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I got this book as a gift for my birthday and it is gorgeous. Fun, fabulous and fact-filled. A really good present and good read.
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Wonderful and inspiring book for young girls. The artwork and layout are perfect for a younger audience but it would make a nice book for adults as well.
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This was a nice read, however, I felt that some of the connections were quite stretched. While this was informative and had lovely illustrations and I enjoyed it, it didn't stand out to me. That said, I feel it would be a good present.
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"Behind every great woman is ... another woman"
A very enjoyable read, I give it 3 solid stars
perfect for bedtime story reading for young boys and young girls
so that they can know more about female role models
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I love all of the wonderful, educational stories going on here!
This is great for young girls wanting inspiration!
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It seems that book about famous people, and especially women (which is awesome), are becoming quite popular. But, as with every trend, these books tend to be a bit too similar or bland. I am happy to say that this is not the case with I Know A Woman!

The writing in this book is really good and it makes you really interested even in those women you already know all about! The art is so colorful and distinct, yet in the same style, for every women presented. I absolutely loved the historical context that was given for every women discussed in the book and how the connections between the women in the book or emphasized. They inspired each other and more often than not they worked together. 

This makes a great book to introduce awesome role-models to little girls (although there is some talk about sex and affairs, and while I am okay with that, I am not sure this is the case for all the parents out there), but it's also a good book for adults despite the bite-size piece of biography you get. This book might spark a passion for a certain woman that you might pick up their biography or check out their works - especially if they are writers or painters. 

And I know this might be a highlight for myself only, but I loved how many female pilots were presented in this book!!
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This is a book that I requested to read and review when I saw it because of its description. It is a collection of bite sized versions of the life stories of women who left their mark. 

The foreword was very well written (I have to mention it just because it set the atmosphere for the rest of the reading). It has a drawing of each woman beside the story and that too makes for good reading. It has never been easy for women to get a point across, in some ways that situation has become better (on the whole). In my culture, or at least in my home growing up, we were encouraged to think that we could achieve anything we set our mind to (and work hard), it would have helped to have such a collection to drive home the point. Considering the nature of some of the content, I would not recommend it for very young kids but teenagers and above would find this an interesting way to spend some time.

The only problem I had with the narration was that the women were all connected by some distance of separation but at times, this connection seemed tenuous at best. It was a fun way to jump through time and country and type of achievement, but initially it bothered me a lot!

It is not a book to be read in one sitting, and would make for a very lively discussion.
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Great artwork and eyecatching cover. Though it is an interesting book, it doesn't stand out for me compared to other similar books on the market.
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Enjoying "I Know a Woman" by Kate Hodges with artist Julie Van Grol's "Badass Babe Workbook" is a perfect match. Badass Babe peeks the reader's strong woman and inner Badass Babe in the most creative way: art! The exercises coupled with the added sections of inspiration from trailblazing women ushers right into Hodges' "I Know A Woman". It meets Hodges goal of "creating a gigantic web of womanhood which celebrates the relationships between the world’s most inspirational women". It is then enhanced as the reader complete's  Grol's guide, working through the art exercises to celebrate her own.
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Thank you to Quatro Publishing, Kate Hodges and NetGalley for an ARC of the book.

I am enjoying dipping in and out of this beautiful book, reading about all these inspiring women.  This is a perfect gift to give growing (and grown) girls.  The illlustrations are wonderful and it is a pleasure to pick this book up regularly.  I am enjoying reading about females I know a little about and also those who until now I have not encountered.

This is a book that would be more enjoyable to read in hard copy, to really savour each page.
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I enjoyed this! I think it's a wonderful addition to the new cadre of these sorts of books: beautifully illustrated, short biographies just right for reading aloud with younger children. I'll be purchasing a copy to add to my personal library!
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This is a well organised collection of biographies centred around women of note from various nationalities and fields of influence. 

I am a little surprised to see that this has been marketed at adults as it seemed to be better suited to older children and YA audiences as each biography feels like more of an introduction to each woman rather than a section to stretch ones thinking.
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The book looks generally good. I got access to excerpt of this book. I wished to have access to the full book to provide a more deep review.
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I really like the idea behind this book, of women knowing each other and helping each other. However, some of the connections in this book can be far-fetched, instead of A knowing B, it's more like "A works in the same field as B etc". I may seem nitpicking, but those type connection felt forced since the book promised each women to know each other. The writing is a bit dry too, it felt like reading a text book since there are so many information and achievements condensed in a page. Maybe more pages can be given to make it more interesting instead of info-dumping.

On the other hand, kudos to the illustrator! All of the illustrations are gorgeous and the color pallete are really pleasing.
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This was a lovely collection of mini bios of inspiring women from all generations, all over the world. Each mini bio comes with a stunning illustration, which in my honest opinion was the highlight of this book. Those illustrations were simply amazing. An important, and colourful book. Perfect for all readers. ♥️

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was an interesting read. Packed full of inspirational women, their stories, and their impact on history
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I Know a Woman generated mixed emotions in this reader. 

Things that I applaud are:
- the breadth of the selection of women, across years, nationalities and fields of influence
- the illustrations are beautiful 

Things that didn't work for me:
- while the attempt to connect the women to each other was interesting, in many cases the connections were tenuous at best
- the information about each of the women was very scant and left me wanting more

There are many of this type of book on the market these days. I wish more information had been given on each of the women featured. Perhaps the intent of the book was to make you want to learn more - if that is the case, it succeeded well.

My thanks to NetGalley and Aurum Press for sending me an e-copy of this book to read and review in exchange for an honest opinion.
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I am so happy that I received this book. It was really interesting and gave me insight into women's lives that I would have otherwise never known about. The only thing that I wish was different about it, is that the stories were longer.
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This type of book has been more and more common lately and it's refreshing to see more material about female historical figures.  This particular entry features a lot of well-known figures in big, bright, colorful illustrations.  The summaries of these figures are on the shorter side, and they could use a more diverse selection, but this would make a good book for a children's or YA selection for a personal or public library.
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Phenomenal. Recommend to people of all ages. Fascinating collection of women.
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