Forged in Dreams and Magick

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Pub Date 23 Sep 2013 | Archive Date 15 Mar 2024

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Kat Bastion's Multiple Award-Winning Debut
Forged in Dreams and Magick

Isobel MacInnes wakes up in present-day California, lunches in medieval Scotland, and by ten days’ end, falls in love with a man and his country, only to lose them in a heart-wrenching twist of fate . . .

Found in the arms of her second soul mate . . .

Forced to balance the delicate strands of time between two millennia . . .

Shocked by revelations rewriting the very foundations of history . . . of everything.

Isobel, a rising-star archaeology student, is dropped into two ancient worlds without warning . . . or her permission. Her fiery spirit resists the dependency thrust upon her. Amid frustration at her lack of control, she helplessly falls in love. Twice.

She struggles to adjust to the unimaginable demands of two leaders of men—a laird in the thirteenth-century Highlands and a Pict chieftain in a more ancient Scotland. Isobel transforms from an academic, hell-bent on obtaining archaeological recognition, to a woman striving to care for those she loves, and ultimately . . . into a fearless warrior risking everything to protect them.

Scorching (explicit) sex scenes.
Fire extinguisher highly recommended.

Rave Reviews for Kat Bastion's multiple award-winning debut,
Forged in Dreams and Magick

Chosen by as their Fresh Pick for October 22, 2013

"A beautifully woven tale about love, choices, courage and destiny, Forged in Dreams and Magick is one of the best time-traveling novels. Fans of Gabaldon's Outlander will love it."
~ Bookish Temptations

“I was gripping my iPad like a crazy woman and fanning myself from the smoldering romance. Lawdy!”
~ The Flirty Reader

“Delicious Scottish lairds and red-hot steam along with excellent storytelling make for one hellofva read!”
~ The Indie Bookshelf

"Bastion's debut is pure perfection, a combination of romance, magic, emotion, adventure and surprising twists and turns. This is a truly unique romance that should not be missed!"
~ TheBookQueen

“HOLY HELL!!! I am so… um… wow! FABULOUSNESS.” ~ “Forged in Dreams and Magick definitely makes my BEST OF list for 2013.”
~ Vampbard from That’s What I’m Talking About

"A story guaranteed to enthrall with lushly detailed travels into times long gone by. Woven with love, passion, magic and legend, the story had me hooked from the very first chapter."
~ Jillian, Read-Love-Blog

Kat Bastion’s wonderful debut brings a new voice to the fore. Her voice is strong and unhesitating, very human and real, sometimes young and delicious in her treatment of intimacy and relationship development.”
~ Fangs Wands & Fairydust

“OMG, Bastion hits all cylinders in this supernatural tale. The layers in the book were fascinating, and I devoured the fun, adventuresome read.
~ Literati Literature Lovers

An amazing time-traveling tale about love, duty, and honor.”
~ Bitten by Paranormal Romance

"Kat Bastion’s Forged in Dreams and Magick is a delightful and engaging read. She has a keen eye for history and writes detailed imagery. A must read for any time-travel romance fan!"
~ Literary, etc.

After Forged in Dreams and Magick, the rest of the
completed Highland Legends Series awaits:

Forged in Dreams and Magick
Bound by Wish and Mistletoe
Born of Mist and Legend
Found in Flame and Moonlight

Rave Reviews for the quintessential holiday romance,
Bound by Wish and Mistletoe

"Move over, Julia Quinn and Sabrina Jeffries! Kat Bastion is an absolutely gifted author and deserves to be recognized for her talent."
~ LovesHistorical Book Reviews

"Bastion's writing alone captures you, as it does in book one, and once you're in the zone, it's pure entertainment. (Euphoria for a reader.)...She has a way with telling a story like no other author I've read."
~ The Indie Bookshelf

"Kat Bastion has done it again! ... Excellent holiday novella, perfect for a cup of cocoa and snuggling under a blanket in front of the fireplace this holiday season."
~ VampBard from That's What I'm Talking About

"I LOVED it! Bound by Wish and Mistletoe is, to my mind, a perfect entry in the historical / paranormal fiction genre and has quite a bit to offer."
~ Fab Fantasy Fiction

"Kat Bastion has done it again. She wrote a book that is filled with magic, love, passion, fear and action (both with a sword, and the more steamy kind). But more importantly... Kat wrote a book that made me connect with the characters emotionally."
~ Sabina's Adventures in Reading

Kat Bastion's Multiple Award-Winning Debut
Forged in Dreams and Magick

Isobel MacInnes wakes up in present-day California, lunches in medieval Scotland, and by ten...

Advance Praise

Please see the two Rave Reviews sections at the bottom of the Description for rave reviews on both Forged in Dreams and Magick and the next book in the series, Bound by Wish and Mistletoe

Please see the two Rave Reviews sections at the bottom of the Description for rave reviews on both Forged in Dreams and Magick and the next book in the series, Bound by Wish and Mistletoe

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Kat Bastion's Multiple Award-Winning Debut
Forged in Dreams and Magick

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Kat Bastion's Multiple Award-Winning Debut
Forged in Dreams and Magick

To honor the major milestone:
The eBook of the highly rated time-travel romance will be
FREE for a...

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Featured Reviews

I couldn't put it down and then I started to tell my friends all about it. I had a hard time not telling the ending. I then ran out to purchase it to have it in paper form and can't wait till the next book comes out.

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I am not a great fan of time travel books but I really liked this one. I loved being taken back to 13th century Scotland, being a Scot, and the Laird Iain sounded lovely. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. A love triangle that was believable and very well written. I think this book has converted me to time travel novels.

Was this review helpful?

I had this huge synopsis ready to go and I'm going to leave it at this...

Kat Bastion took me into a world of time-travel that I'm accustomed to, threw me a hard right as I was sinking into something comfortable and soothing, had me accepting the new rules to the game, and then tossed me over the edge of the cliff into another element that I thoroughly enjoyed.

She had my emotions all over the place from loving what was happening one moment to having me feel like I was breaking a loyalty by accepting something else, then seeing it all come full circle and seeing the rightness of it all through the confusion, feeling happiness and sadness at once, and basically gob smacking me in the face with something way out in left field that I fell hard for. I am really looking forward to following this series!

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First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read the Kat Bastion's book Forged in Dreams and Magick. I really liked the story and the characters. It was a really good book. I hope the book does well and we will have the opportunity to read what what happened to Finn, how was his disappearance involved with all of this...

Well anyway, here is my review in Goodreads:

Why did I requested this book from NetGalley - because the synopsis reminded me so much of one of my favorite series - Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. And you know what, it was worth it. Well, it does not go as deep and it's not as realistic as Outlander series are, but it is also about time travel, about love, about Scots ...

But there is the twist that I was not expecting and it makes the story even more interesting. Suddenly its Outlander meets Covet by J.R Ward.

So take those two series, mix them together, throw in some nice erotica and you get this book - a good book, an interesting story, good characters and a cliffhanger ... sort of, but I still would like to know - will there be another book?

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Series: Highland Legends #1 Category: Romance, Sci Fi & Fantaasy Recommended for: 18+ due to sexual content Grammar/editing: A – near perfect Received from: Kat Bastion via (in exchange for an honest review)

I wanted to share a couple of my favorite lines:
LOVE: “This shipwrecked soul has found home.”
QUOTE: “Sometimes our emotions rule us. How we handle the consequences…defines us.”
HILARIOUS: “I unfurled my cocky smartass flag to fly at full mast. “Sylvester got that tongue, Tweety?”
This is the first book in the Highland Legends series. They do need to be read in order.

This is a love triangle like no other that you may have read. Isobel, Iain, and Velloc live in completely different circumstances and yet fate, magick, angels… somebody… has decided that Isobel is fated to be with both of these men as the perfect soul mate to each of them. Isobel is from 21st century America, Iain is from 13th century Scotland, and Velloc is from 1st century Scotland as a leader of one of the Pict tribes. So how do they meet and how does a small blonde travel in time to reset the history of mankind?

I received this book close to a year ago through NetGalley. For one reason or another, reading it kept getting pushed back and pushed back. I could kick myself! This story had it all: love, lust, history, philosophy, fun, and a few tears. Ultimately it is a love story… one love story… one woman loving her men and her clans. . I think I may have left pieces of my heart in Scotland's past.

I cannot wait to start the second book and continue diving into the rest of this series.

Was this review helpful?

Forged in Dreams and Magick is truly a MAGICAL journey through time through-out the mystic Scottish Highlands and an awesome debut novel!

This is the story of Isobel MacInnes, who has grown up loving history and anything Highlands since she was a small child. After a trip to Scotland to visit with her grandfather before he passed, she was forced off the road by a flock of sheep. She fell down an embankment and, while trying to get back to her car, she discovers what appears to be an ancient artifact. She's understandably beyond ecstatic and eager to show it off to her comrades.

Iain Brodie excels at Highland Games competitions. Women are attracted to him like bees to honey. He is friends with Isobel and she has called him excited to share her new discovery with him.

This story was unlike any other story I've read and I absolutely loved it. it took place in three different time periods all in the Highlands. The historical elements interwoven thru-out the story were very interesting and the magical elements were awesome. There were some amazing twists that blew my mind; Kat's storytelling skills are just amazing.

The story hooked my interest from the very beginning. My only complaint with the book was that it seemed to drag a bit when I was about two thirds through. Thankfully, that didn't last long and the story picked right up from there until the end.

This was a VERY GOOD read that I'd highly recommend for anyone who loves Highland romances, time travel romances and light paranormals. I will definitely be picking up the next book in this series!

4 STARS!!!!!!

Was this review helpful?

Any one who love time travel and romance with the highlands of Scotland will love this book. Really looking forward to reading the other book in the series. I have given this five stars shame I could not give it a much higher mark. Loved this time traveling medieval stories would recommend to every one.

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Forged in Dreams and Magick. Kat Bastion

ARC supplied via Netgalley.
Well, a new author, always exciting – and I love time travel books so...eagerly sped into this one. Its a terrific read, engrossing and believable. Of course fantasy novels mean suspending belief to a degree, but there still needs to be that element of realism, of being able to think something possibly could happen – and this novel does that really well. The description covers the synopsis pretty well so I'll concentrate on the characters and the plot(s). Isabel isa to Iain was a great lead. Her archaeology background provided her with tools and information she needed to survive not only a trip back to 1300's, but one back even further – to the Picts, another 1,000 years back. I wondered how Kat was going to play out the story of two soul mates, and couldn't see how it would work, surely one of them would be jealous, or Isabel would be missing whichever one she wasn't with, and with them being 1,000 years apart they wouldn't be together! Kat does it though – and in a way that works so well. I loved the minutiae of the day to day life she describes in both eras, that sort of detail adds so much for me to books that deal in the historical. I'm fascinated by how they ran their daily lives, the food, the clothes and the culture. I hated history at school and yet now I love it, much having been gained from reality details in fiction books ironically! Anyway Isa has a hard balance to make, to be with Iain in 1300's – she loves him – or to be with Velloc further back – she loves him too. Its sounds unbelievable, but it works and the connection of the box and the wall in Iains study is incredible, bringing in some further connections that group the events and people.
Iain- well, he was a hero, and I loved him and was convinced Isa needed to be with him, but then she was thrown back and met Velloc, and like her I came to love him too. But though he wanted her to stay she knew Iain would be worried for her and wanted to go back to him, even though she also wanted to stay with Velloc. Her knowledge of history comes in useful for both men, but especially Velloc with the Roman invasion imminent. There's more to play though, and we find out more about how she's time travelled, its not accidental and there are two more mysterious, supernatural characters we meet towards the end. I have to say I loved the deadpan humour of Sunshine :) those two extra characters made all the difference in pulling together much of the mystery, even though the ending left a few threads to tantalise the imagination. Its a complete book, no horrible cliffhangers and the combination of people and plots are superb, worked really well for me, and I’d love to read more from Kat. An author I'll definitely look out for in the future :) Priced at just £2.59 for 340 pages/3215kb is a bargain – I do love books long enough to get the most from a story. Stars: cracker of a book – full five

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Forged in Dreams and Magick By Kat Bastion A Highland Legends Novel, Book 1 Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Kindle version
$3.99 340 pages Sept. 23, 2013

Little did Isobel MacInnes know that her grandfather’s last words would literally cast her into time. Isobel is the assistant to the head of the Archaeology Department at UCLA. She was thrilled about her discovery of a unique metal box, she personally found along a creek in Scotland. She carefully dug up the artifact with extraordinary detailing and brought it back to the United States for further examination. No sooner does she show off her exceptional find to modern-day Highlander and international movie star, Iain Brodie, do they go sailing through time.

They traveled from 21st century California to 13th century Scotland wherein lies Brodie castle. The authentic version of a Highlander, complete with dark hair down to his shoulders, a beard and battle scars, seemed to replace her modern day friend. Suddenly she is living the life of a Laird’s wife. If that wasn’t enough, in terms of a major shock, she learns that she’s a time jumper.

Rather than spoil the clever plot, I will say that Isobel is not a helpless, out-of-time and place protagonist. She’s far more intelligent and darn right brave and nothing will stop her from arriving at the truth of why she’s been chosen for this destiny. Expect magic, passion, history, war, pride and love. That’s what you’ll find in this e-book. The characters are fiercely driven to protect their loved ones. Danger is always a step away. I actually finished reading the book at 4 a.m. It consistently delivered its characters challenges. I did have a few questions, which Kat did answer in an email, and the spacing was a bit different in terms of format.

About the Author Kat Bastion is an award-winning paranormal romance writer, poetic warrior, and eternal optimist who loves getting lost in the beauty of nature. On a never-ending, wondrous path of self-discovery, Kat throws her characters into incredible situations with the hope that readers join her in learning more about the meaning of life and love. Her first published work, Utterly Loved, was shared with the world to benefit others. All proceeds from Utterly Loved, and a portion of the proceeds of all her other books, support charities who help those lost in this world. Kat lives with her husband amid the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Visit her blog at, her website at, and her Twitter account at for more information.

Five out of five Highlanders Denise Fleischer November 23, 2013

Was this review helpful?

"Forged in Dreams and Magick" by Kat Bastion is a mesmerizing tale that seamlessly weaves together the elements of time travel, romance, and historical intrigue, resulting in an enchanting journey that captivates the reader from the very beginning.

The story centers around Isobel MacInnes, a modern-day archaeology student who awakens in present-day California, only to find herself transported to medieval Scotland and an even more ancient era, where she becomes entangled in a web of love and destiny that spans the ages. The novel brilliantly explores the delicate strands of time as Isobel grapples with her newfound existence and the complexities of her heart, torn between two soul mates from different centuries. Isobel's transformation from an academic driven by ambition to a fearless warrior willing to protect those she loves is nothing short of extraordinary.

One of the most compelling aspects of this story is the mystery that shrouds Isobel's time-traveling experiences, particularly the enigmatic "magic box" that propels her through time. The gradual unraveling of this mystery, intertwined with the fate of the people she comes to love, keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, eagerly turning pages in anticipation.

The characters in this novel are beautifully crafted, and Isobel's journey of self-discovery is both poignant and relatable. Her inner struggle to reconcile her scientific mindset with the inexplicable events happening around her adds depth to her character. The two men in her life, Iain Brodie and Velloc, are portrayed with such nuance that it's easy to understand how she could love them both. Their qualities, both similar and different, make for a compelling love triangle that is both heartwarming and emotionally charged.

What truly sets this book apart is the lush and evocative descriptions of the various landscapes and time periods. Kat Bastion's vivid narrative paints a rich and sensory tapestry, allowing readers to feel the furs, savor the foods, and marvel at the breathtaking landscapes. This attention to detail is a true gift to the reader, immersing them fully in the worlds of medieval Scotland and the ancient Pict times.

In summary, "Forged in Dreams and Magick" is a beautifully written, emotionally charged, and utterly enchanting novel. The seamless blend of time travel, romance, and historical intrigue, coupled with its well-drawn characters and the tantalizing mystery at its core, makes it a must-read for those seeking a captivating and immersive literary experience. Kat Bastion's storytelling prowess shines through in this magical journey that will leave you yearning for more.

Was this review helpful?

A time travel fantasy set in modern day California and a medieval Scottish Highlands. Isabel is transported back in time to medieval Scotland. I really enjoyed this novel and there are some steamy scenes in it, but I enjoyed them too. I would recommend this novel highly. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for giving me a copy of the book.

Was this review helpful?

This was some Fantasy. Amazing storyline going back in History to the early developments of the Scots. The imagination required to make this seem real is extraordinary. My mind is still spinning from the implications and links to History. Great read!

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