Over My Dead Body

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Pub Date 12 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 1 Apr 2022

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An unputdownable story of murder, revenge and betrayal from international number one bestseller Jeffrey Archer.


In London, the Metropolitan Police set up a new Unsolved Murders Unit – a cold case squad – to catch the criminals nobody else can.

In Geneva, millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner – convicted of forgery and theft – was pronounced dead two months ago. So why is his unscrupulous lawyer still representing a dead client?

On a luxury liner en route to New York, the battle for power within a wealthy dynasty is about to turn to murder.

And at the heart of all three investigations are Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick, rising star of the Met, and ex-undercover operative Ross Hogan, brought in from the cold.

But can they catch the killers before it’s too late?

Praise for Jeffrey Archer:

‘Probably the greatest storyteller of our age’ Mail on Sunday

'Peerless master of the page turner' Daily Mail

'If there were a Nobel Prize for storytelling, Archer would win' Daily Telegraph

‘Archer is a master entertainer’ Time

Jeffrey Archer’s previous novel Nothing Ventured was a No.1 Sunday Times bestseller w/c 28th March 2020.

An unputdownable story of murder, revenge and betrayal from international number one bestseller Jeffrey Archer.



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Over My Dead Body has our hero Detective Chief inspector William Wallace back chasing his supposedly dead old foe Miles Faulkner, millionaire art dealer and all round bad guy, still aided and abetted by his oily corrupt barrister Booth Watson.
The book starts with William and his wife on a transatlantic cruise, meeting a young member of a very wealthy American family Williams skills are called on when the head of this rich dynasty dies on board.
When back in UK , the team are called upon to look into some cold cases to try solve and also try to discover just where Faulkner is so he can be brought to justice.
Ross Hogan has been working under cover for years and has been brought back to the murder squad, his way of previously working is pretty much the opposite of Williams.
So we have a story with many layers, as usual it is well told and is full of twists, turns and excitement, plus a shockingly sad one.
Enjoyable and page turning, but I really hope we have heard the last of Miles Faulkner now, we need to move on from him and get some ‘fresh blood’ and see him finally come to justice.
My thanks to net galley and publisher for the opportunity to review this book honestly.

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I absolutely adore every one of Jeffrey Archer books, and this one is no exception. The continuing saga of William Warwick and co brightened my day, well the two days it took to devour this book. Jeffrey is truly the greatest author of our time, every book is a joy to read and I never want the book to finish, and when it does I desperately want him to travel to Mallorca to finish the next in the series. Please never stop writing in the absorbing way you do. Once again a masterpiece

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I have to admit, I came late to Jeffrey Archers books - what a storyteller! His writing is just astonishing! Absorbing, full of depth with many different threads running through the same story, characters that are fully rounded with flaws as well as strong character points. William Warwick is full of personality and can have a touch of sheer genius when it comes to solving crimes, but has he met his match this time. Archer takes you through this book at his usual cracking pace with each chapter drawing you further in. I absolutely loved it, loved the narrative, loved the familiar characters and loved the unexpected. Archer has done it again, just brilliant!

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I absolutely love Archer’s books and the finale to his series on William Warwick was no exception. It helped that I read it in quick succession to number three so I was au fait and could remember the storyline and characters. It has its usual in depth threads of the story and his characters are great. I enjoyed every minute of the book and was only sad that with every chapter that passed I was a chapter closer to the end. Would highly recommend!

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What can you say about Jeffrey Archer’s books that has not been said before? You know what you are going to get when you turn the first page and you are never disappointed until you reach the end. Reaching the end of this one on my Kindle, I actually thought it had froze, as the book came to something of an abrupt end, but again with Archer, you always know that the story and the characters will reappear in another book at a later date.
An enjoyable read over two or three days and I look forward to the continuing saga. Recommended.
A note for the editors though. Sunderland are not nicknamed the Toffees.

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I love this series and I think this is the best one yet. William Warwick is a fabulously entertaining main character who keeps the reader engaged. The recurring supporting characters are also well written, so a new book in this series is like reconnecting with old friends. In this story, I enjoyed the sub plot on the cruise ship and very much hope that James becomes another recurring character. Great plot, but I really hope I’ve now seen the back of Mr Faulkner as I think that story has now run it’s course.

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Another great instalment of William Warwick and his police career.
Mr Archer tells this story and follows William and his wife and his pursuit of Miles Faulkner whilst heading up a new squad in cold cases.
Great read and cannot wait for the next instalment.
Possible glimpse into the next serial subject Mr Archer?

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In London, the Metropolitan Police have set up a new Unsolved Murders Unit – a cold case squad – to catch the criminals nobody else can. Four victims. Four cases. All killers poised to strike again.

In Geneva, millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner – convicted of forgery and theft – was pronounced dead two months ago. So why is his unscrupulous lawyer still representing a dead client? And who is the mysterious man his widow is planning to marry?

On board luxury cruise liner the Alden, a wealthy clientele have signed up for the opulence and glamour of a trans-Atlantic voyage. But the battle for power at the heart of a wealthy dynasty is about to turn to murder.

And at the heart of all three investigations lies Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick, rising star of the Met.

Only Warwick's genius for deductive reasoning, his fierce intelligence and his occasionally rash bravery – combined with that of ex-undercover operative Ross Hogan, reluctantly brought in from the cold – can bring the criminals to justice, and put his nemesis behind bars. But can they catch the killers before it's too late?
Love this author and enjoyed this book throughly! It was thrilling, it had intrigue, suspense, and lots of heart pounding moments! Lots of twists and turns!! Definitely some jaw dropping moments!

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Another page turner from from best storyteller of our time. A good continuation of existing characters with new characters to keep the story fresh and fast moving.

Definitely look forward of more to come from Warwick and his team.

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Jeffrey Archer is a master like no other at weaving a tale of mystery, murder and revenge. The star of this novel is a talented detective that is no stranger to the world of the wealthy and has a unique way of solving crimes. An excellent read!

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Another brilliant romp through Scotland Yard, the art world and the murky world of Miles Faulkner, as William Warwick attempts to finally bring him to justice.

With less emphasis on court room drama and more on crime solving, I am really hoping that we’ve come to the end of the Faulkner storyline.

As ever, Jeffrey Archer’s writing style gives you a real page turner.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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For some people liking a Jeffrey Archer book is almost a criminal offence but if book snobs can put their prejudices behind them then they can experience a really good yarn that keeps you engaged. I haven't read any of the previous books but I don't think that mattered especially as I am not a fan of recurring bogey men. This could easily be made into a very entertaining film
I enjoyed the plot enormously, I liked the characters (although I would have divorced Beth had she made me eat Caesar's Salad and Consommé on a cruise without even asking me!!) Good attention to detail and I liked the humorous touches.
An excellent read and when I need some light relief again I will revisit Jeffrey and his books
I'm giving 5 stars because I enjoyed it and it certainly would be a film I would love to watch

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To begin with I was confused as the book would move from one situation to another without any notification and I had to work out where I was. However, I soon got involved in the book and have just read it all in one go; something I haven’t done in a long time. I just wanted to know what the ending was and whether they would catch up with and solve all of the open cases. I hope that there is a follow up for William and I hope that Ross doesn’t leave the police.

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You get plenty of story for your buck with this fantastic book! PC Plod was a very clever addition with all the other cases going on.... There are so many further possibilities for a series for these characters. If I had to be ultra critical the book would have benefitted with a prologue and a epilogue but take nothing away this has to be a contender for a number 1 best seller

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It took me a while to settle into reading this but it’s more to do with the book being the fourth in the series as I wasn’t familiar with what happened in earlier books. It’s a good read and now I want to start it from the beginning. I would like to thank the publishers and Netgalley for letting me have the book to read and the opinions expressed are entirely my own views and are completely unbiased.

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What can I say? Another triumph from the master of suspense. The wonderful thing about Jeffrey Archer is that you know what you're getting when you pick up one of his books, and he never disappoints. He interweaves mystery, murder and thriller like no other, and fans will love this latest instalment of the William Warwick series.

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I haven't read a Jeffrey Archer book in years. I will now have to catch up with the William Warwick books. This was a real thrill ride, not a sentence wasted in the story. What I assumed to be the main plot of the book turned out to be a bit of a side hustle. Most disconcerting! Archer is a real storyteller, maybe not high brow enough for some but this is definitely a book to take you through a long journey, a late night or a few hours on the beach. Did not want this to finish! Thank you Netgalley.

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Book Review “Over my Dead Body” By Jeffrey Archer
JUNE 28, 2021 ~
Star Rating : 5 Stars

Well what can I say about this new novel from Jeffrey Archer? Enthralling, riveting and nearly brought me to tears. A real rollercoaster read emotionally. I quickly developed an intense dislike for millionaire art dealer, Miles Faulkner. A sign of a truly well written character that evokes such strong feelings in the reader from the off.

Up and coming Met officer, DCI William Warwick heads up a new closed case squad, solving crimes that nobody seems able to solve. Warwick is joined in the unit by ex undercover Ross Hogan, who still wishes he was undercover and has a tendency to go off on his tangent, solving things in his unique way.

Faulkner has been pronounced dead but Warwick feels something may not be all that it seems as Faulkner’s unscrupulous lawyer still appears to be representing his dead client, why?

Can this new squad solve the four murder that they have been tasked with. Can they figure out what Faulkner’s Lawyer is really up too?

I finished this superb novel in a couple of days. Reading until my eyes hurt because I just didn’t want to put it down.

I would certainly recommend this gripping read. Definitely one to pre order.

Publisher : Harper Collins UK, Harperfiction

Publish Date : 14th October 2021

ISBN ; 9780008474294

Reviewed by; Niki Preston

Twitter : @nikijrp

Facebook : For The Love Of Books

Instagram : @bookwormnjp

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This is my first Jeffrey Archer novel. I was very impressed.
There are plenty of different story lines to keep the reader engrossed.
A very good thriller with a touch of humour.

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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this book

jeffery archer became another one of my favourite authors, he certainly knows how to write a good book and this one is no exception

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I really enjoyed this latest book about DCI William Warwick, it’s a page turner of a read with murder mystery and fraud plus some new characters for him to liaise with. Having attended Faulkner’s funeral DCI Warwick becomes suspicious as to why his corrupt lawyer is still representing him. What follows is a fast paced cat and mouse situation across two countries. There are strands of other crimes running through the book and I particularly like the character of Ross Hogan, who easily slips undercover. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to see what happens next.

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Riveting storyline. Hard to put this book down. Intriguing start and big finish; highly recommended read.

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This latest book by Jeffrey Archer was great fun to read. Non stop action and police skating close to unlawful trying to catch hardened criminals. There was the usual cast of characters who work so well together. I enjoyed the conclusion.

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This is my first read of Jeffrey Archer, although i have been aware of him as both a politician and author for many years. Ive left it late but this one at least certainly didnt disappoint.

The story of murder, deceit, revenge, love and good old police work, what we have here is an immensely readable thriller from start to finish. From the opening chapters on a cruise ship to New York with a murder on board to the finale in both Barcelona and London, this really is a roller coaster ride with Detective William Warwick and his team.

A huge cast of characters, but the writing style is so easy and the story telling so well plotted that you never find yourself confused.
Its a relentless pace and actually felt much shorter than its 370 odd pages, and thats always a good sign.

I`m now intrigued by this series and intend to pick up the first three in the series.

Four and a half stars rounded up to five for the sheer enjoyment the reading of this book gave me.

Thanks to the publisher for the ARC though Netgalley.

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This was my first encounter with Jeffrey Archer’s William Warwicks series of books. Despite coming in at book 4, I was able to pick up on his back-history with his foe Miles Faulkner and Faulkner’s unscrupulous QC Booth Watson.

It was a very well-paced thrilling page-turner. I raced through the book, which felt very cat and mouse at times, wanting to know whether Warwick would arrest his man!

It’s all set up for the next instalment and I can’t wait to read that!

Huge thanks to NetGalley for introducing me to Jeffrey Archer. I can’t wait to go back and catch up on the first three William Warwick books!

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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher HarperCollins UK for the ARC.

I just love this series starring William Warwick (now a DCI). If you haven't read the previous books I would recommend that you do so, although you can read this as a standalone, you would getter a better feel for each of the main characters.
Christina, widow of convict and art collector Miles Faulkner, is to marry again to Captain Ralph Neville. William's wife Beth and Christina are friends. Apparently the date of her booked cruise and stay in New York clashed with the only date available for their church wedding, Christina gifts the holiday to Beth and William.
The story begins on the high seas where, during dinner the Chairman of the Line dies. William is not convinced it was a heart attack and, with the help of the very resourceful grandson of the Chairman, investigates. This part is absolutely pure Agatha Christie. Then, a chance remark from a crew member sends William straight back to England, leaving Beth with friends in New York. William has put some pieces of a puzzle together and he will not let Miles Faulkner escape again!
Back in London William is in charge of the new cold case unit and cases are being assigned to the team.
There are loan-sharks, drug dealers, a con-artist and East End gangs involved, but most of all William and DI Ross Hogan intend to go after Faulkner.

This is a really good story where lots of strands come together, especially with DI Hogan's off-the-books assistance - much to Commander Hawksby's chagrin. I enjoy the team's relationships and interactions, as well as when William and Beth bounce ideas off one another.

What can I say - can't wait for the next one!

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As soon as you reads the first sentence Archer works his magic and pulls you in so you can't put the book down. I have been a massive fan of his books for many years and as always this was one of those books that i just didn't want to end.

An excellent read, as always - I am never disappointed with an Archer novel and loved this upcoming release.

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A Sweeping Thrill Ride….
A sweeping thrill ride in the latest addition to the William Warwick novels set between London, Geneva and New York. A tale of many betrayals, murder and revenge, three investigations with Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick at its’ heart, aided by former undercover operative Ross Hogan. As ever, the action does not let up with twists and turns aplenty and a wholly credible cast. The fourth in this series and a worthy addition from this natural born storyteller.

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William Warwick, once again, finds himself heading up a new unit at the Met. This time it’s unsolved murders, a cold case squad tasked to catch the killers no one else could.

Ross Hogan, undercover operative, is leaving the guise of Marlborough Man behind and re-joining the ranks as William’s right-hand man.

Whilst the rest of the team investigate long ago closed cases, William and Ross are soon embroiled in a greater challenge - discovering why Booth Watson is still representing a dead man

Archer is a master storyteller, and I have come to expect nothing less than being thoroughly immersed in his prose eagerly tearing through each page. This book was no exception.

I won’t go into too much detail regarding the story itself, but as always the plot was full of well thought out twists and trademark shocks. This book is a must-read for fans of this author and crime fiction junkies alike…but definitely start at the beginning!

Was this review helpful?

Another well written, easy to read thriller by J. Archer. I had not read the previous books about William Warwick but for those in the same boat, just to say that it is not a problem. I gather that there are thowbacks and perhaps for that reason the book is all the more enjoyable if you have more of the background story, but it is still a good standalone read. However I did feel that the ending was somewhat abrupt. I gather that this is the last in the series but is it really? I can see William turning up again, perhaps in the book of a different character. A case of watch out, I think!

Was this review helpful?

An interesting story of a battle of wits between a detective and an escaped millionaire who has escaped from prison and disappeared under new guise. The millionaire is an art collector ho always gains what he wants by fair means or foul. Having escaped capture once the detectives have to devise a way bait him out of hiding with the aid of Spanish police from is Spanish lair. How it all works oit is a complex and engrossing story.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Jeffrey Archer is not everybody's cup of tea, but he is a formidable writer. This book is no exception to his talent. A recommended read.

Was this review helpful?

Like or loath him personally Archer does write a good yarn. He's clearly thought about the totality of the plot, planned the twists and turns in a formulaic manner.

Can't fault, again, the output, a good story in typical Archer genre.

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This is the fourth book in the DCI William Warwick series. Warwick is up against his old adversary Miles Faulkner a wealthy but unscrupulous art collector. Faulkner supposedly died in the previous book but he has not fooled Warwick or his colleagues when he resurfaces with a different name having undergone plastic surgery to change his appearance. Faulkner’s wife Christina is a good friend of Warwicks wife Beth which only complicates matters further. The chase is on to recapture Faulkner, who had escaped custody then faked his own death in the previous book. There is also a sub plot running through the book. Warwicks Commanding Officer, The Hawk, has put together a number of police officers set with the task of solving five cold cases committed by some of the vilest low life London has to offer, The book is cleverly written and keeps you engaged throughout, but this is no surprise as Jeffrey Archer’s previous books prove that he is such a good story teller. Archer has made such well drawn characters you either like or loathe, this is the true gift of story telling. The story and character development is good, the plot is full of drama, the book holds your interest throughout. The book can be read on its own but in my opinion you should read the other three in the series to understand the plot running through them. This book is published 12th October so go out and buy the other three and read them first, you won’t be disappointed

Was this review helpful?

This is book #4 of the William Warwick series. I would recommend reading the books in order, as in true Archer style each book is left on a cliffhanger with the next book picking up the story straight away. Chief Inspector Warwick is heading up the new Unsolved Murders Unit, whilst also in pursuit of the truth regarding the recently deceased art collector, Miles Faulkner. The book begins with Warwick and his wife, Beth on board a luxury liner to New York, where he finds himself in an unexpected investigation whilst he is on his holiday cruise!

As usual, the pace is fast and full of twists, turns, red herrings and dead ends. I have to admit, I struggled with William's character in the first book, but as the series moved on I warmed to him and welcomed him back like an old friend. We find ourselves, obviously, reconnecting with many of the regular characters and I really enjoyed D.I. Ross Hogan's storyline in this book. There are lots of storylines running alongside each other, each linking into each other effortlessly. The author does what he is SO good at, creating a story which captivates and mesmerised, with lots of clever plot changes and countless OMG moments!

This book is left on another cliffhanger, lining up book #5 perfectly! What will happen next? I just don't know! What I do know though is I will be eagerly awaiting news of when I will be able to pick up Warwick's story again. I've read so many of this author's books, and while he keeps writing such fantastic stories, I'll keep reading them! Would definitely recommend!

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Over My Dead Body is the fourth book in the series featuring DCI William Warwick. The novel begins as William Warwick is on holiday heading towards New York on a luxury cruise. After a death occurs onboard, he is asked to investigate the mysterious surroundings. When he returns to London, his next task is to head up a new Unsolved Murders Unit set up by the Metropolitan Police. There are many strands to the plot line and it is incredibly difficult to summarise them all without giving away spoilers.
The novel is full of twists and has the usual engaging plot and superb writing I’ve come to expect from Jeffrey Archer. However, I would recommend reading the books in order even though they can be read as stand alone novels.

Was this review helpful?

I have read Jeffrey Archer books for many years and he never disappoints. He is always so knowledgeable about all his book subjects.

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Another fast paced thriller from Archer.
Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick heads up a cold case squad to catch the criminals who think they've got away with it.
Then there is the elusive Miles Faulkner. Surely he's dead, they attended his funeral but is he?
There are the regular characters.
Christina, Miles' ex wife who is about to marry again. Then there is the odious BW QC.
This really keeps you on your toes as we follow each team member assigned a cold case to solve.
We also find out more about Hogan who has been working under cover. He works well with Warwick.
Can't wait for the next one.
Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins for the ARC in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Didn’t disappoint, but has left me wanting more, which I guess is the perfect combination. Looking forward to the next instalment!

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to #netgalley for advanced copy to read
Another brilliant read from Archer following DI William Warwick and his family and his police officers
This one yet again is spent in pursuit of a number of crooks in west end as Warwick has been demoted for losing criminal mastermind Miles Faulkner, hence why he is now in charge of cold case unit and having very little success.
Until one of his ex undercover cops comes back to him Hogan falls in love and wants to help Warwick out but then he helps him out after a dreadful incident occurs that changes his life forever
Miles Faulkner meanwhile is living it up in Barcelona whilst his so called widow is telling Warwick wife lie after lie or is she ?
The whole team must come together if they are ever to beat this mastermind at his own game can they do it?

Was this review helpful?

Yet another of Jeffrey Archer’s fast paced thrillers starring William Warwick and supposedly dead millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner.
DCI William Warwick and his wife are enjoying an ell expenses paid luxury cruise when there is a death within a wealthy dynasty - is it natural causes or murder?
Why is Miles Faulkner still being represented by a solicitor when he died a couple of months previously - what is going on with his former wife, and why is getting married again so quickly?
A cold case unit is set up in London to look at unsolved murders - DCI Warwick is in charge, and an ex-undercover cop Ross is involved.
Can Warwick catch the killers?

Easy to read thriller, good to read Archer again. Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read it.

Was this review helpful?

Jeffrey Archer certainly knows how to write a good yarn. This William Warwick book, which is #4 in the series, is the best yet despite a somewhat slow start. Mile Faulkner is still at large, William Warwick is still wanting to get him back behind bars. And we join in the fun and thrills of the chase. What a chase it is. Loved it. With thanks to NetGalley, the publishers and the author for the opportunity to read and review and e-ARC of this title.

Was this review helpful?

Another thrilling page turner from Jeffrey Archer. If you like his books then it has all of the usual thrills and spills, clever detection, intrigue, ruthless villains, wealthy rogues, treachery, expensive artwork, and plenty of glitz and glamour. If you don't like his books then look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you are a book snob. His books are easy to read with plenty of entertainment and satisfaction. He is a master story teller, and popular as proven by book sales. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC copy.

Was this review helpful?

This is the fourth so the latest book of the DCI Warwick's series - but for me, it was the first book written by Jeffrey Archer. I could read the story without any disruption, even without the knowledge about the past events, but there are loads of reference to the past that made me so curious - I am keen to catch up on the earliest books.

Absorbing book, I found the opening of the book humorous. Brilliant writing, several threads, three murder cases and Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick. - only Warwick can solve these complicated cases. I enjoyed the plot on a cruise ship and really hope that James will appear in other stories. I also like Ross Hogan, ,who can still solve the case in a unique way. The characters are pretty authentic, especially in the dialogues - perfection. Plenty storylines that keep the reader occupied throughout the whole book. The story skips the from one scene to the other, changing the places and people involved. At the beginning, it makes me distracted, but it wasn't a huge issue and I've been able to focus more on these changes.

Lots of twists, shocking moments, tense and suspense.
Enjoyable gripping reading! Highly recommended.

Thank you NetGalley and Harper Collins UK for an ARC of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Another great Jeffrey Archer story. Good characters, exciting story lines and very difficult to put down!

Was this review helpful?

I deliberately avoided books by Archer for at least two decades. I didn’t like his politics or some of his actions which caused him to end up in jail. But I picked up the first of the Clifton chronicles about five years ago and read the entire series back to back. Whatever I think of his shortcomings, I have to acknowledge that he’s a remarkable storyteller. One who knows exactly how to construct plot, people, pace and weave in adventure, romance, intrigue and some facts to deliver a totally blistering story.

I’ve read the other Warwick books and this picks up on former characters. It works well as a standalone, but you’ll miss some of the nuances and character development. Archer’s skill lies in his ability to create spellbinding stories. In some ways they may appear formulaic, but he absolutely delivers with every book…and I’ve read them all, including his collections of short stories. Literary snobs are unlikely to give him the credit he deserves but for me, any author who can take me to a different place, totally absorbed in a story and involved in the characters deserves credit. Over My Dead Body brought a transatlantic crossing to life, along with the wheeler dealing art world, visited before, in a way that kept me turning the pages. Archer has created a likeable and engaging character in Warwick. He’s clever, thoughtful, personable and occasionally inspired. Simply brilliant storytelling.

My thanks to the publisher for a review copy via Netgalley.

Was this review helpful?

I don't know how he does it, but the author's creativity sparkles through the interweaving multiple plot lines in this novel.

It's thrilling, it's mysterious, and leaves the reader wanting to read increasingly more. The climax of the book was similarly fast-paced and there's the right blend of intrigue along with the certainty of purpose.

I'm uncertain of the choirboy or caveman allegory of the detective, it could possibly develop into something a little more subtle. But don't get me wrong, this is another fantastic book by Archer and I'm already anticipating the next in the series. First-class!

Was this review helpful?

This is the fourth book in the William Warwick series, and I would suggest reading them from the start to understand all of the back story and interwoven cases. In fact the William Warwick series is a spin off from the hugely successful, incredible 5 star Clifton Chronicles series. In classic Archer style, the Warwick series is an involved family saga following William Warwick’s progress from police training through his career with Scotland Yard.

In this book we revisit Warwick’s nemesis Miles Faulkner from previous books, whilst also being introduced to new cold cases for Warwick’s team to tackle. The characterisation in Archer’s books is second to none, and his books are always extremely readable and relatable. I look forward to the next classic from his pen!

With thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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