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Create you own calm is a must read for any child and even all adults! It explains everything in full detail but also offers practical advice and activity suggestions so that you can put what you learn into practice. 

A really great book which will help prepare children for the big wide world. I also read Create your own Kindness which was equally amazing!

My only negative is I wish this was around when I was a child!
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I want to throw this at all the parents of 6-12 year old kids because I feel like this book could be a saviour for them! It breaks down difficult therapy techniques into fun, easy games and challenges for kids, and it helps to teach them to not only to recognise their emotions, but also how to keep control (something that many adults still struggle to do) and most importantly it validates so many emotions that kids may feel and not know how to cope with. I swear if I was given this book as a child I wouldn't have had to spend hundreds in therapy sessions. This should be compulsory for all children in school so they have a stable foundation for life. I cannot recommend this book enough, I am definitely going to buy copies for my nieces and nephews, and any children I may have. If there's anything I want to be encouraged more is to talk about your emotions and to know IT IS OKAY TO NOT FEEL OKAY.
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Unbelievably good book. I found this helpful and interesting as an adult but for kids this is just wonderful. 
I particularly identify with the reading and tasks format. This works for me still as an adult and I strongly believe for children this helps things make sense and sink in. 
The skills that this books teaches are not only imperative but are arming children with life skills that are so crucial that when they need to they will be pre armed and ready to cope with things life throws at them. 
The illustration and format is beautiful and encourages engagement. 
Huge fan of the two books and wish they had been around when I was little.
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In a world that’s increasingly chaotic and uncertain, Create your own calm sets kids on a path to becoming emotionally resilient and helps them to take practical, positive steps towards being calm and happy.⠀
• Full of simple, practical ideas to help manage feelings of stress, anger and anxiety⠀
• Fun activities that can be done on their own or with friends and family⠀
• Try out yoga, grow a pizza garden or go cloud watching⠀
• Learn about the surprising science behind emotions along the way⠀
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This book is fantastic!
I requested this as an ARC as I am a teacher and mother so I thought this might be a good book for me to use with my pupils and daughters.
I did not expect it to be so detailed and informative yet simple enough for children to use themselves. It is very well organised so you could dip in and out of it as required. This has everything from scientific explanations, advice and activities. It shows how we can use nature, creativity and relationships to help us stay calm at home and in school. This book was so good, I'd read it all within a few hours and I will definitely be buying at least one copy of this must have book.
I especially loved all of the quotes used throughout the book and I'm looking forward to trying a lot of the activities.
I hoped this book would help the children in my life, I did not expect it to help me find my own calm too!
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