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When you pick up a Jeffrey Archer book you know you’re in for a great. This is as good as all the others. Fast paced and exciting. Highly recommended
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William Warwick is back chasing his arch enemy, elusive art dealer Miles Faulkner, who has risen from the dead to taunt him again. Throughout the story, William and his team also tackle a murder on a luxury cruise, and several cold cases. A pacy story from Jeffrey Archer as usual, old-fashioned in its telling, but sound with plenty humour to enliven the narrative, and characters with character, like child prodigy James, prostitute Jo and maverick undercover cop Ross. What I liked about this detective story is that you don't have to think too hard - you can just enjoy the ride, always a sign of a good story and a good storyteller.
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This is the latest book featuring Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick a rising star, the youngest DCI in the Met’s history.
The story begins with Warwick and his wife holidaying aboard a luxury cruise liner where a suspicious death takes place and William is asked to investigate.
Back in London a new unsolved murders unit is set up and William is given the task of heading it up and solving four cold cases.
Meanwhile Miles Faulkner entrepreneur, art collector and thief who supposedly died in Switzerland may have surfaced again! Warwick is intent on tracking him down.. Enthralling, riveting and nearly brought me to tears. A real rollercoaster read emotionally. I quickly developed an intense dislike for millionaire art dealer, Miles Faulkner. A sign of a truly well written character that evokes such strong feelings in the reader from the off.
Would recommend.
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Riveting storyline. Hard to put this book down. Intriguing start and big finish; highly recommended read.
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This latest book by Jeffrey Archer was great fun to read. Non stop action and police skating close to unlawful trying to catch hardened criminals. There was the usual cast of characters who work so well together. I enjoyed the conclusion.
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A classical police procedural that took forever to get the story rolling. The first exciting bit was at the 70% mark and only the next 10% was finally trilling and action packed. The end continue in the same slow vain as the rest of the book and came as no surprise. Despite the slowness of the story, I did enjoy the characters. William and Ross in particular are very well sketched. I loved the banter between them and the exchange of clues and details. Beth is also an interesting and exciting character, the dialogues between her and other characters, but especially William were very satisfying. The family scenes were nice and added a bit of warmth the the story and a nice roundness to some of the characters. I also enjoyed the opening of the book, despite being superfluous and in no way related to the actual story, it was a great way of meeting(or getting reacquainted with) William.
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This is my first read of Jeffrey Archer, although i have been aware of him as both a politician and author for many years. Ive left it late but this one at least certainly didnt disappoint.

The story of murder, deceit, revenge, love and good old police work, what we have here is an immensely readable thriller from start to finish. From the opening chapters on a cruise ship to New York with a murder on board to the finale in both Barcelona and London, this really is a roller coaster ride with Detective William Warwick and his team.

A huge cast of characters, but the writing style is so easy and the story telling so well plotted that you never find yourself confused.
Its a relentless pace and actually felt much shorter than its 370 odd pages, and thats always a good sign.

I`m now intrigued by this series and intend to pick up the first three in the series.

Four and a half stars rounded up to five for the sheer enjoyment the reading of this book gave me.

Thanks to the publisher for the ARC though Netgalley.
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This was my first encounter with Jeffrey Archer’s William Warwicks series of books.  Despite coming in at book 4, I was able to pick up on his back-history with his foe Miles Faulkner and Faulkner’s unscrupulous QC Booth Watson.  

It was a very well-paced thrilling page-turner.  I raced through the book, which felt very cat and mouse at times, wanting to know whether Warwick would arrest his man!  

It’s all set up for the next instalment and I can’t wait to read that!  

Huge thanks to NetGalley for introducing me to Jeffrey Archer.  I can’t wait to go back and catch up on the first three William Warwick books!
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Detective Chief Inspector William Wallace is at the heart of three investigations. With plenty of characters and sub plots this is an entertaining police crime thriller
Although this is the fourth in the series the novel can stand alone 
Another great read from Archer
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I can't recall the last time I read a Jeffrey Archer novel, probably when he was in his heyday - and I have to say not much has changed. He certainly hasn't moved with the times and I found frequent frustrations with the laxity of the storytelling and assumptions made by the author that we make the same leaps of imagination. I also find the exchanges between husband and wife quite cringeworthy. The police inspector is patronising, seriously old-fashioned and quite annoying. The opening is so forced, trying to be Agatha Christie, I felt quite confused. Not remotely necessary!
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This is the fourth book in the series, and unfortunately I haven't read the previous books in the series yet.  It however reads nicely enough as a standalone, and makes you want to go back to the previous books! It was very well written, and entertaining until the end.  Recommended for anyone who loves great entertainment.
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For many years, Jeffrey Archer was of my 'go-to' authors, the small band of writers whose books I would buy without even reading the blurb. Recently, I have stopped reading his work because I felt it had become predictable. So I was intrigued to see what his current writing was like and was happy to receive an ARC of Over My Dead Body.
It's the fourth in a series featuring DCI William Warwick and, although I managed to keep my finger on the thread of what happened in the previous books, I would advise future readers to read from the first one, as so many nuances of the characters are lost. The writing itself is strangely old-fashioned, more reminiscent of Agatha Christie than the 1980s, and not really suited to Warwick, who is quite young.
There are two sub plots, one concerning Warwick and his wife on a cruise where he solves a murder (again very a la Christie), goes home and the plot is never mentioned again apart from a couple of seemingly irrelevant phone calls. The second one is a series of cases dropped on his new cold case team (really, another one?) all of which are mopped up by his 'superhero' type sidekick without much intervention from Warwick.
The ending is all very derring-do and there are a few flashes of near-excitement but, all in all, it's not the kind of book that will remain in my memory for very long and I think it's time to say a final goodbye to Mr. Archer.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I didn’t realise that this was part of collection, but to be honest, it was easy to read as a stand alone. Saying that, it wasn’t my favourite Jeffrey Archer novel. The writing just felt a bit dated for me somehow
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Jeffrey Archer at his best.  Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read an advance copy.
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher HarperCollins UK for the ARC.

I just love this series starring William Warwick (now a DCI).  If you haven't read the previous books I would recommend that you do so, although you can read this as a standalone, you would getter a better feel for each of the main characters.
Christina, widow of convict and art collector Miles Faulkner, is to marry again to Captain Ralph Neville.  William's wife Beth and Christina are friends.  Apparently the date of her booked cruise and stay in New York clashed with the only date available for their church wedding, Christina gifts the holiday to Beth and William.
The story begins on the high seas where, during dinner the Chairman of the Line dies.  William is not convinced it was a heart attack and, with the help of the very resourceful grandson of the Chairman, investigates.  This part is absolutely pure Agatha Christie.  Then, a chance remark from a crew member sends William straight back to England, leaving Beth with friends in New York.  William has put some pieces of a puzzle together and he will not let Miles Faulkner escape again!
Back in London William is in charge of the new cold case unit and cases are being assigned to the team.
There are loan-sharks, drug dealers, a con-artist and East End gangs involved, but most of all William and DI Ross Hogan intend to go after Faulkner.

This is a really good story where lots of strands come together, especially with DI Hogan's off-the-books assistance - much to Commander Hawksby's chagrin.  I enjoy the team's relationships and interactions, as well as when William and Beth bounce ideas off one another.

What can I say - can't wait for the next one!
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Although I find Jwffrey Archer's family sagas interesting  I absolutely  hated this book.
At best it reminded me of the "Handsome West" novels from the 50s and 60s. A pale version of the Gideon stories.
The first quarter is det aboard  ship for a closely confined murder then it widens out but doesn't become any more interesting. 
If you've not read this author before - don't assume they are all ad bad
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I am afraid this was just not my cup of tea.
. The language and writing style seemed very old fashioned and upper class like an old Miss Marple novel.
Very disappointing as I enjoyed some of Jeffrey's earlier books. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for chance to review it .
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This book is part of a series of books which I didn’t realise when I started to read it. Although you can read it as a stand alone story I am sure it would be more enjoyable with the background to the characters that would be available if the books were read in order. As always with Jeffrey Archer it is a good story and is enjoyable to read and you finish one chapter wanting to go on to the next to find out just what is going to happen. An enjoyable tale from a master storyteller.
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As soon as you reads the first sentence Archer works his magic and pulls you in so you can't put the book down. I have been a massive fan of his books for many years and as always this was one of those books that i just didn't want to end.

An excellent read, as always - I am never disappointed with an Archer novel and loved this upcoming release.
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A Sweeping Thrill Ride….
A sweeping thrill ride in the latest addition to the William Warwick novels set between London, Geneva and New York. A tale of many betrayals, murder and revenge, three investigations with Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick at its’ heart, aided by former undercover operative Ross Hogan. As ever, the action does not let up with twists and turns aplenty and a wholly credible cast. The fourth in this series and a worthy addition from this natural born storyteller.
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