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As a female in my 30s with sleep apnea (diagnosed in my 20s), I was intrigued by this book. I'm one of the people that requires a CPAP machine. The author proposes nose breathing as the solution to sleep apnea. While I couldn't apply what was in this book, I do give credit to the author for offering a possible solution to sleep apnea.
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I was interested in listening to this audio because my father has had sleep apnea since I was a child. And recently, much to my dismay, I developed this problem after I became menopausal. This book was an eye-opener for me. The author goes into detail about his own experience with sleep apnea and what he did to overcome it. Knowing that sleep apnea is a risk factor for developing dementia, this book caught my eye.

Before listening to this book, I had never heard of the Mindful Buteyko Breathing method. But I was fascinated by it, and I’m interested in learning more. Relearning how to breathe may not be easy, but the author convinced me through science-based facts that it is one of the ways to solve the problem at its source. The audio is not long but it packs quite a bit of information. The narration by Steve McNamara was good and a pleasure to listen to.

If you have sleeping problems, I strongly suggest reading or listening to this book so as to become aware of what exactly sleep apnea is, including the many symptoms and what is available to help those suffering from this condition.
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The core message of this book is to promote the Buteyko Breathing Technique as a means of overcoming Sleep Apnoea. I listened to the audiobook version of this book and I think that was a big mistake. Firstly, with a book on technique, which often requires re-reading and studying diagrams, an audio version is a poor way to pick up technical information – for my specific brain type anyway. Secondly, the narrator, Steve McNamara, delivered the content very mechanically and it was hard to stay engaged with. It was a sure way to send me to sleep – so sorry but I couldn’t let it pass.

The content of the book lays out the medical and biological science of sleep apnoea and the devastating impact it has on people’s lives. I don’t believe I suffer from Sleep Apnoea but being a snorer, I fear that it may be something I could develop. I also have this fascination understanding sleep – its cycles, and the different phases we go through and the importance of each phase. I have never used or witnessed the use of the CPAP device but wearing it seems the best of two difficult scenarios.

The crux of the Buteyko Breathing Technique is to breathe through your nose and try and reduce your respiration rate. I have read research studies that show major advantages to nasal breathing over mouth breathing and I would like to develop this as unfortunately, I am typically a mouth breather. Since listening to this book, I have made a conscious effort to breathe more deeply through my nose and it does make a difference. For example, nitric oxide is generated naturally through the nose but not the mouth, and it supports the alveoli in the lungs function at higher effectiveness.

I have read breathing techniques for conditions such as Sleep Apnoea and Asthma and none have convinced me that replacing medical device support (CPAP) and drug prescriptions (inhalers) with a breathing technique is infallible. I would however suggest that a breathing technique is an important complementary activity that can mitigate the severity of many conditions and they should be studied and adopted as necessary.

I would recommend this book to those that may be interested in improving their breathing generally and to those where this technique may work as well as it did for the author. I would NOT recommend listening to the audiobook version to understand this information. I would like to thank, Learn to Sleep Well, IBPA and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy in return for an honest review.
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.

The narrator was fine. I listened to the audiobook at a fast pace so the book took a bit over an hour. 

It is the story of the authors sleep apnea and discovering a type of nose breathing that cures him. I have sleep apnea and while I wish I did not have to use my CPAP machine, I feel it is a medical necessity for me and many others.
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I started listening to this book as part of the netgalley shelf test, I kept on listening as I found it so interesting,  and because at my last doctor check up, sleep apnea was mentioned.  
I did end up switching to ebook as a few times stuff was mentioned that would be with accompanying PDF which wasn't with the audiobook, its the kind of stuff you flick through but does make the ebook 20% longer.  
A great read if you suspect you have sleep apnea,  or someone in your home does.
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Thank you for the opportunity to download this audiobook. I accessed it while testing a future update to the NetGalley Shelf app.
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From a recently diagnosed Sleep apnea sufferer who has also a CPAP machine this made good reading it also explained a lot of my symptoms pre CPAP 
I have been looking into the breathing techniques disussed and will probably investigate these further 

The book is narrated quite fast but the content is good but by the last chapter I was bored  with the results of the authors tests etc
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I don't have a bad case of sleep apnoea unlike the author but I was intrigued by this audiobook. I found it quite interesting, although I didn't get along with the narrator. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe it was to do with some of the content of the audiobook or because his voice was a bit too deep for me. Anyway the book was also available to read, so I read some of the explanations about the breathing which I understood better. I do snore which sometimes drives my husband mad and wakes him up, so I've got myself an extra pillow as directed and it has helped with my sleep which is really great. I think this could be helpful if you have similar sleep problems.
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I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

This book is the story of Paul Rodriguez's journey to cure his sleep apnea. This book is pretty short, mostly a personal journey. Paul tried a CPap machine, and it has a considerable effect on his life. From this, he moves onto Buteyko and found a significant increase in the quality of his life.

Buteyko is something I'm quite familiar with having practised Buteyko for over twenty years. I've personally managed to stop using Asthma inhalers and my symptoms reduced so much I effectively don't have asthma most of the time. For those who are interested in Buteyko there is a large amount of free material online. There's also a large number of books on Amazon, though I prefer actual training.

Some things that the Author discusses, such as sleeping on your left-hand side, do not work for me. Pauls frenectomy was interesting, whilst I've skimmed a few articles I've always found Buteyko and mediation to be enough for me. If you're interested in breathing, I suggest you check out the Wim Hof Method. 

The book is interesting, though dry at times. It's worth reading if you are unfamiliar with Buteyko or have not researched sleep apnea treatments.
I found the audiobook to be more engaging since the narrator manages to make the book appealing.
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Breathless Sleep...No More is an account of the author's journey in overcoming sleep apnoea. It details the lifestyle changes he made over the years - what worked for him and what did not.

The simplicity of the book lies in its honesty and relatability. The author goes right to the heart of the manner from the early parts of the book, telling us solutions to sleep apnoea and which of them helped him. He gives information on the kind of breathing technique he employs, how he learned it, and how anyone can use it to their greatest benefit.


Many thanks to Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) for review copy.
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Do you suffer from sleep apnea?  Are you a restless sleeper?  Maybe, exhausted during the day or fall asleep without warning at times?  These were some of the author’s indicators that took him to see a doctor about his problems.  When a CPAP machine was recommended, he was reluctant but tried it.  What this book is really about though is the Buteyko method which a breathing technique originally designed to assist asthmatics.

The author, Paul Rodriguez, tells his story in a most fascinating way (review is based on the audio version of the book).  You will find that you may have experienced the same symptoms Rodriguez talks about and learn how to manage their causes.  You will gain insight into why we suffer from sleep apnea and perhaps, find helpful ways to cope with it.  No matter whether you yourself have sleep apnea or not, this book will provide you with information you never knew about and maybe help someone you know with the condition.  Highly recommended.
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Ok ok, so I listened to this audiobook called #Breathlesssleepnomore by Paul Rodriguez. The narrator is Australian and I was getting annoyed by the sound of it describing such dry medical facts, like shouldnt that accent be used for flirtation only hahahaha. Anyhow, the gist of this case study is of a man suffering from #sleepapnea who goes on to practice and learn special breathing techniques that essentially stop his apnea. Im sorry but i cant advocate that. The rest of the story is allllll of the medical benefits to nasal vs mouth breathing and THAT i can get behind and believe but as a sufferer of sleep apnea and all of the symptoms of it and medical risks associated, I say, wear the damn mask and save your life and the quality thereof!! Once i used this machine - with nasal buds instead of a full mask - i had the besttt sleep of my life!!! Without it i was awaking (consciously) about 4 times a night (unconsciously many more) and sometimes with horrid reflux choking me or gasping for air in a panic or just got up to pee three or more times a night. I got checked out for diabetes and other medical reasons i even tried sleeping pills and i thought i had narcolespy because at my worst i was falling asleep at a stop light or at my desk at work when on hold for more than 2 mins, it was sooo bad and i was exhausted, couldnt think straight, having even comprehension problems, not to mention extreme dry mouth that made me feel constantly dehydrated. Sooooo the night i started to do the unsexy thing of sleeping with the cpap, instantlyyyy all of those symptoms disappeared and i woke up refreshed and amazed!!!! My sleep study proved how bad my apnea was and im sooo glad i underwent that. So, by all means breathe thru your freakin nose but btw, use the cpap it will not only change your life but could save it!!!! #cpap #breathingexercises 
#audiobook #nonfictionnovember
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I picked this book because I suffer from sleep apnea and I wanted to learn about the author's journey dealing with his condition. Paul Rodriguez's story about his approach in taking on his health condition and his effort to overcome it was inspiring. However, I found that the book is filled with many medical claims that are not properly backed by solid science.
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This is a very informative audiobook but I couldn’t really get on with the narrator however it’s full of information and I have learnt a lot.
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This was an interesting book to listen to describing the author’s experience in seeking treatment for sleep apnea. The author is Australian, so the narrator was also. I think this made it more interesting. I was happy to hear that he was successful with his treatments. Thank you to Net Galley for the opportunity to listen to this. If you have sleep concerns, it may be helpful  to you.
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This is a very useful and valuable audiobook, which helped me a lot.  The book is about a man called Paul who had severe obstructive sleep apnea and how he overcame it.  He talks about what sleep apnea is and different ways in which we can help our respiratory system and our breathing in order to overcome it, as well as helping with other problems such as asthma etc.  I have used some of the breathing techniques in the book already and it has helped me with my asthma, so thankyou.  The narration of the audiobook was very good and Paul's voice was very nice and soothing.  I highly recommend this audiobook.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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This short book was perfect for what I wanted.  I have been listening to it before bed in order to get motivated to breathe correctly. I found the author's insights interesting and he was very knowledgable and happy to share his research.

I plan to listen to this multiple times in order to get the full benefit.
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I’ve been obsessed with my sleep patterns since I’ve learn so much about why we need sleep. This guy really did his research and told a very well rounded description of his journey of not wearing a CPap. Half the people I know use one and I hope I never need one. 
The narrator was ok. There was a lot of gaps between chapters and sometimes between paragraphs. 
The author talks often about Buteyko Breathing Technique. Its a form of complementary or alternative physical therapy that proposes the use of breathing exercises. For him this was quite affective. 
Lots of helpful advice backed up by facts. I would highly recommend this book. 

Thank you NETGALLEY and the publisher for this audiobook ARC, in exchange for my honest review. ♥️
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