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Quality of writing: 2
Plot development: 2
Pace: 3
Characters: 2
Enjoyability: 2
Ease of reading: 3

I was SO excited to read this. Because of all the great reviews and the description. And I am disappointed.
The main character was described as badass. But was she a badass? At times I found Verity annoying. And any adult person knows that chocolate and dogs don't mix. The love interest obviously is the perfect male - gentle, funny, tall, super sexy, hard working, takes no crap... The sex scenes were so short, it seemed like the sex lasted two pumps and he was done. But of course he was amazing!
I expected a lot more. It didn't even give me the Christmas feel! Ugh!!!

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"Christmas with Hamish" is of the genre known as "Hallmark Christmas Movie." In this sweet little romance, our heroine Verity goes to her sister's wedding, where we find out a.) her family is toxic, b.) her sister needs a dog-sitter, and c.) her sister's neighbor is conveniently very attractive and obviously interested in Verity.

You can guess how things move from there, although, this being of the Hallmark Christmas Movie genre, we've got to get the Spirit of Christmas in here, too. And dogs, as Attractive Neighbor has an adorable dog (in addition to the titular Hamish, an adorable Scottish terrier.) 

The good: First, Hamish. Any book starring a Scottie gets 5 stars for me. Adorable, sublime, hilarious. The book itself is pretty cute.

On a more serious note, the toxicity of the family, and the heroine's mature recognition of the need to move on from them, were both covered in a way that was sadly realistic and mature.

What's not as great: Not enough Hamish! For a book that has him in the title, there needed to be more Scottie content. (In addition, more nods to the unique characteristics of Scottie behavior--Hamish here doesn't demonstrate the famous Scottitude!)

(You can guess why I read the book.)

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for allowing me to read this ARC!
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Christmas with Hamish was a fun holiday read. It very much gave me The Holiday vibes. It was also a bit Hallmark Movie but I mean that is the great thing about Christmas time.
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Christmas With Hamish is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read.

Verity had a lot of problems with her family.
Nikau notices that the very first time they met.

Verity gets involve in her sister's whims by taking care of her dog while Millie (Verity's sister) goes to her honeymoon with Andy (Nikau's best friend). Verity and Nikau spend a whole week together taking care of Hamish (Millie and Andy's dog), they fell in love but nothing last forever because Verity had to go back to Toronto where she lives.

This couple is just perfect for one another, it's love at first sight and Nikau is so comprehensive and everything he wants is to Verity to be happy.

The story in general was so good, the characters were well built, they had a good backstory and their story is full of love. We see how much they love each other and the connection they had for the very first time was there.

They fell in love in less than a week but honestly who cares? 

There were spicy scenes but just the necessary. Most of the time we see Verity and Nikau being a cute couple all over Vancouver.
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This is lovely short story about love , Christmas, hurt and family. I really enjoyed reading this Christmas story and will definitely read her books again. The story about Verity who at her sister wedding in December and she meets someone who changes her life completely in a week. Verity ends up dog sitting for her sister but they are not that close.
If your not read this book I definitely recommend it. Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book.
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I love a good Christmas romance in December, and Christmas with Hamish by Sophie Penhaligon is one of the most heartwarming I have ever read.  Sophie Pehhaligon is a new-to-me author, and I will quickly be putting her books on my wishlist for future reading.  
When Verity meets Nikau at her spoiled sister's wedding, I fell in love with him almost as fast as Verity does; he is one of the most charming male romantic leads around.  Mix the romance with a couple of dog buddies, and who wouldn't enjoy the story.  Both lead characters' childhoods add depth and interesting layers to the story and their personalities, and the resolution of the book is everything I hoped for.  I really liked the alternating perspectives with chapters occasionally being from Nikau's point of view.  Love, love, love this book!

Thank you to Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to read this adorable novel.  The opinions in this review are mine alone.
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I have never heard of or read anything by Sophie Penhaligon but I am so glad I decided to read this book. I loved every single page and a week after finishing it I am still thinking about it. I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review. All the words that you will be reading are my own thoughts and opinions about the story.

A Christmas story based in Canada with a dog seriously there is no way I could turn that down not to mention the cover is super cute. This story is about a woman named Verity and if I am being honest she simply does not fit in with her family, the black sheep perhaps. Verity travels home to Vancouver to attend her sister's wedding before she goes on a ski trip that she had planned with her friends for the Christmas holiday. Things happen at the wedding which ultimately ruin her planned ski trip with her buddies. Instead she is suckered into staying in Vancouver to take care of her sister's dog Hamish McDuff. This in itself is a bit overwhelming for poor Verity simply because she knows nothing about dogs or how to take care of them let alone the fact that she has never even met Hamish. 

Something you must know about Verity is that her family does not treat her well and sadly they never have. This is the reason why she left her beloved city of Vancouver and  moved to Toronto in the first place where she isn't very happy. There is a perk to this little arrangement of having to stay in her younger sister's place though and that is the neighbor she will have while her sister and new husband are away on their honeymoon. Nikau Taylor is an artist who also happens to have a dog named Chunk. Verity is quite taken by him and his little adopted pooch Chunk. He teaches her how to take care of Hamish and they become fast friends and maybe even a bit more. Nikau learns that Verity has never really had a good Christmas and that she treats it just like another day which saddens him. He decides that it is time for Verity to finally enjoy the season and he makes it his mission to make that happen. 

When the Christmas season is over and the younger sister returns will Verity be ready to go back to Toronto? Will she be ready to go back to living in her basement apartment and continuing work as an editor? Oh, and lets not forget what will happen with Hamish? Does Verity become attached to him and his fantastic personality?

I think that anyone who decides to pick up Christmas with Hamish will be pleasantly surprised at the story. It is not only a Christmas romance which by the way would make an excellent Hallmark movie but it also touches on many different emotions. I found this book to be funny, romantic, entertaining, and emotional all in one. This book definitely did not disappoint in fact I will be picking up more books by this author in the future.

 ***There are trigger warnings that need to be mentioned and they revolve around abuse, addiction and loss so beware.***
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This was an enjoyable bowl of popcorn type of book. A couple meets over the Christmas break and sparks fly but they only have a short time to determine if they are meant to be together before the holidays come to an end. The ups include outings around Vancouver. The downs include dealing with family issues. Plus you've got two cute pups in the story. I think that I was more worried about what would happen if the two dogs--Hamish and Chunk--couldn't hang out anymore after the holidays were over! I loved the characters and the ending. Would recommend.
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I love Christmas and I love holiday books, so this was right up my alley! With two cute dogs to boot! I don't think I have read that many books that take place in Vancouver, so that was really refreshing, too!

Verity has moved to Toronto to get away from her abusive family but she comes back to Vancouver for her sister's wedding. She had planned to go to the wedding and then go skiing with her friends but her plans are changed when her mother practically forces Verity to dog-sit for her sister's dog Hamish while the newlyweds are on honeymoon. So Verity moves into her sister's apartment for Christmas. Luckily Nikau Taylor, a photographer and fellow dog-owner whom Verity met at the wedding, lives right next door and they begin to spend more and more time together. Verity is determined to escape Vancouver as soon as she can but can't stop wondering if what she has with Nikau is just a fling - or could it be the real thing..?

In the beginning all the characters felt a bit too much like caricatures to me - if someone was bad then he/she was really bad and if someone was good he/she was really good - and some things were a bit over the top. However as the story went on things got better and all the Christmas-y things were lovely. It was great to read both Verity's and Nikau's point of view on what was happening. And did I mention Hamish and Chunk - what cuties!
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Verity makes me laugh with her pip. Although I feel a little sad for her been pushed out she's so relatable. Millie had her big wedding. 
Verity then suddenly now looking after Hamish after Mrs. Drama won't put him in a kennel. Nakui I like his style with undeniable chemistry between these two during the wedding is there more to come when Verity looking after the dog. How canny is Andy. The interaction between Nakui and Verity are sweet. This is a lovely sweet romantic novel and makes you feel cosy inside.
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I thought this book was so sweet! I loved the setting — my husbands family is from Vancouver, and rarely see it written about. Also loved the dogs and just the whole spirit. I read this in one sitting and would definitely recommend it to a friend!
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A fun whirlwind of a holiday relationship for Verity and Nikau.  During the week that Verity dog sits for her sister she meets and falls for Nikau.  The relationship and the dog interactions feel fun and light hearted.  Verity's family sounds awful and add a sad element to the story. I liked the book.
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Basically a story when Christmas doesn't go the way you planed. But instead it goes the way it's suppose to go. And sometimes that's the best way.
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Christmas With Hamish was the first Christmas book I read for the 2021 holiday season - and it did not disappoint!  After reading the synopsis (which is something I hardly ever do), I had to read this book because it is set in Vancouver, a city I absolutely love (and miss - thanks Covid).

I adore characters that have depth and Sophie Penhaligon did not disappoint in that regard, as both Verity and Nikau come to the relationship with their own baggage.  Verity's character growth really impressed me as well.

I loved the Christmas timeline, but I don't think this book is specifically a holiday read; I feel it could be enjoyed any time of the year!

Both a stuck together trope and soul mate trope novel, with a smidgen of steam thrown in for fun - this was a book I turned to in order to lighten my mood and rekindle my love of the holiday season!
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Christmas with Hamish by Sophie Penhaligon is my absolutely favourite holiday read this year! 
I saw the cover and it totally got my attention... well and what can I say? 
This book totally surprised me! Honestly I thought I'd be a cute holiday love story with a dog involved. 

Verity has to attend to the wedding of her sister. She never thought she would end up with babysitting the dog of the newlyweds during the holidays... and an absolutely hot neighbour. ;)
WHAT A WONDERFUL BOOK! Christmas with Hamish was such an amazingly funny and sexy love story! 
I instantly fell in love with the main characters Verity and Nikau! Awww! I've a specific pic of them in my mind... and let me tell you: THEY'RE SUCH A HOT COUPLE! 
Verity is such an inspiring, young woman! 
Awww and NIKAU! The mysterious guy from her sister's wedding turns out to be her temporary neighbour. 
Both are so perfect and good for each other because their families aren't the best... 
And there are dogs involved in this beautiful book! 
Verity takes care of Hamish and Nikau has Chunk. The dogs turn into great dog friends... and what about the humans? 
Well... hope for the best! 
Oh, and Sophie Penhaligon was absolutely new to me. I'm gonna check out her other books now. 😁
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I couldn’t finish this book. I was very excited for a quick holiday read but never could quite get into the characters enough. The story felt rushed and not realistic enough. I had “Hallmark” expectations and it didn’t hold up.
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I picked this book up to read because I love reading romances with dogs in them and this Christmas setting seemed perfect for the season. I enjoyed reading about Verity's strength and endurance despite the many challenges she's faced during her lifetime. Nikau was a fabulous supporter and partner for Verity from the very beginning of this story. I appreciated seeing how supportive, encouraging and patient he was as he recognized the validity of the struggles Verity faced and stood by her side throughout. These two shared some sweet moments and some tough moments that made their relationship that much stronger because of it. The tone of this story was not as light add Hallmarky as I had expected, since Verity reveals part way through the book the depth of emotional and physical abuse she's suffered through at the hands of her family. While I was thrilled to see these two characters find a healthy and happy romance for themselves, my heart broke a bit with her past and the ending was a bit bittersweet, despite the happily ever after for the main couple. This was a short read that I was able to read in one sitting. Thanks to netgalley for a copy of this book, all thoughts are my own. This is the first book I've read by this author and I'm glad I gave it a try.  

Content: emotional abuse, describes past physical abuse, two open door romance scenes
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Christmas with Hamish , a Christmas romance, begins with Nikau and Verity meeting at her sister’s wedding.  The newlyweds are the parents of Hamish, a Scottish Terrier, and are across the hall neighbors of Nikau and his dog Chunk.  Verity stays and takes care of Hamish while her sister and brother in law are on their honeymoon.  It is during this time that Verity and Nikau’s romance develops and flourishes.  
     However, this Christmas romance is not the only thing that develops for Verity.  Because of Nikau’s love and support, Verity develops the inner strength and courage she needs to face her family and her past.
     Christmas with Hamish touches on the unfortunate but very real circumstances of  family abuse, the scars and trauma left behind, as well as the resulting emptiness and loneliness of the holiday season.
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This was a quick holiday romance read. It's light hearted and fun, but also covers a serious topic. (CW: child abuse and toxic relationships). The banter and chemistry between the Verity and Nikau was fun, but I found it a bit over the top at times. All in all, this is a great Christmas book, and I will definitely be checking out oSophie Penhaligon's other novels. I'd recommend Christmas with Hamish for anyone who likes Hallmark Christmas movies, but skip it if you're uncomfortable with reading the steamy scenes. Thank you NetGalley and Sophie Penhaligon for a copy of this ebook in exchange for a review.
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Christmas with Hamish by Sophie Penhaligon.  Fun, light and enjoyable holiday romance.  A couple perfect for each, two adorable dogs and Christmas.
Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.
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