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No Such Thing as Perfect is a story of self-discovery. Whilst fitting under the umbrella of women's fiction, I do feel it is more a coming of age story rather than a contemporary romance which the synopsis would have you believe. Perfect for those who love films such as Bridget Jones's Diary.

I found the author to have an easy flow to her writing, effortless and undemanding of attention, creating an easy read, an authentic and likeable protagonist who you are naturally drawn to.

However, even with it being such an easy read, the book failed to hold my attention for long spans. I found it lacked a little excitement for me, but that is personal opinion. Had the romance played a larger part of the story, I feel it may have captured my imagination and attention more. 

However, there are parts of this book that brought a smile to my lips, a chuckle out loud and I appreciated the authenticity of the main character. A relatable escape.
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This was such an interesting premise for a story, a dating app for the technological and social influencer era where people are matched based on their online activities. There were some things that I liked about this book, as well as some things that I found not so good. 
I liked the storyline and found it laugh out funny at times and the wiritng was also good, however for me the characters needed slightly more development, but overall it was an enjoyable read.
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This book is absolutely right there is no such as thing as perfect and disappointingly this book wasn’t either. I liked that Laura was learning about herself but ultimately I got fed up with her and so didn’t care. Adam and Cass were intriguing love interests but neither had enough story to give them depth. I don’t really like romance that comes from dishonesty etc and so I guess the ending should please me but I felt like there was a chapter or two missing.
It was well written overall and I got through it very quickly, it’s a shame. Just didn’t love the characters
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This was such a sweet romantic tale. I really enjoyed the unusual take on the online dating world. I loved the premise of a dating app that used your Internet presence as a way to match you with others. It was such an intriguing idea which was entertaining as slightly terrifying given that it was something that could totally happen in this era of technological advancement!

I loved the characters of Laura and Adam, seemingly perfect for each other on paper but finding cracks. Proof that an algorithm is not always the most foolproof way to find love. 

The other relationships in the story, Jamie and Whit, Laura's parents and Lil and her ex, Warren and Sasha, continued to corroborate the fact that love appears when you least expect it and even the seemingly string relationships can fall apart. 

I enjoyed the hopeful ending and the fact that the journey Laura took was one of self discovery and learning to love herself above all else.
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Have you tried a dating app?  There are so many to choose from these days!  How would you feel about an app that matches you based on everything that you do online?  Cupid is the latest dating app that tracks all your search history, the websites you frequent and matches you with someone with similar interests and habits.  
Laura is a magazine journalist, living with her sister and no prospects in sight.  She is offered to trial a dating app called 'Cupid' and she accepts, hoping to find love and to create a name for herself.  Laura is matched up with Adam and on paper (or in the algorithm) they're the perfect match.   
In order to get the real scoop on Cupid, the company and its inner workings she arranges to meet up with the lead programmer.  
She quickly finds out that life has a way of throwing curveballs and realizes that things have a funny way of working out when you least expect it.
This was a fun, light-hearted read that shows how unexpected life can be and love can be found when you in unexpected places.
Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the opportunity to read and review this lovely book!
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Laura is a weekend magazine journalist, hanging on to her job by a thread and sleeping on an air mattress in her sister’s house. She is contacted to take part in a “Cupid” trial - finding your perfect match via your digital footprint. 
I expected romance but this book is more of a coming of age, personal development story. Unfortunately, I found it a bit sluggish at around 40% and was going through the motions to get through it rather than enjoying it.
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I was after a light-hearted read and No such Thing As Perfect certainly fit the bill, with a promising premise. To start with, I really liked the main character of Laura. I had sympathy for her and could appreciate the relatable situation she found herself in, where it feels like the rest of the world have got their lives on track. That said, she ended up frustrating me and had some really immature moments. I went from rooting for her to not really caring how things turned out for her. The rest of the characters were relatively mixed, I like Lil and Laura's boss (Inge?) but I felt the male characters were fairly undeveloped. It quickly becomes fairly obvious where the book is going and there wasn't anything that surprised me which was a shame. I personally felt the ending of the book could have done with fleshing out a bit and given further explanation as it all seems very brief. Overall an easy read but sadly not a memorable one.
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Being honest, when I first saw the cover of this book and read the description, I was excited, thinking it was going to be a cosy, fast-paced romance. Exactly what I wanted. But it didn't quite read the way I expected it to.

I have some mixed feelings about this book, with it not quite meeting the expectations I had in mind, but still enjoying it all the while. Either way, I think it was a good read, but maybe not quite for me.
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Laura Morrison’s life is not perfect. She is hanging onto her job by a thread and sleeping on an air mattress at her sisters place. 

When Laura gets the chance to trial Cupid - a high-tech new dating service which will draw on everything she’s ever done online to find her perfect match - she figures its got to be worth a try. 

Laura can’t believe her luck when she is matched with, on paper, perfect Adam. But when Laura develops feelings for the person who led her to Adam, familiar doubt creeps in. 

Maybe for life to start falling into place, Laura has to learn to let go. 

Firstly, I have mixed feelings about this book. I rated it as a 3.5 but there were moments that genuinely made me laugh out loud. I also am a huge fan of stories set in Melbourne. I loved Laura as a character but EVERY other character made rage. Don’t even get me started on Cass. I flew through this book, it was an incredibly easy read. Most of the twists were predictable, which is what ultimately lowered my rating. I would recommend No Such Thing as Perfect to fans of The Hating Game and the Kiss Quotient. 

Thank you to #Netgalley and #RandomHouseUK #Cornerstone for providing me with an ARC of this sweet story.
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A really good read. This book is charming, witty and fun with laugh out loud moments which we really need sometimes. Lighthearted with great characters ,not your usual boy meets girl and the ending was great.  I really enjoyed it but think it is more for younger readers
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I was intrigued by the premise of this book. Cupid, a new dating service that uses your online footprint to find the 'perfect' match.

Laura is 29, at risk of redundancy and living with her sister Jamie and her husband Whit. She feels like she's failing at life and love. In a desperate attempt to keep her job, and perhaps find love, she agrees to be the first guinea pig for Cupid.

When she's matched with the handsome and kind Adam, she tries to give them a chance, but she feels a complete lack of butterflies. They don't feel like a perfect match. And when she finds herself increasingly drawn to another man, her life suddenly becomes a whole lot more complicated.

Whilst an enjoyable read, I felt there was just something missing from the plot that meant I wasn't fully invested in Laura. I almost expected something a little darker from the whole Cupid process. It all felt lacking in a little depth.

But a lighthearted and at times, hilarious rom com.
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I really enjoyed this book. It was light-hearted and easy to read. Laura is a likeable character and I was really rooting for her. It kept me turning the pages and I finished the book quite quickly as a result. I would happily recommend this as a great book to settle down with on a cosy winter afternoon or as a beach read in the summer. Great storyline, great characters and great humour throughout, I rated it 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Very enjoyable read, if one where the "twist" was a bit too obviously signposted. Not sure it's really about social media in anything but a superficial way, but nothing wrong with that! Very readable, would be great for a holiday or a duvet day
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book, a good reminder that what seems perfect on paper (and social media) isn't always that way.
Easy to read rom-com that I'd recommend to anyone going through a bit of a reading funk, or generally feeling anti-people!
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Thanks to the author and publisher for the chance to review this book. 

Laura is the protagonist in this novel where we see her going on a journey to try and find love, proving to herself that there’s nothing amiss with her, just that she hasn’t found ‘the one’ yet (and hopefully hasn’t already let ‘the one’ go to someone else!). She does this by essentially being the guinea pig for a new dating app, where the promise is to match you with your perfect partner by accessing all your online activity. This leads to an interesting match, as well as real life continuing for Laura that isn’t part of this ‘experiment’. 

I found Laura’s character brutally honest in the way that we will all be able to relate to, in some shape or form; she was flawed and saw flaws in others, she followed her heart and didn’t think of the consequences at times. I really felt I wanted Laura to win in this novel! Other characters were great and well-described to be more than just ‘2D’, with every one adding something to the story, 

There were times when I felt frustrated with Laura and felt she could be a little ‘whiny’ and self-centred, but in actual fact, this didn’t detract from the book for me, if anything, it made her more ‘real’ in that she wasn’t acting how I wanted her to! 

The ending was one that I felt happy with, it might not have been perfect but it was ‘real’ and full of possibility for more. 

Overall, that word ‘real’ describes this whole book for me- I recommend you read for a refreshing taking on modern dating and the games people play!
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Laura Morrison has reached the critical age of 29 where life should be sorting itself out but Laura is sleeping on an air mattress at her sisters house and her job is  under threat. When a new dating app creator emails her to tell her they can find her perfect match by analysing her internet history Laura sees the opportunity to help her career and the private life. 
This was good read, it’s got more meat than your average rom com as Laura struggles with life and how she deals with it. The secondary characters are well shaped and interesting in themselves and the plot takes interesting turns. I enjoyed this a lot. Especially Harrison Morrison the best judge of character in the whole book.
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I really liked the premise of this book, but in reality it wasn't quite suited to me. There was one aspect of the story (I won't reveal it for fear of spoilers) that grated on me, meaning I didn't enjoy the book as whole as much as I'd hoped. The characters were good, but I had trouble really connecting with Laura. I think lots of people will enjoy this book a lot but it wasn't quite for me.
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Unfortunately I didn't finish this, it was a bit slow and didn't seem to be going anywhere, not taking anything away from it though as had a good premise and a lot of people really enjoyed it, just wasn't for me
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Laura is a journalist who has not had a long time boyfriend - ever! She is desperate to sort her life out as she is living at her sisters, having had to move out of the flat share she had had with her ex and his new partner.
When the chance comes along to trial Cupid, a new dating site that trawls through your online visits and gleans your personality from what you surf. Adam, her perfect partner, is gorgeous and seems to tick all of the boxes yet..... something isn't right. This book follows Laura through the highs and lows and realisations about love. An enjoyable read
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Laura starts off this novel as someone who's job is on the line, she's still hung up on her ex, who is now engaged, and because her ex used to be her old roommate, she's now staying on an air mattress at her older sister's house. It feels very much like Laura's life is falling apart. However, when she gets offered a free trial for a company that matches people using a compatibility algorithm, and they find the perfect guy for her, it feels like it's all coming together. 

Over the course of the novel, she finds out that this perfect match is perfect on paper but very dull and proper in real life, her parents' marriage implodes and both sisters have to deal with the fall out, and Laura starts catching feelings for one of the developers at the company. It seems like she's in quite the pickle, but with the strong arm of her sister and the sneaky advice of her closest friend at work, she uncovers a major issue with the algorithm and company ethics, for a full coverage exposé that just might save her job. 

This novel jumps right into the plot, making Rachel out to be a fun, passionate person, who is just down in the dumps due to her current situation. I really liked the premise of the compatibility algorithm, which reminded me of The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren, as it was a fun plot point, and a point of contention when the "perfect match" lacked passion. This has been one of my favourite books of the summer and it's definitely a feel-good, funny and heartwarming story with a satisfying ending.
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