Queen B

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Pub Date 18 Jul 2024 | Archive Date 8 Aug 2024


The next enchanting instalment of the sensational #1 SUNDAY TIMES bestselling HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL COVEN fantasy series takes us back to the reign of Henry VIII and the origins of Her Majesty’s Royal Coven under the beautiful, the bewitching, Anne Boleyn.


It’s 1536 and the Queen has been beheaded.

Lady Grace Fairfax, witch, knows that something foul is at play – that someone had betrayed Anne Boleyn and her coven.

Wild with the loss of their leader – and her lover, a secret that if spilled could spell Grace’s own end – she will do anything in her power to track down the traitor.

But there’s more at stake than revenge: it was one of their own, a witch, that betrayed them, and Grace isn’t the only one looking for her. King Henry VIII has sent witchfinders after them, and they’re organized like they’ve never been before under his new advisor, the impassioned Sir Ambrose Fulke, a cold man blinded by his faith. His cruel reign could mean the end of witchkind itself.

If Grace wants to find her revenge and live, she will have to do more than disappear.

She will have to be reborn.

In this gripping, propulsive, sultry novella, Juno Dawson takes us back to the bloody beginnings of Her Majesty’s Royal Coven to show us the strength, steel and sacrifice it takes to make a sisterhood. With beautiful illustrations from Emma Vieceli throughout.

Readers are spellbound by HMRC:

'Juno Dawson is at the top of her game in this vibrant and meticulous take on witchcraft. Her characteristic wit and grit shine through’ Samantha Shannon

I fell in love with her coven’ Kiran Millwood Hargrave

A breath of fresh air’ Joanne Harris

Utterly compelling’ Louise O’Neill

I devoured this’ Lindsey Kelk

Thrilling and hair-raising’ Russell T Davies

The next enchanting instalment of the sensational #1 SUNDAY TIMES bestselling HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL COVEN fantasy series takes us back to the reign of Henry VIII and the origins of Her...

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ISBN 9780008660451
PRICE £8.99 (GBP)

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Featured Reviews

While novellas are not usually my things, everything HMRC related is a must read to me. I loved HMRC and The Shadow Cabinet so much, I would have read Queen B no matter what.
And it did not disappoint! It had everything I hoped and more.
Juno Dawson's writing is bewitching. (Had to say it). Her characters are always so perfectly flawed you always end up loving them so damn much. Isn't it right Grace? Cecilia? And of course, Anne..
It felt really great to learn more about Coven's history in the 1500 and I honestly longed for more. I would be willing to read more books about other significant time period of this rich world Queen J created.

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I loved this! Juno Dawson’s HMRC series is fantastic and I loved that this novella focused on the Tudor era with Anne Boleyn starting the coven and navigating a time when it was incredibly dangerous to be a witch. I found the characters really interesting and liked the back and forth with the timelines, as it allowed me to see events from different perspectives. I would definitely recommend this if you are a fan of any of Juno’s other books, as this one does not disappoint! I can’t wait to hopefully read more like this in the future.

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The tagline reads: Bow Down Witches! And I say, "All Hail Juno Dawson, the Queen of witchy fantasy".

Queen B is the delicious prequel to the Her Majesty’s Royal Coven trilogy. Her "Majesty’s Royal Coven" and "HMRC: Shadowcabinet" are already available and the final book is due for publication in 2025.

Now, I'm a big fan of this series, owning both digital and physical copies of the first two books. So, you can imagine my excitement for a prequel, especially one concerning such an infamous figure as Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII.

Our protoganist is one Lady Grace Fairfax, contemporary of Anne, and a member of both her household and Coven. Treachery is ever-present at the Court, and our Coven face multiple betrayals, which becomes a focus of the novel, beginning with the execution of the Queen, and then jumping back to relate the events leading upto this stage. Through Grace's eyes, we see the rise of Anne at court, through her complex marriage and eventual death, and the attempts by the Coven to seek revenge.

The mix of historical facts, with fiction provides for an intriguing storyline with a refreshing take on real events. Also, as Anne is also shown through Grace's memories, she remains a somewhat enigmatic figure in the storyline. And though the storyline is about Anne, this approach allows the theme of the importance of sisterhood sign through - an essential theme in the HMRC trilogy.

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Title: A Unique Blend of History and Fantasy - A Review of Juno Dawson's Book

As a newcomer to Juno Dawson's work, I was intrigued by the title and the incorporation of Anne Boleyn, which instantly captivated me. Combining historical fiction with elements of fantasy, this book offers a perfect blend for readers looking to explore new genres. Beginning with Anne Boleyn's beheading and then delving into the events preceding her death, the narrative skillfully weaves together history and imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing take and now find myself eager to explore more of Dawson's works.

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GET READY, THE QUEEN RETURNS. So much shorter than I would have liked, but absolute brilliance on every page. I’m a tremendous fan of Juno and the HMRC series and this latest venture into historical fiction (who knew?) is phenomenal, I could have easily spent 600 pages in Queen B’s world. An enchanting interlude and I cannot wait for the final book in the series!

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Set in the period of Henry Vlll and featuring all the major characters during his reign such as Anne Boleyn, who is a witch in this novel, this is a stunning tale which kept me enthralled until I had finished the novel. Well done Juno Dawson, I would give it more than five stars if I could. A must read for historical fantasy fans, highly recommended.

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As someone obsessed with Tudor London, this was the perfect instalment to one of my favourite witchy series. It is 1536 and the Queen has been beheaded - Lady Grace Fairfax knows the coven has been betrayed… King Henry VIII has set witchfinders after the coven and a new advisor is trying to wipe out witch-kind all together…

Fast paced and full of Juno’s humour, this book really was a joy to read. I really could not put this one down and was reading while walking home… Super excited for book 3! Thank you Harper Collins for an early e-copy… Absolutely loved this and need the physical book to reread and treasure (Cannot wait for the illustrations also)

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I enjoyed it so much !
To discover the origines of HMRC set during Tudor period with the iconic Anne Boleyn was a delight dor beginning to end. When I first heard this book would came out I went totally crazy and excited about it. I just wish it was longer ! The different themes of the serie are once more perfectly pictured. A feminist and sapphic novella during the early stages of witch-huntings in Europe just as what I expected. (and even more).

Maybe it would be better to know a little bit the historical context to appreciate the story to its true value but I think it's already well explained for not being lost.

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Queen B is a novella from Her Majesty’s Royal Coven series and gives us the origin story of the Coven. Set in the times of Henry VIII, centers around Lady Grace Fairfax, a queen’s lady in waiting, a witch, a grieving lover of the late Queen Anne Boleyn and her pursuit of the traitor of their coven. She struggles with the loss, the feelings and pain, but also the looming presence of a newly appointed witchfinder, Sir Ambrose Fulle, who will stop at nothing in his hunt.
Yes, it is a story of Grace and the coven and how did it get to powers it holds nowadays, but mostly it’s a tale of love. Of how it impacts people, their choices and the lives of others in their vicinity. Of how some deal with their loss and their future afterwards.
I really liked the book. It’s written in a way it’s engaging and interesting, but also feels empowering. It makes the statement that says “embrace the differences” and helps feeling good about it. Juno Dawson’s writing is very compelling. She uses the era appropriate language but without overwhelming the reader. She uses time jumps but they make sense and are not too complicated to follow the story. She also creates full blooded characters that are likeable, relatable and interesting, and makes you want to know more about them. That’s a great skill.
Overall it’s a good read, 4,5/5 rounded up

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC!

An entrancing take on the rise and fall of the ambitious and bewitching Anne Boleyn, Witch and Queen.

Dawson’s latest installment of her popular HMRC series leads us back to the beginning; a beginning that starts with the beheading of a witch who became queen. Her coven in turmoil, a traitor on the run and her dream of witches in power dashed, Anne faces the executioner’s axe with grace & poise, knowing she still has one last move to play.

Intricately weaving together the times before and after Anne’s death, Dawson lays the foundation for her HMRC series through the eyes of Lady Grace Fairfax and Cecilia De La Torre, witches and ladies-in-waiting. This prequel excellently explores the theme of women’s power and struggles through love, fear, birth and death. While compact in length, Dawson really packs in the romance, drama and danger with this one.

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I loved reading this book in the HMRC series. It's an original take on the history of Anne Boleyn and the accusations against her of witchcraft. In this we see how witches hoped to rule through her and improve the lives of women like them, and how that plot ultimately failed with her execution. But there is hope for the future with her daughter Elizabeth, also born a witch and I am sure there must be a sequel in the planning given that witches are supposed to have conjured the winds that blew the Armada off course late into her reign!

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