemporary romance with such cute banter and interactions between Wendy and Riven, compared to the spicy romance books that seem to be everywhere I turn. Overall this Christmas story made my heart warm and the way the ending came together was everything I could have wanted.

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Cute Christmas book! I had just finished reading one of her previous books a couple weeks ago, so was thrilled to see this on here. Great storyline, great chemistry, think I am a little burned out on Christmas books now!

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This book was so cute! Even though it's past Christmas and the holiday season is over I still really enjoyed this book! I think Riven and Wendy had great chemistry and the overall story was great. Can't wait to read more from this author in the future

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3.5-4 stars

Overall I enjoyed this book. It was a cute and fun Christmas-themed enemies-to-lovers romance.

I loved all the characters (except for the exes because they're just plain douches). Despite their minimal page time, the best friends were 100% the best characters in the book. Get yourself a best friend like Danny or Mindy. I also loved the banter between Riven and Wendy. The banter wasn't a tension-y like banter. It was more of a cute and funny banter that made me smile...a lot. I'd catch myself unintentionally smiling a lot throughout the book.

Thank you, NetGalley and BooksGoSocial, for the arc.

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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a free ARC of this book. I have chosen to write this honest review voluntarily.
I have read and enjoyed several of Camilla's previous books and this one did not disappoint! There is a definite Christmas 'feel' about the book, from the snowy mountain setting through to the activities, including decorating the tree but the sparky relationship between Wendy and Riven is the star of the novel. There is plenty of fun from the start and the developing romance is written well and realistically without relying on lots of miscommunication and misunderstandings to contrive events.
I fully recommend this excellent romcom, and hope that Camilla acts upon her idea of expanding this story with a sequel involving some of the characters who played a minor part in this book.

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Home for Christmas by Camilla Isley

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5

This book was exactly how a good holiday, rom-com should be. The plot was original, written well and extremely enjoyable. There was no part where it was dragging and there were was the perfect amount of chemistry and tension between the characters.

Tropes like forced proximity and one-bed (in a sense) were executed perfectly and there are definitely cute moments that put butterflies in my stomach. And to top it all off- it’s dual POV, so what more could you ask for?

The only reason I’m not rating it any higher is because I would have loved to see more development in the character’s personalities. There was definitely a foundation and all characters were unique, however I never found a premise as to what make them THEM.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a quick, easy, light-hearted book!

I would definitely buy this book and will be reading more of Camilla Isley’s books in the future!!

Thank you Netgalley, the publishers and author for a copy of this eARC!

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Lovely Christmas read. Snowy mountain resorts are always the best settings for Christmas stories and this one sounded perfect. Great characters and loads of humour makes this a lovely lighthearted read to get you in the mood for Christmas

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A comedy of errors results in an accidentally-shared Christmas vacation with two large families crammed into one 4-bedroom cabin. Author Riven and playwright Wendy definitely have a spark, but it's not immediately certain whether that spark is irritation...or interest. When they're forced together for much longer than anticipated, they're both going to need to work through their pasts if they want any chance at a future.

This unexpected group getaway actually sounded awesome--it was fun and entertaining to read about. There was a lot of great humor in this story. I laughed out loud several times, especially at the escalating prank wars. The central romance had great chemistry, so much so that I was surprised when it wound up being firmly closed-door! The central conflict did seem to be something that could have been worked out with some much-needed communication, and it resolved pretty quickly given the extended time the couple spent apart. Still, this was an enjoyable, good-hearted tale that made for a lovely pick-me-up!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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I’d already read a couple of books by Camilla Isley and I remember being left with positive vibes. Her chick-lit world is fun and sweet, and her book covers always make me think of the likes of Sophie Kinsella and Jenny Colgan.

This new book is a good, entertaining piece. Overall, I really enjoyed it. The plot is fresh and interesting, the « Christmas component » is very, very minimal, so if you’re looking for something not too Christmassy, then you’re safe with that one, given that it’s already late January! 🙂

All in all, I will keep reading books by Isley. I know I have a few waiting in my huge TBR pile, so I’ll get to them, eventually.

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Would you share a bed with your enemy to save Christmas? A double booking mishap forces two families to share the same four bedroom cabin over Christmas. As everyone gets their sleeping arrangements, Riven and Wendy are left with the dreaded bunk bed. These two opposites can’t help but to annoy each other and as their banter and pranks turn into sparks, there’s no point in admitting their attraction. Neither want a one night stand and they’ll be going their separate ways in just a few days…or will they?

I had the best time reading Home for Christmas. Enemies to lovers plus forced proximity? Check. Grumpy characters? Check. Witty banter and pranks? Double check. This reminded me of my favorite side couple from the Hallmark movie, Trading Christmas. I was grinning and laughing throughout the book and did not want to put it down. I absolutely loved Riven and Wendy – their banter and pranks from the get go was perfect and don’t get me started on Riven’s nicknames for Wendy.

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I finished this book within a matter of hours – very quick and light hearted read!

Wendy and Riven are both writers. Riven is a west coast divorced author with major writers block, working on his next New York Times Bestselling novel. Wendy is a playwright living in the Big Apple. Riven escapes to his cabin in Utah to get some peace and quiet to work on his novel. An accidental double booking mishap throws Riven’s plans right out the window. The small cabin is now home to several families and lots of little kids. To make matters worse, Riven and Wendy are forced to share super small quarters – a bunk bed to be exact. Their schedules are the complete opposite – Wendy, a night owl while Riven is up before the sun rises. What follows suite are some hilarious pranks, a bad breakup, and a ski accident that forces Wendy to stay in Salt Lake City long after her family leaves. The sparks between Wendy & Riven start to fly – giving Riven so much inspiration for his novel.

While this book is titled ‘Home For Christmas’ it didn’t necessarily have heaps of Christmas content -it was more of a cute, cozy winter read. Although, the premise of this novel seemed a little too far fetched for my liking – it was still very heartwarming and the perfect little story for these colder temperatures.

If you enjoy:
forced proximity and enemies to lovers troupes
hilarious pranks
light hearted, fast reads
a little bit of spice (but nothing over the top)

this is the perfect read for you!

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Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC!

I loved this book. I love Christmas romances.

It was a super cute read and has dual point of views.

I highly recommend.

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Special thanks to NetGally and Camilla Isley for an advanced copy of this book! I really enjoyed this book! It was a really cute rom-com that was right up my alley. I thought the premise was really good and I enjoyed the characters. This book was pretty predictible, and I really didn't like the part in the book about the lone wolf. I didn't think that really needed to be in there. I'm looking forward to reading the two other books that go along with this one!

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When Riven Clark meets Wendy Nichols sparks immediately fly. Riven is a best selling author who booked a cabin in Utah to finish his latest novel. Wendy is a successful playwright who came to Utah for a family vacation. Because of an accidental double booking both of their families are sharing one cabin, forcing Riven and Wendy to share bunk beds and most of the space in each other’s heads.

This book was a good quick read, I ended up reading it all in one go. The pacing of the story was pretty fast and there were some big time jumps towards the end of the book; although, the time jumps make sense to keep moving the story forward. Overall I think this is a sweet enemies to lovers romance worthy of its own Hallmark movie.

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I enjoyed this book. It was cute, funny, and had a lot of sarcastic humor. The enemies to lovers trope that they used were good, and I overall really enjoyed this book.

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Sweet Holiday Read!

It was nice to bring some holiday spirit into out February with this ARC from Camilla!

This book was sweet, fun and quick read! Riven and Wendy end up spending the week of Christmas together (with their entire families!) after a double booking mix up. While at first they are not happy to be sharing bunk beds, they slowly grow on one another as the week goes on and find they have a lot in common. It was fun to see them relate over writing and to see their relationship evolve.

Overall this was a feel good read with a HEA.

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oh my god! this is how exactly a holiday rom-com book should be. everything in this book is just perfect for me. the plot and the characters are very well-written. it’s about two strangers families that wants to spend holiday and accidentally double booked one cabin that belongs to Riven Clark. did i tell you guys that he’s a FAMOUS AUTHOR?? so Wendy’s family and Riven’s family need to spend one week holiday in the cabin. i really enjoyed the dynamic between two families i wish there’s more about them. but back to the main plot in this book guys it’s a closed-door romance we only got a full tension and LOTS OF KISSING ONLY. what i love more in this book is it has a dual POV. the tropes are forced proximity and one-bed (but more to same room). all the cute banter and cute moments literally gives me butterflies in my stomach. the last two chapters really got me teared up a little. i really love the relationship development in this book i swear it makes me feel single. THERES A LOT OF MY FAV SCENES IN THIS BOOK THE LAST PART AND WHEN RIVEN WROTE A DEDICATION IN HIS BOOK ABOUT WENDY IS JUST 🥺🥺 i couldn’t describe with words YOU GUYS NEED TO READ THIS!

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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley

Really caregiving but the complex characters on storyline that just give you that warm cozy feeling inside.

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This book was so sweet!! I have recently gotten into reading romantic comedy books, and I loved how sweet the whole vibe of the book was!! I also really enjoy reading about the Christmas holidays, so that aspect of the book made it even better!!

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Really cute read. A Christmas sorry if two families forced to share a cabin after a booking mixup which sees Wendy and Riven forced to share a room. Cue the tension starting followed by friendship then the sparks and pranks start flying. A light easy christmas read, I really enjoyed it

Was this review helpful?

Lovely, easy read. A bit predictable in places but great characters, humour, romance and real life issues in relation to the main characters broken relationships. Loved how the story was written from both characters viewpoints and thought that the supporting characters has just the right amount of detail. Haven’t read anything by Camilla Isley before but will be looking out for more of hers. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC.

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A booking mix up has two families sharing a cabin for Christmas. And Riven and Wendy who dislike each other sharing bunkbeds. The banter between these two is hilarious. This is a sweet enemies to lovers book.

Was this review helpful?

Home for Christmas is an amazing christmassy enemies to lovers that's extremely sweet and made me chuckle multiple times. This is my first Camilla Isley novel and i fell in love with her writing! Every character is so well written and extremely loveable! 100% would recommend this to any romance lover

Was this review helpful?

Oh my days this book was SO CUTE! The Christmas theme was prevalent, but not so strong that you could read this well before or after the holiday without feeling weird about not reading it at Christmas. I loved the banter between Wendy and Riven! Much like Isley promised, I was left with a warm fuzzy feeling upon completion. Highly recommend for fans of enemies to lovers, emotionally unavailable men, annoying exes, and witty banter.

Was this review helpful?

Reading this in February was slightly out of season, but Home for Christmas was such a fun and sweet read, one I thoroughly enjoyed. Enemies to lovers is always a hit for me, and Riven and Wendy’s banter only further reminded me why I like this trope so much! I would totally recommend. Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Full review to come on Goodreads and Amazon. Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for a review copy.

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what happens when two families has to accidentally share one cabin in middle of nowhere? exactly. chaos. and in the middle of it, two writers who have deadlines to write to, too busy hating each other until they don't. wink wink.

it is perfect, cozy, snowy and feels-good novel to pick up during winter.

received an eARC of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
expected public publication is february 22, 2022

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I loved this book so much, that I managed to read it in one sitting! In fact, I read it so quickly I actually wish I had slowed down to savor it more.

As someone who loves anything Christmas and a good romance book, this was a perfect pick for me. I thoroughly enjoyed Camilla Isley’s writing style. In particular, I loved her use of alternating perspectives from the two main characters.

It is safe to say I have found a new favorite author. She writes a beautiful romance story while managing to stay clean.

As soon as I finished the book I started following Camilla Isley and have added her previous books to my tbr list.

Special thanks to NetGalley.com and BooksGoSocial publishing for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my pure and honest feedback.

Was this review helpful?

You will love Home For Christmas by Camilla Isley. I read this in February, and it didn't bother me one bit that it wasn't "in season". This was a super sweet and fun read. I loved that it was just on the edge of steamy without tipping over, which is great for people who don't like open-door romance.

Set in Park City Utah at Christmastime when two families who have never met are forced to spend the holiday together under one roof - this book had it all - small town, forced proximity, enemies to lovers, pranks, banter, and a rabid wolf on the loose.

Wendy and Riven's love story flies off the page. You'll adore the humor here, as well as the sweetness surrounding their journey.

Thank you to Camilla Isley, Pink Bloom Press, and Netgalley for allowing me this read in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This was quick and fun and witty—the perfect recipe for a Christmas rom-com. The characters' antics and dialogues kept me engaged till the last page. I loved the family dynamics and especially enjoyed the easy flow of the prose. I definitely recommend this if you want to get into a christmassy mood.

Was this review helpful?

Home for Christmas was such a great book to read! It drew me in and would not let me go until the very last page.
The story is written so I could see hear and feel everything anyone said or did.
A double booking makes for an interesting holiday for both Wendy and Riven’s families. This makes the holidays challenging, fun, scary, and wholesome at the same time.
The book was written from the perspective of both Wendy and Riven which makes it a quick read.
I must say the pranks between Riven and Wendy made me laugh out loud!
I loved they way the writer made the situation of the double-booking the center of the story!
I can not wait to read the other books in this series Christmas Romantic Comedy.
Thank you NetGalley, Camilla Isley and BooksGoSocial for the copy of this book. This is my personal review.

Was this review helpful?

I just finished reading Home for Christmas by Camila Isley. Thank you NetGalley for an advance copy. This book begins with a rental mixup that forces two families (strangers) to come together for the Christmas Holiday. This forced cohabitation brings Riven and Wendy together and let the romance begin. It is an "enemy" to lover romance, but really more of a friends (with feelings) to lover romance. I really enjoyed this book and liked that the author let them spend more than that first week together to find love. They way they get this extra time together isn't the norm and I really like how much better it builds their romance. I really loved this book and now will need to go back and read the previous ones in the series! 4.5 stars!

Was this review helpful?

Many of my friends have recommended Camila Isley's books to me and this was my first dive into Isley's writing. It definitely won't be my last. I read this is February and it was a fantastic way to keep the Christmas spirit rolling on a day that was cold and required snuggly blankets, hot chocolate and a wintery read.

This was an adorable, quick rom-com read. I enjoyed the setting at a ski resort town in Utah and the drama of a cabin being double booked. The reclusive writer - just trying to work on his writer's block - owns the cabin and his visiting family planned to stay for Christmas, but whoops, our heroine's family accidentally booked it as well. Sleeping arrangement be as they may for a rom-com, but our hero and heroine end up sharing the bunk bed room. Unfortunately she sustains a skiing injury and has to stay put in Utah for several weeks after Christmas and well there's lots of forced proximity, laughs and chemistry. This delightful read kept me engaged and laughing. After I finished the book, I immediately shopped through the author's backlog.

Was this review helpful?

I love a close proximity romance! Two families book the same home for Christmas and both end up staying there for Christmas. Riven and Wendy end up sharing bunk beds. As the trip goes on, the attraction grows. During a competitive ski run, Wendy becomes injured and cannot travel home, so she has to stay longer. Riven was originally renting the home, so he continues to stay as well to take care of her and continue to write his novel. Sparks fly!

This book was not just a romance, but also the bonding of families. Wendy's mother has lost her husband recently and found love. While the families could have gone their separate ways on the vacation, they did their activities together and had meals together. It was also obvious to everyone what was growing between Riven and Wendy. In their interactions and dialogue, you as a reader felt the sparks. She felt safe and cared for. She helped him get writing again.
I enjoyed the conversations she had with her friend on the phone, as they helped the flow of the story, but I felt the visit from his friend felt odd. It was good that Wendy fit in with him, but I think the chapter could have been removed and it would not have changed much of the plot. A phone call or two would have accomplished the same.

Overall, a great story! Thanks to NetGalley for my ARC!

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A double booking brings Wendy and Riven, and their families, together for Christmas. A skiing mishap keeps Wendy and Riven together long after everyone else has returned home. Home for Christmas was a feel good rom-com that will leave you warm inside.

Was this review helpful?

Home for Christmas is a very funny, slow burn rom com.
This winter story set in a snowy little town in Utah was so entertaining that it brought me some warm and cheereness.

The Nicholses need a change of scenery for this year Christmas. The Clarks have to change their plans for a Californian Christmas after a pipe burst. They find themselves in the same cabin over in Park City, Utah, for a week. Once they overcome the initial shock to share the house with a bunch of total strangers, they succeed to enjoy their time in the company of some nice people.

Wendy Nichols, a new yorker screenwriter, and Riven Clark, a californian writer, are the most reluctant at sharing their room with each other, but when they lower their defenses and really get to know each other they understand that maybe their first judgement was not the right one.
I loved Wendy and Riven interactions, their bantering is captivating and really really funny. It was nice to follow their journey from their initial hostility and distaste to their comfortable friendship and easy relationship.

I'm recommending this book to you if you like sweet reads and rom coms.

Was this review helpful?

A double booking in a cabin just before Christmas means 2 families end up sharing a lodge somehow with some clever management and help from the estate agent they agree to all stay and manage to fit 14 people and 2 babies into 5 beds split over 4 rooms and a sofa bed. Riven and Wendy take an instant dislike to each other but end up sharing a room with bunk beds as that's all that is left
The families end up getting on really well with some getting much closer !
Loved it

Was this review helpful?

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sending me an eARC of this book

Curl up with a good book a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket has to be my favorite winter activity. I love Christmas books I will read them all year. This book was your typical Christmas romance a easy and quick read to warm your soul. There was romance and laughter and Christmas/wintery scenes what more can you ask for? I recommend this book to anyone who enjoy a good Christmas read.

Was this review helpful?

Loved this book. I’m a new Camilla Isley fan after finding another one of her books at Christmas. I liked the characters, I laughed, I picked it up whenever I could find a spare moment. Holiday travel bookings gone wrong, or maybe right? The only thing I didn’t love was the hospital it mentions in SLC. Thank you NetGalley; it was a treat to read this.

Was this review helpful?

So most of you all know how much I love a Christmas book but I have to say, reading one in January was a new record even for me. I mean the earliest I’ve ever started was July and I thought that was intense but January feels like another level😂

But I’m glad I did as this was so super cute. I’m a big fan of all the other books I’ve read from @camillaisley she is a real auto-buy for me as her books are just super sweet, light and really cute. They give you exactly what your hoping for when you read the blurbs and this one was no different, just a really easy read!

I raced through it and I loved the snowy setting and the one bed trope, it was so cute!

It also wasn’t crazy Christmassy, more wintery which fits in really well with what season most of us are in right now, so if your looking for a wintery romance then have a read of this one!

From the blurb…
“Down with a bad case of writer's block, Riven has escaped to a mountain cabin for a prolonged writing retreat. The last thing he needs this Christmas is for his family to invade his sanctuary away from LA. What he needs even less is for a family of strangers as large and boisterous as his own to also be stuck in the same house after a double-booking disaster.

Especially when he ends up having to share a bunk bed with Wendy—a gorgeous, feisty New Yorker who quickly learns how to get under his skin.

Sharing a room with her is sweet torture and Riven isn’t even sure what he dreads more: that every passing day brings them closer to saying goodbye or that they have yet another night to spend together...”

*Advanced copy from Netgalley ✨

Was this review helpful?

Really enjoyed this read, loved the descriptive setting and the storyline was good, loved the characters and really enjoyed how the two family's were thrown together and at Christmas as well
Loved the whole book and the ending was as I hoped

Was this review helpful?

Riven, a famous author has headed to the mountains to cure several things. First, writers block. Second, the end of his marriage - after his wife left him for some Soap star.

Everything seems to be going well and he decides to leave for a week and sublet his cabin but changes his mind quickly.

Little does he know but the rental company forgets to cancel that he's leaving and rents out his cabin - they all show up on his door demanding to be let in.

They must find rooms everywhere! Lucky (or unlucky) for River, his roommate will be Wendy.

Wendy, has a boyfriend if you could call him that. He's ditched this family vacation at the holidays to work.

Riven likes Wendy but knows she has a boyfriend, they keep getting thrown together though. Then there was a skiing accident that really put everything over the edge.

Wendy is required to stay for an extended amount of time so her doctor can check her, her boyfriend can't be without her during that time so they break up, her whole family leaves and she's alone with Riven.

That's when things heat up.

I enjoy all of Camilla Isley's books and this one is just as great.

Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this title.

I just reviewed Home for Christmas by Camilla Isley. #HomeforChristmas #NetGalley

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Our main character Wendy just got news from her sister that their mother who is grieving the loss of her husband doesn't want to celebrate Christmas and basically wants nothing to do with the holiday. So the sisters decide to book a ski holiday over Christmas. As we all know it's difficult to book anything close to Christmas and the family is lucky they were able to get a cabin in the woods near a ski resort.

Riven is the renter of this cabin. At first, his plan is just to stay put in the cabin because he is on a deadline to get the draft of his book to the publisher. His sister won't hear of that and encourages him to come home and spend Christmas with the family. Finally, he caves and decides to head home for Christmas. The real estate company offers him a free month of rent if they can use his cabin. He agrees because heck who wouldn't want a free month of rent. The only thing is before he can sign the contract his sister calls to say it's a no-go because the father's place is flooded and can they go there instead. He informs the real estate to cancel the deal.

The only thing is no one ever canceled and the cleaners show up, the agent shows up, Wendy and her family show up as does Riven's family. What will happen? Who will stay?

This was a super quick fun read. I read this in one sitting. I love every character in the book except for Wendy's boyfriend and Riven's soon-to-be ex-wife. The chemistry between Wendy and Riven was perfect. They were pretty stand-offish to each other but as the week progresses they both begin to warm up to each other. Definitely a slow-burn romance. I loved reading the interactions between the two and you could feel the sparks flying.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to NetGalley, BooksGoSocial, and Camilla Isley for the ARC of this book. Home For Christmas is the story of a double booking for the holidays that turns into a slow burn romance.
I really enjoyed the dual POV storytelling in this cute and sweet romance. The book was an easy read and quite enjoyable.
Camilla Isley really brings the characters to life. The families, the friends, Wendy and Riven themselves. Wendy and Riven are characters that you care about. Neither annoying.
I did feel like the ending was very abrupt, though happy, and the wolf story was kind of just there and ended abruptly as well.
All in all, this book is definitely one to read!

Was this review helpful?

Snuggle up with your beverage of choice and get ready for a romance that will bring a smile to your face. Who would of thought handwashing could be sexy. The progression of the romance was realistic for this enemies to lovers story. And although it didn't plot out the way I thought it would, the way it actually happened was better. The only thing that would have made this story better was a recipe for her vanilla coffee. Riven liked it so much I would like to try it to know what the deal is. Maybe you could partner with Starbucks or something to create a Home for Christmas coffee drink so we can experience it as well. All in all a great romance. 👍

Was this review helpful?

This was a cute, funny book. I enjoyed the characters. They were both funny, yet realistic. Although this was fiction, the events and behaviors of the characters were realistic.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to Net-Galley and publishers for providing the arc in exchange for my honest review.

Since I am still missing Christmas, this hit the spot perfectly. Enemies to lovers, Christmas, family & bickering what more do you need?
I really, really enjoyed this. And I will be reading other twos cause I loved her writing and the story. The ending is predictable - like all romcom - but it is so cute.

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My first read for this author and it won’t be my last, a fun enemies to lovers romcom that has all the laughs and feels.
What happens when you escape to a cabin in the woods after a public divorce and need to work on your latest manuscript looking for peace and quiet……your family has decided to join you for Christmas but due to a mix up another family you don’t know also show thinking they rented the cabin ? Everything else is rented so you all accept that you’ll have to share the living space…..and this other family just happens to include cute and sexy Wendy! So much fun to read the pranks and fun that turn enemies, to friends to lovers.

I received a free copy from NetGalley and all opinions are my own.

I would recommend this book to friends, family and my book clubs

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A fun take on a Christmas trope / ski vacation rom com. While totally predictable, it was well written and a quick, enjoyable read. I loved the plot lines around both Riven and Wendy’s writing careers. Thank you for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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This cute, easy read rom-com is the perfect book to curl up with on a nice snowy winters day! A double booking at a quaint cabin brings these unlikely to ever meet families together. The book flows easily and most of the characters are very likeable. Especially Wendy's best friend, who was definitely my favorite character.
The banter and tension that builds between sexy author, Riven, and the beautiful Wendy is entertaining and had me laughing out loud at times.
I can already cast the characters for the Hallmark Christmas Movie version of this book! This is book three of Camilla Isley's Christmas Romantic Comedy series. I will definitely be reading the first two books! If you are looking for a light quick read, I would definitely recommend this book.

Thank you to NetGalley for my e-ARC of this title, received in exchange for an honest review.

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Just loved the budding romance between the leads, it slowly builds and is heightened by the dual perspective. Wendy is a strong and fierce character who isn't afraid to challenge Riven as he proves to be less than welcoming after the double booking blunder. The way the two families came together despite the far from ideal scenario was so heartwarming to see.

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Reading this book made me miss Christmas even more. I love a slow burn romance comedy set in snowy holidays!! I thought that I'll have a long time finishing this but it is just so heartwarming that I wanted to read more of this book. I love the chemistry of Wendy and Riven!! And the friendship their families made in just a short time.

I love the writing style especially because it made me smile throughout reading this book. I just love a book that warms my heart and this book definitely made me feel that! I definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves a snow Christmas themed slow burn romcom book!

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Home for Christmas was a delightful read full of lovable characters. Though I read it in March, it brought me right back to the huge, happy gatherings that my family used to have during the holidays. I know that so many of us have been missing that these last few years, and it was lovely to see it as a romantic setting.

To set the scene, a mid-sized cabin nearby to a ski hill is double-booked by two large families for the Christmas holiday. As neither family has anywhere else to go, they make it work for everyone to stay in the cabin and the two families decide that they'll conjoin their celebrations into one--in what I believe is true Christmas spirit.

Our two main characters--Wendy and Riven--are forced to share a bunk bed (on separate bunks) during this strange holiday. They have instant chemistry, but neither is willing to make a move. I enjoyed reading their banter and pranks against each other. They felt like real people, despite my disbelief that people would pull these pranks on each other (I know people would, I'm just not that kind of person). I'm not going to spoil the twist, as I believe it needs to be read without spoilers for the full effect. The ending was cute and felt like a natural conclusion, though I felt like it was lacking something.

It was a fun flirtatious read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice holiday read.

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This was an amazing holiday read. These characters we’re so well written and made the book so memorable. I love that they were given the time to fall in love and make this romance so believable. This is a pretty quick read, but the way it is written draws you in- to the extent that you live in these character’s world. As much as I loved the portion of the book that focused on the two main characters story, I absolutely adored the part that their entire families were in. I definitely see this becoming a holiday read for myself.

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*I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* Home for Christmas is a perfect holiday enemy to lovers romcom. The story follows Rivan and Wendy, two strangers who are forced to spend the holiday together with their families at a mountain cabin due to a mix up at the rental agency. The main characters are charming and very likeable - Wendy is fiery and sassy and Rivan has all of the characteristics you'd hope to find in a book boyfriend. The chemistry between the two is undeniable in this slow burn romance. I thought this was a very well written and engaging story. I am looking forward to reading other books by this author!

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Seriously, if this is an author you haven’t read, its a must. This has been the perfect escape read. I have found this heartwarming and uplifting. It’s definitely a book that has cheered me up.

This is an enemies to lovers novel which is one of my favourites. Add to that the Christmas element and I can safely say there is nothing to dislike, This has been the perfect read and quite possibly my favourite by this author.

This is a book filled with love, wonderful characters and the most wonderful time of year. This is a book worthy of all the stars. I have devoured this in just one sitting.

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I love winter reads, and this one was soo good. It was a cute and sweet romance.
I read it it one sitting.

This was a 3.5 stars for me.

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This is such a cute Christmas rom com!

My favourite time of the year and this book didn't disappoint in giving me all the festive vibes.

I loved the plot and the writing by Camilla! I will 100% be reading more of her books.

Thank you Netgalley and Camilla for this amazing festive read!

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C'est dans une cabane en pleine montagne, loin du tumulte de Los Angeles, que Riven, écrivain célèbre en pleine crise de la page blanche, s'est échappé pour se concentrer sur son prochain roman. La dernière chose dont il a besoin, est que sa famille et une famille d'étrangers envahissent son sanctuaire pour Noël, tout cela à cause d'une erreur de réservation. Il se retrouve à partager une chambre avec Wendy, une New-Yorkaise pleine de vie qui ne peut s'empêcher de le piquer au vif. Partager une chambre avec elle est une douce torture et Riven ne sait pas ce qu'il redoute le plus : que chaque jour qui passe les rapproche de se dire au revoir ou qu'ils aient encore une autre nuit à passer ensemble...

J'ai trouvé le choix de la rencontre assez loufoque et comique, et cela donne le ton pour la suite du roman. Par contre, j'ai trouvé que le loup n'apportait pas grand chose à l'histoire et j'aurais aimé quelques rebondissements inattendus supplémentaires. La question autour de l'engagement est intéressante, si on met de côté la fin, amenée de manière un peu trop prévisible selon moi. Mais cela ne m'a pas empêchée de trouver tous les personnages plutôt attachants, et d'apprécier l'alternance des points de vue, qui permet de saisir l'histoire dans son ensemble et donne envie de dévorer le livre afin de connaître les pensées du personnage suivant.

Une bonne romance feel-good, drôle et divertissante.

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this is such a sweet and wonderful book! i enjoyed every second of this. it was fun and sweet and charming and lovely. thank you so much to netgalley for letting me read this one early!! adored it.

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I received a copy of Home For Christmas by Camilla Isley through @netgalley and I snuggled in yesterday and read it straight through.
Two families who don’t know each other are double booked into a single home with two bathrooms and spend Christmas together. I loved Riven and Wendy. Riven is a famous author with writer's block and he is an early riser and writer, whereas Wendy is a night owl writer.
I could see this as a Netflix holiday movie with the comedic aspects, the forced proximity, and the romance. Christmas is a side aspect, the story really lies in the interactions between the two families and Riven & Wendy.
Home for Christmas was released in February and is available!

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