Hitler's Secret Weapons of Mass Destruction

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 12 Oct 2018

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This was a difficult read for me due to the technical aspects of the subject. I found it well researched and interesting, but more of a reference book than I had anticipated.  Michael FitzGerald includes a great deal of history and detail for weapons that were proposed, including some that were never brought to production.  He taught me things I wasnt aware of, and I appreciated his thoroughness. 
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I had high expectations, hoping to find insight and surprises but was sadly disappointed. The title is over ambitious and designed to draw you to the book via hyperbole. There were some interesting sections but I found myself bogged down in highly technical and scientific descriptions of weapons ultimately proven never to have existed. I'm conformable with a level of technical detail but I didn't want yo read a scientific journal. There was also too much repetition and ultimately I had to work hard to finish the book.
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"Hitler's Secret Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Nazi Plan for Final Victory" eBook was published in 2018 and was written by Michael Fitzgerald.

I categorize this book as ‘G’. This book talks about the various projects undertaken by the German Third Reich to create weapons that would turn the tide of World War II.

The first part of the book addressed aircraft, rockets, and armored vehicles that were either developed or which had been designed. Then some of the more far-fetched research efforts were addressed including "flying saucers", unusual aircraft, and working atomic weapons. 

I thought that the 6 hours I spent reading this 240-page non-fiction book were interesting. While many of the projects discussed were ones I had heard of elsewhere, there were several that, to me, left the non-fiction and crept into the realm of conspiracy theory and pure fiction. The selected cover art is well chosen. I give this novel a 2.5 (rounded up to a 3) out of 5.

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This book was of reasonable interest although there wasn't anything that I didn't know beforehand 

It was presented in an easily readable format & style
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Very good for what it delved into. Most of the weapons are well known to historians but FitzGerald managed to add more detail, bordering on minutiae. That the Nazis were contemplating the use of particle physics in some weapon or the other just seemed too much. The main problem with this book is the total lack of discussion about ships and submarines of the Third Reich. I would have liked to read about the proposed H-class ships and later U-boats.
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