Killing Jericho

The helter-skelter 2023 crime thriller like no other

Narrated by Damian Lynch
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Book 1 of Scott Jericho Crime Series
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Pub Date 27 Apr 2023 | Archive Date 22 Feb 2024

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Scott Jericho thought he'd worked his last case. Fresh out of jail, the disgraced former detective is forced to seek refuge with the fairground family he once rejected.

Then a series of bizarre murders comes to light - deaths that echo a century-old fairground legend. The police can't connect the victims. But Jericho knows how the legend goes; that more murders are certain to follow.
As Jericho unpicks the deadly mystery, a terrifying question haunts him. As a direct descendant of one of the victims in the legend, is Jericho next on the killer's list?

Scott Jericho thought he'd worked his last case. Fresh out of jail, the disgraced former detective is forced to seek refuge with the fairground family he once rejected.

Then a series of bizarre...

Advance Praise

'A detective who breaks every mould . . . A must-read series' JANICE HALLETT

'A distinctive detective, a striking setting, and macabre murders - what more could a reader ask for?' JOHN CONNOLLY

'A thrilling helter-skelter of a gripping mystery' SARAH PINBOROUGH

'A beautifully wrought and fantastically gothic thriller' SJ WATSON

'An absolute cracker' T.M. LOGAN

'A first-class thriller' CHRIS WHITAKER

'A blisteringly new brand of hero' SARAH HILARY

'Agatha Christie meets Se7en' TINA BAKER

'Dark, exciting, furiously-paced and full of twists' ALEX SMITH

'A detective who breaks every mould . . . A must-read series' JANICE HALLETT

'A distinctive detective, a striking setting, and macabre murders - what more could a reader ask for?' JOHN CONNOLLY


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EDITION Audiobook, Unabridged
ISBN 9781804181201
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Featured Reviews

Killing Jericho by William Hussey
(Narrated by Damian Lynch)

Jericho is a unique detective! One of the most memorable crime fiction I have ever read. Combining a Traveller and Detective in one body! Such an enjoyable and exciting read.

Fast-paced story and I love the story setting. I like the book! The narrator did a great job to present the story - gripping and exciting.

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for my copy.

Pub date: Apr 27, 2023

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Book Review:
Killing Jericho by William Hussey
🎧Bonnier UK Audio, Zaffre 27th April 2023

Scott Jericho thought he'd worked his last case. Fresh out of jail, the disgraced former detective is forced to seek refuge with the fairground family he once rejected.
Then a series of bizarre murders comes to light - deaths that echo a century-old fairground legend. The police can't connect the victims. But Jericho knows how the legend goes; that more murders are certain to follow.
As Jericho unpicks the deadly mystery, a terrifying question haunts him. As a direct descendant of one of the victims in the legend, is Jericho next on the killer's list?

Scott Jericho is not your typical detective; he comes from a travelling fairground, and he's gay. Although he's something of an enigma, our protagonist also feels authentic as the author lends much of himself to the character's background.
As I lost myself within Killing Jericho, it soon became clear that this first book in William Hussey's new series is all-encompassing and unlike any police procedural or detective thriller I've encountered before.
Pulling gothic horror threads into the tale made for such gleeful darkness that I practically clapped my hands together in wicked delight! The ultimate marriage of perfection! Boxes were ticked en masse: detecting; gore; suspense; revelations; wickedness; murder; twists; wonderful characters; immersive writing.
The author's engrossing writing ability simply sucks you in. It's like being at a fairground ride, unable to get off until the operator stops it. You just have to hold on for dear life and devour the pages with sheer delight.

*Thanks to Bonnier Audio UK and William Hussey for the audiobook I received via NetGalley. I also purchased the hardback version. This is my unbiased review.

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Jericho is a person not a place, an ex detective just released from prison seeks refuge in the fairground world of travellers. Unusual combination however Jericho is also descended from traveller blood himself so he knows the ways.Very interesting setting for this story which turns out to be a murder investigation. The writing was very good almost ghostly gothic, with many twists and turns. Very dark and i had to read a few chapters twice as i had forgotten whoo was who, not the fault of the author i may add, just my own distractions. Will definitely seek out more from this author. Thank you #NetGalley for the audiobook to review.

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A unique thriller with the major character being one who has never been characterised as a (sort of) hero in the history of crime fiction.
Brilliantly written and beautifully narrated, this is a tale that is well worth the time for lovers of thrilling crime stories interlaced with twists that you won’t see coming.
Intense and shocking and very addictive.

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What a book to end the year! I know I’ve said it twice already, but I definitely won’t fit in another now.

Absolutely brilliant. Unique to anything I’ve read in years. I can’t believe I left this on my TBR for so long. Disgraced cop Scott Jericho is fresh out of jail, on a downward spiral with forming addictions to try to treat his PTSD when a fresh case opens up that has a personal connection that makes it impossible for him to resist trying to solve.

I enjoyed the detail on the Travelling community and the lgbtq theme, and I loved how the folklore added to the story.

Fast, clever, intelligent and intriguing, kept me hooked right up until that brilliantly executed last line and narrated beautifully. I cannot wait to see what’s next in store for Jericho.

All the stars 🌟 # Jorecommends

Thank you to NetGalley and Bonnier U.K. Audio for the opportunity to listen to this audiobook in return for an honest review.

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This is without a doubt one of the greatest thrillers I have ever read! I absolutely adored this story from the very beginning and cannot express enough how desperately I want a sequel! Every single character is incredibly well-developed and multi-dimensional, there are numerous smaller plots in addition to the main one that all intertwine in the end leaving the reader gobsmacked, and the grand reveal at the end had me audibly gasping and saying "no way!" out loud. I could not have asked for a more perfect book to start the new year with. Jericho has my heart in every sense of the word - and Harry too! It's very difficult to find a novel that discusses the Travelling community in a positive light, and I can safely say with absolute certainty that I have never found one that also includes LGBT+ characters - not just as the "token gay friend" but as the main protagonist! The murders were grotesque and beautifully described, the mystery was impossible to piece together until the end, and each and every single plot twist had me almost falling off the edge of my seat. This is 100% one of my all-time favourites and a novel I will most certainly be buying in paperback upon its release! It's gritty and dark yet has swooning moments of romance that don't make me cringe the way most "love stories" do. If I could give it six stars out of five then I would. Ten out of ten recommend for quite literally everyone!

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I loved Killing Jericho, by William Hussey. It's the book all crime fiction lovers should read. It turns the genre on its head, with a protagonist you can’t help but love, and follow down all the dark alleys and into all the twisted mind games. A brilliant breath of fresh air in the “detective” genre. I can’t wait for the next Scott Jericho book. And the cover is a wonderful work of art that drew me to the book in the first place. Please, Zaffre, keep this theme for the rest of the series. It's utterly wonderful.

The audiobook was excellently narrated by Damian Lynch, who brought Scott Jericho to life perfectly. I eagerly await the next book.

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This is a fantastic detective story set within the travelling circus community. Jericho has been sacked from the police force, but his former boss is trying to lure him back into detective work by leaving tasty case files for him to solve.
Case notes surrounding a serial killer’s link to the Jericho bridge, murder/tragedy is enough to pull Jericho out of his drunken dumplings and back into the undercover world of detective work.
A compelling story, with many dark twists and surprises.

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🎧Audio Book Review🎧

Killing Jericho
William Hussey


Wow!! I could not put this down!
This grabbed my attention from the first page and with such an intriguing main character, I was totally hooked!

I love a good thriller/murder mystery and this was such a great example of how to keep you guessing right until the end!

Scott is back at the fairground.
After doing all he could to escape the community that he'd grown up in, events over the last few years left out of work, an ex con and back home.
When a series of murders happen locally, which mirror an old traveller legend - and Scott is hired to investigate - he knows his old detective skills and knowledge of the legend will help him hunt out the clues and solve the murders - but can he get to the bottom of the mystery before anyone else dies....

It was great to hear Scott's backstory through the book, revealing lots about his upbringing and personality as well as the reasons he is where he is now.
What a brilliant combination of opposites, having Scott coming from and back to the traveller community but his ultimate rebellious act of becoming a detective.

I live near a few traveller sites and have a fair amount of contact, having worked in the local school - and I think this was a brilliant book to show that all people from a certain background don't always conform to the perceived stereotypes.

This case was pretty complex and I definitely suspected most characters at one time during the book - that is apart from the actual killer!! It was a complete shock when revealed and the conclusion of the case and book, even more so!

The writing style was easy to read, compelling and intriguing. I was completely gripped from start to finish and am actually a little sad that it's come to an end!
I keep thinking about it even days after finishing - and can see that there were definitely hints and clues hidden throughout - this could be one that I would re-read!

I've spotted that there is a book 2 coming soon and I am beyond excited to get hold of it and see what Scott gets tied up in next....

💕Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for my ARC copy - this is my honest review 💕

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Jericho is a disgraced ex copper with a ritcheous rage burning inside him. After using this rage to hospitalise a suspect, he gets canned from the force. He is also the son of Jericho, the head carnie at a travelling fair. When a spate of sick killings mimicking freakshow curios from yesteryear is brought to his attention, he uses his sherlock-esque detective skills to try to get to the bottom of it.
I enjoyed this book. It was quite gritty, and I liked the variety of accents in the audiobook. Writing style was good, enjoyable. The audiobook had a bit of a ... slow/boring/bored quality which I think is down to the slightly monotone narration only, not the story. When the narrator was doing his accents, whether it was South London or Welsh, it was great, really easy to listen to. But his normal default voice was quite dull. Otherwise enjoyed though. Five stars.

Was this review helpful?

This was such a great, dark, wild ride! I absolutely loved it!

The MMC was such a layered and complex character that I was greatly intrigued by from the off. I really love a bit of a flawed hero and Scott Jericho absolutely fits the bill!

The background story here was just a bit different from the average thriller and that gripped me in too - the storyline was filled with twists and turns that kept me gripped throughout. I loved the representation that was woven into this storyline - I thought the setting and the context really added to the overall impact of this story.

The twists and turns were excellent, it kept me hooked and guessing. The gritty narration of the audio was excellent - an absolute recommend from me.

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for my audio of this story.

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A fantastic tale that kept me hooked throughout. Really enjoyed getting to know Scott. Storyline was tense and interesting. Narrator was calm and soothing to listen to.

Was this review helpful?

I've read and loved a few William Hussey books in the past, but they've all been YA, so I was excited to see how he got on with adult crime fiction. Firstly, I was very pleased to see the continuation of the LGBTQ representation in his books. The writing was also good, as anticipated and the plot was complex enough to maintain my interest throughout.

I suppose I have two criticisms. Firstly that the 'bad guys' were numerous and slightly one dimensional. I loved the main character and he felt like a fully fleshed out character, but I think perhaps he was the only one. The bad guys were just caricatures and seemed to lack motivation for their actions. Secondly, just that it was a bit convoluted and additionally the stakes never felt high enough.

However these things didn't ruin my enjoyment, merely prevented me from finding it to be a new all time favourite as 2 of his YA books are.

I was kindly given access to the audiobook by the publisher via Netgalley. The audio was an excellent production and I enjoyed the grittiness in the narrators voice. Highly recommended!

Was this review helpful?

Unconventionally classic, unexpectedly addictive. I absolutely adored listening to this story. Scott Jericho, is a child of the carnival, a disgraced police detective, and a recently released prisoner. Navigating these juxtaposed worlds, as he investigates a series of murders with a mysterious connection to his family history you become increasingly fascinated with him. I hope there is more to come.

Was this review helpful?

Wow, this had some serious twists and turns to it! Scott Jericho is an ex-cop and now an ex-con. Getting out of prison with little left to his name, he returns to his family's traveling fair. Through a cryptic series of events, he gets drawn in as a PI investigating a potential serial killer.

This was quite gritty. Jericho has been through some shit, that's for sure. The murders themselves were very dramatic and over-the-top, and I feel like the whole general vibe of the book would appeal to people who enjoy shows like Hannibal.

The audiobook was very well done! I received this book for free from netgalley in exchange for a review.

Was this review helpful?

William Hussey has definitely created a unique character in Jericho. He’s from a travelling background, but left to join the police. Travellers don’t like the police, so he was shunned, but after a violent incident, Jericho serves time and us dismissed and ends up going back to his travelling family. There’s a lot of interesting traveller lore and language and the setting is certainly very different.

Jericho then becomes involved in a murder mystery and there are echoes from the past as the victims are similar to those recounted in an old travelling folk story. It’s a mix of myth and murder and Jerichos expertise is intriguing. Overall, it’s skilfully told and there’s a cast of characters who feel plausible. As a misfit, Jericho breaks the usual former cop with issues mould, and I like him. Somehow, the story didn’t blow me away. It’s well paced and there are twists and turns, so I don’t know why it didn’t quite hit the spot. The narration, I felt, was rather flat. It’s well narrated but dull and I believe I may have enjoyed a written version more. However, the whole premise is different and im keen to read more by Hussey and have no hesitation in recommending this if you enjoy a murder mystery.

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