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Chief Inspector William Warwick is back, heading up a cold case murder squad. Joined by former undercover officer DI Ross Hogan, he’s also trying to track down art thief Miles Faulkner, who supposedly died in Switzerland after escaping from jail, but Warwick believes him to be alive and kicking. As they follow the clues, the pair risk losing everything in their bid for justice.

I really enjoyed Over My Dead Body. There were times when I found myself a little confused, especially when Hogan disappears on his quest, with action bombarding me for page after page, but overall an enjoyable read. Warwick is a good character, although I imagined him much older than it soon transpired he was, but he comes to life from the page. I think my favourite character is probably the slimy QC Booth Watson, who pops up at regular intervals. Described by Archer as ‘oleaginous’, he’s just great!

A fun read, as with many of Jeffery Archer’s stories.
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Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick is back in this new story. And he, and former undercover agent Ross Hogan, are after Miles Faulkner who is still very much alive and still devoted to leading a life of crime. The reader needs to be as alert as the police in this book because there are many story lines and many lines of investigation. From a cruise liner to Franco’s former house near Barcelona, from unsolved murder cases to completing the puzzle, there is a lot going on. And the pace is fast.
I enjoyed again the great story telling talent of Jeffrey Archer. The characters are great, strong, witty and colorful. I really liked the personal touch about William and the fact that he has a life, reads bedtime stories to his kids and is not the usual lone cop who spends his days and nights at work. 
I felt the end came a bit quick but i don’t mind because I am now looking forward to the next Jeffrey Archer!
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I have read a number of  Jeffrey Archer's books over the years but was unfamiliar with this series. You cannot but admire the skill and propensity that he has for telling a great story well., and this was no exception. It reminded me so much of Agatha Christies work, where murder and revenge are at the core.It was whimsical and realistic in equal measure.. I enjoyed the twists and turns throughout in this well crafted novel and look forward now to reading the others in this series. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good "whodunnit".
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It's my first Jeffrey Archer book and by the complex but gripping plot, I can see why he is so famous. His writing is very detailed with various plot twists to keep the reader engaged. It feels a bit slow paced at some parts but overall I liked it.

The characterization is also done remarkably well. All characters fit into the story perfectly. The main character DCI William Warwick is very real. He is not the typical perfect detective who can solve any problem without mistakes or one that always have a serious face and is only concerned with his job. Warwick's character is very human, he can do mistakes, he can show emotions like humour and happiness. He also has a life aside from his job. This gives the book a very realistic feel. 

I also liked DI Ross Hogan's character. His character is very interesting and is the best example of how grief and anger influences a person's decisions.

With Warwick and his team trying to solve multiple cases and at the same time trying to catch an old enemy who got away, this thriller will surely keep the reader engaged. I am looking forward to reading more works by this author.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the arc.
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I’m not a fan of Jeffery Archer, but he has written some great novels. His latest crime thriller Over My Dead Body illustrates many glimpses of his keen ability to develop police procedural plots with complexity and pace. Overall, though, this was a book that left me frustrated and shaking my head.

Typical of me, I’m jumping into a series at book four. That said, Over My Dead Body does have the feel of a standalone book, precisely because at this point, Commander Hawksby, aka The Hawk, has established the Unsolved Murder Unit, a cold case investigation team led by Chief Inspector William Warwick. The other team members include Detective Inspector Ross Hogan, DS Paul Adaja, DS Jackie Roycroft and DC Rebecca Pankhurst. Warwick and Hogan are the real compelling characters in the team; William for his analytical style and investigative talent, and Hogan for his unique perspectives and have been an undercover agent for a long time, he has plenty to contribute as second in command.

The book starts with William and his wife Beth travelling first-class on a cruise liner to New York. Also travelling are the Buchanan family, who own the ship and the Pilgrim Line. Chairman of the Pilgrim Line is Fraser Buchanan, who dies at dinner one evening – was he poisoned or had a heart attack. The captain, doctor, and some family members seem keen to have Fraser buried at sea without an autopsy. Fortunately, William Warwick is on hand, and if the Gods hadn’t already had a bet on William to solve the murder, along comes James Buchanan, Fraser’s grandson. The latter wants to be an FBI agent because of his astute powers of observation and analysis. Would it surprise you to say they solved the murder case? Didn’t think so.

Another story starts, where William realises that a master thief, and his nemesis Miles Faulkner, whom he presumed dead, has altered his name and appearance (Captain Ralph Neville) and intends to marry someone close to Beth. Realising he’s been copped, Miles makes a run for it, and the team give chase. When that concludes, the team splits up the cold cases within the unit, and each member leads an investigation. Each case brings its own twisty and fast-paced drama, although some of the antics are as odd as a bottle of chips.

There are great moments to enjoy the storytelling craft from Jeffery Archer, but this book as a piece of work felt far too disjointed. It was almost as if the first 30% was a separate short story. Not really a book I could recommend, but many others have enjoyed this book. I want to thank Harper Collins and NetGalley for providing me with a free ARC in return for an honest review.
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Over my dead body by Jeffrey Archer. 
Detective William Warwick book 4. 
In London, the Metropolitan Police set up a new Unsolved Murders Unit—a cold case squad—to catch the criminals nobody else can. 
 In Geneva, millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner—convicted of forgery and theft—was pronounced dead two months ago. So why is his unscrupulous lawyer still representing a dead client? 
 On a luxury liner en route to New York, the battle for power at the heart of a wealthy dynasty is about to turn to murder.
 And at the heart of all three investigations are Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick, rising star of the department, and ex-undercover agent Ross Hogan, brought in from the cold. 
But can they catch the killers before it’s too late?
A very good read with good characters.  William was my favourite.  This is my first book by this author but it won't be the last.  5*.
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Jeffrey Archer is an experienced and skilled plotter of both long and short stories and this book, number four in the DCI William Warwick series, reads like an attempt to merge both of these lengths into a single central story interwoven with more peripheral tales (including a PC Plod children’s bedtime story which I assume is original).  It also, I believe, changes voice to reflect the sub-story.  
The opening section is a standalone short story in which we find Warwick and his wife on a transatlantic liner paid for, indirectly, by the lately deceased escaped criminal Miles Faulkener; although Warwick believes that the latter has faked his death and cremation.  This section is essentially stand-alone (perhaps setting up for a future novel).  Although set in the 1980s, this tale feels like a Christie-Poirot short and, linguistically feels like the impish 50s style of Leslie Charteris’s Saint stories. 
Back on land, Warwick is put in charge of a team set up to arrest and successfully prosecute serial criminals who have been untouchable due to lack of evidence.  This is a police procedural format, albeit less orthodox than usual, and has that pedestrian style.  One aspect is the continuation of the central theme: tracing Faulkener.  Much of the burden of the side investigations is borne by DI Horgan, a former SAS corporal then undercover police officer, who brings a cavalier style reminiscent of Bond or, it seemed to me, Simon Templar.
The patchy way I have laid out this review, reflects the patchy nature of the novel.  Don’t get me wrong, it is well written, entertaining and worth reading.  I just felt that Jeffrey was playing with the format more as an intellectual exercise than as a consequence of the story.    
I would like to thank NetGalley, the publishers and the author for providing me with a draft proof copy for the purpose of this review.
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This is the first William Warwick mystery I read and won't surely be the last as I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Jeffrey Archer is a talented storyteller and this story kept me reading as it's an unputdownable page turner.
Great and complex plot, fast paced, excellent character development.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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It has been a really long time since I have read a book by Jeffery Archer and the plot was even more complex than those that I remembered. The story was well written and had many characters and was book 4 of a series featuring DCI William Warwick. 

Having not read the previous books I still found that I could engage with the characters although I would have been able to understand more of the background and stories of the characters if I have read from book 1.

The story is fast paced and the characters are gritty and real. I enjoyed the book and would certainly read more in the series and from the author in the future.

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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There is no getting away from the fact that Jeffrey Archer can tell a darned good yarn - and this book is no exception.  From the very beginning the story is gripping and moves along very quickly.  The plot unfolds  cleverly and there is never a dull or tedious moment.  His tales are never ever boring!!  I would strongly recommend this book as a really good read.
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I almost gave up on this book in the first chapter as I found the dialogue between the main character, Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick, and a seventeen year old precocious boy called James Buchanan so unbelievable and irritating. Their conversations are just like those of the 21st century Sherlock TV series where Sherlock Holmes and Watson are trying to outdo the other for having noted some tiny detail about someone or their behaviour and supposedly deduced a lot of information from it. The first chapter was the worst but I found this sort of discourse in the whole book quite grating as characters try to outsmart each other with witticisms they see as being intellectual.

The story starts with Warwick suspecting that criminal, Miles Faulkner, is not dead despite having apparently recently attended his funeral. We then learn that Warwick's wife, Beth, is friend with Miles’ wife and has been asked to be maid of hour at her second marriage to Captain Neville. This was another step too far in belief for me that a Detective Chief Inspector’s wife and a criminal’s wife are best friends.

So Warwick is not convinced that Miles Faulkner is dead and he is also heading up a team of detectives who are to investigate several cold cases. Enter a multitude of characters and a plethora of ‘coincidental’ connections.

I’m sure that many who are willing to suspend belief completely, like a good yarn and can keep track of a lot of characters will love this book but it wasn’t for me.

With thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK  for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Over My Dead Body is the fourth instalment in Jeffrey Archer's William Warrick series. Despite not having read the rest of the series I was able to pick up the story. 

Advertised as a thriller I was surprised to find this was more a tale of high jinks and mishaps framed around a hit-and-miss police chase. A little slow but an OK read, particularly if you have read the previous instalments.
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Master storyteller Jeffrey Archer is back with this, the fourth book in the William Warwick series; another slick, fast-paced cops and robbers yarn that is pure entertainment from start to finish. 

Once again, William finds himself up against his old nemesis, Miles Faulkner, who is still on the loose, but under a new identity, having faked his death at the end of book three. But while William is determined to track down his arch enemy, he’s also been put in charge of a new unsolved murders unit and tasked with bringing four of London’s slipperiest criminals to justice. Cue shenanigans galore, as he and his team use every ounce of nous to get the job done. 

There’s a helluva lot going on in this book,  but credit where credit’s due. Archer somehow manages to keep it simple; his storytelling is such that you never lose track of the plot. The narrative flows at breakneck speed, but it’s an easy, engrossing romp of a read, elevated above the ordinary by the trademark bells and whistles that make Archer’s writing so unique. 

This familiarity is welcome; like sitting down to chew the fat with an old friend.  But at the same time, it risks becoming a little too familiar, teetering almost on the formulaic. I’m thankful that Archer avoided this trap by dropping in a shocker of a twist that added an extra bit of pep to the story. But it was a close call and something that should be borne in mind if there’s ever a book four. Oh, and Beth should please stop calling her husband “Caveman”. It has become positively cringeworthy. 

My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the e-ARC of the this title in exchange for an honest review.
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Over My Dead Body is the fourth instalment in the Detective William Warwick series, set in 1988. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick and his beloved wife, Beth, find themselves on a cruise liner heading in the comfort of first-class for New York after Beth was presented the tickets as a rather extravagant present from her friend Christina. They are enjoying a relaxing time onboard where their every whim is catered to, but it isn't to last. Aboard the transatlantic liner, they meet the extremely affluent James Buchanan, the grandson of the ship’s owner and part of the huge dynasty involved in the business; they bond over James’ interest in joining law enforcement despite his family having been priming him to take over the company. Then when the chairman of the Pilgrim Line, and James’ grandfather, Fraser Buchanan, suddenly and unexpectedly dies at dinner one day, the captain asks William to investigate. 

The death appears suspicious from the outset, but William must work with precious little of his usual resources to prove that there is a murderer in their midst. Why else would the body have been buried at sea so rapidly if there wasn't something to hide? Meanwhile, once back in his native England, William returns to his role as head of the London Metropolitan Police’s newly formed Unsolved Murder Unit where he and his team have been assigned five cold cases to look into. Each case is one in which William’s superiors believe the perpetrator got away with murder, but for how much longer, with William and his colleagues on the case? Elsewhere, in another strand to the plot, William still has his sights firmly set on tracking down his long-time nemesis Miles Faulkner, the millionaire art collector and pilferer who he believes to be in Geneva, and it turns out that Beth’s buddy and gold digger to the core - Christina - had arranged to hold her sham marriage to Captain Ralph Neville (aka Miles Faulkner) during the time she had sent the couple on their holiday. Very sneaky.

This is a compulsive, compelling and twisty read full of intrigue and unusual, explosive surprises. There's exciting drama, secrets, lies, betrayal and deceit that never lets up in this dark, palpably tense procedural. It moves at a decent pace and the multilayered plot with so many different strands captures your interest and holds it from start to finish, although it could prove too chaotic and overwhelming for those who prefer their fiction a little more straightforward. There are plenty of wicked twists, turns and red herrings spliced throughout providing an endless guessing game; one I failed pretty miserably at. I particularly enjoyed that each of the mysteries or plot threads are based in different parts of the world, and there is a tonne of action meaning there's never a dull moment in this cleverly woven, entertaining read. Archer is one of the most adept storytellers of our time; he never disappoints, his character development is pretty masterful and his characters, both antagonists and protagonists, spring vividly to life on the page. Highly recommended.
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Over My Dead Body is the fourth book in this great series. I am absolutely addicted to these books and just can’t get enough of them! William Warwick is now a Detective Chief Inspective, leading the newly established Unsolved Murders Unit. But with such difficult cases to solve, together with managing rogue personnel and personal battles to set straight, will this be the undoing of William’s high flying career? 
This series feels like coming back to revisit old friends (and some enemies!) and whilst it could be read as a stand-alone book, I would recommend reading at least the first before this one, to maximise enjoyment factor. I really enjoyed this as well as the previous three and look forward to the next adventure!
Thanks to NetGalley for a Kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The 4th William Warwick novel in the series. A fantastic read as always. So pacy and I finished it in 2 days. 

William is back chasing his old enemy, supposedly dead, Miles Faulkner, as well as trying to solve some old cold cases, 

The book starts with William and his wife on a transatlantic crossing to New York. William is sought out the grandson of the cruise ships company owner; who wants him to take over the company when his time comes. But young James has other ideas, he has set his sights on becoming the Director of the FBI. 

Also William is teaming up with his old pal, an undercover cop named Ross Hogan. He leaves undercover work and joins the murder squad to help solve the old cases as well as trying to capture Miles Faulkner who he is convinced is till alive. . 

So...lots going on in this book and because of this, you'll race through this. 

I really enjoy all of Jeffrey Archers books, he is a dependable writer and I look forward to William Warwick no 5, it's on my list.
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I got Over My Dead Body by Jeffory Archer from NetGalley for a fair and honest review.

Over My Dead body is the 4th novel in Jeffory Archers Detective William Warwick books.
The novel starts while Warwick is on a cruise to New York, which was given to them by his wife’s friend, as she is getting married and the only date that could get was during this time.
However, the wedding may not be necessary, as the bride and groom may already be married.
When I started reading this book, I was unaware at the time, that this was the 4th book in a series however I feel that this did not spoil the story for me.
There were references to what I know would gather to the previous books in the series but these we done in such away that did not halt the flow of the novel but it does allow readers who have not read any of those books to be able follow what was the background to this story.
As for the individual novel this to me was a well thought with a plot line. Though the way the story unfolded did seem to be very formulaic, with setup, action going through the novel one after another.
Having said that if you enjoy this type of novel that follows this pattern then this one builds the tension along the way as each action scene has more jeopardy than the previous one.
In addition to being an enjoyable detective novel what this Over My Dead Body did which took it from a basic police procedural was by having a few pot lines which examined the morals of some of the characters.
So, if you want to read a police procedural a bit above the normal then I can Recommend Over My Dead Body by Jeffory Archer.
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This is book 4 in this series featuring Det. William Warwick, a familiar character to fans of this author. As per usual I will recommend you start from book one - always good practise - but with this series I think very necessary as there are a few threads that continue throughout the series and one main storyline which began in book one and is yet to be resolved. Although there is a bit of catch-up and fill-in, I think you won't get the full picture unless you read the previous books.
So, William Warwick is tasked with being a part of the new Met Police Cold Case Squad which he is to join when he returns from New York, he being currently on a cruise ship heading there. Meanwhile the deceased Miles Faulkner is anything but and is currently in Geneva and planning his wedding to his own widow. And that's just the tip of the iceberg to what is going on in this book. We have a death at sea which William tries to get to the bottom of, shenanigans between other members of the Cold Case squad, including a former undercover officer, the many cases that they are trying to solve, and that's without throwing Beth and Christina into the mix... I had to have my wits about me reading this, I can tell you! Bit convoluted, but extremely well plotted and the author manages to keep all the balls in the air well, all the way through.
It's fast paced and the story gets on with itself very well. Pacing matches the narrative throughout and there are scant wasted words and no superfluous padding. Characters - established series and episode extras - are all well drawn and act well according to their remits! I bonded with William from the off in book one and that relationship is still going strong through this book. I also found the crimes being solved in this book to be both fascinating and interesting and it was also good to see how they were solved.
All in all, a good addition to what looks to be a series that will run. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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This series is getting better as each book comes along. I thought the addition of DI Ross Hogan as a main character, rather than the undercover Marlborough Man, added depth and a great foil to DCI Warwick's character. I love the relationship between William and his wife Beth, yes it's very upper class, but there's real humour, humanity and married life there. As always Jeffrey Archer is the consummate storyteller, drawing the reader in from the start. This was a great way to spend an autumn Sunday and a brilliant way to hit reset ready for the week ahead. One word of caution - you need to have read the earlier books to be know what this is all about. #netgalley #overmydeadbody
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In London, the Metropolitan Police set up a new Unsolved Murders Unit, a cold case squad, to catch the criminals nobody else can. In Geneva, millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner who was convicted of forgery and theft was pronounced dead two months ago but why is his unscrupulous lawyer still representing a dead client? On a luxury liner en route to New York, the battle for power within a wealthy dynasty is about to turn to murder. At the heart of all three investigations are Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick, rising star of the Met, and ex-undercover operative Ross Hogan, brought in from the cold.
Another page turning enthralling read. I’ve long learned that when I start one of the author's books I'm not moving until it's finished & this was no exception. A very well written, well researched book with characters of depth. It's fast paced & drew me in from cover to cover. Another brilliant read buy a master storyteller
My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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