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Thanks to NetGalley, Strawbundle Publishing, and Kathy Strobos for this read in exchange for a review. 

I am torn about this book. Sixty chapters is a lot. I did enjoy the book for the most part though I will be honest and say that I skipped over a lot of the chapters with her at work. I am all about a strong, independent woman but she got stepped on so much in the beginning and it drove me crazy. 

I really loved Jake and Audrey. They were super cute together. I totally understand his hesitation to want to date her when he has dealt with a workaholic parent. I do like that she worked hard to keep her relationship afloat. 

I disliked that she had to apologize for everything she was doing in life. It always seems to be that way. 

I really liked the book and cannot wait to read the others in the series.
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This is a quick read and a great book about learning how to juggle a personal life with a job, and still try to keep your sanity.
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This was so fun! I loved the serious/feminist/Women's Power angle mixed with a little bit of spicy rom com. 

I received an advance copy. All thoughts are my own.
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Super fast paced book, loved the characters and it was loads of fun reading it. The cover was super cute and I love the colours of it. The cover drew me in as I have never heard of this book. It made me super intrigued and I’m so glad I gave it a chance. 
My favorite part of this book was how Audrey was a strong female lead and a workaholic. Her character shows that you can have a successful career and still find love. You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other.
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Audrey, a corporate lawyer, is up for partnership with her firm in just 6 months time. Despite feeling the exhaustion and loneliness that comes with with working all hours of the day every day of the week, Audrey has her eyes on the prize and just doesn’t have time to date. That is, until Jake moves in next door. Can Audrey find a way to have it all?

This book is such a lovely blend of romance and empowering women’s fiction. First of all, I have such a keen interest in law and I LOVE books that are about lawyers/include all things law. This was a romance novel about a lawyer and followed her everyday life at work, examined her evidence, strategies and cases both in and out of court, along with her budding romance with her new next door neighbour Jake. A winner for me 💯 

I just absolutely adored Audrey and Jake, they were so damn cute! Their characters felt so real and I was rooting for them all the way, Kathy did an amazing job at bringing them to life. I did enjoy reading some of Audrey’s disaster dating stories which really made me LOL, oh so relatable! Although I was super interested in the law side of things, I would have liked a more 50/50 split of Audrey’s work like and Audrey & Jake, because they absolutely stole my heart ❤️

Partner Pursuit, such an apt title as Audrey pursues partnership within her law firm and a partner to share her life with, left me with such a warm & fuzzy feeling just as the author had hoped in her author note 🖤 

A big thank you to @netgalley for the #gifted ebook in exchange for an honest review, I really loved this one and I’m so excited to read more of this authors work 💫
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Thank you Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC in exchange for my honest review. This was an enjoyable book.
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I really enjoyed this book, but it wasn’t very memorable. Just a nice binge read! I love the opposites attract trope, and I also love neighbor romances, so this was right up my alley!
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Wanted to love it but it was such a dreary story to get through, only really enjoyed the last 10% of the book. I didn't even like how the book concluded so that was frustrating. Yet another book where the female lead is made to apologise for working hard and having to justify her career even to her love interest.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Audrey is a workaholic who dreams of only one thing: becoming a partner in the law firm; and Jake is the child of a workaholic lawyer who refuses to date anyone married to their work. 

As a career woman myself, it was nice to see a character portrayed that emphasizes the importance of her career and the fact that she can and will balance what matters to her. Often we see women that drop everything for love; and honestly, that is sometimes a deal breaker for me with romance novels. While the plot was predictable, it didn't bother me. 

Also, can we have more romances that focus on women in their thirties?! I loved that!

I was given an ARC of this story to read; but thoughts and opinions are all my own. Thank you to NetGalley, Strawbundle Publishing, and Kathy Strobos for the chance to read this book!
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I really enjoyed this book. It was fun and engaging to read whilst addressing the career and work/life decisions women often face. The main character, Audrey, was very likeable and funny and the witty dialogues between her and the other main characters were brilliant. Loved this.
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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book! The title and this beautiful cover drew me in and i was excited to read this book! I will be recommending this book to others for readers advisory.
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Opposites attract and a friends to lovers book? This is an adorable rom-com book that will give you second hand feelings for both characters.
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Oh, this was such an enjoyable and fun read. I do love a romance with a strong, female lead who could stand her ground.

This story follows Audrey, a lawyer who is working hard to become a partner at her law firm. There is only one spot and she is determined to get it no matter how many hours she has to put in. Audrey has six months to show her bosses that she is the right candidate for the role. However, what she didn’t account for was Jake, her new neighbour. Jake is the complete opposite of Audrey. He is carefree and lives his life to the fullest. Jake also doesn’t care for workaholics as he’s had to grow up with a dad who has sacrificed family time for work. Sparks began flying between these two despite their differences. How will Audrey juggle between her career and her love life? Can Jake tolerate Audrey’s career and love her for who she is?

I love Audrey’s determination to succeed. She knows what she wants and she plays fair to get it. Unfortunately, all these comes at the expense of her social life. She spent all her time at work and in a lawyer’s world, the more hours you put in, the higher your chances at success are. But I love that Audrey still tries to have fun when she can. She wants the best of both worlds and you really feel for her when she has to make a choice between fun and work.

I also love the how the romance started for Audrey and Jake. It’s subtle and happened very naturally. They are absolutely the cutest and I don’t say that very much in romance novels. Amidst the romance, this story also gave me an insight into a lawyers’ world and how toxic a workplace can be. I love how level-headed Audrey was and never gave up on finding a win-win solution for her and her colleagues.

Thank you Netgalley and Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) for the arc.
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This book took me a while to get into but I really liked the characters so I pushed through and started to enjoy it more. As a lawyer, there were parts that felt very realistic and others that felt  pretty off. The romance was kind of so so for me mostly because the start of the relationship felt a bit off. Mostly, I couldn't really buy these complete strangers interacting the way they were in the start. Once I was able to get past that and once the relationship progressed to a point that the way the were talking seemed a bit more normal, I was able to get on board.
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Partner Pursuit was a funny and realistic rom com with a refreshing heroine who struggles to maintain a balance between her personal and professional life.  I really enjoyed Kathy Strobos' debut novel, and found myself laughing out loud in several situations (the blind dates in this book are hysterical). I always appreciate reading about a strong, career oriented woman at the center of our romances, and I was disappointed by this book!
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Audrey had been working extremely hard for years to accomplish her goal: becoming a partner at a prestigious law firm in New York. This made her a complete workaholic that barely spent time with her friends, Eve and Max. Of course, it had also affected her love life, even when her coworker Tim had been her crush for a couple of years. When she met her new neighbour Jake, a music marketing executive, the chemistry between them kept growing, so Audrey had to try to balance her work life and personal life, which proved to be very challenging.

What I liked: This book was fun to read. My favorite thing about it is how the author developed the storyline about Audrey and Colette, and how important it is to work together as women. This was a powerful idea throughout the story, but it wasn't idealized as something easy and nice, which was great. I mean, the author acknowledges how hard it can be, but also shows that it is necessary to take the time and effort to build this kind of alliance. It was also nice how many smart women appeared in the book, it actually made me feel that the story was more realistic. And, I really liked that the author explored many aspects of Audrey's job. It was tremendously relatable because having a balanced and healthy work-life is a great challenge nowadays.

What I didn't like: During the first chapters, the author repeated way too many times that Audrey wanted to be a partner and that she was struggling with her time management and her love life. I think it wasn't necessary to emphasize it so much, as it was pretty clear already. Also, I liked Jake at first, but something happened at a certain point that was a major red flag for me. I don't understand why the author included that part, especially because Audrey and her friends act as if it wasn't a big deal. For that reason, I didn't enjoy the love story as much.
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This book is so good. As someone who has family members who work 24/7, I relate to Jake. I also like that neither character is seen as the villian. One character isn't right and the other wrong, they both have things to learn. I loved that this book focused on a women whose career is an important part of her life. Many books and people expect that women to give up their job for love as though their job isn't as important because they are women. As this is becoming more of a reality for women to have to decide between work in love, it was a nice way to think about it. I like how you see growth in the characters. This book was funny and sweet and heartwarming. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a strong badass woman falling in love in a sweet heartwarming story.
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This was a quick read that kept my attention and my interests peaked for the most part. But it fell flat in so many places that I was just left wanting more in every way possible. 

The book really was split in two parts. Lawyer life and relationship pursuit. At times the story just felt bogged down with the minutia of Audrey’s lawyer duties. While I love that this female mc is highly career driven it just didn’t flow well. It took quite awhile for the characters to start to become more authentic. Starting out too forced and full of exposition. Like they were all cardboard cutouts playing at real life. It slowly started to become more realistic and fun watching them go about their lives. The banter between Audrey and Jake became more realistic, playful and flirty, as Audrey learns to balance her life pursuits. But it felt like it was too little too late. 

What I felt was really missing was Audrey actually having a talk with her Mom in person. There’s a lot of backstory and reasons for Audrey’s “be nice” attitude and her desire to put career above all else. There was no big cathartic moment where her and her Mom to hash out their painful feelings and I feel like that’s such a huge missed opportunity.
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A fun read that moves along at a quirky pace.  Not a genre I pick up, but I am glad I chose it when I got the e-mail.  Life can be stressful, reading doesn’t have to be!

Audrey is a hard working lawyer obsessed with becoming a partner at a stuffy New York law firm. 

 When rumor has it that only one female will make partner, she has to watch her back and stay laser focused.  Her mother keeps pushing her and, honestly, Audrey never considers that there is another option for her life.  With her goal so close, she cannot afford any distractions.  Not after all the time she has put in, all the sacrifices she has made.

Hunky new neighbor Jake is a hard working, fun loving, music marketing exec who lives spontaneously and is a tempting distraction for Audrey.  He is interested, but his father was a lawyer who missed too many milestones in his family’s life.  There is no way that he is going to waste his time pursuing someone whose job comes first.

Are they going to let the sparks fizzle? Or is somebody going to give in?
Hop on, its a fun ride!

Thank You to 
@kathystroboswriter and @netgalley for the opportunity to review this book 
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This book had really cute banter between the two main characters however, is very focused on their careers as lawyers (as indicated in the title).
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