A Black and Solemn Silence

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Pub Date 7 May 2024 | Archive Date 17 Apr 2024
Danielle Thompson | Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles

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In the shadows of the forest, two shape-shifting kitsune prowl: Kuro, content with the solitude of the mountains, and his only ally Jaden, a demon with dark dreams for their future.

When a figure from Kuro’s past snaps a photograph of the demon fox, the kitsune are forced to leave their home behind and follow him to Asheville in a bid to prevent its publication.

But trouble has a way of accumulating around Kuro. When police secretary Caroline Lahey sees the kitsune from the top of her barn, she doesn’t hesitate to shoot. Captured, Kuro knows that killing her is his only chance at freedom…but it would also turn him into something he’s not, something that repels and disgusts him.

Someone like Jaden.

As Jaden tries to pull Kuro further into his world of violence, Kuro realizes he can no longer stomach the thought of bloodshed, but neither can he bring himself to reveal everything to Caroline. Forced to rely on her soul for his survival, his life becomes a precarious balancing act of hiding her existence from Jaden…and hiding Jaden’s violence from Caroline.

Soon, Kuro finds himself trapped by his own lies, and when his balancing act fails, Jaden knows that Kuro will do anything to protect the woman he’s fallen in love with.

Even, at last, kill.

A Black and Solemn Silence is a slowburn, paranormal, enemies-to-lovers romance and the first book in the adult urban fantasy Color by Numbers series. It includes adult themes and ends on a cliff-hanger. The Color by Numbers series is perfect for grown-up readers of the Gumiho duology and The Red Winter trilogy; content advisories are available on the copyright page.

In the shadows of the forest, two shape-shifting kitsune prowl: Kuro, content with the solitude of the mountains, and his only ally Jaden, a demon with dark dreams for their future.

When a figure from...

A Note From the Publisher

Illustrated by MiblArt

eBook: 9798989698318

Illustrated by MiblArt

eBook: 9798989698318

Available Editions

EDITION Paperback
ISBN 9798989698301
PRICE US$12.99 (USD)

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Featured Reviews

Two demons seek out a photographer before he exposes their existence but humans prove to be more fascinating than previously thought. Shapeshifters, demons and soul ties, mental illness, friendship, self exploration and belonging. Excellent writing with beautiful descriptions of emotions, desires and motivations. An intense start that never let up, the plot spooled out organically like water. There were more than one POVs yet I didn’t mind, every character created immediate connection and lasting impact. A good parallel is Maggie Stiefvater’s, Shiver. Chaste and atmospheric, introspective, a naive broody hero, a psycho on the lose, a small community on the brink of panic. Only here the lore is optimized for a new type of painful, dark and forbidden attraction. I also liked that it was the women who were steadfast with far more grit and courage than the men. I couldn’t put this down and completed it in a couple hours. I don’t doubt that people, unlike me, who love YA/NA will obsess over this.

*It was a pleasure to read the ARC for A Black and Solemn Silence, thank you D. Thompson and IBPA.

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This dark, foreboding, and mystical story perfectly illustrates the struggles of mental illness, friendship, finding your inner self, and intense desires and emotions. The mysticism and lore instantly absorb you into the world and it does not let up throughout. I am not fond of multiple POVs but the way it was written perfectly intertwines them and flows beautifully. The gripping dark and forbidden love keeps you captivated and thirsting for more page after page. If you love dark, moody, emotional, and mysterious storylines with forward and strong female representation, this is for you!
Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley, Danielle Thompson, and IBPA for the opportunity to read the ARC.

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A very interesting read and not entirely what I expected! Deeply enjoyed the constantly evolving lore (kitsunes!! so under-utilized!!!), the various connections between so many characters, and the realistic depiction of mental illness without playing into overdone tropes or harmful stereotypes.

The plot didn't feel like it was trying too hard to be overly complex and unfolded in a very natural way; it stays high-energy throughout the entire story, without making you feel like you don't get a moment to breathe. Occasionally I'll find that intense stories that are trying to edge-of-your-seat you give you no space to process everything that has happened, and A Black and Solemn Silence was definitely not that type of plot. It kept me engaged without being overwhelming or exhausting to read!

All of the characters felt built and multi-faceted; I'm always on the look out for novels that allow female characters to be nuanced and ABSS delivered. This is very much a case of women embracing their courage and boldness without being relegated to the local damsel in distress – even in the more wild moments where I maybe would have personally crumpled like a wet paper bag.

I am already very much looking forward to a sequel and seeing more from Danielle Thompson!

Thank you to Danielle Thompson, NetGalley, and IBPA for the ARC and allowing me to read such a fresh concept!

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This was such an interesting read! A little out of my comfort zone but I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Kuro is a very complex character, I hope book 2 reveals more about his past. He was a slow grower in terms of character progression but he finally got to where I was hoping he would toward the end.
The plot is interesting and complex but still a fairly easy read (not overly complicated). I did originally pick the book up thinking it was a romance but after reading I would say it is extremely slow burn and more of a soul-tie situation than straight romance/ enemies to lovers. It also has some murder mystery elements that were really interesting and kept me wanting more. The cliffhanger was written very well, I immediately wanted the second book so I could keep reading.

If you are looking for a heavy romance book I don't think this one is it. However, if you are OK with romance taking a backseat to mystery, murder, and kind of a tumultuous friendship this book will definitely peak your interest.

Thank You NetGalley for the ARC

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"A Black and Solemn Silence" by Danielle Thompson invites readers into a captivating world where shadows hold secrets, and shape-shifting kitsune navigate a delicate dance between past and present. Kuro, content in the solitude of the mountains, and Jaden, a demon with dark ambitions, become entangled in a web of intrigue when a photograph threatens to expose their existence.

Thompson weaves a tale of suspense, paranormal romance, and internal struggle as Kuro and Jaden face the challenges of concealing their true nature. The introduction of Caroline Lahey adds a dynamic layer to the narrative, with her unexpected encounter triggering a chain of events that force the kitsune to confront their deepest fears.

The slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers aspect adds depth to the story, and readers will find themselves drawn into the intricate dynamics between the characters. Kuro's internal conflict, torn between his desire for freedom and aversion to violence, sets the stage for a compelling exploration of identity and morality.

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I was completely captivated by the story of the shape-shifting kitsune, Kuro, and his unlikely ally, Jaden. This book is a thrilling combination of fantasy, romance, and suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.
The story takes place in the mountains, where Kuro and Jaden live in solitude until a figure from Kuro's past threatens to expose his true identity. In a desperate attempt to stop this from happening, the kitsune are forced to leave their home and venture into the human world of Asheville. However, trouble seems to follow Kuro wherever he goes and he finds himself in a dangerous situation when he is captured by a police secretary, Caroline. Kuro must navigate the delicate balance of keeping his true nature a secret from Caroline while also hiding Jaden's violent tendencies.
Thompson's writing style is both beautiful and haunting, perfectly capturing the dark and mysterious world of the kitsune. The characters are well-developed and complex, particularly Kuro who struggles with his inner demons and his conflicting feelings towards Jaden. I found myself rooting for Kuro and Caroline's relationship, despite the obstacles that stand in their way.
One of the things I also enjoyed most about this book was the intricate mythology and folklore woven into the story. Thompson's attention to detail and her ability to seamlessly blend fantasy elements into the real world is impressive and adds depth to the story.

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