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First Time Garment Fitting

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Anjana D, Reviewer

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The one thing that I appreciate most in terms of having access to advance reviewer copies is to have a wider view into different types of books available. The Arts and Crafts are very interesting and are some things that I would probably find hard to make a choice if I was to go out and purchase them.

Last year in a spurt of enthusiasm I invested in a sewing machine, then came to realise it is one handicraft habit that needs complete undivided and precise interest. I am yet to make any complete garment which can be worn outside the home, but this book has me one step closer. It addresses that important point which differentiates the regular homemade attire with that of a store bought one. It is all about defining the fit of whatever it is that we would be trying to make.It has enough images to clear any smaller doubts. The explanations though, would probably make sense once we actually work with the cloth and the process of measuring ourselves.I am hoping it encourages me to put in more time in honing the craft.

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