A Southern Enchantress

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Pub Date 1 Nov 2023 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2024


When Suzanne - a clairsentient enchantress - meets Max, an irresistible rogue, at a Garden District soiree, destiny is at play.  As their relationship sizzles, Suzanne experiences an uptick in supernatural encounters, each demanding that an evil deed from yesteryear be avenged.

As Suzanne navigates these hauntings, she must confront her past and acknowledge her heritage. Raised by a hoodoo conjurer, Suzanne had rejected her mother's expectations to practice folk magic but eluding her role as a spellcaster no longer remains an option.

Suzanne must embrace her legacy to survive.

Set in New Orleans and along Mississippi's sparkling Gulf Coast, Suzanne rediscovers the power of the tarot and learns that bonding with a beloved specter, trapped since the 1940s, will change everything.

Told in dual timelines and stretching the bounds of realism, A Southern Enchantress celebrates the generational love of women bound even beyond death.

When Suzanne - a clairsentient enchantress - meets Max, an irresistible rogue, at a Garden District soiree, destiny is at play. As their relationship sizzles, Suzanne experiences an uptick in...

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ISBN 9798891320444

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Featured Reviews

What I liked most about A Southern Enchantress by Deborah Trahan was its vivid descriptions of the settings of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast and New Orleans. The book’s narrative takes place in dual timelines and describes the lives of several generations of women in the Lafountain family, a family with talent for folk magic, spellcasting and even clairsentience.

Published by Atmospheric Press.

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This was a lovely surprise. I have never picked up a "paranormal" book before but this one intrigued me, I think because the setting is New Orleans and I love New Orleans.
Sometimes setting is so lovely that it is virtually a character in and of itself. In this book, setting was that. I was drawn into the story by the setting. Also, an honorable mention goes to the dialogue which is some of the best I have seen in a while: realistic and natural but not mundane. The characters were all compelling (both real and paranormal).
If there is any criticism, it would be that the plot could be a bit confusing. There was a dual timeline, which was clearly delineated in the titles of the chapters but it took some time to figure out why it was there. With the atmosphere, mood and setting though, it was easy enough to be intrigued until I could figure it out.
I would give it 4.5 stars and I would be interested in reading more by the author. Even more, I am now more willing to add paranormal to my reading repertoire.

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This was a beautifully done novel, it had everything that I was looking for from the description. The characters felt like they were meant to be there and enjoyed the historical elements going on. It felt like it was supposed to and had a great writing style. Deborah Trahan does a fantastic job writing this and look forward to more.

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this book. I enjoyed it, though I was taken out of the story by POVs and timelines jumping around. It threw me off a bit, but I really loved the descriptions of the areas they were in, the characters, and the historical elements.

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A Southern Enchantress surprised me with its complex structure. Despite the initial confusion caused by multiple timelines and backstories, the story unfolds beautifully. The cover art, while gorgeous, doesn't quite represent the book's depth. It explores the lives of Suzanne and her ancestors, all with varying degrees of magical abilities, through interwoven narratives. While the romance with Max seemed like a bad choice at first (especially for someone who'd been through a similar situation!), Suzanne ultimately proves her strength and delivers long-awaited justice in a truly Southern way.

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“In New Orleans, culture doesn’t come down from on high, it bubbles up from the streets.” — Ellis Marsalis

If you have ever had the pleasure to visit The Big Easy, you know the effervescent spirit that flows through the city from its music to its food and everything in between. You do not have to be clairvoyant to feel this pulsating energy but Suzanne is one of the rare ones who communicates with the departed and it is a calling she must embrace and find coexistence with the ghosts of New Orleans and the surrounding Gulf Coast. These lands carry a deep rooted, rich history. Told in dual timelines from 1944 to modern day, Southern Enchantress is a haunting and beautiful tale full of heart and magical realism in a city filled with gumbo and ghosts.

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This was a stunning read. Once I had gotten my head around the different timelines, the plot flowed and I loved the characters. I'm so excited to pick up another read by Trahan.

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This is the story of Suzy, Suzanne LaFountain, a modern day (2012-3) southern enchantress, and her other family members, the women of magick.
It is an easy read, rich in descriptions, and with flowing, short chapters that have a good pacing.
I got into the story after 30 pages or so. At first, I had the wrong impression about the changes of POV and shifts in timelines, and the writing. I am glad I persevered.
This is not a horror or rather I did not find it horrific, but I do not say this as a form of criticism. I am glad the story unfolded in a concretely understable way, blending modern life and the family history of Suzy. That is a fresh take. The atmosphere, especially in a later scene at a church, was eerie. Otherwise, it was a nice combination of themes of women with agency, solidarity, and male toxicity. I liked the spiritiual, occult, paranormal and magical realism aspects but for me the characters’ leading of a normal life otherwise, stood out, and the rest felt like a device to explore Suzy’s story, Max’s character and Addy,

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