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I was given the audio book version of this and Toff was the narrator, she read the book really well and I enjoyed listening. 
I'm glad that Georgia Toffolo was the person who narrated the book. 

You could say it is a bit cliche where the two main characters Victoria and Oliver faked being in a relationship and you know they are going to end up falling for each other. Even though this happens, it is a simple story but Toff has added some more details around the love story to make it more complex the way that they helped each other, an accident involved in the past, his cousin who he doesn't get on with and her ex. 

I especially liked the part where they both bump into her ex and his new fiance and Oliver could read Victoria's face and decided to play along in front of them that they were a couple too to make her ex jealous. 

Victoria's character is kind, she cares for her kids she teaches fashion to and helps Oliver with his family. He also helps her in return by giving her the confidence and opportunity to show off her designs of clothes she made. 

Victoria's close friendship group sounds like a friendship group that you would like to be a part of, how they encourage each other and still all keep in touch even though they are miles away. 

It is a light reading British girly book with a bit of sexual chemistry, family, long lasting friendships and a fashion show! 

Thank you to Mills & Boon via Netgalley for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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This novel follows the classic fake dating trope, and being someone who isn’t a huge fan of this trope, I don’t think this book was for me. It follows Oliver and Victoria both struggling in their own sense of finding their way in the world. The story line was a bit predictable, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I did listen to the audiobook, and enjoyed the narrator’s voice. Usually I listen to audiobooks around 2x speed, and felt as if there was a bunch of distortion at this speed. Not sure if it has something to do with the NetGalley shelf app or the audiobook itself.

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins Audio UK for the gifted audiobook!
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CW: Illness of a parent, infertility discussions.

This book feels a bit like The Wedding Date meets You've Got Mail.

When Victoria meets Oliver, she tells herself not to fall for his handsome face when his family business threatens to ruin the rest of the street. However, soon Oliver proposes a deal - Victoria will pose as his fianceé in front of his family, desperate to see him matched up, and he in turn will help her out on the day of the store's opening by not only inviting the local traders to get involved but also allow her to host a fashion show. Victoria agrees but soon the pair find themselves with all too-real feelings.

This was pretty much what I expected to be which was a sweet, lovely contemporary book that was a great one to start off my official season of festive reads. The Christmas feels in this book are not strong at all, and Christmas doesn't really play a huge part in it (in fact it ends before Christmas Day) so you can read this book any time of the year.

The writing was strong, and the story was also well-thought out with both Victoria and Oliver being well-structured, fleshed-out characters with backgrounds and hopes, dreams and regrets. There was a bit too much hesitant tip-toeing around each other at times that got frustrating to read but there was a definitely a lovely chemistry between the characters with just enough hint of spice to add in some sexiness as well.

Victoria's infertility is a huge thing in this book for her - and she discusses it a lot, and sometimes in a negative way such as she feels she's not whole or broken in some way, and no man would want to be with her because of it. This could trigger some readers who might be sensitive to the subject. It's also used as a weapon to hurt her on more than one occasion as well which was unpleasant.

I loved Victoria's girl gang in this book, and having checked this is the first book in a four-part series so the other books will follow the other girls. I'm really happy about this as you could tell there was so much more to tell and to come for all Victoria's friends. And I do really enjoy a series that follows different people in a group with their own romances, and lovely cameos of the couples we've already read and matched.
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Deliciously fun and romantic. A charming tale and super fluffy if you’re looking for a feel good read.  Toff narrates her own book and emanates her positive attitude and vigour for life throughout. Her beautiful spirit shines through the words and uplifts you! 

Victoria is an aspiring fashion designer, vintage fanatic and genuinely lovely person. Oliver is the heir to the family business, a department store, and much to his mothers despair, still single and not yet settled and happy. 

Oliver meets Victoria and although he doesn’t realise yet how smitten he is with her, devises a plan to fake a relationship to stop his mother trying to set him up with what she thinks are the perfect brides-to-be. 

This romcom is full of wonderful friendships, also a few rogues to try and spoil the fun! Victoria and Oliver are the perfect match...but when will they realise that and stop letting the past hold them back?!

This is quite a gushy chick lit, however, it is the perfect snug read for winter and the festive period.  I look forward to more from the lovely Toff.
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Truthfully I put off reading this book but I definitely shouldn't have. What a wonderful lighthearted read. It is a Christmas and a romance in one and I enjoyed it all!
We meet Victoria and Oliver who meet one night in a bar, he is fed up of his mum trying to match make him and she is not wanting a relationship after her ex cheating on her. She is also hiding a secret from the past which puts her off getting into new relationships. We follow their story taking each chapter in turn with them both.
Its a beautiful story and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a lighthearted read. Plus Oliver sounds like the man of dreams too! 
Looking forward to Georgia's next chapter of these books!
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Georgia Toffolo of Made in Chelsea fame (if you haven’t seen the show, you need to) dives into the romance genre with Meet Me in London. A fake relationship delves into too real territory when Oliver makes a deal with Victoria that should benefit all.Victoria is a fun character with plenty of friends to keep her entertained and uplift her when her dreams might be dashed. But it’s her burgeoning friendship/fromance with Oliver that really might propel her forward. I think this is a very sweet, fun story, perfect for the upcoming holiday season.
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This was Georgia Toffolo’s debut novel and it was an absolute treat and a wonderful Christmas romance. The storyline started off a little bit slow but it soon picked up and become very addictive. I loved both Victoria and Oliver and was routing for them from the beginning. Both are such likeable characters which made me enjoy it even more. I also liked that Toff touched on some heart-breaking subjects but addressed them in such a sensitive way and it was beautifully written! I listened to the audiobook which I loved as it was great hearing the author narrate. My only suggestion would be for it to be read by both a male and female as I got a bit lost with who was talking at times. 
Overall, it was a brilliant debut novel and I cant wait to see what Toff writes next! 

*Many thanks to NetGalley and Mills & Boon for the audiobook in exchange for an honest review*
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Narrated by the author, this was a warm, cosy, sit by the fireside listen. A treat for a lazy Sunday afternoon., Thoroughly enjoyed this audio book and I would like to thank Net Galley, the author and the publisher for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I usually avoid books written by 'celebrities' but this one wasn't terrible. I wasn't blown away but it was a fun Christmas romance that I flew through. The characters were fine but forgettable, as was much of the plot. The romance was sweet, it developed nicely and, despite the fact there is a proposal upon first meeting, it isn't too instant. Both characters have somewhat interesting side plots as well. Our heroine is struggling to come to terms with the long term effects of an accident in her teens, while the hero's father is seriously ill. There was a lot going on but nothing was all that memorable. The audiobook, which was narrated by Georgia herself, I didn't love. It was quite clear that she didn't have a lot of experience with audiobooks, as it was simply read with no differentiation of what character was talking or any sort of emotion, which made it difficult to follow.

Overall, this was a quick, fun Christmas read with a sweet romance. It wasn't anything special or different, and I found the characters and some of the plot to be a bit forgettable, but it was still an enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend if you are in the mood for something fun, with some serious topics touched on.
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This the perfect winter romance to live vicariously through - the audiobook was read perfectly too.

Buy this and escape to London for a romantic escape.
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This is a wonderful, heartwarming audiobook, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It is perfect for this time of the year, as near the end of the book, it is Christmas time.  The book is about a woman called Victoria and a man called Oliver,  who pretend they are in a romantic relationship with each other and they go on to become close and have a lovely friendship.  I loved the characters of the book, the story and the audiobook narrator too.  I loved all of it!

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a really delightful debut novel from Georgina Toffolo which is completely immersible. Victoria works in a bar in Chelsea, but her passion is designing clothes, she dreams of opening her own boutique. Oliver is a successful businessman whose mother is expecting to meet his, non-existent, fiancé at the opening of his new store. As an exchange, Victoria pretends to be Oliver’s fiancé in return for showcasing some of her designs at his store opening.

Victoria is a wholesome character, a really good girl who is passionate about sharing her love for design with the teenagers she teaches, she is truly a loveable character. Oliver took me a while longer to warm to but is also quite loveable and before long I was invested in both characters and wanted to see how their fake relationship developed. I was rooting for it to turn into more.

This is the ideal Christmas read, a nice and simple read, its simple escapism perfect for some feel-good romance.

The audiobook of this was read by Georgina herself, she has the most lovely, soothing voice and this really added to the storytelling. I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook after reading initially, would be a lovely read while preparing for Christmas!
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A heartwarming and uplifting story that made me smile, root for the characters and it's the perfect escapist read.
I loved the well crafted plot, the festive atmosphere, the fleshed out characters.
I love the voice of the narrator and I liked how it  made the characters real
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Meet Me In London is a quintessentially British romance story, a light, uplifting read that many people look for at Christmas time. The characters are likeable and Victoria's passion for fashion design contrasts well with Oliver's reluctant position as heir to his family's business. I liked Victoria's close-knit group of friends, and the storyline touched on some tricky subjects that Georgia Toffolo handled with sensitivity.

Set in Chelsea, I thought the author's writing style was pretty good, though contrived in places. I was pleased when I saw that the audiobook was read by Georgia Toffolo herself as I think it's great when authors opt to narrate their own audiobooks. Listening to this story was a terrific decision and I thought it was narrated really well. She did a great job with the accents, infusing the right emotions, pacing and character distinctions.

All in all, Meet Me In London is a very good, light, feel-good, Christmassy romance, that I recommend.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Mills & Boon, and HarperCollins Audio UK via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Victoria and Oliver meet unexpectedly .Oliver tells her all about his parents what they want of him. So they come up with a plan they pretend to be engaged .
Victoria and Oliver start to get closer.
Will they stay together or will things come between them
A real good book to curl up with.
I listened to audio version and the narrator was very good.
Thanks NetGalley
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Thanks to #NetGalley, the publisher #Mills&Boon and the author #GeorgiaToffolo for providing me with an audiobook of #MeetMeinLondon in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 
It was lovely to have the author narrate her book; it really made the characters shine.  This book is about fake dating and I really enjoyed it.  I felt the characters were all really beautifully written and that the relationship between Oliver and Victoria was so romantic. This is the author’s first book and I look forward to reading more by her.
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A business deal that turns into a romance with many endearing moments along the way.  A real feel good Christmas read.
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It’s a very sweet story. The characters feel real, with their set of problems, past and responsibilities for future. You connect with them easily. And the struggles of day to day life are depicted perfectly in the book, be it for a struggling designer or a billionaire, life is not easy. A beautiful feel good book which leaves you happy & your heart jumping during the steamy moments. This book was exactly what I wanted after some tough times.
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When Victoria and Oliver met two worlds literally collide together and changes their fate forever.
Victoria has suffered pain and guilt for years, she is almost content in her small corner of the world, with her close group of people, happy to avoid her ex and hide from the pain he caused her.
Oliver is not able to hide, he is the son of a famous businessman, and ensuring the family name and reputation is upheld is his job, even if his cousin is determined to do his best to ruin it. 
When the two characters meet cracks start to show in their lives and when Oliver hatches a plan to spare his father's pain and get his mother off his back, Victoria agrees. But as with all good love stories, the best-laid plans are often upturned, and the fun begins.

It’s Christmas time in London, love is in the air and one fall could be the making of a love that can heal many wounds. 

I'm so glad Georgia was able to read the book for the audio version, I'm not sure anyone else could have done it better and it was the perfect story to listen to on a cold, rainy Saturday as I was working overtime.

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My thanks to #Netgalley, #Mills&Boon, and @GeorgiaToffolo for allowing to review a copy of #MeetMeInLondon

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Victoria works as a bar manager in Chelsea by day. At night she is an aspiring fashion designer and teacher of fashion to disadvantaged kids. Her world is turned upside down when a department store opens on her street. But then she meets Oliver, the owner of the new department store, who asks her to pretend to be her fiancé to make his family happy. 

A cute little story and your classic Christmas tale of girl meet boy. It’s heart warming and enjoyable but predictable. It wasn’t the best written book as parts were quite repetitive but not a bad first attempt by Georgia Toffolo. 

Thank you to Mills and Boon for this advanced copy.
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