An utterly gripping twisty psychological thriller

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Pub Date 6 May 2024 | Archive Date Not set

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An utterly mind-blowing psychological thriller you won’t be able to put down!

Ten-year-old Iris thinks she’s going on an outing with her mother. She has no idea that by the end of the day she’ll be someone else.

She is picked up by the police. Lost for two years, now miraculously found. Apparently, her real name is Charlotte and her real mother is waiting for her.

Returned home, there are pictures of her with this strange family – the Gallaghers – all around the house. Everything she thought was true appears to have been a lie.

But her newfound family aren’t quite the perfect unit they claim to be. Are they just being protective of a traumatized child, or is Charlotte right that they are keeping secrets from her?

She gradually pieces together her real past yet, discovering what lurks there, might it have been better to be kept in the dark?

GONE BUT NOT is the second sensational psychological thriller by Shane Spyre. Look out for his debut novel, WHICH CHILD.

If you like Paula Hawkins, Gillian Flynn, Karen M McManus and Vanessa Garbin, you’ll love this book.

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An utterly mind-blowing psychological thriller you won’t be able to put down!

Ten-year-old Iris thinks she’s going on an outing with her mother. She has no idea that by the end of the day she’ll be...

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This book is on pre-order for release on 6th May. We appreciate reviews posted on social media, blogs, and on publication, amazon itself.

This book is on pre-order for release on 6th May. We appreciate reviews posted on social media, blogs, and on publication, amazon itself.

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ISBN 9781804621899
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Featured Reviews

Iris, age 10, is walked by her mother to a field, where she says goodbye. Iris is met at the other end by police where she is told her name is Charlotte and she has been missing for two years. This is just the beginning. Spyre’s psychological thriller is unusual and perplexing. There are several characters, multiple POVs, and different points in time. Is she Charlotte from the Gallagher family, or is she Iris? Is anyone telling the truth? Absolutely no character can be trusted. The story twists and turns, weaving a very complex web that will send your head spinning. This is a book you will keep thinking about long after you are finished reading. With thanks to Netgalley and The Book Folks for this ARC. My opinions are my own.

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The plot of this book was very exciting and suspensful especially when coupled with the fact that I didn't know who to trust during the novel and I found myself questioning throughout, great read overall.

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I was really keen to read this, based on the synopsis and it didn’t let me down! I had so many questions throughout and just had to keep reading to find out!! A dark and twisted thriller making your question just who you can trust.

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I wasn’t too sure if I would enjoy this as I didn’t know how the story was going to work but omg it was such an excellent read so glad I have read it. It was full of suspense from start to finish I was gripped. It was well written thriller which was fast paced. I will definitely be recommending this fantastic book. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for my advanced copy.

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Imagine being 10 years old and finding out the woman you’ve been living with isn’t your mother? That’s what happened to Iris, she was walked across a field to a police officer and told she’s been missing two years and her name is actually Charlotte. This thriller has so many twists and was hard to figure out before the big aha moment was revealed.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC**

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A good , dark thriller. Always intriguing when characters must go back and revisit past events. I love the deceit and the surprises. Thank you for the ARC

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Title: Gone but not
Author: Shane Spyre
Genre: Mystery

Different POV's throughout the novel, especially towards the ending when all comes out to the light. Charlotte, Iris, Dove and Rae. Children all with a dark and mysterious past. Family members with too many secrets and outsiders with their own agenda.

I truly enjoyed the short chapters, upon opening the book you see there is over 100 chapters but each chapter is 2-3 pages. Short snippets of peoples truth, opinions or feelings chapter by chapter while building up a story that spans several years. At the end you just can't believe what you are reading.

Towards the end it got a little confusing as the author goes and forth between 5 and more characters, their pov and different years. But it's all important for the conclusion of the book!

I give this a 4 of 5 stars!

Wow! This book had me feeling all the emotions.

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Oh my gosh!! I don’t even know where to start… this book was incredible!!! The story starts with so many characters and it’s so fast paced, the storyline un folds so beautifully!! For the majority of the story, I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I knew who Charlotte and who Iris were and what the story was but WOW was I so completely wrong?? I loved the character development, I love the way it jumped from the different POVs to fill in the gasps. I love that the story wrapped up and there were not many questions left at the end. It’s a fantastic thriller and had me hook the whole read!!

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The book is twisted, mysterious and suspenseful. The writing is gripping. The characters were deceptive and mysterious. A lot of unexpected things happens in the plot and truths unveils with a layer of secret. The revelations at the end were shocking. The book is unputdownable.

Ten year old Irish has no idea who she is or if she is being deceived and she can’t trust anyone around her. Her mother tells her to keep going, she trust her but the path leads her to the police and then she end up in someone’s else house and finds out about her strange family. She can feel that something is wrong because she doesn’t remember anything. She is being told that She is Charlotte, Michelle’s daughter who went missing two years ago. She try to find the missing link between her present and past and soon she gets tangled in lies and secrets. It all feels so deceptive. While so many terrible and unthinkable things happens in the plot. The truth is revealed at the end. The twists and turns kept me on the edge.

Many Thanks to the Publisher, Author and Netgalley.

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Wow! Where do I even begin with a book that left me completely speechless? This book is, for sure, one of those books you will not be able to put down!

Iris, the main character thinks she is going on an adventure with her mother. Little does she know the adventure she is really about to take. She had been missing for two years and is now in the custody of the police, on her way to her really family. Iris, or is her name really Charlotte? Iris does not remember anything about her disappearance nor does she remember anything about her family. Her parents, her sisters, are all strangers to her. Slowly she starts remembering bits and pieces and is starting to put together just who they are and all the secrets they keep. But does she really want to know all that she has forgotten?

This book will have you suffering from whiplash as there are so many twists and turns. Once you think you have the book figured out and feeling confident you know who everyone is in the book, here come more twists and turns.

There were a few parts in the book where I was confused as to what was going on, but I think that's just because I would pick up from where I was the night before and was probably only half conscious while reading.

This is the the first book I have read by Shane Spire, and I guarantee it will not be my last! The writing style and the way this book is set up is amazing and just leaves you wanting to know what happens next.

If you are looking for an amazing thriller/mystery, this is definitely a book to add to your TBR.

A big thank you goes out to The Book Folks and to Shane Spire for allowing me to read this before publication.

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After reading the authors first book I was looking forward to what he had in store for us next and his not dissapointed infact this one was even better. Complex,and intriguing who can you trust and who is really telling the truth with plenty of twists and turns and told from different points of views this has a really good storyline making it a great psychological thriller.Im so pleased I came across this author roll on book 3.
Thanks to Netgalley and The Book Folks for the ARC.

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Ten years old called Iris and she was kidnapped a couple of years ago
She is picked up from the law and apparantly she is called Charlotte
But she doesn’t think that she is called Charlotte
But who is she
I had an ARC

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Such an awesome thriller! There were so many twists and turns, and it kept my attention the whole time. Definitely pick this one up!

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This was a good read! It was hard to know who to trust and who not to trust which really kept me guessing. I enjoyed this book!

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Gone But Not by Shane Spyre was my first read from this author, and I was immediately intrigued by the premise of a missing child being returned to the fold of her biological family.

Ten year old Iris has been missing for two years when she is reunited with her family, the Gallaghers, to whom she is known as youngest daughter Charlotte. But far from being a perfect family unit, the Gallaghers clearly have secrets, and Charlotte is left to try to piece together just who she really is, and where she truly belongs.

This is a fast-paced tale that very quickly sucked me into its vortex, though I'll admit to being quite confused by the multiple POVs and timelines as the narrative progressed. Overall, however, this was an enjoyable read and I will certainly keep an eye out for this author in the future.

Many thanks to NetGalley and The Book Folks for an ARC.

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''Utterly gripping twisty psychological thriller'' indeed. I don't even have words for this book. Twisted? Wicked? Creepy? All the above? One thing is certain: This is the second book by Shane Spyre, and boy, he does know how to write about twisted pre-teen girls with wicked families and creepy scenes. Every chapter is a whirlwind, that even when you think you know what's going on, well not, and the whole plot is so mind blowing that it leaves you dizzy. I can't wait to read the next book by this author. And to say that I highly recommend his books is an understatement.

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Shane Spyre wields his pen like a sword, challenging his readers to solve the great conundrum in his plot. The writing is captivating and from the very beginning one has an irresistible urge to find out what happens next but the author is determined to keep secrets right to the very end. Each tantalising glimpse of the truth is revealed like the...drip...drip...dripping of an old tap into a zinc bathtub. As the puzzle becomes ever more perplexing it is a real effort not to start biting one's nails.
With deft sleight of hand, like a modern day Houdini, the author conjures up surprise after surprise, shock after shock, until the final dark disturbing revelations.
Pitch perfect psychological plotting.

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This was an amazing read!!! Omg ok my deat the whole time and finished in little over 3 days!!!! Love love love!!! Must read!!!

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What in the world? This had so many twists and turns it was crazy and good, I would love to see what is next from Shane. If you like thrillers that you can’t put down this is a great read!

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GONE BUT NOT is a dark, complex, edge-of-your-seat thriller. I can honestly say that this was one of the most complicated and intelligently written books that I have read this year. Charlotte went missing two years ago. Now she has been found; however, she insists that her name is Iris and that she has no idea who these people are who claim to be her family. Each character has their own version of Charlotte's disappearance and the reader has no idea who to believe. To be honest, even the identity of the POV character is not always crystal clear. The book is expertly written, and I loved the ending. My only issues with the overall story were some of the more unbelievable actions (there was at least one too many deaths/murders), and I'm never a fan of animal cruelty. I know it explains one of the individual's character/personality; however, there was a bit too much detail. Again, overall, it was cleverly written and quite unique. I will definitely recommend GONE BUT NOT to anyone looking for an exciting but dark thriller that keeps the reader needing to turn pages.

Was this review helpful?

I was thoroughly engrossed in this book from page one!
Everytime I thought I knew what was going on I was thrown on another loop...so many twists, so many things uncovered!
What a thrilling ride! I would recommend this book!

Was this review helpful?

Fast paced and full of suspense!! Loved the timelines and all of the different POVs!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire book but the last sentence - WHOA!!! So many twists you will be guessing the entire book!

Was this review helpful?

The cover definitely gives the creepy vibes for this book!

There are different POV's in this book. You have Charlotte, Iris, Dove and Rae. This deals with dark pasts, mysterious pasts and family with lots of secrets and the people not in the family with their own thinking

Any book with short chapters i love. The character build up through those short chapters is great. As the story goes on and you get into the book it leaves you with HOLY CRAP what a ride.

When you start to get to the end all the back and forth gets confusing but once you get to the end you understand why.

Thanks NetGalley for letting me read and review.

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‘GONE BUT NOT’ is a gripping and intense thriller. It has been two years since Charlotte disappeared. She has been located, but she adamantly claims her name is Iris and denies any connection to the people who say they are her family. Each character presents their own perspective on Charlotte’s disappearance, leaving the reader uncertain about whom to believe. With each chapter, the plot takes unexpected twists and turns, leaving you in a constant state of amazement and confusion. I loved the ending of the book, and the writing was superbly executed. Some of the actions in the story were hard to believe, and that bothered me.

Overall, it was cleverly crafted and had a distinctiveness to it. If you’re looking for a gripping and intense thriller that will leave you wanting more, I definitely recommend it!

Many thanks to @ShaneSpyre @thebookfolks & @netgalley

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If you are looking for your next read full of twists, turns, mystery, suspense, and family drama grab a copy of Gone But Not and buckle up because you are guaranteed to be taken for a ride. There’s a lot going on in this book. Duel time lines keeps you on your toes as you try to figure out who’s who and what actually happened. Just when you think you have it all figured out, guess again!

Thank you Net Galley and The Book Folks for providing an ARC of Gone But Not by Shane Spyre for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Was this review helpful?

WOAH…WHAT a great Roller Coaster ride this book was! I’m definitely checking out more of this author’s books! Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this in exchange for an honest review!!

Was this review helpful?

Whoa! There was so much going on in this book. I had to pay attention to every word as well apart more thane, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. The premise of this book was very intriguing, and outside of a few confusing parts that I had to re-read, I really enjoyed this one. I found myself racing through the pages to get to the end. I just had to know what would happen. I couldn't even attempt to predict what would happen because there was A LOT happening. There were unlimited twists and turns that gave me whiplash and made my jaw drop. This was a complicated plot to me. Was it executed perfectly? No, but it was executed well. This was a captivating, complex read.

Thank you NetGalley and The Book Folks for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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The beginning was a bit slow, some parts could get very confusing due to the different views and stories.... it's all intertwined, and you have to figure out who is telling the truth and who isn't. It's a great read if you can keep all of the different lies and Truths separate. I truly loved the twists that kept coming. The ending was truly shocking! I gasped. I enjoyed it once I pushed past the slowness of the beginning. Great read!

I received this ARC to read/review from NetGalley and The Book Folks. All of the statements above are my true opinions after fully reading this book.

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