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Detective Inspector Warwick and his team must track down a millionaire art collector, thief and forger that they had previously believed to be dead. 

I was approved for the audio book soon after I started reading this. I can’t fault the audio version, and the narrator’s calming voice is probably the only reason I continued with this book until the end. I hadn’t read a Jeffrey Archer book before, and unfortunately it just wasn’t what I was expecting from it. I enjoyed the storyline at the beginning, but once Inspector Warwick got off that boat my interest level dropped considerably. I may have been more invested if I had read the previous books in the series. 

Thank you to Harper Collins and NetGalley for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Over my Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer was a book I was really looking forward to reading. I really enjoy Jeffrey’s style of writing and loved previous books with such rounded characters and well developed plots. This one was good but left me a bit confused to be honest. It felt like the first section on the ship was a totally different novel. Perhaps young James and the cruiseline company will be the subject of a future series and this serves as their introduction. Otherwise it has precious little to do with the rest of the story. There’s a lot going on in the next bit when the Unsolved Crimes Unit tackle a number of cold cases. Sometimes this distracts from the main story of Warwick’s pursuit of Miles Faulkner. The book almost feels like a one man vigilante romp by Hogan. The pace was decent, the characterisation good but, overall, it felt a bit superficial and far-fetched. A good easy read but only 3.5 stars for this one.
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This continuing story of Inspector Warwick doesn’t disappoint. Jeffery Archers jaunty style of story telling makes for a easy and enjoyable read. Highly recommended.
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I absolutely loved this book. This is the first Jeffrey Archer book I have read & I am a convert . It was thrilling from start to finish & it hooked me in . Well worth the read & five stars from me.
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Firstly I hadn’t realised that this was book four in a series. I am not a fan of joining a series partway through but, it is well written, and I enjoyed the story.

In London, The Metropolitan Police are setting up a new unit to tackle unsolved murders. The cold cases had been shelved but it is hoped that a fresh approach and technology will clear some of them.

A millionaire art collector had been reported dead not long after being found guilty of forgery and theft in Geneva.

DCI William Warwick is heading the team that will look into these cases but not before he goes away on a well-earned break with his wife. It is soon to turn out it be a bit of a busman’s holiday.

Warwick and his wife are holidaying on a cruise when a young man strikes up a conversation with Warwick. The lad is bright, and they amusingly bounce off each other. But when Warwick sees the young man later, he is also sure that he is with a man he thought was dead. Before he can check him out, the man meets his demise. Now Warwick is in a race against time to prove the man has been murdered.

This is such a busy book, which I think I would have enjoyed more if I could have been more familiar with the main character. I liked Warwick straight away and felt that he always kept the best of himself hidden. He has that instinct that you just can’t be taught.

I liked that it was more of a cosy murder to follow rather than something grisly. The plot fits together brilliantly, with tense moments, banter and good old crime-solving.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.
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This is a fairly simplistic, but very entertaining tale of art theft, extortion and crime.  An unscrupulous art dealer, who is supposed to be dead and buried, has re-emerged seeking to rebuild his life and regain all his wealth, particularly that kept by his grieving widow.  Detective Inspector Warwick is on a cruise with his wife, provided by the said widow, and becomes involved in the sudden death of the shipping line's chairman in front of his family.

Meanwhile the Unsolved Murders Unit has been briefed to sort a number of serious crimes that have stood unsolved for too long, so the team, including Ross Hogan, are on the cases.  The result is a high octane series of events as Warwick and Ross pursue the wrongdoers across Europe.  Great fun.

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK for allowing me access to the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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My thanks to #Netgalley and #HarperCollins publishing for the opportunity to read this novel.
This was my first Jeffrey Archer book and I wasn’t disappointed.
Well written, pacy novel.  Although this is a follow up to previous William Warwick series it didn’t affect my enjoyment.. 
Not my usual type of book but if you like Jeffery Archer you will love this.
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When master criminal Miles Faulkner decides to pit his talents against Detective William Warwick and his team, his criminal days were coming to an end.  This book includes many back stories as well as the main race to capture Faulkner in his new identity as Capt Ralph Neville.  While this criminal may be a little smarter than the rest, Detective Warwick will deploy his team and work his considerable cast of friends, acquaintances and informants to put as many obstacles in his way as it will take to capture him.  Along the way, he'll solve a murder or two and take his wife Beth on a working vacation.  The trip through Warwick's world was enjoyable, as all of Jeffrey Archer's books are.
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I was very confused reading this book. It seemed to jump all over the place. I think, to understand this book, you had to have read the others in the series first. It was an ok stand alone book. Having read many books by Archer, this really disappointed me.

I would like to thank the author, publisher and NetGalley for giving me this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Thanks to Net Galley and Harper Collins UK for an ARC of this book in exchange for a review. 
This is the fourth book in this series featuring Chief Inspector William Warwick.  
For me the story dragged on and went round in circles whilst William and his colleague followed their criminal  from one destination to another.   I felt the different cases the team had on the go were unnecessary to the story and we’re just used as padding to the Miles Faulkner story.  I finished the book but only as I had been given the ARC.
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I do love a Jeffery Archer novel....just not this one. 

This is the story of Detective Chief Inspector Warwick, once again on the trail of Miles Faulkner - art dealer. The story starts with Warwick on a cruise with his wife. Here he meets the irrepressible James, grandson of the cruise line owner. James is determined to be in the FBI rather than follow the family business. Soon, the head of the cruise line is dead and Warwick wants to investigate but other family members are blocking his attempts, including conducting a burial at closed. 

Homeward bound again, Warwick is soon on the trail of Miles Faulkner, an art dealer he encountered in an earlier novel. Having escaped from prison and undergone extensive plastic surgery he has now taken on the persona of someone else and is intent on remarrying his former wife - who just happens to be friends with the wife of DCI Warwick. 

In amongst all of this, the police set up a cold cases unit to reopen and investigate four other cases of varying crimes....which makes for some confusing reading! Bringing DI Hogan back from his undercover operations to head up this unit with DCI Warwick is a stroke of genius as he single headedly manages to wrap up all of the cases in the course of just two or three chapters and in incredibly unbelievable fashion.

This book is very dialogue heavy and goes on for extended periods making it tricky to keep track of who is talking. The nefarious Booth Watson QC is another addition that I could well do without - he is the only character in the novel who is afforded his whole name every single time he is mention - this gets tedious very quickly. The timeline is fuzzy and it wasn't until the end when a code requiring the date was used that I realised it was set in 1988!

This is not Archer at his best and I know had I read this before any of his other works I would have been put off reading anything else, and that is a shame because other novels are amazing - As The Crow Flies, Not A Penny More Not a Penny Less etc. 

My overarching feeling is one of disappointment really as I was hoping to be entertained and absorbed and instead I had to struggle not to flick on pages. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I saw this on a list of great upcoming mysteries and thrillers. The Blurb sounded good, and I have never read a Jeffery Archer book before, so I was keen to try one.

This book has a great start, it immediately jumps into the story, and I was hooked instantly; I didn't realise it at the time, but it's part of a series. I read it as a stand-alone book and didn't feel that I had missed anything by not reading the others first or in order.

Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick is leading a new cold case review of several murders, they know who did them, but no convictions were made due to their lawyer, the slimy QC Booth Watson. They focus on four cases but the main thread throughout is the recently 'deceased' Miles Faulkner. This is a fast-paced story that flowed well and was entertaining throughout. If you can call them that, my only negatives were the murder outside the art gallery – was she the intended victim? Also, what happened to the baby? Maybe this is due to continue in the next book, where we will find out more. The initial death and meeting of the character who wants to become the head of the FBI felt a little superfluous to the story but may have made more sense had I read the other books first.

I got a good feel for the characters and what they were like and didn't feel I missed anything by not reading the other books. The characters were well developed and worked well with the plot. I liked both William Warwick and his partner Ross Hogan, who was bought in from the cold after being an undercover agent. I think QC Booth Watson was the best-written character though, his slimy behaviour and crookedness came through the pages brilliantly. It was also delightful to read about William Warwick's home life, his warm, caring wife and the lovely little twins to who he enjoys reading 'PC Plod' books.

Almost everything in this book was neatly tied up at the end but for a few glaring omissions. For example, what happened to Faulkner's wife, or did I miss that? Where was the baby? She eas mentioned, but I have no idea if she lived with her dad or was still in the hospital. Does Hogan ever leave, or does he stay? I guess some of this will be tied up in future books.

This was a great page-turner with a most;y relevant plot. It was well written, as you would expect from such a famous and prolific author. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you entertained and was a fairly quick read. 

The story is set in 198; some parts didn't quite add up. For example, mobile phones weren't that 'mobile' back then as they would appear to be in the story, but it's a minor issue and doesn't impact the story at all. Hogan going off the rails and facing no disciplinary action is also a little suspect (and concerning!) but does add to the story, though perhaps a little too conveniently. His actions do show how grief can affect some people, though, which was an exciting thought.

I believe that this is planned to be a series of eight books, and I intend to read the first three before the next instalment. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery/thriller or enjoys reading Harlan Coben or Peter James.
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I've enjoyed previous books in the series and was waiting for the next one.  The author has a captivating way of telling a tale and his books are always leave you wanting the next one to be available now!

I've enjoyed following the characters through the books and they feel like old friends.  Hoping there will be another soon.
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How good to have a chance to read a Jeffrey Archer. I am indebted to NetGalley for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader’s Copy.

I have always admired his ability to engage a reader with sharp and innovative short stories. I have been a fan since “A twist in the Tale”, which showed the best of short story writing. I have loved reading novellas and short stories ever since. It is an important part of literature and a distinct and difficult art form. I am grateful to Archer for generating this appreciation of this format.

This is one of his novels; part of a series which is wonderfully constructed and hopefully will allow the author to follow the career path of William Warwick in the police force to the very top.

In this book, set in the late 1980s, the fourth instalment, Warwick has risen to a the rank of Detective Chief Inspector from his lowly beginnings. 
The author has a great skill in hooking his readers into the unfolding story. It is an effortless progression through a plot that is exiting and demands you to read on for ‘what happens next.’
The clever thing though is this is a compilation of cold cases which Warwick and his team have been tasked to review. Crimes where someone’s  guilt is a given but proofing it in a court of law almost impossible due to a lack of evidence or willing witnesses to testify. In a sense this is a group of short stories brought together into this overarching plot. 
The first story is another unsolved murder where the criminal will not go to trial. Archer demonstrates great skill in showing William and his wife Beth on a cruise to New York. These events are an echo of the frustration any detective may have to prove a case beyond reasonable doubt. Where the police still are constrained by the same rule of justice to abide and work within the law.
This holiday is cut short when a murder takes place in front of his eyes on the luxury cruise liner and the family close ranks to prevent scandal and unwarranted press invasion.
From then on the page turning begins in earnest as the relative merits of evidence gathering, law enforcement and the criminal justice system are viewed from different perspectives in contrasting cases. From elements of Non-proven verdicts in Scotland to jurisdiction in different countries Warwick tries to uphold the values of justice. The story takes us around the world where different interpretations may be implied and where someone could get away with murder.
Warwick’s methods are looked up to by a young preppy student wanting to join the FBI. Kept in focus by A boss demanding results and from within his team challenged by an ex SAS and after years of working undercover perhaps too willing to blur boundaries and take short cuts.

This produces a cocktail of crimes where criminals feel beyond the law since they all employ the same crocked lawyer. This makes for a wonderful story, holds a light up to traditional crime mysteries and shows a sense of fun within this genre. (Maybe we could get him on tax evasion?)
However, this is a serious crime thriller within a police procedural style, a clever detective with an inventive team and a criminal nemesis, both credible and evil.

I liked it very much, an engaging story, or series of cases, questioning the due process of the law. 

For me it lacks real depth; polished rather than lived in. Formulated with great craft but lacking an extra gear. Entertaining but not breaking the mould.
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On an ocean liner in the middle of the Atlantic a rich company owner dies.  For William Warwick this is a busman's holiday and he soon knows who the killer is but the family closes ranks.  However he is still on the search for arch-criminal Miles Faulkner who, after much plastic surgery, is now planning to obtain another valuable artwork.  Ably assisted by D I Hogan, newly returned from undercover, Warwick is out to get his man.
Archer remains a consummate storyteller, even if his style is a little dated.  This series is great fun, not high literature and not edge of one's seat but just a good entertaining read.
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Jeffrey Archer always writes a good thriller.

I believe this is the fourth William Warwick Novel. I have really enjoyed them all.

Excellent story with plenty of surprises.

It was really good to catch up with William Warwick and all his friends and colleagues.

A really good book to curl up with on a cold November day.
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The fourth instalment of Jeffrey Archer’s Detective William Warwick series has a fast-paced multi-faceted plot, with Warwick chasing murderers in several countries, strengthening old friendships and fighting old foes. 

While Warwick and his wife are aboard a ship to New York crossing the Atlantic, a member of the shipping company dynasty is murdered on board. But even once this case is solved, it seems there is no respite for Detective Warwick. He joins the newly established cold case murders unit at the London Metropolitan police force, teaming up with ex-undercover agent Ross Hogan, who has his own ideas of police work standards, to solve four cold cases. Warwick travels from London to the Spanish hinterlands and Geneva to bring criminals to justice. 

The novel was fun to read, well-written and a true page-turner. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. 

The new characters introduced add to the depth of the plot. I particularly liked the characters of Ross Hogan and the juvenile detective aboard the ship who provides Warwick with vital information and thus helps him solve the case. 

The novel was fun to read, well-written and a true page-turner. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. 

I would recommend reading the books sequentially to best make sense of the characters and their backstories. 

Thanks to NetGalley, Harper Collins UK and Jeffrey Archer for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This started off really well, I loved the first part of the book on the cruise ship and the death at sea. I was disappointed after that, it seemed quite dis-jointed and too many sub plots which I felt weren’t really relevant. I read this as a stand alone book but as it was number 4 in the series I did wonder if I’d missed out by not reading the other 3. I love Jeffrey Archers writing and it’s a shame I didn’t enjoy the book more.
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Unfortunately found the book far too slow and couldn’t get into it - paused reading at 15% 

Didn’t realise until now that it’s part of a series so perhaps I’d have a different opinion if I had read the others but I just prefer much more drama in the initial chapters of a book of this genre
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I normally enjoy and race through an Archer book but this one just didn't do it for me. At times I was completely lost with what was happening in the story and found it hard to follow with so many characters. Unfortunate but perhaps I needed to read the other books already in the series?
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