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An Accidental Royal Kidnap

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Witty and completely over the top, this book was an enjoyable read. Written in the first person, the author does a remarkable job writing from the main character's perspective.
George Nearly is a thirty nine year old school teacher. A bit of an introvert and socially awkward, George finds himself in a hapless situation after he wakes up to find a princess in his living room. It all goes downhill for George after this. Cue one hilarious predicament after the next, which led to several laugh out loud moments whilst reading this book.
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There's something about a book character named George. they can be one of 3 things: all somewhat charming in their own way. 
1.	a small grubby full of questions and questioning boy; 
2.	a scruffy mongrel dog inevitably rolling in whatever smelt the worst; 
3.	an Englishman. recognizable by leather elbow patches, cricket flannels too baggy. a domineering mother. a loser group of friends. and a loser girlfriend with a lack lustre love life. 
Guess which George we had here. And no, he didn't wear flannels and elbow patches but close!
Amusing story here as George clearly had no idea what he was about and how to deal with strange arrival in his life. But a happy ending and all was well through a series of amusing episodes. Nicely written and full of expectations fulfilled.
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I received a complimentary copy of An Accidental Royal Kidnap from NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

This was an interesting, if implausible, novel.  Although early on, I nearly dropped the book entirely, I was surprised to become interested in the characters and even more surprised when I was looking forward to future events—which I was disappointed yo learn would be in a sequel.  So now, I find myself looking forward to the sequel!
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A fun read.

George Nearly is a boring English teacher who finds himself in an unexpected adventure when he discovers a princess in his flat after his surprise birthday party. She says he kidnapped her!

Minty (the kidnapped princess) grows on a person and makes George become a slightly more interesting person, taking him totally out of his comfort zone.

The book ends on a cliffhanger which makes me look forward to Book 2 to see what new chaos Minty drags dull George into.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this book.
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So sorry author but I really struggled with this one. It just wasn't my cup of tea (Pun intended). I really tried to like this story and the people in it but I just never got there.
Beer is not George's friend. He drinks it and doesn't remember much after that. He is also kind of a wimp who is constantly being run over by other people and I didn't enjoy his "loser status". His friends are generally unlikable as well, especially Lennon.
And Minty "The Princess"? Whether or not she was a real princess or not, I just found her totally obnoxious.
I kept hoping that the story would improve. But sad to say, for me it just never did.

"I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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This book definitely made me laugh out loud a few times.  Most of the time that I was reading it, I could completely picture it being made into a sitcom.  In a time when I tend to lean towards heavier books or thrillers it was definitely a breath of fresh air to read this book.
I did not like the cover at all-- I felt like it was immature or "half-done"
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What else can I say about this book other than it is the best of British humour! Everything about it from start to finish had me laughing out loud. I loved the writing style. From the beginning it captured the reader as apart of the story. Think peep show and how the characters talk to the audience though the lens but in written form. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and was very pleased to find that Minty and Georges story will be continued in 2021. From this book alone Paul Mathews will be one I forever look out for.
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The synopsis of An Accidental Royal Kidnap promises a strong dose of humour, and it lived up to its' promise. I was indeed very, very amused while reading. 

This book tells the tale of George Nearly, a very British school teacher, who wakes up on a Sunday morning after a night out to find a dishevelled and feisty young woman on the floor of his home who claims to be a princess. 

This was a fresh, quirky and funny take on the comedy fiction genre with some very unique and memorable voices in the form of wonderfully wacky characters. The main characters had great chemistry between them, there was a whole host of great secondary characters and a rather wild but light-hearted plot.

At times this story was over-the-top, but it just worked perfectly and I can't wait to read the next instalment in the Royally Funny series.
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I usually read fairly serious, historical or factual books and it's been a long time since I read anything this light-hearted. I presumed it would turn out to be a romance and I would hate it.... I have never been so wrong about anything!! Firstly, not a romance (albeit for a few flirty details) and secondly.. I LOVED IT! 
George Nearly is one of the most endearing characters I have come across in a book - quiet, clever, slightly boring and loves his own space and most importantly his goldfish. He is exactly the sort of character that you want to follow through a whirlwind week with a royal princess, who threatens to turn his entire life upside down, and break his ugly coffee table. Going through this experience with George as the narrator was a hilarious, cringe and insightful journey that I definitely enjoyed. 
The best thing about this book has to be the humour. I presumed from the title and concept it would be in jest, and not the most serious book ever written, but I didn't expect to spend 2 evenings sat cackling and snorting unattractively over poor George and the hilarious Princess Minty. The sarcasm, digs at real royals and royal events, and George's incredibly mentally dense friends proved to be absolutely what I needed in a book and didn't even know I needed! 
If you're reading this review, you absolutely need to read this book! and keep an eye out for Book 2 coming summer 2021. I am already buzzing for it and it's gone straight on my list of books to watch for.
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I read it complete in an evening!  A highly improbable situation is the start of a lighthearted comedy where an average professor wakes up without any memories of his 39th birthday party just to stumble upon a woman flat faced upon his rug. She spins a story about wanting to lay low until her sister's wedding party and then it all starts to unfold.

It's really funny, agile and takes you to explore all of London.

If any, my only complaint is that I require now the next book in the series ASAP.

Greatly recommended!
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A quick and easy read that I found myself picking up after a long day to unwind. The characters are beautifully written and I came to love them within the first few pages and was rooting for them all the way to the end. At times I wanted to stop reading because I just wanted the experience to go on for longer. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I already recommended this book and it was a great success ! 
The story telling is so clever, you cannot guess who is the kidnapper. And the great news is ... the story continues to unfold in a second book ! Book number 1, an accidental Royal Kidnap is complete in itself, the ending reaches a cycle in the series, and the author, Paul Mathews uses with brio several types of sense of humour in his settings, dialogues, monologues, and actions. The rythm is excellent and it's impossible to get tired once you have started to read. This isn't a satyre or a comedy with expected cues and ending, it is much more refine. the plot starts with an encounter, which develops into several adventures. All seems surreal but so rooted in reality that there is only one solution : to read more to smile and laugh more and simply enjoy. 
Writing to make people smile and laugh is the most difficult task ever, especially in 2021 Paul Mathews with this book is achieving a tour de force and a master piece of the genre. 
All opinions are mine, I received an advanced copy from NetGalley.
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This book was absolutely hilarious. I loved how much stuff happened I pictured every aspect of the book which was fun, unique, and had many crazy elements that had me giggling my way through. I felt very pulled in and involved in the book and i related well to it.  It did seem a bit cheesy at times but overall loved this one !
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This book was such a delight! George Nearly is an English teacher in his late 30s who wakes up the morning after his birthday festivities to find a strange woman asleep on his rug. As if this wasn't strange enough, the woman also claims to be a princess. Trying to get out of attending her sister's wedding, Princess Araminta (Minty) comes to the conclusion that George has kidnapped her and she agrees to stay with him until Sunday -- the day after the wedding. Hilarity ensues.

There's something about British humor that I can't put my finger on, but that I absolutely adore. I loved watching George as he came to grips with the fact that he really does have a princess in his living room, and he really is not getting rid of her. The interactions between Minty and George's mother were absolute perfection, and watching the "party princess" do normal things such as go to a fast food establishment were just so amusing. It definitely made me want a Minty in my life.

There were one or two spots that I thought were a little slow, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to the sequel!
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Firstly, thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read a copy of this book.

This book follows the protagonist, George Nearly, an 'average' schoolteacher who wakes up the morning after his 39th birthday celebrations to discover a woman, Minty, sleeping on his favourite rug. She claims to be a princess, and insists that George has kidnapped her (but only for the week, until her sister's wedding is over!). George and Minty then spend the week together, engaging in a variety of cringe worthy and hilarious activities. 

I really enjoyed this book! The humour is fantastic and Paul Mathews absolutely nails the banter between the characters.

The author manages to include the reader in the book by having the George communicate to the reader throughout the story, referring to them as his 'trusty coping-mechanism friend'. This involvement in the book takes the reading experience to a whole new level. 

I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series, and ready more about George and Minty's adventures.
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