The Dream Home

The unrelentingly gripping family thriller from the bestselling author of THE MOTHER

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Pub Date 29 Feb 2024 | Archive Date 15 Mar 2024

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The blistering new thriller from the two million copy Sunday Times bestselling author.

They thought they'd found their dream house. They were wrong . . .

Adam and Jess move into a new house with their three young children: a rambling Victorian villa right at the very top of their price range. Before long Adam discovers a door hidden behind a fitted wardrobe, concealing a secret room . . .

Inside Adam discovers an array of forgotten items, among them a wallet, an antique watch and an old mobile phone. Jess thinks they should simply throw them away. But Adam resists. He is fascinated by these items and how they came to be inside the hidden room.

But like the house, Adam has his secrets too. And soon he will find himself setting in motion a series of events that will place his family in terrible danger . . .

The blistering new thriller from the two million copy Sunday Times bestselling author.

They thought they'd found their dream house. They were wrong . . .

Adam and Jess move into a new house with...

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Featured Reviews

Amazing! Just everything you'd want from a thriller/ domestic noir. It's been quite a while since I've read a book of this calibre and I loved every second of it. The plot is amazing! It's so original with so many twists and turns. The big reveal had me floored! The characters were well written and humanised. They're complex and just really relatable and likeable. It was impossible not to be invested and hope for the best for them. Its well paced, constantly moving forward and the tension is built so skillfully that I found myself listening to the noises in my own house a little bit more closely as I read through this. I really can't fault it. Definitely a must read!!

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You know you're always onto a winner with T. M Logan. His books keep you reading non-stop and this was no exception. Full of tension and mystery, with likeable characters and a plot that makes it hard to put the book down. I totally did not see that ending coming!

A thoroughly enjoyable thriller, I'd definitely recommend it.

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As usual TM Logan didn’t disappoint. I loved the way he drew us quickly into the characters lives and made us instantly root for them. The multiple timelines worked really well and the twists and turns brilliantly done. I raced through this in 3 days and am still thinking about it now.. Brilliant tightly plotted, thriller with a strong heart and themes of love and loss. Loved it!

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I’ve only read one of T.M.Logan’s books before (The Mother) and watched the two TV adaptations of The Catch and The Holiday, which are all quite different, so I went into The Dream Home with an open mind and not sure what to expect. And what I found was…. One of my favourite thrillers I’ve read all year!

There are not many books that keep me completely clueless at every single turn – I genuinely had NO IDEA what was going on. And I loved it! Oh and the atmosphere… it was tense, scary, at times heart-poundingly exciting (especially towards the end!). Just perfect.

The story starts with Adam, Jess and their three children moving into a gorgeous Victorian mansion in Nottingham – they can’t believe they now live in such a beautiful and huge house in such a desirable area. But it needs a lot of work – and Adam has a big secret that is adding to the stress of the project they’ve taken on.

Then Adam makes a discovery – behind some old crumbling fitted wardrobes in one of the attic rooms, is some intriguing wooden panelling with what looks like an entrance way. Opening up the secret door, he finds a hidden room with a small selection of seemingly random old objects which trigger his interest.

So Adam starts investigating. And what he finds is not for the feint-hearted! And he finds himself, and his family, opened up to a dark world of secrets that someone wants to keep buried.

Just *chef’s kiss* brilliant! I hope this one is made into a TV series too, it would be fabulous!

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When you buy an old house, you buy its secrets too…

T.M. Logan's latest psychological thriller captivates from the very first page, weaving a tale of secrets and suspense around an old Victorian house, new family owners and a secret room that has been long-sealed and hidden. Adam, Jess, and their three children move into a family home of their dreams, but Adam’s discovery sets in motion a dangerous chain events as mysteries of the past collide with secrets of the present.

I found the character of Adam to be both a relatable and complex character, whose quest to uncover the truth behind the sealed room and its bizarre contents entirely engaging as he tries to balance the safety of his family and his own curiosities. I am a fan of psychological thrillers and yet the twists and turns in this narrative truly kept me guessing and emotionally invested in the fate of the characters until the very end.

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I don’t even have to have read the retailer description on anything written by this author. As long as his name is on it, I want to read it.

There is just something about old houses that appeals to me so I was hooked as soon as I started reading of the Victorian villa that Adam and Jess have just moved into which needs a lot of TLC. The house is holding something sinister though and it isn’t long before the couple who have pushed themselves to the limits to buy it, are beginning to regret it.

The items that Adam discovers in the house are an odd collection in itself but I never envisioned what was about to unfold. The more we find out about them, I was screaming to him to put them back and forget about them, but then where would the fun in that be? The more he learns about these items, the more danger him and his family find themselves in. It literally had my pulse pounding with every page turned.

T.M. Logan has nailed it again in his latest psychological thriller, The Dream Home. My nerves were literally on edge as I tried my best not to devour this book too quickly but failed miserably. The story was addictive, if not more so than normal, and it had me racing through and clinging on for dear life. So many shocking twists of which the final one sent my head spinning. The author is the king when it comes to seriously thrilling and unputdownable stories. A guaranteed page turner!

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When Adam and Jess Wylie, along with their three children, move into a grand Victorian villa in an exclusive area of Nottingham it feels as if their dreams have come true. The house is run down and will need a lot of work done on it but they are prepared for the time and effort it will require. What they didn’t bargain on was finding a strange collection of everyday objects in a hidden room, and the nightmare that would follow.

Author T. M. Logan has produced his creepiest, most disturbing novel to date in The Dream House. From the outset, as Adam Wylie discovers a hidden room on moving-in day, you get an unsettling feeling. Within the hidden room is a dresser with locked drawers. Once Adam manages to unlock the drawers and discovers a collection of mundane items questions immediately spring to mind. Why would anyone want to hide these things so well? Who do they belong to?

You begin to get a sense of terror when on the first night in their new home their youngest child wakes screaming, convinced there was a man in her room. From this moment on I wasn’t sure if I was reading a thriller or horror. The situation becomes even more disturbing when they discover a camera lens hidden in a tree, pointing directly at their property.

Adam is determined to solve the mystery of the hidden room and its collection of objects. It is easy to understand his tenacity, or stubbornness, to figure out who is responsible for the nightmare he and his family find themselves in. Even as the menace intensifies, and the police show little interest in the terrifying events the family has had to deal with, Adam is almost alone trying to protect his family. As the search for answers broadens Adam is also doubtful about who he can trust.

The story is so well constructed that I had an inkling pretty early on as to what the story is about but the who, how and why are a complete blank, and there was still plenty of doubt about whether I was right. Twists and turns galore, with the sense of menace never letting up for a moment, meant that I was reading this into the early hours of the morning (not the best time to read such a creepy story). I was desperate for the family to solve the puzzle of the mystery room but could happily have read on for another 200 pages.

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The Dream Home is an absolutely fantastic read and is hands down T.M Logan's best book to date. I loved everything about this story, the characters were fantastic and so well written - it has been a couple of days since I actually finished the story and I honestly feel like I am missing Adam and his family. I love that the book was set in Nottingham, which is very local to me, as I love being able to really visualise the places T.M Logan describes.
I cannot speak more highly about this book - it is an amazing story with such originality - it kept me up reading over night, I just could not put it down.
I cannot wait for T.M Logan's next book!

Thank you to NetGalley and Bonnier Books UK for my ARC.

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I do love it when a book not only lives up to my expectations but also exceeds them. Or, as in this case, smashes them out of the park. And that initial bar is set quite high, as I have enjoyed every of his previous seven books.
So... back to this book. We follow Adam and Jess as they, and their children, have just moved into their Dream Home. It's a rambling Victorian villa which they have had to stretch themselves to (only just) afford. As they are unpacking, Adam realises that there is something a bit off with the dimensions of one of the rooms and is delighted to find a door hidden behind a fitted wardrobe, leading to a secret room.
In it he finds an old dresser with multiple drawers. He gets them open and, in each one, there is an eclectic mix of items, ranging from an old phone, a wallet, a watch, and a scarf. Adam becomes obsessed with them and, indeed, their origin. Jess notsomuch. Although she is intrigued by the phone, which only has one number stored... What harm could it be to just give it a call...?
What harm indeed... and I am going to leave you to discover the rest as the author intends...
If you have read this author before, you'll know what you are letting yourself in for. If not then you are in for a treat and I'll be very surprised if you don't then add all his back catalogue to your tbr afterwards.
It's tense and the intrigue is high all the way through. Pacing is perfect and matches the narrative all the way through. You do have to hold on to a bit of confusion occasionally but that only adds to the cloying sense of paranoia that the author weaves in. Characterisation is excellent and they all play their parts with aplomb.
And the ending, when it came, completely floored me. And I eat sleep breathe this genre of book so...
All in all, another winner from one of my favourite go-to authors. Roll on next time. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.

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