Goodbye Again

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Pub Date 3 Sep 2024 | Archive Date 31 Dec 2024

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Fated to meet.

Destined to fall in love.

Bound to fall apart.

In Julia Waters’s world, everything is easily explained. Simple, uncomplicated, logical. Until she meets JP Chapman on a cross-country flight, the handsome kindergarten teacher charms her with his wit, humor, and irresistible smile. While spending a magical night wandering the streets of Seattle, the two stumble upon a fortune teller who predicts their futures will forever be entwined.

But sometimes the road to love isn’t a straight line. Over the span of five years, careers, different cities, and missed chances stand in the way of them being together. It isn’t until she starts listening to the advice of her late grandmother, who visits her dreams since that first night in Seattle, does Julia realize not everything about love is straightforward.

If she hopes to discover why an invisible string continues to pull her back to him, she must trust her grandmother’s advice and, ultimately, herself.

Fated to meet.

Destined to fall in love.

Bound to fall apart.

In Julia Waters’s world, everything is easily explained. Simple, uncomplicated, logical. Until she meets JP Chapman on a cross-country...

Advance Praise

"The chemistry, the connection between them, the way they meet, they way they fight till the end... it's just... PERFECTION." -Alejandra Andrade, author of The Moonstruck Series

"Every encounter makes you root for this couple even more, and you will laugh and have your heart broken right along side them. Caitlin’s writing is thoughtful and real, with just a twist of magic with this must read!" -Goodreads Reviewer

"Dare I say JP is my fav book boyfriend written by Caitlin Moss? I love him so much I don’t even know if the book boyfriend category is appropriate. He’s much more of a book husband." -Goodreads Reviewer

"I loved this read SO MUCH. Pulled on my heartstrings in just the right way." -Goodreads Reviewer

"The chemistry, the connection between them, the way they meet, they way they fight till the end... it's just... PERFECTION." -Alejandra Andrade, author of The Moonstruck Series

"Every encounter makes...

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Featured Reviews

This book made me go though every possible emotion while reading. I enjoyed the characters so much and the invisible string aspect really tied it all together. (No pun intended) Invisible string is one of my favorite tropes in a good book or movie and I really enjoyed the play it had here.

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So much chemistry.
Plenty of laughs.
All the feels.


🔮right person, wrong time
🤍missed opportunities
🔮fortune teller
🤍invisible string theory
🔮dream theory
🔮emotional twists
🔮strangers to lovers to...

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Looooved the chemistry. In love with JP. This is one of my favorites from Caitlin Moss. Definitely a must read.

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Title: Goodbye Again

Author: Caitlin Moss

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★★★★☆½
Release Date:3rd September 2024

Caitlin Moss’s "Goodbye Again" is a beautifully crafted, heart-tugging romance that explores the complexities of love, fate, and missed opportunities. This enchanting story left me believing in the magic of second chances and the invisible strings that bind us to our true loves.

In Julia Waters's logical and uncomplicated world, everything makes sense—until she meets JP Chapman on a cross-country flight. JP, a charming kindergarten teacher, captures Julia's heart with his wit and irresistible smile. Their chance meeting in Seattle leads to a magical night wandering the city, culminating in a visit to a fortune teller who predicts their futures will be forever intertwined.

However, love's journey is seldom straightforward. Over five years, careers, different cities, and missed opportunities keep Julia and JP apart. It isn't until Julia begins to heed the advice of her late grandmother—who visits her dreams since that fateful night in Seattle—that she understands not everything about love is logical. Julia must trust her grandmother's wisdom and ultimately herself to uncover the reason why she is continually drawn back to JP.

What I Loved:

1. Endearing Characters: Julia and JP are wonderfully relatable characters. Julia’s logical, no-nonsense approach to life contrasts beautifully with JP’s warm, easygoing nature. Their chemistry is palpable from the moment they meet.
2. Fate and Fortune: The element of fate, introduced through the fortune teller and Julia's grandmother's dream visitations, adds a touch of magic to the story. It’s both whimsical and profound, making their love story feel destined yet fragile.
3. Realistic Obstacles: The five-year span filled with careers, different cities, and missed chances makes the story realistic and relatable. It mirrors the real-life complexities and timing issues that often affect relationships.
4. Grandmother's Wisdom: Julia’s late grandmother serves as a guiding force throughout the novel, providing heartfelt and poignant advice through dream sequences. This unique element adds depth and emotional resonance to the story.
5. Beautiful Settings: The descriptions of the various cities, especially the magical night in Seattle, are vivid and captivating. These settings enhance the romantic and wistful mood of the story.

The fortune teller scene is a standout moment, setting the tone for the entire novel. Her mysterious and slightly eerie prediction that Julia and JP’s futures will be forever entwined adds an intriguing layer of fate and destiny that keeps you hooked.

"Goodbye Again" is a delightful, fun, and deeply emotional read that will appeal to fans of contemporary romance who enjoy a touch of magic and fate in their love stories. Caitlin Moss skilfully weaves a narrative that is both heartwarming and heart-wrenching, making you root for Julia and JP despite the obstacles in their path.

Julia’s journey to trust her heart and her grandmother’s wisdom is a testament to the power of love and the belief that some connections are meant to be, no matter the twists and turns along the way. This novel is perfect for those who believe in the beauty of second chances and the serendipitous moments that bring us back to our true loves.

So, grab a cozy blanket, settle into your favourite reading spot, and get ready to be swept away by the enchanting and heartfelt tale of Julia and JP. You’ll find it hard to say goodbye to this delightful story!

Thank you to The Author CAITLIN MOSS & NetGalley for an advanced reader copy (ARC) in exchange for my honest review.

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I have read every book by Caitlin Moss and loved them, but this one REALLY pulled me in deep on an emotional level. JP and Julia's story, wow, I loved their lives intersecting through the years. I had a LOT of tears throughout this book and really related to her relationship with her Mom, and I adored my grandmother just as she did. Thank you Caitlin for telling this beautiful story!!♥️

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Thank you so very much to NetGalley and Caitlin Moss for the early copy of this book!

Do not let the sunshiny, yellow cover fool you!! This book is pain and heartbreak and tears wrapped in a fluffy looking package but WOW I am blown away. I'm glutton for punishment and will always love reading books that rip my heart to shreds and this story did just that. My chest actually hurts, my mascara is smudged- whew what a ride.

Julia and JP meet when they are coincidentally seated next to each other on a flight from Chicago to Seattle. Following that initially serendipitous meeting, they have been thrown into each other's orbits continuously over the span of many years. They are the perfect example of "right person, wrong time" and the two could never seem to be on the same page at the same time. Goodbye Again shows us what happens when you give a once-in-a-lifetime love a second (or third, or ninth) chance.

Things I loved about this book:
- the Gramma Elle chapters were so flipping wholesome
- JP and Julia's meet cute was adorable
- the friendship that grew between Julia and Audrey
- Kevin.
- the hospital scene
- I'll never be able to look at Taco Bell again without thinking about this book

Anyone in need of a good cry will love this story!

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Goodbye Again by Caitlin Moss

My rating:

Every time I read a Caitlin Moss book I think to myself “they just keep getting better!” .This one was exactly what I needed and I absolutely loved it.

Caitlin has a way of putting her heart and soul into her books. She writes with such emotion which makes me so connected to the story that I get so sad when they are over!

I loved the main character Julia. She was so relatable and had me giggling out loud. The Taco Bell and ranch dressing obsession? Yep.

J.P was absolutely swoony and is everything you would want in a partner.

This right person wrong time trope was done in such an original way. While this story had lots of laughs, it did also deal with some heavy issues at times and I think that is what makes me love her writing so much. I was crying by the time I got to the end. Please read the author’s note and you’ll get it (IYKYK).

As always, thank you so much Caitlin Moss and netgalley for the ARC! Save this one to your TBR for when it comes out in September 2024!

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