The 24 Hour Dating Agency

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Pub Date 30 Jun 2022 | Archive Date 30 Jun 2022

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Tinder, Hinge, Bumble – thirtysomething journalist Saffie has tried them all. Now she's wondering whether it's time to throw in the towel and give up on love for good – and she's not alone...

Saffie's boss Tamara has been single since her divorce four years ago, but at forty-five, running her own magazine and with three kids at home, she doesn't feel she has the time, energy or confidence to go through the dating mill again. Meanwhile, Saffie's best friend Milo has just been dumped – again. A hopeless romantic with terrible taste in men, this is his fourth break-up in six months. There must be a secret to finding Mr Right, surely – but what?

Step forward The 24-hour Dating Agency, a matchmaking service with a difference. Instead of wasting months on casual dates, they promise to send you on an intense twenty-four-hour date with your perfect match – like speed-dating but in reverse. And even better, the agency offers a soulmate guarantee: meet The One or your money back.

Figuring they have nothing to lose, the three friends sign up. But when their matches turn out to be not what they were expecting, it seems like even the soulmate guarantee can't find them what they're looking for. Or can it?

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble – thirtysomething journalist Saffie has tried them all. Now she's wondering whether it's time to throw in the towel and give up on love for good – and she's not alone...


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Featured Reviews

This was a quick and easy read that would be a perfect beach read. I think anyone who has delved into the wrold or should I say minefield of internet dating would relate to this story. well written with well developed characters. i enjoyed it.

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Another cracking amazing read from the master of the genre. Mary Jayne Baker is an auto buy author for me, and every plot is unique - the characters are so realistic and fleshed out that you could reach through the page and grab them. Trust me, you will want to grab the book boyfriends she creates too! My friends and I fight over who has dibs, and that's the sign of a great author. More please Mary Jayne! Pure escapism in dark times, with laughs and drama that keep you reading till the breathless and happy ending. I won't spoil any of the book, will just tell you to read it asap!

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I can honestly say that I have never read anything like this book and I mean that in the best way possible. Everything about this book was wonderful. The characters were hilarious yet still relatable, there was the perfect amount of romance without it being too based around it, and the banter was amazing. I will be recommending this book to all of my reader friends when it comes out for sure.

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This book was a very pleasant surprise! I really enjoyed it. I fell madly in love with the characters and the storyline, and I highly recommend it!

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This was such a cute and fast-paced read! The idea is very clever, and was really well done. Tamara was my favorite out of the three main characters - I really enjoyed her children and their reaction to when their mother started dating again. I would've liked to see a little more Milo, I felt that he didn't get as much page time as Saffie and Tamara did.

Can the 24 Hour Dating Agency be a real thing? Please? This would be amazing if it was. The concept is just so unique, I wonder how Baker came up with it. I loved Saffie's doubts over it (and the twist with her match!!).

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Don't be fooled. The real love story of Mary Jayne Baker's 24-hour Dating Agency is the friendship between Saffie, Tamara and Milo.

The three friends, who all work together for a quirky magazine owned by siblings Tamara and Milo's grandmother, decide to sign up to a dating service that promises to send daters on an intense 24-hour date with their perfect match.

All three have varying reasons. Tamara, because her deadbeat ex-husband has announed he's having a kid with a woman 20 years younger. Despite the fact he walked out on his family after she became pregnant aged 39 and didn't want another child. Milo, because his boyfriends have lasted a month. And Saffie, who scoffs at the premise, decides to sign up to see if she can turn it into a freelance article.

I love Mary Jayne Baker's books. She always has a cast of quirky but close-knit friends with an interesting premise. Her strength is balancing the less lighthearted life challenges with warmth and wit.

I really felt for Tamara - the anger, grief and emotional turmoil she felt after hearing, then running into her ex was heartbreaking.

There's a lot of heart and depth in her characters and this book was no exception.

If you love heartwarming stories with wit, a lot of heart, and portrayal of strong friendship groups, this is another for your TBR pile. I loved this book so much its on my pre-order list.

Thank you to Head of Zeus/Aria and NetGalley for the ARC.

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“She’s literally selling love at first sight … that’s a pretty bold offer”
Wow … just wow !!! This book turned out to be like nothing I had expected !!!
I thought I was about to read a fluffy, maybe spicy romance with funny scenes but it was so much more !!
While following three different people’s life and trying to understand their struggles and how they went through them and how they finally found what they were looking for … was a psalm to the heart to say the least !!!
Tamara, Milo and Saffie are normal people, with normal jobs and normal family problems who lost all hope, just to find it back in the most unexpected of ways!
Tamara’s life and ex-husbands , Milo and is problems with setting up for “ok” instead of “right” and Saffie with her cynicism and her trust issues … they taught me so much in such a short time because … I honestly couldn’t stop reading this book !!!
At the end the truth is that most of the times what we need is not what we thought we wanted or we were used to want and this is as crazy as it is amazing !!!
I’m very glad I managed to read this book and I’m definitely thinking of purchasing the book for myself in physics copy as soon as it is out !!!

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*** This Arc was gifted by Netgalley***

I was so excited to read this book based off of the synopsis. I found this to be a fun and lighthearted read. It was super easy to get through and I found myself loving the plot. it is so much fu n for me to read about dating scenarios, and this one ups the ante, by giving you a full refund if they don't find you a match within 24 hours!'

The three friends that we are following all have such dynamic and intriguing characters, even though the book is about dating. I found myself in love with the three main characters friendship more so, that the dates! I would highly suggest checking this book out, if you are interested in any of these tropes!

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This book was absolutely adorable! It far surpasses the usual romcom because we follow three main characters on their journeys to find love. The twists and conflicts were ones I didn’t see coming and it kept the story moving at a good pace. And what’s better than not only getting one HEA, but three!

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This book follows Saffie, Tamara, and Milo, who are all working for a magazine and they decide to sign up for the dating app which sends people on 24 hour dates. Tamara was definitely my favourite out of the three!! All the grief her ex put her though, and leaving her!!

This book isn’t what I expected it to be!! But I’m so glad it wasn’t. And it definitely sets a great message that you what you need you may not want etc.

Was this review helpful?

you need this book in your life! THIS WAS SOO GOOD! I can’t even express how much I loved this book. Going from searching for love in all the wrong places to being thrown the most unexpected match. If you love rom come with all the feels this is the book. It was so well written and character development and world building were on point. I need this to be a movie because I loved it so much

Was this review helpful?

This is a tale of dating, yes, but also and just as importantly, family and long-term desires and recognising that you don’t necessarily know what’s right for you until it’s deliberately put in front of you. The author writes realistic, nuanced characters dealing with a variety of situations, and while it’s unusual to have three (third-person) points of view and three developing relationships, it works and doesn’t get diluted or confusing. I particularly liked that the main characters were all in their thirties and forties, with life experience which contributed to their general jaded outlook on dating, and also enjoyed the way the plots played out, with a couple of twists I didn’t see coming. It kept me hooked and I finished it very quickly - highly recommended if you’re looking for a funny, fast-paced read.

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This was absolutely adorable. I really appreciate books that feature main characters getting a HEA beyond their early twenties, and this book delivers that in spades. I loved the characters in this book, they were all so unique and fun, I couldn’t help but root for them (well maybe not Andy). While the book did feel a little long at times, I was never BORED. The plot had so many surprise twists that I never saw coming. I really did enjoy this!

I was given an ARC of this book by NetGalley and Head of Zeus. All opinions are my own.

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This is one of those where i can't quite tell if it's a romcom because it doesn't quite hit the usual beats. It's almost like 3 romcom novellas, all threaded together? Anyway, this was a fun take on using a bunch of different tropes, and also the first romance novel i have read with a ventriloquist LI so that's really something! It was a fastpaced read with some workplace drama thrown in (which i always love--could have handled more, but i loved the caper feel of the power going out and having to figure out what to do.

The thing that didn't quite work for me was the dating agency itself. Like was there a whole part cut that made its existence, elusiveness, and financial structure make sense? Is the proprietor going to get her own follow-up book? I was not clear on a lot of that. But overall, it was really fun!

This was a NetGalley ARC.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book. I liked that it was 3 main characters and none overshadowed the others. All three coworkers/friends decide to go on a date through the 24 hour dating agency because dating apps suck. Each date is very different and specific to the couple. I liked that the couples weren’t perfect and there were some things each one had to work through in order for their relationship to work.

Was this review helpful?

If you love a heartwarming story about strong friendships and romance you’ll want to add this to your tbr!

We do not get the classic romcom with this story as we are given 3 main characters to follow on their journey together as well as individually.

The amount of depth and character in this book was amazing and the plot was unique and unpredictable.

I will definitely be adding a physical copy to my collection once released :)

Was this review helpful?

I loved getting to know Safie, Tamara, and Milo - they are colleagues working at an oddball newspaper, and friends outside of work - I enjoyed getting some insight into their trials and tribulations with dating and a bit about their lives before all the action happened. I thought this book was such a nice balance of fun and silly, and some more serious themes - but I was laughing within the first pages and throughout.

I loved that they didn't just jump at the idea of going to a 24hr dating agency, but were like... hmm I don't know about this. I loved that the character development by the end of the book. There was a real journey to get to the HEA, but one that made sense for each of them.

Was this review helpful?

Saffie doesn’t seem to have any luck in the dating department, and feels like she’ll be eternally single. She works at a magazine called The Throstler. Her boss and friend, Tamara, and co-worker and friend, Milo, also feel like they will be eternally single. Tamara is divorced with two teenage twins and a five year old little girl. Milo feels that he’s already met all the men in the town and there’s no one new left to meet. The three of them decide to try a new 24 hour dating agency – where instead of going on dates across many months, you go on one date for 24 hours. The success rate is 100% with a find your soulmate money back guarantee. Have they met their soulmates, or is a secret one of them is keeping bound to work against their favor?

This was a very cute, flirty read. There were so many times in the book I felt myself smiling along with the characters. I really loved that even though this is a romance novel, there are other aspects to the book as well. First, there is the bond of friendship between the three characters – Milo, Saffie, and Tamara. Each one is so unique, but they all fit together perfectly as friends (and family). The other aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was that there was a twist. I usually read twists in thriller books, not in romance ones, so when the twist occurred, my mouth was left agape. The ONLY reason that I didn’t give this book 5 stars was the fact that the author took a bit to get to the point of the book – there was a lot of background in the beginning and I felt it could have been handled quicker.

If you love a good, wholesome romance novel, this is for you. Pre-order your copy today!

Was this review helpful?

I absolutly loved this, really to easy to read but with a fab story line. A massive hug in a book.

Tamara and Milo are brother and sister and work with best friend Saffie for the family production of a niche perodical. Tamara has 3 children and is divorced from a husband that wanted nothing to do with his children. Milo and Saffie are both post relationship break ups but still wishing for partners. Signing up for speed dating does not end positively.

After seeing an advert for the 24 hour dating agency, all 3 decide to sign up...all for their own individual reasons. Saffie in particular is using the experience purely as research for an article for their magazine.

After paying their 500 poubd fee and completing a questionaire they are each matched up to their ideal match. What follows is a journey of tears and laughter as each begin their journey into the unkbown in the dating field.

Really brilliant read, highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you so much Head of Zeus/Aria and NetGalley for this opportunity.

I loved this book, one of my favourite of this year so far. I was worried about having three main characters, but I think the writer did a marvellous job since none overshadowed the others.

The idea I think is brilliant and well developed. I loved the way the characters' imperfections were portrayed so that I could relate to those characters.

I can't wait for the release and buy my physical copy.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to #NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in return for a fair review.

This novel is marketed as romance - which it does have plenty of - but the thing that made this book stand out for me was the strong friendships between the three main characters. Saffie, Tamara & MIlo all work together at the quirky magazine owned by siblings Tamara & Milo's Grandmother.

Milo has had his heart broken again, Saffie is fed up of the usual dating scene and they both think that divorced Tamara is overdue for some happiness & a life outside of her work & children. So when they hear about a new dating agency that promises to find you 'The One' or give your money back they figure they have nothing to lose and all three sign up!

An enjoyable read

Was this review helpful?

You know what… this may be my favorite book I’ve read so far this year! I liked the three different storylines and how everything intertwined. Three friends (well, two of them are also siblings) are frustrated with single life and agree to try a new dating agency. The 24 hour dates they went on were entertaining and unique, but the majority of the story came after the dates and that’s when things got even better. .

And, as always, I love a happily ever after… or maybe three?! ❤️

Was this review helpful?

Well this isn't what I was expecting!
I love when you pick up a book thinking it's one thing and it turns out to be another and you have to just keep reading until it done!
Definitely want to re-read this in the audio format.

Was this review helpful?

✨️Thank you to Head of Zeus, NetGalley, and Mary Jayne Baker for the opportunity to read and review this book ahead of publication!✨️

While this book definitely took me a bit to get into, I ended up really enjoying this story line! And, looking back, I realize that the slow introduction to the three main characters was absolutely necessary for the overall story.

Basically, we have three friends, connected mostly by work at a cute little magazine. The three of them are wildly different and complex in their own ways. Oh and single. Very single. So, when Milo comes across the 24 Hour Dating Agency sign, he is quick to sign up and is followed by Tamara and Saffie. And from there, the story explodes. I couldn't have guessed about some of the little twists that came along and I feel like that's rare with romance novels.

I really enjoyed this book and will be looking forward to more books by Mary Jayne Baker! 4.5⭐️

Was this review helpful?

I usually feel like a book with multiple perspectives can be confusing and in-cohesive, but the 24-Hour Dating Agency really benefited from that format! The three main characters of this novel give it a lot of personality, and I love how the story is told bouncing from one to the other.

Overall, I really enjoyed this read! Predictable without being extremely cliche, some fun twists here and there. I didn't love the storyline of the magazine, that time could have been better spent on Saffie, Milo, and Tamara's friendship!

Was this review helpful?

This book was not what I was expecting and I was very pleasently surprised! Although predictable in some ways, the book really made you want to carry it through to the end mainly due to the main characters, Tamara, Saffie and Milo. I loved seeing the relationships blossom and the way they supported each other was adorable. This book had a lot of laugh out loud moments and was quite sarcastic in parts which is just my style! Overall, a really lovely heartwarming romance novel which will go down a treat.

Was this review helpful?

I would like to start by thanking Head of Zeus, and netball do for an arc of the 24 Hour dating

I wanted to read this book based on the cover and description.

This book was adorable. Perfect ROM-COM x 3 rolled into one book!!! Such a great book will definitely be a reread in the near future..

Was this review helpful?

Enjoyable chicklit with characters that you can root for even if the idea of their workplace is slightly unbelievable!

Was this review helpful?

Three friends and also coworkers decide to go to an dating agency that is different from others because you will have to go on a 24 hour date with your match . Each date was different . All three couples had chemistry . I loved Tamara and her kids and how much strength she had to raise them all alone after her ex left them . Saffie was doing everything she could after the discovery of her match . Milo was trying not to lose the man of his dreams .
I received this book from net galley and the publisher as an ARC. Thank you! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Hello? Yes, this is a phenomenal book and I cannot believe this author is not majorly hyped up! This is what I would highly recommend as a fun, light-hearted read- perfect for the beach or a lazy weekend.

The 24 Hour Dating agency follows Saffie, her best friend Milo, and Milo's older sister as they navigate dating in their mid 30s to 40s in the modern age. After hilariously bad attempts at blind-dates and speed-dating, the group signs up for The 24 Hour Dating agency which has a soulmate guarantee.

This book is fast paced and immediately you are thrown into their friendship dynamic but it absolutely works. The characters and their interactions with one another and their family members feels very authentic. They are all fleshed out really well. I really ended up caring about everyone in this story, again I just appreciated how dimensional everyone was.

This book is dialogue heavy- which makes this a great read for anyone who needs something easy to get into quickly. It reads just so effortlessly and the dialogue does a great job of balancing being realistic and hilarious.

I read this book in one sitting and laughed out loud a few times. It reminded me of a British version of The One + The Soulmate Equation + Josh and Hazel's guide to not dating.

Was this review helpful?

This book is absolutely awesome and I would highly recommend it to everyone. It's really well written, great fun, it had lots of laugh out loud moments, the characters were wonderful and it is such a great feel good read. Don't miss it.

Was this review helpful?

My spoiler free review:
The 3 main characters Saffie, Tamara, and Milo really make this book!

With Milo and Saffie recently single and Tamara post divorce, they all try out speed dating. When that doesn’t work out, they all sign up for a 24 hour matchmaking service.

My favorite things about the book:
- The found family and friendships.
- Tamara is a single mom and that my favorite trope!
- Unexpected Twist!
- Milo’s sense of humor.
My least Favorite things about the book:
- It took a minute to get to the point of the book and it was hard for me to focus at times.

Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Was this review helpful?

This is a perfect read to get you out of a reading slump! I was hooked from the very beginning. Not only does this book explore family dynamics. It explores how strong friendships can be defining in finding your forever. I loved a look into a new way to date. Since online dating has taken the world by storm this book explores a different way to connect people to meet someone who they are "garunteed" to fall for. This book is abounded with English charm and wit! A perfect read for a spring or summer getaway!

Was this review helpful?

Once in a while, I run into a book that is subtle and yet amazing. I have to admit. The title caught my eyes. I'm glad I picked up the book. The story is amazingly relatable on every level. It's hard to date in this day and age, especially for the characters in the book Tam, Milo and Saffie. It's the trifecta of more than half of the population on Earth today. Tam is divorced, Saffie is skeptical, and Milo is gay. All are in their 30's -40's. It's hard to date with all the apps and everyone judging you by the cover. It's refreshing to see well-rounded characters and the story touching on the difficult topics of finding love in a vain world. I love it!

Thank you to Head of Zeus, Aria and NetGalley for letting me read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you Netgalley for this ARC for an exchange for an honest review.

I thought its was a good story and very much enjoyed it.

Was this review helpful?

It’s definitely an unforgettable story and it just gets more beautiful and moving as it goes on until it reaches its conclusion which is a perfect ending. I absolutely loved it.

Was this review helpful?

The 24 Hour Dating Agency
by Mary Jayne Baker

Long term work colleagues and friends Tamara Saffie and Milo search for the perfect partner/love match after all have a disastrous history trying . They spot an advert for the 24hr dating agency that claims to find the perfect match for you. Follow the 3 jaded middle aged friends journey to find their perfect match in a 24 hour dating agency.

An amazing well written book.

The characters are fabulous , the dramas, the humour, trials and tribulations of it all and they are very true to life situations.

Best romcom in a while read in one sitting.

Was this review helpful?

This book was delightful.

Right from the beginning I was invested in all three characters, though Saffie was absolutely my favourite. The plot is very clear, all three characters have had bad experiences with dating, they're all keen to find 'the one' and they're all open to try something new, though Saffie is certainly masking this using her career as a safety net to not get hurt.

I felt like Milo, Saffie and Tamara were all relatable characters, we've all been through something fairly similar and as a 30yo woman I really understood the feelings and the reasonings behind these character decisions.

I loved watching the story unfold, I liked the little turns along the way. I loved the character development and I absolutely loved how it all ended.

This was a really magical book and an easy recommendation for romance lovers.

Was this review helpful?

With thanks to Head of Zeus and NetGalley for the ARC, this review is my personal, unbiased opinion.

4* An excellent book about three friends who are fed up with their single life. After being alone for so long, enduring bad experiences of blind dates, speed dating and internet dating, all three have decided to enrol with an agency which offers a guaranteed matchmaking success rate after a date lasting 24-hours. Their resulting dates are surprising, even shocking, and definitely not love at first sight. 24-hours with a stranger seems a long time for a first date, there are differences of opinions, family dramas, misunderstandings, whatever can goes wrong, does go wrong. Plenty of twists and turns make this a fun and enjoyable read.

A cleverly thought out plot. I particularly loved that Saffie, Milo and Tamara's search for love offered three individual stories intertwined within one book, not to be missed.

Was this review helpful?

This was absolute hilarity and would make a great quick beach read. If you have ever dealt with online dating, you can probably relate to this book. And if you haven't experienced it personally, chances are you know a friend that has. This will definitely be a highly recommended read from me!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley, the Publisher and Mary Jayne Baker for providing me an ARC of this novel.
I found this to be a really enjoyable storyline, I was invested in the characters and their outcomes and I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

Was this review helpful?

The 24 Hour Dating Agency was a cute story. Three friends sign up for a new type of dating service. The founder of the agency is a psychologist and she matches people based on personality questionnaires. They can't say anything about their looks or employment on the forms. The two people meet for the first time and then spend the next 24 hours doing activities that the agency signed them up for. It's a bunch of shorter dates that make up one long date. Because this is a romance, we get 3 happily ever afters! There is a rollercoaster of emotions along the way, and the whole book is sprinkled with witty dialogue.

I received an advance review copy for free from NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Was this review helpful?

This was a fun story, pretty lightweight overall. It follows three friends and coworkers (and family) as they struggle with love enough that they all give the dubious 24 Hour Dating Agency a shot.

Saffie, Milo, and Tamara are all at different places romantically, and I liked how we got to dive into each situation and see what they needed. It was interesting to see them in their individual lives and also how they are with one another. They're all likeable and good friends, and it was impossible not to root for them all.

Each was a different kind of heroine/hero looking for a specific kind of partner (and, of course, needing someone completely different than what they expected).

There were some very funny moments, and some touching moments. I'd rate the conflict level at medium. This isn't a stressful story, but it still grabs you and takes you on a journey.

Was this review helpful?

This books was such a cute and a fast read, it’s perfect for summer days when escapism in on your mind. It’s my first book by the author and I will say that it’s very very well written, with great character development and you get so easily engulfed in the story. I LOVED the friendship between Saffie, Tamara and Milo,
The concept of this story is so unique and I would not say no to try a 24 hour dating agency.

If you want to read a real, cute and fun story with realistic friendships and character development, this is the book for you!

Was this review helpful?

This book was super cute! I enjoyed getting to see each persons POV and individual love story. I also enjoy that romance wasn’t the only plot, each character had other things going on. I’m glad that each character got their happy ending and found myself smiling throughout!

Was this review helpful?

First off i would like to that NetGalley and Head of Zeus for providing me with this ARC. I was expecting your typical rom-com book. But instead I got the chance to read a very unique and eccentric book. This story is about 3 friends that work for a newspaper. They decide to sign up for a 24 hour dating that PROMISES that you’ll find your soulmate after your 24 hour date. I found the characters because like me (unfortunately lol) they have exhausted all means of finding love. Each of the characters are completely different which gives the novel a completely different dynamic from other rom-com books. Milo is a homosexual who thinks he has dating every eligible man in town. Tamara is a divorced mother of 3 kids. Saffie has just never been in love…ever. Will they find their soulmate? I loved how all 3 of the characters were different in their own ways, besides not being in love, but yet the author was able to create 3 different stories twine together in a creative way. It was also a fun take on tropes and using many of them. Ultimately, this book has some hilarious moments and sometimes pulls at your heart strings.

Was this review helpful?

This book was fun & lighthearted. It was amazing. The characters were super relatable & were also very entertaining. I liked that the romance wasn't over powering, that there was the perfect amount & the book wasn't based around romance. I loved the storyline & I highly recommend this book. The emotion through the characters was well written. I didn't see the plot twists coming & it helped the story proceed at a good pace. This book exceeded any & all expectations I had for it.

Was this review helpful?

Another lovely book from one of my favourite romcom authors. I enjoyed watching these three close friends battle their problems and fall for very unexpected partners, thanks to the mysterious 24 hour dating agency and its promise to match them with their true loves. I loved the relationship between Tamara and Natalie, and how close Tamara was to her kids. Of them all, she really deserved her happy ending.

Was this review helpful?

Perfect holiday read, I read this by pool. It's fun and light hearted. Really enjoyable easy to read and great characters, very likable. Fun times !

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed the concept of this book. The friendships were definitely the highlight. It did feel like there was a bit too much going on at times, however, and I wish I could have gotten more depth on each character.

Was this review helpful?

The 24 Hour Dating Agency adds a fun twists to the traditional romantic comedy. Three colleagues at a struggling magazine in northern England set out to rectify their dating wrongs. After a few false starts, they enlist the help of the 24 hour dating agency, which sends each of them on a 24 hour date with a person they would have never chosen for themselves.

Baker takes the reader on a fun journey, and she's a great writer. I blazed through this one!

Was this review helpful?

What's better than a romance? Three romances! I thought the author weaving in three separate stories into this witty feel-good story was clever and I really enjoyed reading.

Was this review helpful?

Milo, Saffie, and Tamara all have one thing in common besides being coworkers- they have all been unlucky in love. After online and speed dating have failed them numerous times, it feels like fate when they find an advertisement for an unconventional dating service. This agency guarantees that you will fall in love after a 24 hour long date with the person you are matched with. Will the three find love or has the dating agency finally met its match?

This one really surprised me with how much I enjoyed it! It was so cute and quirky. Seeing the three characters grow and develop relationships was lovely. I also thought that the platonic relationships were so well written. Tamara’s relationship with her family was utterly heartwarming.

I do wish that this had been spread out across several books so we could get more details about the relationships.

All in all, this was such an enjoyable and unconventional romance read!

Thank you to NetGalley and Head of Zeus for the advanced reading copy.

Was this review helpful?

This story is about three friends who are tired of all the regular dating apps so they try a agency that is supposed to match you up with your soulmate in 25hrs. This eas a very cute story and I loved reading about each of these women journey

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Is a matchmaking service that guarantees you’ll meet the love of your life too good to be true? Saffie thinks so, but she soon finds herself signing up, along with her hopeless romantic best friend. Milo, and her boss.

This story is a lot of fun, mostly because it follows three characters and their love stories. Saffie, Milo, and Tamara work at The Throstler, a regional magazine publication that covers the weird, odd, and sometimes supernatural. Saffie is the main journalist at the magazine. While she enjoys her work at The Throstler, she’s waiting for her chance to be a real journalist. Tamara is the magazine’s editor, and not-so-recently divorced. Milo, Tamara’s brother, does the graphic design and s the group’s resident hopeless romantic. After getting dumped by his egotistical boyfriend, Milo stumbles upon an ad for The 24 Hour Dating Agency and convinces Saffie and Tamara to test it out with him.

This story oscillates well between being lots of fun and dealing with real feelings and emotions that the characters have to experience. Their situations (and subsequent reactions) seem realistic. It can be difficult to write three different main characters and make their personalities different enough from each other, and Mary Jayne Baker does a great job at it. While reading, I found myself relating to different characters at different times, and I’m not sure if I had a stand out favorite. Tamara’s story can be a little tough for some readers as it deals with divorce and her children are in the Bad Dads Club, but it’s still awesome to see Tamara get the things she deserves and works hard for in life.

This book is a fun, and sometimes silly, read for the hopeless romantic in all of us.

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Thank you to Head of Zeus, Mary Jayne Baker and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Three best friends (Milo, Saffie and Tamara) are all in different stages of life… one of them running from the altar, one desperate for love and one raising their kids solo after their ex husband just up and ran for the hills.

All of them work together for a small family run magazine when they all discussed one commonality that all of them had which was feeling the need for a change. They discover the 24 hour dating agency.. which all of them think at first is a scam and a last plead for help in the dating world, but it actually turns out to be what they least expected.

24 Hour Dating Agency brings a reader through a look at three very different relationships and proves that even when you “think” you know your type you may end up realizing what you “need” is entirely unexpected. All three relationships show how being true to yourself and allowing yourself to be loved for you wins all.

This was a first Mary Jayne Baker read for me, but it definitely won’t be my last. I thought the entire book was a unique idea and not your typical love story. Real life events, real feelings and real inner turmoil all presented in this book. The relationship between the three friends had me laughing and truly feeling for all three of them. Baker did an amazing job at truly making each character unique, but extremely raw and vulnerable.

The beginning of the book felt a little slow to me, but once each relationship developed I flew through it wanting more. If you want a feel good book with great character development than this is your book. Bravo Mary Jayne Baker and someone please create a real 24 Hour Dating Agency because it really seems to work ;).

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4.25/5 – Out June 30th!
This book was the type of good that sneaks up on you. The name is not a good representation of what the book is about – it's not what the characters do, but what they sign up for. I almost quit after the very first bit of the beginning of the book because the *thing* that they talk about is so out of the blue – but please trust me when I say it doesn’t take long for the book to get really good after that.
I loved the different POVs of the three main characters – Baker made me care about every single one of them in their own way. The story is very Love-Actually-Valentine’s-Day-esque and gave me all the feels. My jaw literally dropped with all the reveals that had just the right amount of real and ridiculous. And on top of everything, the British banter is top quality as always.

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This book turned out to be like nothing I had expected; I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it, especially since it took me a while to get into it. The concept of this story is unlike anything I read before. First of all, it is set around three main characters (all of them in their mid-thirties and forties); each one of them is different and complex and comes with their struggles. I loved how none of them overshadowed the other, and you could actually tell the characters apart. Tamara, Saffie, and Milo's stories were realistic but interesting and enjoyable to read at the same time.

Even though the book is advertised as a romance, it didn't read like one (in a good way, I think it worked really well with the concept of the story and having not one but three MC). As the story progressed, I found myself way more invested in the friendship between the three main characters and their individual development. The romance itself didn't really do it for me.

Overall it was well written with a lot of dialogue, so it was super quick and fun to read.

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Another thank you to @Netgallery and @headofzeus for giving me this ARC! I was in such a reading slump so initially I struggled to get this off the ground and get into it.

However I’m so glad I was determined to carry on reading! I loved the way this story pieces together. Sadie, Tamara and Milo are such a close knit group of friends who live so much life through each other, however they were each missing a special someone. Each of them had a disastrous background of love and ex’s hiding in the closest and were determined to try something new as a way of finding their special someone.

I thought the concept behind the idea was really cool and not something I have come across with any book I’ve read before. The 24 hour dating part of it is not actually a huge amount of the book. However, I loved the way that the 24 hour dates set up the rest of the book.

The three main characters each had a story to be told and I think the book was written well enough that it shared their story, keeping it fun and enjoyable without dragging it out.

Tamara was such a relatable character and throughout I was rooting for her to get her happy ended because she really had been through a rubbish time with her ex husband! Who was still causing her heartache! Sadie was a little rough around the edges, strong minded and fun! I loved how she spoke her mind and was so true to herself.

I would definitely recommend this book. The further into the book I got the more I didn’t want to put it down!

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To be honest, I felt this book was a bit difficult to get into at first. I’m not sure if it was just me being a mood reader or if I was just finding the British slang a bit confusing.

I did really enjoy this book once I got into it! It made me smile, laugh and even get choked up at times. I loved all three relationships that you get to watch play out. This is a book of found family, second chances and forgiveness.

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A book with great friendship, romance, and a fresh perspective on the meaning of family. I really enjoyed reading this book! The characters felt relatable and fresh. The premise of the 24-hour date from the matchmaker was fun and I appreciated that it didn’t take over the entire move, but instead was used to make the other story lines shine!
I was provided this title for free via NetGalley for an honest review.

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Everybody has problems trying to find someone to love in this smart and engaging novel. The premise is that a 24 hour dating agency can match you with The One and all it takes is 24 hours of connection. The devotee’ of the idea is Miles, gay and tired of failure in dating. The “I’ll try it” is Tamara, divorced and raising twin teens and a five year old. The skeptic is Saffie, a journalist who intends to write an article about the experience. The results? You will have to read it to find out.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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When I first started reading this book I thought it was going to be DNF for me. It started slow and I didn’t see it picking up, but surprisingly it did. This quirky, rom com really won me over. And also has me trying to search out a 24hr dating service.


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The 24 Hour Dating Agency is such a refreshing, real story. From the start, Mary Jayne Baker lets you into Saffie, Milo, and Tamara's lives and gives you a front row seat to their individual loves stories. Nothing feels rushed, and the story unfolds at a relaxing pace with gentle twists and turns. The book's like a dip into a pool on a hot summer day.

Our three main characters are genuine, interesting, and nuanced. Their individual struggles are believable and each character is easy to root for. And each character's romance has delightful surprises along the way. The family themes throughout the novel are refreshing.

The dating agency premise is new, exciting, and hopeful. The book truly delivers on the ideas of how one finds love, what loves means, and the various types of love that make life so wonderful.

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𝗧𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲𝘀: strangers to lovers, slow burn, single mom

Thank you NetGalley, Head of Zeus and Mary Jayne Baker for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is a story about three friends who work together for a newspaper. Saffie, Milo and Tam are in their mid-late 30s and 40s, and they all have different love story.

Saffie is very smart and I really liked her. She didn't believe at first about love at the first sight, and after she found the truth about Richard, she definitely refuse to have any conversation with him.

Milo is gay and very funny. I really didn't expect him to end up with someone who he already knew.

Tamara has 3 children and is divorced from a husband that wanted nothing to do with his children. For 4 years he was not present in his children's lives, until his fiancée tells him they will have a baby.

The start is quite slow, but after they sign for the 24 hour dating agency everything gets interesting.

What it was a small problem, it was that the book has 3 povs, which can sometimes get very frustrating. I mean, there was a scene between Tamara and Harry and I have to wait so much until I got back to their story.

But overall I really like the book in the end.

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First of all I would love to say a big thankyou to netgalley and head of zeus for this arc in exchange for a honest review. I really enjoyed this book and am giving it 5 stars all round as it was such a page turner.

This book is about 3 singletons (Saffie, Milo and tamara) who are all working for the same magazine company and looking for love. They all decide to sign up for a 24 hour dating agency which guarantees a soul mate.

This book was exceptional. I really liked seeing Tamaras story and how much she developed. I’m so glad that Andy never got a redemption arc and I think that Harry is one of the best book men to exist. I really enjoyed his character.

I do wish that Milo had more of a part in this story as I really did find him a funny character. It kind of disappointed me that his love story happened so quickly in the book but I really did enjoy his character a lot.
Overall I think that Mary Jane Baker is an exceptional writer and is very underrated. I cant wait to see what she comes out with in the future and I will definitely be purchasing this book when published.

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I enjoyed the 24 Hour Dating Agency by Mary Jayne Baker - I recieved an ARC through Net Galley.

This book centers around the journey to finding love for 3 connected characters, after ghey sign up with the mysterious Dr. Sheldrake's 24 Hour Dating Agency. The premise is rather straightforward - instead of a blind date that lasts an hour, the "matchmaker," Dr. Sheldrake, sets the couples she pairs up on a 24 hour date. Overall, I thought the book was great. I was invested in Saffie, Tamara, and Milo's stories and was rooting for them along the way. Overall, a quick, frothy, good beach read.

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Thank you to Netgalley and the author for the arc. It was a pleasure!

This book put me in the peace of mind. I hadn’t known that I needed a book that just comfort me and just give me chill vibes. And I’m so glad I picked up this book in the right time. My soul really needed this.

In the story we’ve got three friends and their own povs. Tamara the single mother of three in her 40’s and she just went through a tough divorce and she carries a couple of family problems. Saffie who is in her thirties and haven’t got much fate in dating. And Milo with problematic relationships with his last couple of boyfriends. They all had that midlife crisis and decided to do something about it because their single life is not in the best highlight.

There comes into the picture The 24-hour Dating Agency with a blind date idea. For 24 hours the three of them go on a date with their match that the agency sets up to them. After that it’s up to them if their date is the one or they’re need to keep looking.

Honestly I loved the whole idea of the plot. I’ve had such a good time reading it. I was surprised, heartbroken, all happy or a little sad while I read the story. Got all the feels I needed. I love how the characters life developed, how their life changed after the dates and actually there was some interesting twists with the couples I didn’t see coming.

I can’t say any bad word about the story. Not all cheesy romance or full of steam. It’s just perfect to anyone who wants to read a solid romance with a little family drama.

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The title of this book snagged my interest, and even though I hadn't remembered the author, I decided to try the read.

I guess I was expecting something else, based on the cover. This story bounced from person to person, and I found that a bit disconcerting. I wanted to connect with the characters more, but just when I was getting into one, the author switched to another POV. Additionally, I wanted to laugh more (it's a rom-com, right?) in this read, and was a bit sad I didn't. My stars are for the technicality and writing skills, not my overall like/dislike for the story.

The paragraphs and chapters are easy to read, once you learn the writing style, and language. I liked several things about this read, and do recommend giving it a try. I wish it was better for me, but it might be a great read for you.- here's hoping!

My ARC was provided by Netgalley and I voluntarily leave my honest review.

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I loved loved loved this book. I am usually not a chick lit genre type of person, but this book was great. The characters were lovable, loyal and relatable. The whole concept of a 24 hour date is such unique idea. It’s something I would absolutely do. I appreciate how the author was never repetitive in regards to the storyline. I find a lot of romance books say the same thing over and over with the author only changing how the it’s being said. This is a lighthearted feel-good book. This is also my first read by this author. I will be reading more. Mild sexual content (not much at all). Mild swearing.

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I absolutely adored The 24-Hour Dating Agency. The three stories interwoven together was beautifully done. I was bawling my eyes out at the end, sad for this story to be over but smiling/happy during the epilogue. This story appealed to many different kinds of love and had a little bit of everything in it. Sometimes, what we want isn’t exactly what we need… and what we need isn’t exactly what we thought we would ever want.. and this book tells that story beautifully. The endless smiles and the beautiful foreshadowing and the twists. I was just fully enveloped in this story and couldn’t put the book down. One of my favorite reads and cannot wait for others to embark on this journey. This isn’t just a story about love, it’s a story about life in all of its messy forms and giving yourself the grace to give love a chance. I feel as though I am a better person because of it and hope others come away with the same feels.

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This book was marketed as a romance but it wasn't really that. The romance fell flat for me but i really enjoyed it anyway. It took me a while to get into it but once i was - it was really interesting. It's set around 3 main characters all of which are in their thirties and forties , they are all unique people with stories and personalities.

Was this review helpful?

This book follows three friends on three separate journeys and because of that, it felt like a lot was going on and that it would have been beneficial to their stories to split them into three books to have a series versus a single title.

The story was quirky and cute but would have benefited from a more targeted approach and less going on will all the details and complexity of multiple stories being told at once.

I am so grateful for this ARC in exchange for my honest thoughts!

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I was wondering how this book would pan out. Loved it!
The characters were very real with a hint of fun and the read was made to feel as if they were looking down on the conversations.
They all had their trials and tribulations which somehow related to each other. It was interesting to see how the agency’s ‘Dr’ had other motives for running the non profitable business.
Captivating read without being complicated. Would thoroughly recommend.

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This story followed three different people. If you had to stop mid chapter ect it could get a little confusing and you may have to backtrack but it was worth it. Fun romance!

Was this review helpful?

Really enjoyed reading this books. Enjoyed the story line and the characters. Definitely need to get the physical copy of this to display on my shelf :) 😀

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Mary Jayne Baker's The 24 Hour Dating Agency was a fun, easy read. Once I got into this book (which didn't take long), I finished most of it in one sitting. I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tamara inarguably had the most traumatic backstory. The scene where she finally lost it at the barbecue will stay with me indefinitely. As much as I loved Harry Hamilton and his easy, relaxed way with Willow--Natalie stole the show in Tamara's drama. My heart goes out to Natalie the same way I know Tamara's did. Their friendship was unexpected and amazing.

At first, I felt like Milo's storyline needed a bit more flare. After some consideration, I realized it made sense for him and Christian to have this comfortable, easy-going relationship.

Saffie was my favorite storyline by far. I had no idea how Russell was going to play into the story long-term, and that plot twist was everything! Even more was that Saffie finally has something worth running into a burning building for.

The greatest love in this book is a hard call. On one hand, you have the friendship between Saffie, Milo, and Tamara. On the other hand, you have their love for the Throstler. This was a great read, perfect for a relaxing weekend at home or afternoon by the pool. Thanks to NetGalley, Head of Zeus, and Mary Jayne Baker for the ARC!

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A fun cute vacation or beach read.

I loved the intertwined stories of the three women

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for this ARC

Was this review helpful?

It took me a bit to get into but I really liked the interactions between the different characters and the ending was great

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Saffie and her friends aren't very lucky in love. Her boss, Tamara has been alone since her painful divorce and just haven't have the time, effort or trust to waste on dating. Tamara's brother Milo is on his fifth boyfriend in as many months. And Saffie, she just isn't sure she'll ever find Mr Right after leaving her ex at the altar.

So when Milo finds an advert for the 24-Hour Dating Agency, they decide to give it a shot.

Instead of endless swiping and small talk, you get matched and spend 24 hours on an intense, specially designed date made just for the couple. But despite the agencies soulmate guarantee, they can't help but think they might all need to rethink their idea of what a happily ever after really looks like.

"No matter how old you get, today is always the first day of the rest of your life."

Wacky, whimsical and wonderful - this somewhat eccentric blind-date story was so much fun.

Having three main characters can feel overwhelming - but I loved them. Each had their own stories, their own struggles and motivations, but came together in a beautiful friendship which was honestly the star of the show for me. I would've loved a little more time spend on Milo but in general we spent enough time with each character to get easily attached to them.

All three worked together at a quirky periodical, with it's own issues going on and giving hilarious workplace antics and giving all the characters even stronger a tie together. The whole story was beautifully character and dialogue driven, making it a very easy, casual read and creating both loveable and detestable characters with such intensity.

Underneath all the zany fun and adorable romance, there was some truly touching stories about life after divorce and heartbreak, about self-confidence, about family and about the pressures placed on us that sometimes make us settle for less than we deserve.

A perfectly fun read with a lot of heart.

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THE 24 HOUR DATING AGENCY is a tale about three friends, all involved in publishing a small family-owned periodical, who decide to try out a new dating service. Although this book is really about so much more than their trial 24 hour dates. Each main character has a fully developed storyline, with ancillary characters and backstory galore. The characters move between their own lives, their shared workplace and their mutual friendships; this book is a joy to read. Nothing is a complete surprise but every detail is well constructed and created with care. I enjoyed this book enormously. I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalley.

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Saffie, Tamara and Milo all signup to a new matchmaking service, which promises to find your perfect match while sending you on a 24 hour date. The dating agency offers a soulmate guarantee where you meet “The One” or you get your money back.

Mary Jayne Baker is on my list of favourite authors This book was just wonderful.

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A very fun idea and executed well!

Saffie, her co-worker and best friend Milo, and his older sister and their boss Tamara are all in romantic ruts. When Milo stumbles upon a dating agency claiming to help you find your soulmate or your money back, guaranteed, he decides to sign up. After much convincing, Saffie and Tamara sign up as well, and the three of them embark on blind 24-hour dates with their supposed soulmates. All three of them end up with something they very much did not expect.

I thought this book was charming. It was a little slow at first, but when you get to the actual dates, it really picks up. I only wish that there were more time spent with each character—I think that's the downside of having three POVs, you can really only do so much with each one.

Overall, I would recommend! An entertaining, easy summer read.

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Different premise, this book was fun and engaging. The characters were very likable and relatable, and once I got into it, it was hard to put down. I enjoyed the three different stories of the main characters, each had a great story in their own way. The British slang was hard to follow sometimes but it was a fun story!

Was this review helpful?

Great abd loveable characters, really easy to follow and enjoyable read. Loved the plot and jus really enjoyed it.

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Fun and entertaining Romantic Comedy.
Great characters with easy banter that flows.
Some wonderful moments that will have you giggling for sure.
Easy to read and follow.

I received an Arc copy of this book and chose to post this review

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Perfect for those going through the dating cycle or that left it long behind

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble – thirtysomething journalist Saffie has tried them all. Now she's wondering whether it's time to throw in the towel and give up on love for good – and she's not alone...

Saffie's boss Tamara has been single since her divorce four years ago, but at forty-five, running her own magazine and with three kids at home, she doesn't feel she has the time, energy or confidence to go through the dating mill again. Meanwhile, Saffie's best friend Milo has just been dumped – again. A hopeless romantic with terrible taste in men, this is his fourth break-up in six months. There must be a secret to finding Mr Right, surely – but what?

Step forward The 24-hour Dating Agency, a matchmaking service with a difference. Instead of wasting months on casual dates, they promise to send you on an intense twenty-four-hour date with your perfect match – like speed-dating but in reverse. And even better, the agency offers a soulmate guarantee: meet The One or your money back.

Figuring they have nothing to lose, the three friends sign up. But when their matches turn out to be not what they were expecting, it seems like even the soulmate guarantee can't find them what they're looking for. Or can it?

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Molto carino, lo consiglio, mi è piaciuto davvero tanto.
Una lettura scorrevole e estiva, leggetelo vi regalerà dei minuti in cui potrete estraniarvi dalla realtà per immergervi nella vita della protagonista.

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Rating: 3.5/5 (rounding up to 4)

Summary: Three friends and coworkers feel as though they have tried everything to find love and have completely run out of luck. After finding an ad for an agency that guarantees a soulmate they each decide to give it a try for a different reason. Tamara needs a distraction from the fact that her ex-husband is back in her life, Milo feels as though he has dated every man in the area and they have all ended poorly, and Saffie believes it would make an interesting story for their magazine.

Thank you so much Head of Zeus for the eARC of this book. I was so intrigued by the concept of this book and could not wait to read it! I really loved that is was about three friends with very different outlooks on love and experiences. The beginning of the story was a little slower paced <spoiler> and I wish we had more content when they were actually on the 24 hour date. </spoiler> I also wish we had more content about Milo as I felt his story deserved a little more time. Overall it was a very cute read, especially for the summer. If you like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Love Guaranteed then this may be the book for you!

Was this review helpful?

This book put me on an emotional rollercoaster. We had twists, we had turns, we got our happy for now.

I loved being able to follow Saffie, Milo, and Tamara. I never wanted to put it down!

Was this review helpful?

The perfect summer beach read !!!! This was a quick 24 hour read that will leave you feeling fulfilled. Silly characters who are fully developed, the banter will leave you chuckling and happy, Add to your summer reading list, you won't be disappointed.

Was this review helpful?

I really really liked this book. It was interesting to see how all three of these characters arrived to desperation in their dating lives, the ways in which they though their match provided through the agency wasn't right, and how they turned things around. Much more character development than usual, as typical of Brit lit, but I found that made the journey even more worth it. I was thrilled to discover that this author has a decent sized backlist that I hope to eventually get to discover!!

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A cute concept with some fun characters. It took a bit to start but once I was in, it was an enjoyable read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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I absolutely judged this book by the cover and was expecting a light romcom. There were humorous moments, but this book also tackled some deeper issues. I really appreciated the way Baker was able to weave the 3 stories together. Typically, it seems most authors will break apart perspectives by chapters, but Baker was able to transition between characters mid-chapter, and I was never once confused about what was happening. My only complaints, which are minor, are that I felt the book was a tad longer than necessary, but also tied up loose ends a little too quickly at the end, and I wish we had better physical descriptions of the main characters. I didn’t feel that I was able to fully picture each of them. It’s a great book for anyone looking for a fairly light read full of strong friendships and family drama, particularly someone familiar with the struggles of dating apps.

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This was an absolute treat!
I thoroughly enjoy this author's writing. She knows how to throw in that British humour and had me laughing quite a few times throughout.

I loved the relationships in this story. A fun chick-lit that truly let's you forget about the real world and let's you escape into the creative mind that is Mary Jayne Barker.

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Milo, Saffie, and Tamara work together at The Throstle's Nest, a small family magazine. As their love life is not being as they wished (among other reasons), they decide to sign up for an adventure they saw in a pamphlet. Dr. Alison Sheldrake ensures she can find the right match for anyone – they need to sign up, fill out a questionnaire and have a 24-hour meeting.

Milo goes with open arms hoping to finally find a companion for life after several failed relationships. But to the astonishment of both of you, they already know each other.

Saffie doesn't believe she can find a partner in just 24 hours and goes more with the idea of gathering information so that she can write an article about the dating agency, for the magazine. What will happen if she likes the other person?

Tamara is at a bad stage in her life - divorced for a few years, her ex-husband is going to marry a younger and beautiful woman, feels old, would like to feel wanted again and have a full day of fun, without thinking about work and her children. Something you're used to as an editor and mother of three is that everything doesn't always go according to plan. How will the date go after a little unexpected change of plans? How will she react when she meets who has been chosen for her, someone with whom she has very little in common?

This book isn't just about the dates, but also about the magazine (which is in a transition phase), the life of Tamara and her children (of the past and how it's intertwined with the present/future), the new relationship of Tamara's ex-husband, among others.

It was a slow-start reading, but which I liked very much. It has more content than I expected initially. I felt that the characters are well developed and we get to know their past, which helps us to understand them better in the present.

These are 3 very different stories that are intertwined through friendship, love, a magazine, and destiny.

It was a wonderful surprise.

"Because sometimes it takes people a while to realize what they want."


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This was another absolute winner from Baker about three friends whose romantic lives were at a dismal stalemate. They end up going to the titular dating business to be matched up with someone who will be guaranteed to be their true love. The agency plans dates to last 24 hours.

The real charm of this book was the friendship among these three friends and the sensitive portrayals of their lives, thoughts, and feelings. I was especially drawn to Tamara’s story. Now in her mid 40s, her loser husband walked out on her when she got unexpectedly pregnant and he just couldn’t cope with taking care of a newborn. He also abandoned his teenage twins. And now he’s back seeking to enter their lives again. The depiction of her relationship with her older children and her adorable five-year-old was so very touching. She had the most unexpected match of the three friends, but the guy she ends up with is just so sweet and delightful.

This was a lovely book and I enjoyed it very much!

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.

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This was such a fun, quick easy read. The concept of going on a 24 hour date with your perfect match was a really fun idea and led to lots of funny moments between the characters. I really liked that we followed 3 characters, Saffie, Tamara and Milo, as they tried to find love and what they really want and need from life.
I adored the characters and how close they were as best friends, I also loved how they interacted with each other and the love interests. There was a lot of cute moments, funny moments and little bit of drama! I really enjoyed this book.

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this was such an amazing book! i can't wait to read more from this author in the future! and once again, thank you to netgalley and the publisher for giving me an advanced copy!

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The 24 Hour Dating Agency tells the story of three friends / coworkers, Tamara, Saffie, and Milo, who sign up for blind dates, promising to find their soulmates. Mary Jane Baker did a very good job at depicting each character’s story while entwining their relationships throughout the book. It was a fun read that I enjoyed! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher.

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Three best friends, all unlucky in love, have tried all the usual ways to find love - even speed dating which was a disaster! Milo has been looking for Mr Right for a long time, and has always settled for Mr Right Now - and scared him off by using the L word too quickly. His sister Tamara has 3 children and a completely useless ex husband who was never there for his children, and has just got his girlfriend pregnant - his girlfriend who is young enough to be his daughter! Milo's best friend is Saffie and she has also had a string of awful ex boyfriends behind her - including the one she left at the alter when she realised that she didn't love him.

They all work together on a tiny niche magazine that has been owned by Milo and Tamara's family for years. When they hear about the 24 Hour Dating Agency, the 3 of them decide to sign up - although Saffie is only doing so to write an article for the magazine.

They all meet very unexpected dates - certainly not ones they would have chosen for themselves. Which of them will find true love, and which will ask for their money back? You will have to read the book to find out!

A lovely, light, funny story with a very feel good ending and just a touch of magic making it a perfect summer read. I loved it.

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Thanks to Head of Zeus (Aria) publishing, Netgalley and the author for an ARC of this book. I am leaving this review voluntarily and have not been compensated for it.

I loved this story - it sort of reminded me of 'He's Just Not That Into You' with its ensemble circle of amazing characters with friendship at the centre. Milo, Tamara and Saffie are not just looking for their soulmates, they are rebuilding their confidence in love after life has sent them many challenges. They help each other to take risks and support each other in a way that illustrates how friendship is as deep a connection as romantic love.
While the love interests in this book are really delightful (especially Harry), the way these three evolve as people is the real joy in the story.

I also love the idea of the 24 Hour Dating Agency and, in particular, the mysterious Dr Sheldrake's incredible intuition. It's true that as humans we can be incredibly shallow and miss the opportunity to meet the person that is maybe not who we would have picked, but is still the right one.

A wonderful, heart-warming story that made me smile.

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This was an entertaining, well-written book. It was clever, fun and held my interest. I wanted to find out what would happen. I enjoyed this book and would read others by this author.

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I absolutely love books that aren't just romance, and really highlight different people and personalities and how they all interact differently. By highlighting three women who work at a newspaper and their journey navigating dating and experience with the 24-hour dating agency, this book does just that, and brilliantly!

The story is unique, quirky, and something that will keep you interested throughout. It may be a lot of information for some, as it's three different stories in one, but I personally loved it so much!

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Thanks to NetGalley, Head of Zeus/Aria, and the author for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I went into the book expecting something a little different than what the books ends up being. It was a very pleasant surprise.
This was a heartwarming story and I loved learning about all three friends. It was nice to see characters a little bit older than your usual rom-com.
I don’t want to give too much away as there were twists in the book but I would highly recommend this read to anyone!

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The perfect trio I didn’t know I needed. After feeling fed-up with the dating scene and past failed relationships, three friends and coworkers: Milo, Saf and Tamara, decide to sign up for the 24-hour dating agency, The agency guarantees that within 24 hours, you will have found your soulmate.

This was equally split up between all three protagonists and it was done very well. I learned so much about all three characters equally, understanding their past and what they wanted for their futures. There were quite a few twists in here that genuinely surprised me, which i appreciated. A super great rom-com and contemporary romance.

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The 24 Hour Dating Agency by Mary Jayne Baker

RUN 🏃🏻‍♀️ to go read this book!!!! It was so stinkin cute, I loved every minute of reading it!!!! Thanks NetGalley for giving me the chance to read this one early!

Mary Jayne Baker did a beautiful job of intertwining the stories of 3 friends in their search for love through an old school dating agency/ matchmaker. I read through this book quickly because I did not want to put it down. The only downside, which isn’t even that bad, it took a little time to get used to the British slang used in the dialogue, but eventually I caught on.

Also, side note…… this would be a super cute movie 😍😍

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Really enjoyed this contemporary romance that follows three coworkers through their differing romantic (and just overall) lives! It is difficult in today's age to connect with people, especially considering most current couples often starts virtually through dating apps, but this book brings a fun twist of match making. This book was a great romantic comedy, especially at a perfect time when I needed one. Recommend this book for the summer, as it is a great beach, pool, or rainy day read as it provide humor through three different perspectives (and each character has been added to my "lets be friends!" shelf)!

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