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Pub Date 1 Sep 2022 | Archive Date 2 Sep 2022

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'Mindwalker is a cinematic gut punch of action and espionage. Sharp-edged, tense and thrilling, you'll be holding your breath until the last page' Tasha Suri, author of The Jasmine Throne

Eighteen-year-old Sil Sarrah is determined to die a legend. But with only twelve months left before the supercomputer grafted to her brain kills her, Sil's time is quickly running out.

In the ten years she's been rescuing field agents for the Syntex corporation - by commandeering their minds from afar and leading them to safety - Sil hasn't lost a single life. And she's not about to start now.

But when a critical mission goes south, Sil is forced to flee the very company she once called home.

Desperate to prove she's no traitor, Sil infiltrates the Analog Army, an activist faction working to bring Syntex down. Her plan: to win back her employer's trust by destroying the group from within. Instead, she and the Army's reckless leader, Ryder, uncover a horrifying truth that threatens to undo all the good she's ever done.

With her tech rapidly degrading and her new ally keeping dangerous secrets of his own, Sil must find a way to stop Syntex in order to save her friends, her reputation - and maybe even herself.

'The thrill ride of a lifetime' Kat Dunn

'Pure adrenaline shot straight into your veins' Jesse Q. Sutanto

'Utterly enthralling' Saara El-Arifi

'This book will leave you breathless' Vaishnavi Patel

'Ridiculously thrilling' Claire Winn

'A vibrant thrill ride from start to finish!' Meg Long


'Mindwalker is a cinematic gut punch of action and espionage. Sharp-edged, tense and thrilling, you'll be holding your breath until the last page' Tasha Suri, author of The...

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ISBN 9781529392685
PRICE £16.99 (GBP)

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Featured Reviews

Mindwalker is a thrill from top to bottom.

A heart pounding book that rips you through the pages with dazzling tech and high stakes operations, until the world slowly chips and crumbles to show the rot festering underneath. And from top to bottom, all kinds of incredible.

Sil is prickly and ready to fight anybody that dares ask her to examine her feelings, and gosh did I love her. How she’s holding herself together with glue but unwilling to admit that. And how she comes across people who might even be more stubborn than her (WHO I ADORE).

The world is masterfully built, with complicated tech explained in a way that made it easy to understand and endlessly fascinating. Seriously, a super computer shoved inside a teenagers head, with a ticking time clock attached to it. Isn’t that one of the coolest things? And Kate writes it in such a way that makes it even cooler.

Truly, this book made me want to scream with its top notch sarcasm and TRULY top notch twists. It’s full of grit, but with enough humor to make every single character endearing and so lovable (prickles and all). What an author Kate Dylan is.

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To everyone out there who is a fan of Divergent, The Hunger Games and other awesome dystopian books: Brace yourselves for a brand new fantastically electrifying new adventure full of riveting action, brand-new tech, chilling secrets and hair-raising discoveries. All in set in a future were the world both looks and functions different but the greed of man, and the evil creations and actions thereof, remains a constant.

Have I caught your attention yet? Good.

Mindwalker is a dystopian novel which deserves to be read. It’s so well written with a strong worldbuilding and utterly intriguing characters, each with their own background story. As much as I really like the MC, Sil Sarrah, she was far from the only interesting character in this cast. So, even though Mindwalker comes off as a standalone, I’m definitely crossing my fingers for more books about this lot.

I haven’t been this invested in and excited about a young adult dystopian book since Divergent was published back in 2011. (That’s 11 years of waiting for something like Mindwalker to show up. 11 whole years! So please, Kate Dylan, if you by some small chance are reading this, have mercy on me and don’t let me wait another 11 years for the next one ;) )

|| Thank you so much to Hodder & Stoughton for providing me with an eARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review! ||

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What a baller, cyberpunk ride from beginning to end! The amount of thought that went into this story and how technology consumed the world was outstanding. Not one dull moment. In fact, the pacing was perfection. 5 Star recommend!

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*Thank you to Netgalley and Hodder and Stoughton for an eARC!

Mindwalker is a fantastic nonstop sci-fi adventure. I read this book in two sittings, it’s so much fun! I love Sil and Kate Dylan’s entire cast of disaster kids.

The world building is so fascinating and easy to digest. No need to worry about your brain exploding. The plot twists had me reeling! I love Kate Dylan’s writing and I can’t wait to read more from her!

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Well written with a compelling, heart in your mouth storyline and well developed characters, with a level of world building that is abasolutely fantastic. This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

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Mindwalker is a heart-pounding, twisty sci-fi story set in an inventive, immersive world, full of characters you want to hug, even when they have prickly exteriors (I’m looking at you, Sil!). The writing is top notch, the pacing keeps you wildly turning the pages, and Sil’s journey will have you rooting for her and doing a lot of yelling! I can’t recommend this one enough, YA sci-fi at its best!

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Sil is a Syntex Mindwalker, fitted with technology that allows her to enter the mind of field agents, take over their bodies and get them out of sticky situations. She has never failed - until she does, and set off an unexpected chain of events.

This book is mind blowing (pun intended). Excellent world building and characters you can't help but root for, it is the perfect mix of action and sci fi. Kate Dylan has definitely landed very firmly on my auto-buy author list.

I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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A delightful read and wild ride from start to finish. MINDWALKER has you hooked from the very beginning with a determined protagonist just trying her very best. When everything she's worked hard for is ripped out from under her, Sil enters a whirlwind journey of questioning everything she stood for. Whether or not you're a fan of Sci-Fi / cyberpunk, you definitely want to read this book!

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A WILD RIDE. This book is so fast paced with a ton of inventive twists. It's incredibly clever with lots of cool references to tech – a truly fun dystopian read. The first person narrative worked really well – I loved Sil! There was plenty of action and I found myself truly gripped throughout. A very, very cool read.

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Mindwalker is a fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride through post-apocalyptic New York. With a gripping and twisty plot and strong characters you immediately connect with, you won't want to put it down.

After a chillingly plausible apocalypse wipes out most of humanity, tech corps run the world. Sil Sarrah is the brightest employee at the biggest of these companies, with a perfect record and dear friends. When a mission goes wrong and she has to leave everything she knows behind, she teams up with one of her company's enemies to try and win back her favour.

Mindwalker is just crying out for a movie adaptation; an animation that gets Sil's rainbow hair just right would be incredible. If you can read whilst listening to music, Danger Days by My Chemical Romance is the perfect soundtrack to this book (come on film companies, I am doing your work for you. Pick this book up and give it the post-apocalyptic glam emo soundtrack it deserves).

The Marvel references are delightful and the characters are charming, unique, and feel so vivid and well-realised. I would have liked to read more about the state of the rest of the world outside of the New York cell, but that's just the geographer in me talking.

The tech is one of the stars of this story. It's such an interesting concept and even I, a luddite who doesn't understand technology, thought it was really cool.

Mindwalker is perfect for fans of good old fashioned 00s/10s dystopian YA, with headstrong girls and pretty boys taking on the world.

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What a book! I’m so excited for this to make its way into the world.
From the very first chapter I was hooked and it was like nothing I’ve ever had the pleasure of ready before. I struggled to put it down.

I loved Sil’s journey as our main character and the trials and tribulations she faced.

I mean mindwalking!! Like what?!?!

It’s fast paced and thrilling and sass levels are off the charts at times. Plus we have Marvel references and snazzy tech. What’s not to like?

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"Do not surrender control." - Mindwalker (Kate Dylan)

Sil Sarrah is an 18 year old who knows she has 12 months or less left to live before the CIP grafted to her brain stem, kills her. She's known this would be her life since she was 8 years old accepted the position offered to her by the Syntex Corporation. She has been Syntex's perfect Walker for 10 years, rescuing every agent with no loss of life. And Sil is committed to keeping her perfect score. But when she is placed in an impossible mission, she goes against protocol and the outcome of the mission forces Sil to flee the only place she has friends and a "family."

While on the run, Sil Sarrah will find allies, enemies, and ultimately the truth. But with time running out and her system hardware deteriorating every day, will she have the time and ability to bring that truth to life?

I read this ARC of "Mindwalker," by Kate Dylan in one sitting, and I am blown away! This story gripped me IMMEDIATELY, entered my brain and took me on the ride of my life! I wanted to read this again as soon as I finished it. Definitely a top 5 standalone book of all time for me.

This book was like if parts of the "Uglies" Trilogy, mixed with parts of the "Matched" Trilogy, then added some Marvel-like advanced tech and spit out the absolute perfect Sci-Fi for today's world! The dystopian aspect was right on track with what could happen to the US if 💩 (crap) hits the fan. It was very easy to fully immerse myself into the dark city streets and the corrupted big companies alongside Sil.

Forever a fan of Kate Dylan! Thank you to NetGalley and Hodder & Stoughton for the free eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Mindwalker ticks all my boxes of a great read: a fast-paced, twisty, and action-packed sci-fi thriller with a bad-ass main character, both caught up in and fighting the system, plus add an enemies-to-lovers subplot. Sil is an elite "mindwalker" who's been cybernetically enhanced and trained to take over the brains of her employers field agents/spies to help extract them from dangerous situations. When one of her assignments goes spectacularly awry and she ends up on the run and thrown in with the resistance, launching her non-stop quest to find the truth, avoid getting killed, righting wrongs, and accidentally falling for her enemy. The worldbuilding is intricate and convincing, and readers of all ages will root for Sil.

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A brilliant sci fi read that hooks from the first few paragraphs. Sil is a character I immediately wanted to know more about.

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Slick, stylish and full of turns I didn't see coming, Mindwalker is a fast paced story set in a sci-fi world not too dissimilar to our own. Sil is a my new favourite character, her combination of tech smarts and snark kept the tone lighthearted and fun, while the ticking clock in her body added a constant sense of danger.

Soldiers trained and owned by a massive corporation is already a terrifying thought, and as Sil uncovers their secrets and finds out that they've been Mindwalking - taking over people's minds and controlling them - without their permission, it just gets scarier. On the run with a bounty on her head, she teams up with friends and enemies to take down the place she once called home.

This seems to be a standalone, but I would love a sequel or two expanding Sil's world and the characters in it. I really want to find out what happens to Sil next, and if she succeeded in her mission and can find a place for herself in society after leaving.

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Thank you, Hodder & Stoughton, for the ARC of this book. I really enjoyed reading about Sil’s journey. I liked the dystopian world in the book and the technical yet accessible language used to describe various aspects of the mindwalkers’ purpose. It’s a solid story that will appeal to YA readers as well as older audience interested in the genre. Kate Dylan did an incredible job writing this novel!
PS I’d also like to mention how gorgeous the cover is :)

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Oh my goodness this book is amazing! I haven't read much science fiction/dystopia recently so it was amazing to get back into such a fascinating and scary world. The plot of this book is so unique and I was completely gripped from the beginning. Sil is a highly engaging MC and there was even a twist at the end that completely floored me. Kate Dylan has written a masterpiece and I cannot wait to read whatever she publishes next!

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I love science fiction. I love watching it and I love reading it. And lately, as more and more YA Sci-Fi books have started to come out, I have found myself falling in love with them. Mindwalker by Kate Dylan is one of them. I was drawn into the story from the premise itself. When I actually got to reading Mindwalker is when I knew I had found a new favourite.

The action begins in the first chapter itself and never stops. The pacing in Mindwalker is some of the best I have seen in sci-fi. It is fast and stays fast till the end; which makes you not want to put down the book because you want to know what happens. The worldbuilding is pretty damn great as well. Everything from the setting of the world to the concept of Mindwalking is written in simple language, making it easy to understand from the get-go. Kate Dylan has created such an incredible world in this book, that you’d be left in awe.

Also the code-based messaging system; I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it but yeah; that was so cool to read!

Sil was the perfect main character to read from. She was so badass, brave and determined and I felt like I would love to meet her. Or work alongside her. Or be her friend. And Ryder? Love that boy. A new book boyfriend has been found hehe.

If you have been looking to start reading sci-fi, especially YA sci-fi, then Mindwalker is the perfect way to start reading the genre!

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I want to start by saying that this was granted access to an early access copy of this to review. My review is honest and left voluntarily. Also, as always I try to avoid too many spoilers bar character names etc. to ensure any twists, turns or surprises can be enjoyed by readers.

Mindwalker is now on the top of my modern sci-fi books. It’s been a long time since I have found a sci-fi that isn’t a tie-in that I adore and this is it. A little about the book before we begin.
Eighteen-year-old Sil Sarrah is determined to die a legend. But with only twelve months left before the supercomputer grafted to her brain kills her, Sil's time is quickly running out.
In the ten years she's been rescuing field agents for the Syntex corporation - by commandeering their minds from afar and leading them to safety - Sil hasn't lost a single life. And she's not about to start now.
But when a critical mission goes south, Sil is forced to flee the very company she once called home.
Desperate to prove she's no traitor, Sil infiltrates the Analog Army, an activist faction working to bring Syntex down. Her plan: to win back her employer's trust by destroying the group from within. Instead, she and the Army's reckless leader, Ryder, uncover a horrifying truth that threatens to undo all the good she's ever done.
With her tech rapidly degrading and her new ally keeping dangerous secrets of his own, Sil must find a way to stop Syntex in order to save her friends, her reputation - and maybe even herself.
First of all Sil Sarrah is a dream of a main character. She’s flawed, stubborn, heroic (although she may not see it) sassy, skilled and powerful. I loved her. Add to this the other misfit group of characters and I was overjoyed. Even characters that annoyed me (partly because they were meant to by the way) I loved. But characters aren’t the only thing that make a story. The worldbuilding while not in your face is tight, cleaver and believable. The plot is fast-paced, fun and also edge of your seat with a couple of twists that made my head spin. I almost thought a certain someone was too good to be true, turns out they were.

The chemistry between Ryder (who is also amazing) and Sil is brilliant. It fits them perfectly and made me all the more invested with a slight enemies to friends to lovers vibes going on. That said it isn’t the main focus of the plot and I think that is why I loved it so much. It wasn’t the real driving factor which made it all the more enjoyable (to me at least).

As already mentioned the story does not lack action, tension and a few twists along the way. I honestly adored this book and I really hope we get to see Sil and Ryder again or at least more from Dylan since it was just... well perfection.

Was this review helpful?

I was fortunate to get my hands on a copy of this book early thanks to Netgalley.

Mindwalker was an absolute thrill-ride of a novel. First off, the concept is just flat out COOL—like, come on, a character who can infiltrate someone else's mind to act as the ultimate secret agent? I was gripped from page 1. The tech in this book is so creative, but it feels real, and the world is so lived-in that every moment felt absolutely believable to me. This is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic version of the USA that I could perfectly envision myself living in.

The writing is fantastic, fast-paced and high-octane to match the plot, which is just excellently paced. The story careens from one corner to the next so fast that your heart won't have time to come down between pages... and you'll like it, damn it!

Plot? ✅
Characters? ✅
Setting? ✅
Writing? ✅

Overall, Mindwalker was a huge win for me. It stands alone perfectly, but I would love a sequel, or at least something set in the same world, just because I want more. This is the kind of story that sends a girl on the hunt for fanfiction! Which, believe me, is the highest of endorsements. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on this one. Preorder this book!

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I didn't expect to enjoy it, not because I'm not a fan of sci-fi, because I am; however, not all sci-fi can be processed by my brain, LOL; To be honest, I was initially perplexed, and there are so many computer technology terms that I don't comprehend that I want to abandon this book, but its action-packed and gripping nature makes me want to keep reading until the end, and I don't regret it.⠀

It's told about Sil Sarrah, a mind walker who aspires to become a legend. Sil hasn't lost a single life in ten years of rescuing Syntex corporation field agents by taking over their minds and leading them to safety. And she has no plans to start now. However, when a critical mission fails, Sil is forced to flee the very company for which she once worked.⠀

Sil infiltrates the Analog Army, an activist faction working to bring Syntex down, desperate to prove she is not a traitor. Her strategy was to regain her boss's trust by destroying the group from within. Instead, she and the Army's rash leader, Ryder, discover a horrifying truth that threatens to undo everything she's ever accomplished.⠀

The concept of mind walking fascinates me, as does the author's apparent mastery of the term computer technology, which I find really cool. I also liked how the characters evolved. It has a dystopian and cyberpunk vibe that I haven't seen in a long time in a book. The MC is fantastic. I wasn't expecting romance, so it was a pleasant surprise! The plot twist caught me off guard; it was completely unexpected, and how I wish it was a series!⠀

If you want an engaging full-fledged action story with badass female characters, don't miss this book, which is set to be released on September 1, 2022.⠀

Also thank you to Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for granting me access to the eARC! this is by far my favorite. ⠀

_ _ _

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Out soon from Hodder & Stoughton, Kate Dylan’s YA sci-fi novel Mindalker offers up a breathless blast of neon-soaked, tactically-modded fun laid over a surprisingly dark and powerful core. In a divided, post-apocalypse America, eighteen year-old Sil Sarrah is a Mindwalker for the Syntex Corporation – modded and trained to step into field agents’ minds from afar and extract them from the most dangerous missions. Knowing full well that she only has a year or so of life remaining before her implants finally kill her, Sil is determined to go out with her perfect mission record intact, right up until something goes horribly wrong and she finds herself on the run from her own people. As she searches for intelligence on Syntex’s enemies in an attempt to clear her name, Sil starts to relearn how to live outside the protection of the company, along the way gaining a new perspective on the world around her.

As you might expect from what is essentially YA cyberpunk, this starts off fast and never slows down, packing in action and excitement from start to finish. Sil knows that her time is running out, and once she realises the danger she’s in that sense of urgency ramps right up – every action she takes could tangibly reduce her life expectancy, but she has no choice but to keep eating into her lifespan as she desperately searches for answers. Completely out of her comfort zone, unable even to fully rely on her inbuilt tech (including the supercomputer implanted in her brain, amusingly named Jarvis after “this pre-Annihilation movie Dad and I used to watch”), she’s forced to look at the world from a new perspective, and while she starts off very focused on what she knows to be right and wrong, she gradually acknowledges that perhaps life isn’t quite as black and white as her role at Syntex had led her to believe.

Mindwalker might be theoretically aimed at a relatively young audience, but it’s certainly not sanitised or simplified, in fact in places it’s downright dark. Behind all the action and adventure, the corporate espionage and the high-tech hijinks, this is an incredibly relevant and powerful story exploring themes of technological consent, of choice and personal responsibility and the dangers of unchecked capitalism. If nothing else, the concept of an eight year-old being allowed to agree to technological implants which, while astonishingly powerful and capable of facilitating amazing things, will kill her in little more than ten years, is genuinely pretty grim…but at the same time strangely believable. Likewise the post-Annihilation setting, which feels worryingly familiar with its emphasis on unchecked corporate power, and increasing controls being presented in terms of protection and safety.

It’s that balance of light and dark, the pacy action and the thought-provoking questions being raised, that elevates this beyond just a fun action romp. Of course this is a lot of fun, not just because of the fight sequences, hacking, body mods and snarky dialogue, but also in its judicious use of familiar, effective tropes (not least Sil’s reluctant friendship with (handsome) anti-tech activist Ryder). The lively, comfortable elements of the story, along with some clever plotting which feels fairly straightforward but ends up taking some interesting turns, all mesh so well with the points Dylan is making about the risks of technological over-reliance and the worrying path the world is treading regarding privacy and consent. Nothing feels forced, but rather elegantly incorporated into an overall sense of a dystopia which doesn’t spend too much time dwelling on the past, and a hugely entertaining adventure that can be enjoyed on multiple levels.

Was this review helpful?

5 Stars

As you all know, I’m a Science Fiction Fantasy lover but I tend to focus on the Fantasy side more often. But let me say that after reading Mindwalker I’ll definitely have to read more science fiction. From the intriguing premise and beautiful cover of Mindwalker, I just knew that I had to request this one off Netgalley and I was happy to learn that I ended up getting approved! Now let me talk about this absolutely incredible story that has become one of my top reads for this year!

Mindwalker is a heart-pounding, fast-paced sci-fi adventure story with remarkable worldbuilding that is sure to immerse you into the story. To everyone who says that Sci-fi isn’t really their thing, I encourage you to still pick up this incredible story that will be sure to convert you to the Sci-fi genre.

Mindwalker is the kind of story that will hold you on the edge of your seat until the very end. From page one, the action begins and doesn’t stop at all. One of the things that the Sci-fi genre is known for is its fast-paced action sequences and let me say Dylan does an incredible job with this, some of the best work I’ve seen! Whenever the characters were put into a stressful situation where there was a chance they wouldn’t make it out alive, my heart started racing afraid for their lives. There was never a moment when I was bored and felt the need to put the story down to take a break.

I think one of the things that turn people off from the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre can be worldbuilding. If not done right, the world that these characters occupy can be confusing for the audience to understand and comprehend elements that are key to the overall storytelling aspect. This was definitely not the case here!

The worldbuilding is written in a simple way which makes it easier for the reader to understand the world of Mindwalker. This world is filled to the brim with mind-boggling technologies that I would never think of in a million years. The overall concept behind Mindwalkers of people who have supercomputers in their heads that are then able to infiltrate people’s minds is such an intriguing concept that honestly deserves to have its own movie.

With a world focused on technology, it brings into question how far are people willing to go in order to get the latest technological advancements. Themes of consent are featured heavily throughout this story which has characters pondering the question of how much are they willing to give up in order to get ahead in their society. With Sil being on the run after being accused of being a traitor to everything she has ever known, she faces the dangers of corporate power and untying the web of lies that have always been fed to her.

Not only does this story feature incredibly detailed worldbuilding and thrilling action sequences, but the characters are also sure to have you captivated in their own personal journeys. Sil Sarrah was a brilliant main character to follow and I’m sure many readers will love her prickly exterior while still having a deeply sympathetic interior. The enemies-to-lovers relationship between Sil and Ryder was executed well, having been built over the course of the story and not overtaking the main premise behind Mindwalker.

Mindwalker is a story not just for Sci-fi readers but those looking for a story filled with action, extraordinary technological advancements, morally grey characters, and immersive worldbuilding that is sure to grab your attention from the very beginning.

Was this review helpful?

Mindwalker is a book that I expected a lot from.... And boy oh boy did she DELIVER with FIRST CLASS POST.

As soon as I started reading I got similar vibes to other ya sci fi books that I loved and I loved Sil's POV. Especially as it reflected a bit more depth to her character which I feel is usually missing in a lot of YA.
Moving on!
The way in which Ryder had me in a CHOKEHOLD. THIS MAN. (Miss Kate Dylan I need you to write a spin-off about Ryder's illegal ventures before Sil because I definitely need more Ryder content).
I felt as though Mindwalker was a book that was more of a movie and I enjoyed it a lot (who do I have to ask to get a physical arc because I need to annotate so many things 😂).
My only 'criticism' would be that babygorl needed to be longer I would've read WAY MORE.
Miss Dylan I'm sorry I have to knock off half a star because I wanted MORE (in the sense of a bit more worldbuilding so a spin-off would be possible). (BUT IT WAS EXCELLENT APART FROM THAT)!
Overall 5/5 I just felt wronged by the book ending so 4.5/ stars.

Was this review helpful?

Buckle up! Mindwalker is a total in-your-face thrillride from start to finish. The world Dylan paints is a totally believable one, with power-hungry Syntex corp and the creepy interference and manipulation of people’s lives a completely feasible extension of contemporary corporate greed. Forget your speaker spying on you—this technology literally gets in your head. Sil is a fist-swinging firecracker and Ryder stole my heart. Mindwalker has scratched the action-packed futuristic itch I’d been missing in YA. Read it! You won’t regret it. Thank you Netgalley and Hodder for the early read. Opinions entirely my own.

Was this review helpful?

MINDWALKER is a UKYA scif-fi debut that has been getting a fair bit of hype and was so much fun to read. I was reading it at a very chaotic time, so wasn't able to sit down and just read it (which is what I very much wanted to do) but despite lots of interruptions and long stretches when I couldn't read, it kept me entertained the whole time.

It's a snappy book, fitting a lot in the 311 pages - several twists and turns and revealed corporate secrets. Sil has been effectively brough up by Syntex for the last ten years, so leaving forces her to confront other opinions about the ethical nature of the technology, and the power it allows the corporation to hold. There were also questions about when it was OK to use morally iffy (at the very best) technology and the slippery slope within.

Sil is the sort of character who barrels ahead to do what she thinks is best, and doesn't ask for opinions (other than her super computer.) It means we get some great set pieces of (well-meaning) recklessness in the post-apocalyptic New York City.

The ticking timebomb of the technology in her head, and the way serious action degrades it, adds a great tension rachet to the book. There's so much pressure to find the answers, decide a side, and act before time runs out - but you also know that acting will reduce the time left so there might not be enough.

If you are the sort of reader who likes banter, then this is a book for you. The dialogue is so sharp and snappy, more the clever/witty (and genuinely feels clever rather than thinking it's clever) side than the petty/mean side, which was great as it's the type I prefer. Sil's general voice also made me laugh a few times - her observations were a sarcastic, exasperated mix that worked so well.

I look forward to what Kate Dylan writes next (and I rather hope we get her German books in English now!)

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and Hodder and Staughton for an e-ARC of this book in exchange fot my honest review!

"It's impossible to ignore an alarm that's going off inside your head. Which is probably why Syntex put it there instead of on my bedside table."

From that very first sentence, Mindwalker had me hooked. Have I been desperately looking for a sci-fi dystopia to sink my teeth into recently? Absolutely I have. Did Mindwalker deliver on that front? Yes, and then some!

We join main character Sil in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic North American hellscape made of toxic ground and neon lights. Huge tech corporations rule over all - they keep the population alive despite the poisonous air they breathe, with their nanites and healing technology. And ruling over all those corporation is Syntex, so insidious that they are above the law - hell, they make the laws. And they also employ Sil as a Walker; she is able to hijack the minds of others and take over their bodies for short bursts of time.

The story is fast-paced and fully immersive from the very beginning, thrown along with Sil as life hurtles at her. Sil herself is a very relatable and easy to love character - she's a little clueless at times, having grown up essentially brainwashed by Syntex, but she makes up for it by being an absolute bad*ss when it comes down to plotting and fighting.

Joined by a cast of other characters who never blend into the background and are themselves memorable and easy to care for (or hate!), Sil carries the story perfectly. And that little twist in the final act? *chef's kiss* Did not see it coming, but then it seemed so obvious! How could I have missed it?

A romance sub-plot rounds it all off nicely into the perfect YA package - and is a nice little escape in a genre saturated with fantasy.

Very excited to read more from this author, and hope we'll be getting a sequel too!

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Okay so Mindwalker… I’m not entirely sure how to talk about this because I just loved it so much? Along with fantasy, sci-fi is another all-time favourite genre but there aren’t that many that I see and want to read straight away. With Mindwalker though, I’d been following Kate for a while and every new thing I saw about the book made me want to read it as soon as I could (especially any kind of comparisons to Marvel).

Zero disappointment, from the first page we’re introduced to Sil and her Central Intelligence Processor (CIP), which she’s elected to name after one particular AI from Marvel… and she’s hungover, making her reminiscent of a young female Iron Man. Sil is then thrown into a mission pretty much straight away, and we see how those like her (Mindwalkers) are able to get inside the minds of field agents and use their in-brain technology to help them get out of tricky situations.

That’s not the only good technology from Syntex, the story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where lots of nukes had gone off in the past, and Syntex is helping people survive in this world with their technology. If you’ve played any of the Fallout games, they’ll likely give you Vault-Tec vibes… (Thinking about it, my love for Fallout 4 may also be partly why I loved this book to be honest, but instead of deathclaws you get humans being the big bad in this!)

On the surface of things, they have pretty neat technique. But then we’re told how the CIPs have a shelf-life and eventually just… combust in the Mindwalkers’ heads. Not so neat, especially for our main character who’s not got much time left.

Events then happen, leading Sil to be hiding from her own employers and trying to infiltrate a group who has the sole aim of taking down corporate bodies such as Syntax, Analog Army. Think of an Anonymous-like group of people. Within Analog Army though is the super-smug-yet-handsome Ryder, and cue some angst, confusion and kind of enemies-to-lovers. Their interactions are just brilliant throughout and the chemistry between them works so well!

Stillness is the greatest enemy of pain; the second you stop moving, it catches up to you.
Overall, the story is fast-paced throughout and even through that, it’s hard not to form attachments to the majority of characters you meet. Some older themes are covered, so I’d definitely say its for the older age range of young adult (and all the way up to and beyond retirement age), and it is so… genius!

That’s honestly the best way to describe this book, there are twists you don’t see coming and Kate included a scavenger hunt for clues in the preorder items below (everything except the pin and proof in the photo, those were gifted from the lovely publisher!) and… it was amazing. Definitely something to enjoy after reading the book, but it highlighted how much care Kate took with this story and even though my initial reaction to finishing reading it was pretty much ‘Christ-that-was, that was incredible’, I was in even more awe after the scavenger hunt.

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An apocalyptic event has wiped out most of the world as people knew it. Tech companies now rule the world, and tech body modifications and implants have become the norm. Eighteen year old Sil Sarrah has embraced the tech modifications to the extreme. Working for the Syntex corporation, she has a super computer embedded in her brain. She IS a super computer, designed to rescue Syntex field agents - by taking over their minds remotely and getting them to safety. She is a Mindwalker, and the best one to date. She has less than a year remaining before the computer grafted to her brain burns out, killing her.

In her ten years working for Syntex, she has a flawless record. Until something goes wrong - and she ends up on the run, fighting for her life and desperate to find a way to prove she is not a traitor. In this search she finds much more than she expected. The resistance takes Sil in, and she starts to realise that her view on the world may not be the only way to view it. That is all I am willing to share, to do the story justice you have to read it!

Mindwalker was a stunning read. It packed as much of a punch to read as Sil does when she is angry! I could not put it down, and stayed up far later than is acceptable when you have work the next day to finish it. There is skillful character building, realistic world development, gripping storyline, and never ending action. The book is so well written. The story in a wasteland of a dystopian world is fresh and exciting, in what can be a tired and worn genre. Every aspect pulls you in, has you wanting to join the resistance. Where can I sign up? Where can I get some of the mods? (I am looking at you rainbow hair!). I say run, don’t walk to read this one. You won’t regret it.

*I received this book from NetGalley for review, but all opinions are my own.

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I absolutely loved this book!
Mindwalker was so much fun to read that I couldn't put it down and I ended up finishing it in a day!
If you are looking for good YA Sci-fi read I would definitely recommend this one!
Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Loved this book! A perfect cyberpunk story with an immersive world and a main character you can't help but root for. Sil has a great voice that glides you through the story with it's many twists and turns.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Hodder and Stoughton for the e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

Holy christ-that-was. This book is my new obsession. Words cannot explain how good this book was. It more than exceeded my expectations. Mindwalker is a YA/Crossover novel that follows mindwalker Captain Sil Sarrah who works for Syntex. She can enter other agents' brains from afar and lead them to safety. Her record and stats are impeccable and she's determined to keep it that way. When a surprise mission goes wrong, she's forced to go on the run. With a warrant and talks of her being a traitor, she joins the Analog Army, a group working to bring Syntex down. However, when truths start to come out about the place she called home, she's left wondering whether she's fighting for the right cause.

Mindwalker had me hooked from the very first chapter. Everything is so well described, it was like watching a movie inside my head. When a book gives me that, it's instantly a 5-star. The world-building was done well and it wasn't overcomplicated like some SFF books out there.

The characters were so likeable, especially Ryder. If you know me, you know I love bad boi characters. There were some characters that I loved at the start but by the end, I absolutely despised them. There were also characters that I hated when they were first introduced, but they grew on me by the time I finished. Sil and Ryder are by far my favourite characters. They both get on each other's nerves and the banter they have is amazing. Especially with the nicknames.

There are a few tropes in this book that I absolutely love: enemies to lovers and knife to throat. Put those to together in a book and its perfection.

I also loved that this book explored the theme of consent and the implications of when consent is ignored. It was so refreshing to see it in a situation where it's not related to sexual relationships. Themes of mental health were also explored and it gave the all-important message that "it's okay not to be okay".

All in all, this book is absolute perfection and is my new obsession. If you like enemies to lovers, badass characters, marvel, morally grey characters and explosions, you don't want to miss out on this book!

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I absolutely loved this!
Think Legend (Marie Lu) meets This Mortal Coil (Emily Suvada), and you know you’re in for an awesome ride!
If you like your sci-fi earthbound and packed with dystopian suspense, a side of morals and politics, and plenty of gadgetry, then you’re in for a treat, my friends.
The pacing was perfect and it made this story pretty unputdownable.
One of the things I really loved about it was Sil’s strength and independence as a female protagonist. The weight of the story’s outcome rests firmly on her shoulders and you never doubt for a moment that it’s in the best hands.
You should absolutely read this.
Big love to NetGalley and Hodder and Stroughton for the ARC, and congrats to Kate Dylan for writing such a fantastic story; more than worthy of the five stars I’m giving it.

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Mindwalker is a completely wild sci-fi/cyberpunk thriller that follows Sil, a genetically modified teenager with a supercomputer in her mind that allows her to enter and control other people’s brains. At eighteen years old, Sil’s employment and life are both almost up and, in an attempt to die a legend, she finds herself caught up in a scandal, a compromised mission, and a plot to overthrow the company that she’s idolised for as long as she remembers.

I knew before I picked this up that I was going to love it and it absolutely did not disappoint. Mindwalker combines enemies-to-lovers, Marie Lu-level sci-fi world building, a page-turning plot and an incredibly fierce, slightly unhinged female protagonist to create one of the most exciting books I’ve read all year.

The pace didn’t slow down for a second, and whilst the characters were definitely my favourite thing about this book, the plot was an absolute thrill ride. There was a lot of explanation needed due to the amount of futuristic tech in the story, but this was done so well that it was incredibly easy to understand the tech that Syntex was using without wasting a lot of time describing it.

I cannot stress enough how much I loved this book. It reminded me a lot of slightly older dystopian YA, like Divergent and The Hunger Games, but with plenty of modern tropes and elements that made it feel completely new. I’m so excited to read everything Kate Dylan writes from here on in and seriously can’t recommend this one enough!

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Urgh this was *so good*. Secret agents who can infiltrate people’s bodies, shadowy corporations, a cyber punk dystopian landscape and the exploration of consent. Bloody brilliant and furious. I want like 8 more.

Mindwalker by Kate Dylan follows Sil, a class of agent called a Walker. With a supercomputer in her brain and an expiry date on the table, Sil’s job is to rescue Syntex field agents when their missions go critical. But this is not your normal extraction.. Sil can meld with their minds, embody them. And she has a perfect record.

That is, until a critical mission goes wrong in the most public way possible, and Sil has to flee. But she soon comes across the rebel faction she thinks is responsible for her failure, and decides to infiltrate them. If she can return to Syntex with the Analog Army on a plate, maybe all will be forgiven.

Dylan deftly weaves a rich world — both the one that Sil thinks she knows, and the truth that she comes to realise. There’s twists and turns, brutal fights and a lil bit of spicy enemies to lovers going on, terrifying technology and choices made. It absolutely slaps.

It’s an extremely cinematic novel — if you love a slick action movie you will be very pleased! It reminds me of the brilliant False Hearts by Laura Lam mixed with Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao, but also is a ride all of its own. All this feels extra impressive for such a slight novel, but that’s part of the power — no words are wasted, no seconds spared; this is taut, gripping and unputdownable.

Don't be mistaken that this is all punches. Mindwalker explores issues of consent, technological advances, the ravaging effects of nuclear war, inequality and corporate dominance. There's a lot inn these pages, and it's an impressive, furious debut.

It’s out in Hardback and ebook on the 1st of September and is the perfect wild ride for a gloomy autumn weekend. Definitely not one to miss!

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One of the best books I’ve read this year. Instantly gripped from the beginning and just obsessed all the way through. I cannot wait to get a physical copy of this and re read it again.

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