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The Art of Enough

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This book has lots of great information and helpful exercises to explore and hopefully overcome the common feeling of 'not enough' by looking at it from lots of different aspects.
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I think Becky Hall goes right to the heart of our overconsumption and anxieties by her starting point. Are you haunted by not being Enough? What happened early in your life to make you carry messages about that make you want to always do more – or always hide away?

This is a self-help book. I don’t read many self-help books, but this one is genuinely useful. I have a combination of driving to be perfect, to live up to my older brothers, and an inadequacy that I can never be good enough, so should keep in the shadows. Becky Hall gives you several exercises to help you explore your past and to delve into the things that make you uncomfortable, whether it drives you to excess, or too little.

I found this an easy read, but also a very thought-provoking one. Like Humankind last year, it reinforces the view that most of us are nice, kind and helpful people. And we are likely to take on these ideas of Enough. We want to solve some of the dreadful problems we’ve got our world into.

The big question is, how do we get those leaders, in many countries, who want nothing more than to dominate the world. They are driven to make so much money that they can never ever spend it. Because they are the ones who are wrecking our planet.

Read the Art of Enough – take action. You’ll feel better for it.
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This is a kind of self help book for Enough, whether it's material things or mental stuff. It's definitely not a quick read since it requires a bit of thinking and inner work, which will pay off it taken the time to do. Hall's approach is a bit unique, and certainly has the flavor of a coach in a book. I'm confident this will work for many readers. 

I really appreciate the free review copy!!
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Interesting read on trying to find that sweet spot between scarcity and excess. Some very useful exercises to complete as you work through the book.
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The Art of Enough is a self help book aimed at anyone feeling the stresses and strains of todays none stop world.  It is fair to say that most people feel they are not enough and this book encourages you to take a step back and see life differently.  It is an easy read self help book with some good information and reminders about what is important in life.  A great help for anyone looking to slow down and take stock
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This is an excellent book about finding balance in a driven world. About finding the place between scarcity and abundance where you can live happy and content. Sounds simple, and in a way, it is, but we are required to totally rethink our mindsets so that we stop competing and comparing and start looking properly at ourselves and our ambitions. I found it very positive and many of the ideas are easily transferable for me. 

Ms Hall says “Enough is a place of fullness. Enough is a generative state, full of stretch, growth and ambition to fulfil our potential - because it moves us beyond our limiting judgements. Enough is a state of elegant balance, where being and doing are finely poised in equilibrium, deeply interconnected. An Enough Mindset offers us a way of being and believing that is sourced by love and abundance. There is Enough. We can do Enough. We are Enough.”

Quoting Tim Jackson’s TED Talk, she says “We are persuaded to spend money we don’t have on things we don't need to make impressions that won’t last on people we don't care about.” How many of us can see the truth in that. I certainly could - I’m using past tense because I am taking on board this advice, and I am working to change my outlook so that I find a place of elegant sufficiency. 

Recommended if you are becoming a bit jaded and want to consider what is important in your life. This is an easy read full of ideas and practical suggestions. I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley in return for an honest review
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The Art of Enough by Becky Hall

So much of this book resonates with me. We are taught from an early age to strive to ' be good ' . To do well at school , to be top of the class, to get the best exam results , to go on to the best university.
Then when an adult ,  we want to be seen to be at the top of our career , to be thought well of by our peers.
To holiday in lovely places, to have a fantastic home, and great relationships , well adjusted children. Rinse and repeat.
This book almost gives you permission to step off that merry-go round , or at least the idea that you can look at life in a different way.
A great thought provoking book.
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This is a great addition to your self-help book collection! I think a lot of us never feel like we are ENOUGH and we need to get out of that mindset as it's damaging to us and others around us. This book gives some great tips and healing-type energy to incorporate changes into our lives. Definitely recommend this book to others!
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For people that constantly need/ want to do more, this book is AWESOME! Read it now. For people who worry they consume or buy too much, this book is AWESOME, too! Read it now. For people that worry about the competing demands, give this book a go. My only slight criticism is that each section - being enough, doing enough, having enough, etc could be its own book.... but this is useful information, conversational and entertaining while being informative. I recommend this!
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