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This is what I look in a cookbook: the technique and the facts about the main ingredient: beef. Some cookbook share recipes without mentioning why did they do this or that. Not even explaining about the main ingredient uses in the book. Ms Formicola educates her reader about beef, first and foremost. Their type, what to look for and what to avoid, type using in what cooking, including seasonings replacement. 

Reading this book made me sure that the author knows very well what she's writing about, like she masters it, though in some recipe she honestly reveal that she's not yet mastering this or that technique. But she offers what to do instead.
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I loved this book and the comprehensive guide to cuts of beef, defrosting, methods of cooking and seasoning.  I found myself winding round the world in recipes from Beef Knishes, Italian Meatball Soup, Vietnamese Beef and Rice Noodles to Cube Steak and Mushroom Sauce and Spicy Mongolian Stew. The recipes are explained in detail and there are recipes for accompanying sides and sauces. 

I found the book well worth the investment and fully deserving of its 5 star review. What is an added bonus is that it includes pressure cooker and slow cooker methods.

Thank you Netgalley for a free advance copy in return for an honest review.
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Beef it up is an excellent way to add more variety beef recipes to your table. I admired the way the author presents the various recipes and bookmarked a few to try.... like the shepherds pie macaroni and cheese. An interesting twist on Shepherds pie! The author explains the different cuts of beef and provides an excellent source of wellness when it comes to eating beef. The only thing I didn’t care for was the cartoonish pictures found throughout the book, real pictures would have been better. Four stars! 

   I received a complimentary copy to read and voluntarily left a review!
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From occasional beef eaters to staunch beefophiles, this book has ideas to satiate every craving.  Not only does this book contain 50 delectable recipes but also information on cuts which vary geographically, marbling, cooking techniques for various cuts (including the all important Maillard Reaction), thawing and what to look for when shopping.  The author's goal is to add modern touches to traditional ideas to represent changes over the years.  Her four pillars in the kitchen are salt, seasonings, sauces and swaps.  One of my favourite parts of the book is the section on salts.  Interestingly, her top finishing salts are mine as well.  I could talk about salt for hours!

When reviewing food books I always prepare at least two or three recipes from the book.  I have celiac disease but substitutions are very easy here and many recipes are naturally gluten free.  Not only are there heartier dishes but accompaniments such as Blue Cheese & Garlic Mushrooms and Quick Garlic Aioli.  The Smoky Steak Chili looks like a real winner with the addition of chipotle and ancho chili powder.  The Bacon Cheeseburger in a Bowl looks excellent, too.  It all does.  The Chipotle Ranch Dressing is super zingy and a recipe which will be added to my family's repertoire.  We enjoyed the Thai Coconut Beef, something I usually associate with chicken.  It was awesome!  The Fancy-Pants Sloppy Joes are lipsmackingly good, really fit our craving one evening.  Tomorrow evening we are having Life-Changing Panfried Steak with Miso Scallion butter (if the blizzard stops).  

Those who enjoy beef need this book, particularly beginner cooks.  However, there are nuggets of information for expert cooks as well.  My wish would be to see more unique recipes but this is an awesome collection nonetheless.

My sincere thank you to Storey Publishing and NetGalley for the privilege of salivating over...and cooking from...this delicious book.
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A book dedicated to all things beef!!

Beef It Up? is a good way of exploring some of the less popular cuts of beef and finding new ways of cooking old favourites. A handy guide to seasoning and condiments. 

Some of the terms and references are a bit "American" so not so familiar within the UK but the recipes are clear and easy to follow with tasty looking photos. The Recipes take you around the world.

A great gift for the meat lover in your life.

I was given a copy of Beef It Up! by NetGalley and the publishers in return for an unbiased review.
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“Beef it up” is a new staple in our kitchen! With 50 delicious recipes you’re covered from light lunches to creamy comfort food and delicious dinner parties. Everything within this book is well planned, the recipes, the commentary and the presentation of the food. There’s truly something to suit everyone’s range of cooking from beginner to expert.
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I really enjoyed reading this cookbook! It's got a large information section at the beginning that really breaks down  and tells you more about different cuts of beef, different cooking methods, defrosting methods... there's a lot of really useful information, lots of which is accompanied by informative diagrams. 
The recipes, whilst all include some form of beed, are very varied - from salads, to appetisers and stews, there's a recipe for everyone in this book.  The recipes are easy to follow, and whilst it's clearly an american book, as a Brit they're easy  to follow and understand - which some American recipes are not!  There are useful pictures throughout the recipes.  This would be a great gift for the carnivores in your life!
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This is a solid beefy cookbook for the basic meat eater in your life.  I was hoping there would be more interesting cuts, techniques, and flavor profiles involved but this book really focuses on a beginner American palate.  You have all of the bases covered - fajitas, burgers, pot roast, etc.  I would highly recommend gifting this book to a college student or recent graduate first learning to experiment with cooking in the kitchen and not a seasoned home chef looking for fresh ideas.
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I have been on a cookbook requesting spree. I am really trying to eat healthier for myself, my son, and my husband. Cooking with a 2 year old has been hard, so I have had to figure out how to do it, and I have been finding enjoyment in trying new recipes with him. One item that we almost have on hand is ground beef, which is why I thought Jessica Formicola's newest cookbook, "Beef It Up!" would work great for my family.

As I have mentioned before, I love a cookbook with photos and Jessica Formicola's definitely has some but not many. Just as other cookbooks, the first chapter is all about the cookbook, tips for using the ingredients (beef), and kitchen tools. To be honest, I usually skip over the first chapter and skim over the table of contents to see what recipe names pique my interest.

The recipes seem pretty easy and use your typical household grocery ingredients and tools. I'm not a fan of cookbooks where I have to go out and buy special ingredients or special tools, and this was not the case. Each recipe has your basic information such as prep time, cook times, and amount of servings. The one thing that it is missing is the number of calories per a serving. I really prefer a recipe that includes that since I am trying to be more mindful. I don't necessarily need the full nutritional information but the calories for a serving is always nice. So its something that I am going to have to calculate myself. 

I bookmarked several recipes to try in this cookbook. On a whim one night, I ended up deciding to make the Cheesy Baked Burritos recipe, which actually has a very good looking picture. The ingredients for this recipe were easy and I had everything on hand. The recipe was super quick and the steps were spelled out in a way that was easy to understand. I absolutely loved the cheesy baked burritos and I plan to make them over and over again. I also found that they reheated well.
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This is a great cookbook with 50 recipes from starters to sauces to mains, from salads to stews. There's definitely a lot of recipes in here I plan on trying!

This is an American cookbook so all of the ingredients lists are in imperial measurements, however, there is a helpful conversion chart to the rear of the book. There recipes are easy to read and follow, and if you require further information there is further instruction in the front of the book explaining the differences between the cut and the quality of the cut, the best ways to cook each cut, how to store and handle it and the differences between the different cooking methods. The one thing I found particularly helpful is the section on which substitutions can be made. I think this is a great recipe book for a beginner, and has a lovely range of recipes for everyone. 

I received an advanced copy of shortbread shakedown from netgalley for review.
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Any cookbook with lots of great, in color photos of the recipes automatically earn an extra star. Beef It Up!: 50 Mouthwatering Recipes for Ground Beef, Steaks, Stews, Roasts, Ribs, and More by Jessica Formicola has just that. (See the background for an example).  I screen shot so many recipes that I decided I need to buy the book when it comes out in May 2022! 

The author definitely has an enthusiastic love for beef! Not that I can blame her. Very rarely will I decline a well-prepared steak. (Note to self: pick up steaks at the grocery this week). New takes on some classic family dinners, such as meatloaf, sloppy joes, and Salisbury steak will have your mouth watering. 

4 ⭐️ for yummy recipes and lots of photos of them.
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The recipes have a high-end look, but are simplified for even the most beginner of cooks. I was impressed that while things were made simple, there was not short cut on the flavors chosen for the recipes. I do wish it was a bit prettier and the cheesy graphics were left out.
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A solid 'starter' cookbook for the young person in your life who's just starting out on their own. I suggest pairing a copy of "Beef It Up!" with a good-quality roasting pan, cast iron skillet or Dutch oven for the perfect apartment-warming gift.

The first chapter, "Beef Up Your Knowledge" is filled with important cooking method lessons, information about the various cuts of beef, and helpful advice. Most experienced cooks will already be familiar with this information, but a refresher course certainly couldn't hurt.

Even within the book's 50-recipe constraint, there's a varied selection of international dishes. I'm looking forward to trying the Sweet and Spicy Mongolian Beef for my next cooking adventure.

My thanks to author Jessica Formicola, Storey Publishing, and NetGalley for allowing me to read a digital advance review copy of this book. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.
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The perfect gift for the meat lover in your life. This book sets the scene with all the information you could need about the different types and cuts of beef and how you can identify them and the best ways to prepare them . Following this there is a whole array of recipes using the various cuts of beef.
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More than 50 recipes. This book begins with very comprehensive coverage on cuts of beef, shopping for beef, storage and handling, cooking methods, salt as the key seasoning, and kitchen tools.. It's written for a US audience, so cuts differ, but the majority of the extremely useful information applies to a UK audience too.

Recipes are appealing, though non- traditional. The pasta Bolognese recipe includes cream for example.

Very useful for a beginner, and perhaps with nuggets of wisdom and ideas for a more experienced cook too.
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What a great cookbook for anyone beginning to cook or those looking for more ideas to add to their repertoire. Eating a variety of foods is good for one’s health and beef is a part of that diet. 
This cookbook offers a tremendous variety of recipes. Numerous recipes of all kinds including Southwest Steak Salad (I love beef on my salads) and Spicy Hand Pies. Then there are several sauce recipes that I can hardly wait to try. So no matter what mood you’re in, (Peanut-Beef Pad Thai anyone?), there’s a recipe for that.
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This book is going to cause me problems with my carnivore husband . I read him the list of recipes (he does not cook at all ) and he visibly drooled ! His opinion is that 'it's about time someone wrote a book with real food in, not stuff with weird ingredients', I have promised to make one recipe from this book a week and he will not let me forget. Well set out a good guide to buying beef with real traditional (and some nontraditional) recipes. Great for the meat eater. Happy husband.
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Despite the somewhat questionable title, this is actually a pretty good cookbook, assuming that you indeed eat meat and specifically like beef. I will admit that I never usually stick to a recipe completely (this is why baking is not for me) but there’s a lot to like about this collection of cooking inspiration. There’s a lot of classics that I’d forgotten about along with one or two newer things that I can’t say are for me, but certainly are interesting. 

What I was very impressed by is the amount of information about beef and cooking different cuts that you get before even going near the recipes, along with some explanations about seasoning and general garnishes.
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This is a comprehensive, single subject cookery book, as the title suggests, with a lot of information about cuts of beef and how to select and get the beast from them.  In terms of information, it’s helpful but my ‘beef’ with it is more about the recipe element.

If you are an inexperienced cook, looking for an introduction to different ways in which beef can be used, then I can imagine it being really helpful. However, if like me you are someone who cooks a lot and has lots of different recipe books, the ones I here are perhaps a little basic and rely too much on condiments as shortcuts to flavour eg ketchup, rather than a more complex build.  This is fine when you’re in a rush or new to cooking but not as a general rule as there is an awful lot of sugar added to dishes in different forms.  

I did try a couple of the recipes in order to ensure a fair review, such as the meatballs in sweet and sour sauce and they worked perfectly.

Easy to follow recipes.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, Storey Publishing for an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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What beautiful book - from the narrative, to the pictures then to the recipes themselves. I'll certainly be trying a few. Also refreshing to see a book about mat as opposed to vegan, etc. A breath of fresh air.!
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