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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

30 Minute Mowgli is a mouthwatering cookbookby Nisha Katona who is a TV CHEF as well as the face and creator of the Mowgli Indian restaurants. 
This was only a sampler of the book but it got my taste buds tingling! This book looks well laid out and helps you to create your own authentic dishes within 30 minutes and doesn't break the bank to cook. This cook book is made for people at home and seems to be healthily curated with different ingredients to suit all tastes.
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I absolutely love the restaurants and now I can recreate the magic at home with these fantastic recipes. Looking forward to reading the full book.
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Well that's now on my Christmas list. 
What a great book with amazing recipes.  Well written, easy to follow and delicious.  Wish it had been the whole book.
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30 Minute Mowgli by Nisha Katona is a sample of a NetGalley ebook that I read in late October.

Definitely the length of a sample, what with its short introduction, vertically spliced portraits, and a total of 4 recipes.
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I too hadn't realised when requesting this book that it would only be a 4 recipe Sampler. I absolutely love Indian food and on the pretence of being able to cook it in under 30 minutes I felt this recipe cookbook would be right up my street. 
Unfortunately, of the recipes given I don't much like fruity dishes (Pineapple & Mango) or fish dishes (Salmon) so I am unable to give an accurate review at  this time. 

Thank you all the same for considering me for the book.
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As a fan of the Mowgli restaurants and the first cookbook I was excited to see the 30 Minute Mowgli book available to review. Each of the 4 recipes included in the preview have straight forward instructions, easily accessible ingredients (the majority of which I already have available to cook with).  I would like to see the full index/ list of recipes before buying the full book, but what I have seen so far looks great! I am all for quick, tasty recipes that I can make on a work night, so this book definitely ticks a lot of boxes for me. Thank you for the preview.
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Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this cookbook early! I adored it! I have a copy of their other book and it is so cherished within my collection. I find their recipes fail safe, no matter the level of ability of the cook. This is no exception. The dishes are delicious and the ingredients are widely available. Highly, highly recommend
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I love the idea of being able to make tasty, interesting food in 30 minutes, 30 Minute Mowgli does just that.
Clear, easy to follow recipes help you create dishes that I previously thought you needed hours to make.

A good addition to any busy cooks book shelf.

I was given a preview sample of 30 Minute Mowgli by NetGalley and the publishers.
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I was sceptical that these sumptuous looking recipes only take 30 minutes, but after making the Mango and Coriander Salmon I can attest.

If you love cooking and exploring new cuisines this book is a welcome edition to any home cooks collection.

Beautifully photographed and exotic dishes to try. A perfect Christmas gift for the foodie in your life!
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Beautiful recipes. Easy to follow. 

This collection provides much needed inspiration for weekday night dinners with a little more pizzazz. The ingredients are mainly things you might already have, but if not, you could build a collection of and use in the production of many different meals.

I liked the style of the recipes and found many of the details included reassuring. As a family, we have enjoyed many recipes from this collection already, and plan on attempting some of the dessert recipes over the coming weeks.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the food served in the Mowgli restaurants, but also to anyone who'd like to add greater variety to their repertoire of home cooked meals. These are quick meals, but also recipes to impress visitors with.
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I try to introduce new cuisines to my kids and this is the perfect cookbook! Quick cooking recipes with easy to follow instructions. The pictures made my stomach growl.
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I love Mowgli and this sample gives you a good idea of the new cookbook, which aims to reduce the time you spend in the kitchen. I will definitely be picking up the new book once published
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One thing I love just as much as books is food! I’ve been lucky enough to visit the @mowglistreetfood restaurant in Birmingham and loved it, so when I saw a sample of their latest cookbook available on @netgalley I was thrilled to be approved. 

I decided to try and make the spiced lamb and apricot wraps this week and despite at first thinking ‘oh gosh there are a lot of ingredients’ actually it was nearly all spices I had in my cupboard! I only had to buy the lamb and the pine nuts, the rest I already had. 

The recipe was actually very simple. All cooked in one pan, you simple just work through adding what is needed until you leave it to simmer, then heat the roti flat breads when ready to serve. 

It went down a treat, and there was enough for leftovers which I brought to work as lunch today. It reheated great and is just as tasty as it was fresh. 

I’d definitely be tempted to buy this cook book on publication in November, as this was quick, tasty and so different from some of the same-old recipes I get bored of. 

Thanks to @nourishbooks @nishakatona and @netgalley for this free sample of a great cook book.
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Fabulous sample of the new 30 minute Mowgli. I am a great fan of the recipes and will definitely be owning a couple. It's full of delicious food for everyday life.
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This is only an excerpt but if the rest is like this, I like it. The few recipes that are in here look interesting and delicious. The photographs are breathtakingly beautiful. The visual imagery draws you in and makes you want to cook and eat that food. I am interested in seeing the finished product. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Some delicious sounding recipes from the look of the sampler. I will be trying out the chicken coconut and pineapple curry soon and I love the sound of the lamb and apricot wraps. If this is anything to go by, the full book will be packed full of flavourful recipes which I imagine will be hugely inspiring when trying to think of something to cook for dinner!
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I didn't realize this was just a sampler but it definitely did the trick, I will have to purchase this one for my collection after it releases as the recipes and photography were gorgeous. The chicken, coconut and pineapple looks divine and I can't wait to see what else the whole book has in store.
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Mowgli is one of my favourite restaurants and the first mowlgi book is one of my favourites - the dal and the paneer are two of my favourite meals, plus we make the cheese on toast regularly and I love the tangled greens!

I actually have this on preorder so was really excited to get a preview. Everything looks so delicious and easy and I love that everything is ready quickly! In the intro Nisha talks about these being recipes she makes at home which i love. 

It’s hard to get a gage from 4 recipes but hope to see more vegetarian recipes in the final book
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That salmon recipe is amazing!

The others look great too, love that they are all ready under 30 mins. they few I can see you need a full pantry but I would definitely consider buying them. Yum!

My only issue is going on the samples they are not waist line friendly, but I adapted the salmon recipe and it was still great - ie didnt deep fry it!
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The recipes in the book look absolutely amazing and I can't wait to try some!
Thank you for the sample, really looking forward to seeing the full book.
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