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This book is jam packed with learning focused on mindfulness. This book has helpful poses and activities that will be good for any family but also has enough in it to be useful for a classroom. The text is easy to follow and understand. The illustrations are lovely. Overall it is a wonderful resource for any space with children! 

The publisher made a copy of this book available via Netgalley. This is my honest review.
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"A child like guide that introduces children to yoga fitness mindfulness and positive affirmation". This book stresses the importance of taking care of ones physical body and spiritual  being.
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Not gonna lie, this book is a tad long.  It solidly falls into non-fiction.  I think it would be a great in class book where there was a lesson everyday from various pages.  It’s simple to understand no matter the age.  It mixes yoga with lessons on paying attention to yourself, to others, and to things around you.  I find this book was very well done and would be a great asset to any library.
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This book was absolutely adorable!  It was a great introduction to the general principles and tenets of mindfulness, meditation at large, yoga, presence in the moment, and movement.  The pictures were very cute and made me smile :) Some of the text got a bit jumbled; not sure if this was the fault of my new Kindle or what.  But it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book!  Thanks for the ARC!
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I received an electronic ARC from Storey Publishing through NetGalley.
Delightful yoga book for young readers. Cardoza takes readers and their families through a full day of possible relaxing activities. She incorporates the yoga moves into situations children will experience as part of their lives. The brightly colored illustrations encourage readers to try each offered exercise. The text is easy to follow for families to practice mindfulness together. A great read together book for young families. Cardoza shares the message that we all feel emotions and experience so many different activities and can take time to relax our minds and bodies in each one.
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One of the best yoga/mindfulness children's books. Mindful moves has more in depth activities and movements. It was easily followed by my 4 year and it managed to keep her attention throughout.

Not just a few pages of poses either. Lots of poses, mindfulness, meditation and even a mini reiki activity.

We loved it so much we're going to buy the hardcover when it's released on May 10th.
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This book is brilliant! so colourful and full of bright pictures, explaining how to do all the moves and talking about feelings and mindfulness, which I think is really important especially in today's world. As a childminder I really hope to be able to add this into our day. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read and review this fabulous book.
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A calm and vibrantly illustrated reminder to move and the benefits it can have for young (all bodies).
My child had a lot of fun reading this one.
Our only disappointment was that it really feels like it isn't meant to be read all at once. The book is phrased for specific moments/times of day. 
All well and good for older kids or adults, but it didn't flow as well for my 4 1/2 year old.
We will definitely be scouting out more mindful move style books while we continue the year in lockdown!
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Mindful Moves by Nicole Cardoza is a fantastic book for both adults and children to read.  

I love how it opens up with an explanation of mindfulness and gives practical examples that would be easily relatable to kids like "noticing what's happening," and "helps us explore how we feel." Additionally, I appreciate the page that explains how mindfulness helps.  Anyone that interacts with kids on a regular basis understands that being able to simply explain WHY we do something makes the difference as to whether or not the child will understand and internalize the information.  

The book then goes on to explain different mindfulness activities to do in a clear, engaging, and colorful way.  Some of the pages include movements, breathing exercises, feeling check-ins, etc.  As a kindergarten teacher and aunt, I definitely want to add this book to my library due to the practical examples to such an important topic.  
My only "issue" with the book is that it might be a lot for children to grasp all at once, so I would recommend reading the book over a few days to give enough time to practice each activity.  
Overall, get this book! It's a fantastic resource.
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This is the cutest book and so well illustrated. It is perfect for little kids to be able to even just look at the pictures and understand different mindful moves they can take.  I love how the paragraphs are short and there is bubbles of text, it would definitely keep a little kids interest because it isn't overwhelming and written in long paragraph format. My son is only almost two but I feel like this is a good book for him to at least look through the pictures of at this age and have me read to him.
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"Mindful Moves" is a wonderful way to introduce kids to calmness and quiet.  The author guides the reader through a variety of activities including meditation, breathing techniques, affirmations and yoga poses.  The content is presented in an easy understandable way and the wonderful illustrations enrich the author's mission.  

The book is an invaluable tool for parents, kids, caregivers and educators.  Mindfulness contributes greatly to a kids physical, mental, and socio-emotional development and can be practised daily for optimum results.  "Check Your Inner Weather" suggests that kids tune into how they feel in the moment and accept those feelings without condemnation, while "Breathe like a Walrus" deals with their anger and frustrations through breathing and facial relaxation, just to name a few. Each mindful, mediative yoga, and movement activity enables kids to calm themselves, focus and be happy.  This is the perfect book to share at this moment in time with all the disruptions and unknown entities that are happening in their lives right now.  I highly recommend this book.
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A colorful book that includes breathing, movement, and mediation ideas/directions for kids in an artful and easy-to-follow way. It’s nice to see a handful of techniques in one book for kids to experiment with.
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Super engaging book for anyone - not just children - interested in being more mindful. Filled with lovely, vivid illustrations of a diverse group of human and non-human animals that guide us through different practices to help us stay in the present moment and live more peacefully. This book is filled with numbered, easy to follow instructions for a variety of meditations (including my favorite - loving kindness), breathing techniques, stretching, yoga and more! I’m big into practicing mindfulness and was surprised to find out that this book, intended for children, taught me two new techniques - taking mind pictures! & sleepy snuggles! - that I will incorporate into my practices. 

The one very disappointing issue that took me out of my happy place while reading this - which I hope the author finds it in their heart to change up before publication - is the illustration of the fishes in a small fish bowl. This whole book is filled with our fellow earthlings engaging in activities with humans and being treated with respect, so an illustration of captivity does not fit well with the theme. Captivity is cruel and unacceptable for non-humans who are wild (fishes, reptiles, birds) and meant to be living free in nature. 

Thank you to Nicole Cardoza, Storey Publishing, and #NetGallery for an ARC of #MindfulMoves in return for an honest review. Review will be posted on NetGallery and Goodreads.
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I very much enjoyed this book. Emotional intelligence is absolutely essential for children to grow and learn. I loved working through these pages with my 4 year old daughter, stretching and learning together. I will definitely be recommending this to my students as well as friends with young children.
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I received this as an ARC on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

- beautiful pictures
- easy and engaging for kids
- useable tips!
- diverse faces and drawings, with disabled and racially diverse inclusion, and tips which are mostly applicable to anyone regardless of ability.

- some parent tips or school use tips would be perfect at the end, but I loved it all the same

This is a beautiful and calming book that I can see becoming a favourite in many households. I read this and even at my age, enjoyed the simple and calm pictures and language! I'm definitely considering buying this as a gift for a new baby in the family, it's perfect for little monsters to calm down with. 

Meditation is not my thing but this book makes it accessable for any child.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has a child, especially if they struggle to manage their emotions. Emotional intelligence is key for every child!

Overall: 10/10 :)
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Mindful moves is an excellent way of introducing children to a variety of mindfulness techniques. The vibrant pictures, clear instructions and descriptions make this perfect for younger children although I certainly learnt a few new techniques too!
So many different activities are included in this book  from mediation, breathing techniques, visualisation, affirmations and yoga poses. Each is described in a child friendly way which is easy to understand. Throughout the book there are opportunities to be mindful in everyday life and think of the senses we experience during a journey, a mealtime or when we are outside in nature.
There is so much I loved in this book such as the I am Royalty excerise and the Bedtime Blastoff when all thoughts can be placed in a rocket and sent to space to aid sleep! 
I expected this book to be nothing more than a variety of yoga moves but it was so much more. It is a beautiful, simple introduction to mindfulness that we all need in our lives right now.
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It is a great book for learning mindfulness, it is very visual, I could make a visual image in my mind. It I very well explain with clear directions. I really enjoyed the label of different feelings as angry, mad… and it gives tools to be calm and relaxed. There are lots of different exercise to try and in different situations. It is a book that certainly I will use with my students.  The imagines will hep to younger readers but the descriptions are so easy to follow that younger readers will could follow easily.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an electronic copy to read and review. 

This is a phenomenal resource for kids, caregivers, and teachers. I love how the author explains mindfulness and its benefits. It is in kid-friendly language with illustrations showing the diversity we see in our world. I appreciate that this book talks about when and how to be mindful - while travelling, eating, being outside. There are some simple tips and exercises that are sure to help children build their own mindfulness practices in their lives. I cannot wait to gift this to my 8 year old.
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I can not recommend this book highly enough. I think it would be a huge benefit for children to become familiar with mindfulness and this beautifully presented book will appeal to younger audiences with its illustrations, rhyme and invitations to explore movement and use of the senses. 5/5 stars from me with a suggestion that all educational settings, amongst other places where children have access to books, purchase a few copies.
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This super cute book is perfect for parents at home who wish to bring more mindfulness into their house. It would also be a great tool to help children cope with their emotions. I wish this book was around when my children were young.  It can be used in the classroom, maybe one activity at a time. I will definitely look to adding a hard copy of this book to my book shelf.
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