Dishonestly Yours

The hotly-anticipated new romance from TikTok sensations and authors of the Addicted series

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Pub Date 4 Jul 2024 | Archive Date 3 Jul 2024

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'The tension is delicious . . . I was absolutely consumed by these characters ' - Elsie Silver

Dishonestly Yours is the hotly-anticipated new gritty romance from TikTok sensations and authors of the Addicted series Krista and Becca Ritchie.

Living honestly isn’t in his DNA. Just like it’s never been in mine . . .

The Graves and Tinrock families live life from one con to the next. Phoebe Graves has grown up in a world where stealing and seducing are as natural as breathing.

When a job goes horribly wrong, though, she and her best friend, Hailey Tinrock, decide to leave their life of crime behind. They head to a small college town in Connecticut to start anew. But Hailey’s older brother, Rocky, catches wind of their plans and refuses to let them do this alone.

Phoebe's past with Rocky is downright messy: he’s everything she wants, but nothing she can have. And the longer she stays in town, the more Phoebe has to lose . . . can love survive a web of lies?

'The characters, the twists, the cons . . . I couldn’t get enough!' - Elle Kennedy

'The tension is delicious . . . I was absolutely consumed by these characters ' - Elsie Silver

Dishonestly Yours is the hotly-anticipated new gritty romance from TikTok sensations and authors of the...

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Featured Reviews

Title: Dishonestly Yours by Krista Ritchie; Becca Ritchie

Release Date: July, 4th, 2024


A thrilling ride through the world of con artists and tangled relationships.

Starting fresh, Phoebe Graves and her best friend Hailey strive to break free from a life of crime by starting anew in a small Connecticut town. However, their plans are complicated by Hailey's older brother, Rocky, whose presence threatens to pull them back into their old ways. Phoebe is torn between her feelings for Rocky and her desire for a fresh start. As they navigate the challenges of their past and the temptations of their present, Phoebe must decide if love and a normal life are worth the risks.

"Dishonestly Yours" by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie takes readers on a wild journey, leaving them craving for more by the end. I was! The emotional investment in the characters and their journey is palpable, leaving readers frustrated in the best way possible.

The dynamic between the main couple is a tantalising blend of enemies-to-lovers and soulmate vibes, building to an explosive climax that left me eagerly anticipating the next instalment.

Thank you to The Publisher Pan Macmillan | Pan , The Authors Krista Ritchie; Becca Ritchiel & NetGalley for an advanced reader copy (ARC) in exchange for my honest review.

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This was so so fun to read! The summer vibes were immaculate. 💛
The story follows two con artists families: the Graves and the Tinrock.
Pheobe Graves is our FMC and she and her best friend Hailey Tinrock decide that it's time for a change after a job ended really badly, so they move to Vittoria, Connecticut. That's where their new lives begins. No more scams. No more secrets.
To hear the news about the situation is Rocky, Hailey's older brother, and Phoebe's everything. Their relationship is really complicated, they're always been attracted to one another but because of the pressure the families put on them they always try to stay away from each other.
As I was saying before, this book was really fun! I liked the characters, i liked the setting and i was really invested in the plot twists.
What i always love about Krista & Becca's writing is the way they can write a good found family. The bond between brothers and sisters alway get to me. 🎀

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✨ 4.5 stars

Lies, manipulation, deception. The webs that weave around these characters are made up of this and much more. They live in shades of grey, in a world of their own, where the lines between fiction and reality are blurred.

The plot of this book is unlike anything I've read before. It starts slowly as we are introduced to the characters and their world, but once it picks up, oh my god, it was almost impossible to put the book down. As the stakes got higher, I felt more and more anxious. I have so many questions, there's still so much to be revealed, so many secrets. Is everything the characters believed about their lives a big lie? Is their whole life one giant con? I NEED TO KNOW!

Speaking of characters, I'm already so invested in their lives. I enjoyed getting to know them and I'm eager to learn more about each of them.

Phoebe is a character with many layers, and I feel that this book has only scratched the surface of her. She seems so confident and independent, and she certainly has a "don't give a damn" attitude, but deep down I think there's a vulnerable girl who's not sure what her role in her life is. She doesn't really see her value outside of the roles she plays in the cons, which breaks my heart. I think she's so strong and resilient, I can't wait to see more of her.

Rocky already has my heart. He's a more fleshed out character and I'm so glad we get his POV, his thoughts about Phoebe destroyed me. He's the kind of person who will do anything for the people he loves, even to his own detriment. Rocky is bitter, cynical, doesn't trust easily and his relationship with his parents is extremely complicated, but for the sake of his siblings and friends he's willing to continue to live by their rules. It honestly tore me apart to see how hurt and angry he is.

The Ritchie sisters promised an angsty, messy and complicated romance and they delivered. The relationship between Rocky and Phoebe is all that and more. Their chemistry is insane, they're so explosive and it's clear how much they love each other, but being together isn't as easy as they'd like it to be. The slow burn was delicious, it was so well written and I felt like I was going to combust as I waited for something to happen between them. They have so much history together, the threads that bind them are so strong and deep, I can't wait to see how their relationship develops in the next book.

Hailey, Nova, Oliver and Trevor were great supporting characters in this book and I really hope we'll get books for all of them. They're so intriguing and I definitely want to get to know each of them better. There's so much potential for this to become one of my favourite found families. It's clear that they all love each other and would do anything to protect each other. After this ending, I'm sure they'll get even closer and work to understand how much of their lives is one big web of manipulation and deceit.

There are definitely some elements in this book that reminded me of the Addicted series, so I'm sure anyone who loves that series will enjoy this book. But it's definitely something new and fresh. The Ritchie sisters excel at writing about real, imperfect characters with messy lives and even messier family dynamics, so I'm looking forward to what comes next in this series. The cliffhanger at the end has me eagerly awaiting the next book.

Thank you to Pan Macmillan, NetGalley and the authors for the e-arc 🫶🏻

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I absolutely loved this, the slow burn romance was really captivating especially when combined with the amazing tension.

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I received this book as an arc from Pan Macmillan through Netgalley, and I am so grateful I was approved for it as this book was so good! I loved the con woman plot, and I loved the characters growth sm in this book. I was shocked at 2 of the plot twists near the end as I was not expecting them at all. I also loveddd the mini nod to the 'Fizzle' drink company that is part of the Addicted-Calloway series background. The MMC really grew on me as this book went on, and I cannot wait for book 2 to come out! I highly recommend this book to everyone when it comes out, regardless of whether you have read the Addicted-Calloway sister series or not.

- “I’ve always been dishonestly yours. And it looks like that’s not changing.”

- Best Friend's Brother
- Morally Grey Characters
- Con Artist Families

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Thanks so much to Pan Macmillan, NetGalley and Krista and Becca Ritchie for the eARC, all opinions expressed are my own!

Dishonestly Yours had me intrigued throughout the plot, the way the plot unravels with the multiple heists and strategically never giving too much away had me on hooked. I enjoyed following Phoebe tumultuous journey away from a life of deceit and into the realm of honesty despite the various challenges she encounters.

Set against the backdrop of a quaint small town, the story brims with palpable tension between Phoebe and Rocky. The chemistry was incredible!

What makes this novel truly shine is the way their complex relationship plays out, building the tension to a point of explosion.

A thrilling and mysterious read, layered with tension fuelled romance! I would recommend.

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Dishonestly Yours is told from first person from the pov of both Phoebe and Rocky. It follows two con artist families - the Graves and Tinrock families. Phoebe Graves and Rocky have grown up conning after learning to seduce and steal by their parents. A job goes wrong though so Phoebe and her best friend Hailey (Rocky’s sister) decide to leave conning behind and live an honest life in a small college town. Rocky learns what Phoebe and Hailey are up to and decides to join them both. Phoebe has a messy past with Rocky as they have been forced by their parents to do cons together but a new start in a small town means they cannot ignore their feelings for each other.

This was an absolutely amazing book and it gave me similar vibes to the early books in the Addicted series. The writing was brilliant and the chemistry between Phoebe and Rocky was off the scale. As soon as Rocky was introduced I could feel the chemistry between them and I loved the connection Phoebe and Rocky had. The story felt so fresh and new. I understand some people don’t enjoy stories about con artists/liars but both these characters have been manipulated by their parents to con and that made it more understandable. Plus the people they con are not good people. The side characters were amazing and I loved how they all supported each other. I definitely recommend this and I cannot wait for the next book in the series as it should be following Phoebe and Rocky again. I loved the experience of reading this. It was so unbelievably good.

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I just LOVE this duo.

The Addicted series is one of my all time favourites and this is shaping up to be just as good.

I mean I'll be dreaming of Rocky!

My only complaint, having to wait for the next book.

All the stars for this one.

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Dishonestly Yours - Krista and Becca Ritchie

I was hesitant after not loving Addicted To You, but Dishonestly Yours changed my perspective of Krista and Becca. It was a slow start but definitely worth persevering as the story follows two professional con artists, Phoebe and Rocky, along with their families as they attempt to escape the game and navigate a normal life.

Finding it difficult to trust after being raised to be dishonest adds tension to the different dynamics throughout the book. The dual timeline reflects back on their different cons, providing a bigger picture of the extremes they and their family were willing to go to.

They think they can make a go of living a normal life in a small collegiate town, as long as their secret remains theirs alone. However, if you’ve spent your life not trusting others, how can it be easy to let go of the past? Especially when the past follows them wherever they go.

Fake dating, toxic family and lots of lies. I didn’t think I’d enjoy a book about a family of con artists, but how wrong I was! Rocky and Phoebe’s relationship throughout has a ‘will they, won’t they’ vibe which makes an already tense plot even more enticing.

Loved this book and would highly recommend!

Thank you NetGalley for the arc in return for an honest review!

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The Ritchie sisters have been my ride or die authors for over a decade now and I was equally excited and nervous to see them venture outside of the Addicted series universe with “Dishonestly Yours”.

It was everything I needed right now! The angst, the romance, the banter! All of it had me giggling and swooning, while also having me in an emotional chokehold. Rocky and Phoebe felt so intensely cosmic and it’s the one thing that always draws me back to KBR’s books— how they write epic romances and love stories that just consume your soul and make you yearn for a love like that too. The forbidden aspect with Rocky being Phoebe’s best friend’s older brother alongside the super cool backdrop of the con-artist families just made for an incredibly addictive read. Their intense sordid history just added an extra layer of palpitating angst that had me devouring page after page. God I need more asap! Hailey’s book when???

That ending has me in bits, my heart is still pounding 😭 Krista and Becca don’t know how to write a bad book! It’s just not in the Ritchie DNA ;)

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I’m totally obsessed with this new series
And I would even say that I like the first book way more than addicted to you 🥰 Sorry not sorry

In this book you can find
🍓Best Friend’s older brother
🍓Small Town
🍓They are both morally grey
🍓Childhood friends
🍓He falls when he was 15 and never stopped
🍓Con Artist Families

Phoebe and Rocky are such complex characters and I loved loved his pov in the book which help you understand why he’s acting the way he does.
They have been in each other’s lives forever and their relationship has always been peculiar. Their parents have always manipulating them during different “jobs” and using their feelings to achieve whatever goal they had set.

For the first time in their life they are far away from their parents but their feelings are still there and won’t go away. The more they try to fight what they feel the more they are pushed towards each other’s.
Only issue is that something happened during a con years ago and they made a pact.
But will they not fall into each others arms or will they finally do what their hearts have been telling them to do for their entire life?

Rocky comes out as a morally grey and grumpy character but he has a soft spot: anyone he cares for, especially Phoebe and his sister. He would do anything for them.
He has always protected them and he would do anything in his power to still do that.

Phoebe has always battle with her “role” during the cons and the only time when she feels truly herself is when Rocky is with her. He settles her.

I loved the past and present chapters as well since they give you a more in depth mirror to what happened that made them “scared” to be involved a real relationship.

Also that final 😭

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Fans of the Addicted series will love this one.

A delicious slow burn, the love between Phoebe and Rocky has span across two decades. The tension between the two is palpable and I'm here for it!

A family of con artists, Phoebe and her best friend Hailey look to escape to a normal life with no more lies. It seems only a matter of time before their parents catch up with them to drag them back into the only life they've ever really known.

This ends on such a cliff hanger, I can't wait for the sequel.

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If you’re in the market for a slow burn romance with a tight plot line, this one is the perfect pick! You will love this installment of the Addicted series, due to the incredible cast of characters that you will have to root for!

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Dishonestly Yours by Krista and Becca Ritchie is a departure from their previous works and truly stands out. I was eagerly awaiting this book, so when I got the chance to review an ARC, I was ecstatic!

Rocky and Phoebe share a long history, having grown up together and navigating life’s challenges. Their parents brought them into a world of hustling, so when Phoebe decides to pursue a more honest life with Hailey, Rocky tags along to oversee the adventurous pair and explore the possibilities of a crime-free existence.

•Messy Love
•Con artists
•Found family

I received an ARC copy of this book for free from netgalley and I’m writing this review voluntarily based on my own opinion.

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As soon as this landed on my kindle I was hooked and immersed into this new world.

“If you’re my shield, then I’m your crown”

Wow. Where do I even start? KBR blew it out of the park with this book. As an OG addicted series stan, I have never ventured outside of that world, so this is my first KBR book that’s outside of the bubble of the characters we all know and love, and I was pleasantly surprised. This book had it all from the delicious angst of being into your best friends brother, tension, chemistry, drama, secrets and the found family vibes we all love from KBR. This was a brilliant to start to a new series I’m so intrigued by!

I fell in love with the characters, Phoebe my seductress, was so so so relatable to me, and it hurt me to see how the world viewed her an object to be used. I couldn’t help but draw her parallels to Lily Calloway, both women I now love and adore and want to protect forever. Phoebe leaves behind a life of crime for her best friend Hailey who we didn’t get a pov of so we didn’t get delve into her character much but I adored their love and friendship so much.

Now Rocky… Rocky is so sexy, he is sarcastic and has dry humour, literally hates everyone BUT Phoebe which is one of my favourite micro tropes! He’s such an amazing big brother and to see his bond with Hailey and how protective he was? It just made me swoon. Safe to say Rocky is one of my favourite KBR heroes, he reminds me of Garrison and Ryke which if you know me are some of my fav heroes ever written period.

The romance was a simmering slowburn, they clearly love and care for eachother but have fought their feelings and were in a state of will they? Or won’t they? I’m excited to see how their relationship develops over the series because they truly were made for eachother.

Thank you so much to Netgalley, the publishers, Krista and Becca Ritchie for my arc in exchange for an honest review! 🩵

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