Christmas with Hamish

A Contemporary Romance for the Holiday Season

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Pub Date 1 Nov 2021 | Archive Date 30 Nov 2021

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Christmas has never been the most wonderful time of the year for Verity Robinson. When her younger sister sends her an invite to her Christmas wedding on the other side of the country in Vancouver, she decides to kill two birds with one stone and plans a ski trip to Whistler with some old friends. However, her dreams of a snowy Christmas on skis are thwarted by her sister’s dog sitting crisis.

Instead of spending Christmas enjoying the après ski alcohol, she is instead stuck minding Hamish McDuff for the next week. They say that every cloud has a silver lining and for Verity the silver lining comes in the guise of her sexy new neighbour, Nikau Taylor. Nikau seems determined to help Verity eradicate her ghosts of Christmas past, but what will happen when her time is up and it’s time to go home to Toronto?

Christmas has never been the most wonderful time of the year for Verity Robinson. When her younger sister sends her an invite to her Christmas wedding on the other side of the country in Vancouver...

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Featured Reviews

This was a lovely, fun holiday read. If you are looking for something light to get you in the Christmas spirit, this is the book for you, especially if you love dogs! It was a quick read, which is often all you want in a Christmas book, but it was definitely one I would read again. I enjoyed the two main characters and their romance was sweet and fulfilling with a lovely HEA ending. A little bit of family conflict in this one, but nothing too gut-wrenching. Just an all-round sweet read. Highly recommended.

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I really liked this book! It’s not what I expected based on the cover, it’s a cute Christmas romance with dogs! It’s a quick read that I finished in one day.
Verity goes home to Vancouver for her sister Millie’s wedding. Her mother is there, and belittles her constantly. She moved to Toronto to get away from her awful family. Verity meets a very attractive guy named Nikau at the wedding, who is Millie’s neighbor. At the last minute, Millie’s dog sitter cancels and her family forces her to watch Millie’s dog Hamish.
Verity and Nikau were were attracted to each other at the wedding, and now that they’re neighbors their chemistry is undeniable. Hamish has a dog named Chunk, and they all hang out together. Verity has never liked Christmas because of her family, but Nikau is determined to show her how much fun it can be. She’s falling for Nikau, but she’s not sure she can overcome her past and make a commitment.
I liked Verity’s character development as she falls for Nikau and discovers her self-worth. I recommend this book, 4 stars.
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Thank you Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the eARC.
I am not a fan of romance novels but love dogs and consequently couldn't resist the cover and the story.
It's very sweet; with two loveable protagonists, a detestable family and two adorable dogs. It made me feel happy and upbeat and I loved the ending.
Definitely recommended!

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Heartwarming romance enveloped in the celebrative atmosphere of Christmas just like what the synopsis promised. I love how the author could make Christmas so vibrant and colourful, to give readers (from the east) a delightful taste of western life. Back to the romance part, it was carefully developed and crafted such that it was not on the cringe side which I appreciate a lot. However, there's an occasional 'information dump' about the background story of the protagonist which probably could be avoided. All in all, a good read.

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When Verity goes to her sister's wedding, she expects the worst. She has always been pushed around by her mother and sister, and expects verbal abuse. She expects to only be there one day and then head out for a ski vacation with friends. Her mother has other plans though, and manipulates her into taking care of her sister's dog Hamish, while the newly weds go on their honeymoon. Luckily, handsome Nikau lives next door, and is happy to befriend her for the week. Fun story, with a few dark undertones leading to a HEA. Enjoyed this Christmas read and would highly recommend.

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If you are looking for a delightful Christmas themed read with two people who are definitely meant to be together, two dogs that are buddies for life, some family drama, snow, look no further. This book is a fast paced read that had me laughing, tearing up, and cheering for the main characters. Written from two points of view, you get to see the inter-workings of the thoughts of Verity and Nikau. Is it a Christmas fling or is it the real thing? Read and find out.

I truly enjoyed Sophie Penhaglion's witty writing style. Her Pop Culture references are magnificent. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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This is a fun Christmas romance. When Verity has to come across the country to Vancouver for her sister's wedding she decides to plans a ski trip to Whistler with her old friends, She is dreading this wedding as she does not have a good relationship with her family. She was adopted as an infant as her mother was unable to get pregnant. When she was a young child her mother unexpectedly got pregnant. After the birth of her sister, Verity's mother gave all of her love and attention to the younger sister. Her mother then began to mentally and physically abuse Verity. Her absent father was oblivious to the abuse. The younger daughter was very dramatic and spoiled. At the wedding, her sister starts screaming. Verity goes to see what the problem is and finds that the person that was supposed to watch her dog just cancelled. Their parents tell Verity that she can just cancel her vacation and watch the dog. She hates missing her ski trip but the one good side of this is that the next door neighbor is the handsome man that she met at the wedding. She has the best Christmas ever with the neighbor. This was a heartwarming story of a new relationship. I recommend this book.

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This is a story about Verity Robinson a young woman who is traveling home to her younger sister's wedding at Christmas. Since she does not spend Christmas with her family her family she decides to attend the wedding and then meet some friends for a ski weekend.

Unfortunately for variety things don't go as planned and she ends up having to dog sit for her sister while she's on her honeymoon. The only bright side to this whole situation is that she gets to spend time with Hamish McDuff, her sister's dog and the sexy neighbor, Nikau.

Verity and Nikau seem to really hit it off but he can see that she has a troubled past and he is determined to help her make the best of this Christmas and forget all about the Christmas past.

By the end of this story Verity has a decision to make in whether to go back home to Toronto or stay with her new found love.

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When our snarky protagonist meets her charming love interest, we’re initially lulled into thinking this will be a simple, cheery holiday romance. But then come the villains.

Christmas with Hamish is a toasty love story set against a holiday backdrop of twinkle lights and snow, and also an exploration of how we choose to allow our past to influence our present. With bonus cute doggos for lovable sidekicks.

Many thanks to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for the complimentary copy of this work.

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Christmas with Hamish was such a great quick Christmas read! Verity and Nikau's
emotional and physical chemistry hooks you straight in from the start of the book and entices you to continue reading! The Christmas theme was very much present throughout the book and although Hamish isn't a main character, he definitely played a key role in bringing Verity and Nikau together!

The one piece that was difficult for me to wrap my head around is how all that was accomplished in the book took place over 1 week. It felt a little far fetched and fast paced.

Overall a great read!

TW: emotional & physical abuse

Thank you to #Netgalley and #SophiePenhaligon for giving me the chance to read #ChristmasWithHamish for an honest review.

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This was a little different to what I actually expected. Yes, it is a romance and yes, there is a dog involved. This was a nice christmas romance. But what I didn't like was the way Verity was stone walled by her family to look after her sisters dog while she was going on her honeymoon. The dog sitter cancelled.
She was meant to be going away with her friends skiing.

At the wedding she meets Nikau. Who turns out to be her new neighbour while she's at her sisters dog sitting. There's an instant attraction. Romance blooms in a whirlwind. Hamish by the way is the dog.

I'm routing for Verity to stand up to her family. This book isn't very heavy although it sounds that there is. This is the perfect cold weather book. Curl up in front of the fire and be cheered by the read.


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I throughly enjoyed this book and will probably be rereading it closer to Christmas time. The cover is also so beautiful and fitting of the story (as any good cover should be). I highly recommend for anyone that wants to be in a bit more of a Christmas mood already.

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I enjoyed this books much that I read it in one day. It has all the ingredients for a fantastic seasonal cosy read: a heroine we empathise with, an intelligent, good looking, wealthy hero, an enviable setting, and it starts with a wedding. And it has 2 cute dogs!

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This was a good Christmas romance book! This also has family drama and made me sad a little bit! Two dog buddies and two people that definitely belong together! There are two points of view in this book, so you get 2 sides of the story!

I just reviewed Christmas with Hamish by Sophie Penhaligon. #ChristmaswithHamish #NetGalley

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I love Christmas reads - I want a bit of a life lesson, sweetness, some romance, happiness, and definitely a HEA... and this one fits the bill! It's a sweet book, and if you want to enjoy Christmas, or simply enjoy romance, give this one a go! Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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This was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to read a cute holiday romance. I’ve just recently gotten into reading romance and so I’m still trying to find what I like in a romance novel. I think holiday romances are definitely my thing! By far my favorite parts of this book involved Hamish and Chunk, they were just adorable and added such a fun element do this book. At first it did bother me how Verity allowed her family to affect her so much after so many years but it made me happy to see how she finally confronted them in the end. The overall romance was adorable and enjoyable to read, I thought their relationship seemed genuine and it made me happy to see things fall into place. Overall an excellent read and I can’t wait to read more by this author!

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Christmas with Hamish
This is a modern day Cinderella story. Poor Verity is treated badly by her family, even on her sisters wedding day. Verity is expected to give up her plans to fall in with whatever her mother and sister want and of course she does.
Then she meets her sister and brother-in-law's the handsome neighbour, who makes her feel better about herself. Like all good fairy stories everything comes right in the end.
This is an enjoyable mainly happy story which I found an easy read.

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a sweet romantic Christmas read. This was a short and easy read, done in one sitting. Loved the main characters and the dogs. Would definitely recommend.

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Christmas with Hamish is a roller coaster of emotion I didn't expect.
It was funny, sweet and emotional in the span of few pages but really really enjoyable.

Verity goes back to Vancouver to attend her sister's wedding and she is forced to take care to her dog, Hamish, while she enjoys her honeymoon cruise. She is not happy at all because her sister and mother never treated her well, fortunately Nikau and his dog Chunk live next door and they will help Verity during her stay.

I loved to follow Verity and Nikau journey. Their relationship is really special, it was such a pleasure to see them start as acquaintances and possible one night lovers to end as good friends and something more.
I have to say that Verity and her story broke my heart, but watching her slowly overcome his past gave me a lot of joy. I was there supporting her and cheering her chapter after chapter, I really wanted to hug her because nobody deserve to feel like that.

First time for me reading Sophie Penhaligon work and I appreciated her writing, she skilfully introduced the charaters' lives and experiences little by little and at the right time for the story development. I want to read more of her books as soon as possible.

I would recommend this book, but if psycholigical violence is one of your triggers please consider to skip it.

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This book was amazing and I was hooked from the very start.  It is such a brilliant but equally shocking Christmas novel.  The depth of the characters was brilliant which increased the enjoyment of the story.  It covers the shocking fact that some parents favour one child over another.  The dogs in this book were such characters and made me laugh quite frequently. The love story although predictable was fantastic so heartwarming and perfect for the season.  I loved the humour in this book it was so lighthearted and brought a smile to my face and distracted me from lifes troubles. It a brilliant escapism book. It was just the lift I needed.  Its great sense of atmosphere was perfect to get us all in the mood for Christmas. This book was a real page turner and it flowed so well its very easy to read. I adored the cover it really stands out and is just perfect. The ending was brilliant and made me feel very content and I felt a great connection with the main character really hoping for a good outcome. But I won't be telling you how it ends you need to read it for yourself you won't be disappointed it a fantastic complete novel.
So much praise goes out to the author and publishing team for creating this stunning page turning story to get that Christmas spirit.  I look forward to reading more from this fantastic author. The above review has been added to goodreads, waterstones, Google books, Barnes&noble, kobo and amazon UK 26/11/21 and my blog

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Christmas With Hamish was the first Christmas book I read for the 2021 holiday season - and it did not disappoint! After reading the synopsis (which is something I hardly ever do), I had to read this book because it is set in Vancouver, a city I absolutely love (and miss - thanks Covid).

I adore characters that have depth and Sophie Penhaligon did not disappoint in that regard, as both Verity and Nikau come to the relationship with their own baggage. Verity's character growth really impressed me as well.

I loved the Christmas timeline, but I don't think this book is specifically a holiday read; I feel it could be enjoyed any time of the year!

Both a stuck together trope and soul mate trope novel, with a smidgen of steam thrown in for fun - this was a book I turned to in order to lighten my mood and rekindle my love of the holiday season!

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I thought this book was so sweet! I loved the setting — my husbands family is from Vancouver, and rarely see it written about. Also loved the dogs and just the whole spirit. I read this in one sitting and would definitely recommend it to a friend!

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Verity makes me laugh with her pip. Although I feel a little sad for her been pushed out she's so relatable. Millie had her big wedding.
Verity then suddenly now looking after Hamish after Mrs. Drama won't put him in a kennel. Nakui I like his style with undeniable chemistry between these two during the wedding is there more to come when Verity looking after the dog. How canny is Andy. The interaction between Nakui and Verity are sweet. This is a lovely sweet romantic novel and makes you feel cosy inside.

Was this review helpful?

I have never heard of or read anything by Sophie Penhaligon but I am so glad I decided to read this book. I loved every single page and a week after finishing it I am still thinking about it. I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review. All the words that you will be reading are my own thoughts and opinions about the story.

A Christmas story based in Canada with a dog seriously there is no way I could turn that down not to mention the cover is super cute. This story is about a woman named Verity and if I am being honest she simply does not fit in with her family, the black sheep perhaps. Verity travels home to Vancouver to attend her sister's wedding before she goes on a ski trip that she had planned with her friends for the Christmas holiday. Things happen at the wedding which ultimately ruin her planned ski trip with her buddies. Instead she is suckered into staying in Vancouver to take care of her sister's dog Hamish McDuff. This in itself is a bit overwhelming for poor Verity simply because she knows nothing about dogs or how to take care of them let alone the fact that she has never even met Hamish.

Something you must know about Verity is that her family does not treat her well and sadly they never have. This is the reason why she left her beloved city of Vancouver and moved to Toronto in the first place where she isn't very happy. There is a perk to this little arrangement of having to stay in her younger sister's place though and that is the neighbor she will have while her sister and new husband are away on their honeymoon. Nikau Taylor is an artist who also happens to have a dog named Chunk. Verity is quite taken by him and his little adopted pooch Chunk. He teaches her how to take care of Hamish and they become fast friends and maybe even a bit more. Nikau learns that Verity has never really had a good Christmas and that she treats it just like another day which saddens him. He decides that it is time for Verity to finally enjoy the season and he makes it his mission to make that happen.

When the Christmas season is over and the younger sister returns will Verity be ready to go back to Toronto? Will she be ready to go back to living in her basement apartment and continuing work as an editor? Oh, and lets not forget what will happen with Hamish? Does Verity become attached to him and his fantastic personality?

I think that anyone who decides to pick up Christmas with Hamish will be pleasantly surprised at the story. It is not only a Christmas romance which by the way would make an excellent Hallmark movie but it also touches on many different emotions. I found this book to be funny, romantic, entertaining, and emotional all in one. This book definitely did not disappoint in fact I will be picking up more books by this author in the future.

***There are trigger warnings that need to be mentioned and they revolve around abuse, addiction and loss so beware.***

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"Christmas with Hamish" is of the genre known as "Hallmark Christmas Movie." In this sweet little romance, our heroine Verity goes to her sister's wedding, where we find out a.) her family is toxic, b.) her sister needs a dog-sitter, and c.) her sister's neighbor is conveniently very attractive and obviously interested in Verity.

You can guess how things move from there, although, this being of the Hallmark Christmas Movie genre, we've got to get the Spirit of Christmas in here, too. And dogs, as Attractive Neighbor has an adorable dog (in addition to the titular Hamish, an adorable Scottish terrier.)

The good: First, Hamish. Any book starring a Scottie gets 5 stars for me. Adorable, sublime, hilarious. The book itself is pretty cute.

On a more serious note, the toxicity of the family, and the heroine's mature recognition of the need to move on from them, were both covered in a way that was sadly realistic and mature.

What's not as great: Not enough Hamish! For a book that has him in the title, there needed to be more Scottie content. (In addition, more nods to the unique characteristics of Scottie behavior--Hamish here doesn't demonstrate the famous Scottitude!)

(You can guess why I read the book.)

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for allowing me to read this ARC!

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Who doesn’t love a good Christmas read? I enjoy them all year round to be honest but they seem extra special at Christmas time. A lovely book that I really enjoyed.

Was this review helpful?

Christmas with Hamish is the perfect reading fare in the run up to the festivities. It is a romance story with dogs thrown into the mix so has great appeal from the outset.

However, there is more to this book than just a simple romance. I enjoyed observing how Verity's character gradually grew in confidence as the story progressed and I was rooting for her the whole way through the book.

It is a quick, light read which I read over the course of a weekend. I probably could have read this in a day if that intrusive thing called life had not interrupted my reading time. It was a comforting book to read, and I enjoyed observing Verity and Nickau fall in love with each other and with Christmas itself.

On the subject of love, I totally adored the dogs in the story. Both Hamish and Chunk added much to this novel and dog lovers will delight in this book.

Was this review helpful?

Two very adorable couples in this heartwarming story. Wonderful watching the romance develop between Verity and Nikau, and how he helps her overcome the disastrous relationship with her mother. Chunk and Hampshire and their expressive faces were a hoot.

Was this review helpful?

This is a sweet, super light rom-com, that is a perfect read for the Christmas hustle. From the very beginning, you already sense that Verity, who is the black sheep of the family, will soften just enough to let her sister’s handsome neighbor break down her somewhat tough exterior. As Verity, the neighbor and 2 pups plan a fun-filled Christmas, you want this couple to succeed despite the ‘mishaps’ along the way. There’s something genuine and refreshing about these characters. Some of the moments were a bit dramatic but overall this story left me smiling and pleased with this cozy holiday book.

Was this review helpful?

Christmas with Hamish is a great book for the Holiday Season, with love-at-first-sight, a whirlwind romance, and a dog (or two)! I really enjoyed the two main characters, Verity and Nikau, who meet when Verity attends her sister's wedding. Verity's Whistler vacation plans are put aside when her sister asks her to watch Hamish, the newly married couple's Scottish Terrier. Nikau lives next door to Verity's new dog-sitting job, and the initial attraction evolves into dog walking, Christmas tree shopping, and dreaming of a happily-ever-after that just can't be since Verity lives on the other side of the county.

Set in Vancouver, this book includes mention of local landmarks and sites; in fact, one of the main reasons I wanted to read this book was because of the setting. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Hamish the dog is such a main part of the book, and all the Christmas cheer is simply magical. If you're looking for a delightful Christmas book, this might be the one for you!

Reader beware: Verity's childhood was filled with trauma - verbal and physical abuse. While no longer an ongoing event, it is referred to throughout the book, not in detail, but perhaps enough that some readers need to be aware ahead of time. Verity is strong and has a new support system that allows her to face this past and move forward in a healthy way.

Thank you to NetGalley and author Sophie Penhaligon for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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This was such a fun Christmas book! I enjoyed the characters (evil or not) as well as the dogs. I felt like I was enjoying a seasonal book that featured storylines that were a bit unusual, so not as predictable as some. I also liked the fact that there wasn't a big "misunderstanding" towards the end which so often happens in these types of books. The setting is in Canada so it was nice to learn a bit about the culture there and to envision where the story takes place. I look forward to reading more by this author. I also like the fact that the book was so invested in her characters and that there was room left for a sequel if she chooses to write one. I would like to see these characters again! Thank you to Netgalley for this free ebook in exchange for an honest review!

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Travel with Verity to Vancouver for a family Wedding where she meets Nikau. Verity’s Christmas plans change in a moment as Verity finds herself thrown into looking after Hamish a Scottish Terrier for the bride and groom ! Will Verity be swept off her feet by her new neighbour as the magic of Christmas throws Verity into a holiday romance as she tries to forget Christmas past.

Was this review helpful?

A quick read full of fun, holiday cheer! I absolutely loved the chemistry between Verity and Nikau, as well as the vulnerability that led them to each other. Hamish and Chunk stole the show with their adorable antics as best dog friends forever. This book touches on some sensitive topics like childhood abuse, but Sophie Penhaligon writes with grace and good feelings. That final airport scene had me crying (and laughing!) in the best way. Off to go find my own Christmas fling that leads to a happily ever after....!

Was this review helpful?

I'm so glad I requested this book! It's got the perfect mixture of a cute, funny, witty, romance, a cozy Christmas and the best part, dogs, nothing can go wrong with dogs added to the mixture. I really enjoyed reading Christmas With Hamish, a fun, easy read that's granted to make you laugh out loud. I'll definitely be returning to this book whenever I need a good laugh.

This was my first book by the author and it certainly won't be the last!

Thank you @netgalley and @booksgosocialgroup for this ARC in exchange for an honest review💕

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I really enjoyed this short holiday read! Set during Christmas, it was a good book to kick off the season with. While there are some darker themes of abuse and mistreatment mentioned in the book, overall I felt it brought the holiday spirit. I was wishing for a little bit more detail or maybe a few more pages, as it felt a little rushed between Verity and Nikau. However, if you just want a fast and fun holiday read this is for you!

Was this review helpful?

Trigger warnings for PTSD and child abuse/ neglect with a very well written but painful relationship between Verity and her mum. The great chemistry between Nikau and Verity as well as the lovely festive elements doesn’t quite save this for me but if looking for a festive read with an edge, this could be right up someone’s street.

Was this review helpful?

A new favorite holiday romance! Verity and Nikau meet at a wedding where they both don't quite fit - Verity's sister is marrying Nikau's neighbor - and when things go horribly wrong with their dog sitter for the honeymoon, Verity winds up dog sitting Hamish next door and getting to know Nikau in the process. As they get to know each other, they learn a lot about their individual familial baggage in past and present, finding themselves with immediate chemistry and connection that only grows from there.

I would say things probably moved a bit quickly, in terms of them falling for one another within a matter of days, but the forced proximity combined with the realistic heavy conversations they have while actually getting to know each other means this felt much more natural and less insta-love. That was my only real criticism though, the book managed to tackle really difficult topics in a true-to-life way, while also absolutely giving us the magic of the holidays and adorable dogs! Not only did this pack a punch in the topics and themes explored, the characters have such personality and depth, I couldn't believe how well fleshed out they were within such a brief book. For me it was wonderful that this showed us sometimes getting our happily ever after involves hard choices, instead of your typical too tidy romance ending. Loved it, the author immediately went to my to-watch list.

Was this review helpful?

Perfect holiday read if you want to feel cozy. Loved the characters. But for sure it was the pups that won my heart!

Was this review helpful?

A lovely new take on a familiar holiday trope. Verity goes back home to Vancouver for her sister’s wedding and winds up dog sitting for Christmas week. She and the sexy neighbor spend the week together and end up working on getting over terrible childhoods. Recommended for fans of Josie Silver and Sophie Cousens.

Big thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Loved this book!Perfect for Christmas even though I have only just got around to reviewing!

This is perfect for anyone for those who love to read Christmas novels at Christmas….or anytime of the year!

Was this review helpful?

I am always a sucker for books that have animals in them. I am so glad I happened to run across this one on NetGalley. It satisfied my need to read a happy holiday story where animals played an important role. This is just what I wanted!
Verity has been dreading the trip to Vancouver for her sister’s wedding. She has always been an outsider and her sister and mother treat her more like a servant than family. She consoles herself knowing she will have a ski vacation to enjoy with her friends after the wedding. However, when her sister’s dog sitter cancels at the last minute, she gets roped into dog sitting.
Dog sitting is totally outside Verity’s comfort zone. Fortunately, the neighbor down the hall, Nikau and his dog Chunk, come to the rescue. Before long Verity is an unofficial dog Aunt. In addition, to learning all things dog, she has an instant connection to Nikau and a budding romance begins.
This is a typical feel good romance with a happy ending. I liked the characters a lot. I was especially happy with Nikau. He was loving and protective but not smothering. There needs to be more people like him in real life!
The story was good and the plot moved nicely. There was a bit of tension in the story that keep me interested. Overall, very well done.
I recommend this books for fans of romance. I also think readers who love a Christmas story will enjoy this too. Yet, it is not only a great holiday story, it is a story feel good story for any time of year.
I received a free copy, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Oh, I’m really, really glad that Nikau and Verity got their happily ever after. They both deserved it. But Andy, oh, poor Andy, what will happen to him now?
This is the first book I’ve read by Sophie Penhaligon but will not be the last. She writes fast-paced stories, with characters that grow along the story and that one can relate to. Romantic, brutally honest, real, this one is about a survivor of child abuse that deals with all the emotional baggage and insecurities that’s been dragging her down and with the self-sabotage that comes from not feeling worthy enough.
I’m really happy for having the chance to read and review this book. It has dogs, food, photography, ballet and it’s in the Christmas season.
Me alegra que Nikau y Verity tengan su final feliz. Los dos lo merecen. Pero, ¿qué va a pasar con el pobre de Andy?
El primero de muchos libros que espero leer de la autora Sophie Penhaligon. Escribe historias interesantes, con personajes que crecen a lo largo de la historia y con los que uno se puede relacionar. Romántica, honesta, real, ésta es la historia de un sobreviviente de abuso infantil que trata con la carga emocional y las inseguridades que la han estado saboteando en su vida adulta.

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In Christmas with Hamish, h/h Verity and Nikau meet at her sister's wedding and later find their paths crossing as Verity dog sits during the honeymoon. Having been unhappily treated by her family all her life, it's lovely to see the much-deserving Verity at last find happiness in this charming romance, aided by a pair of adorable canines.

Was this review helpful?

A heartwarming quick read. The story put a smile on my face from looking at the cover to the end of the book.
Verity goes to her sister’s wedding with plans to stay just one day and then go off skiing with friends. That was not what happens. Her sister goes off on her honeymoon and Verity ends up staying to dog sit Hamish, her sisters’ dog.

Was this review helpful?

Dogs - check!
Christmas - check!
Romance - check!
Yup, this book has everything!!
I fell in complete love with this story, I read it over Christmas and was wicked away, it's full of love and festive joy plus dogs!! Yep, I am hooked and will certainly be reading more from Sophie Penhaligon's, I can't believe I haven't read her books before now - yes I have been walking around with my head in the clouds.
I loved the writing it's fast-paced and engaging, it's full of heart and Christmas cheer, a real winner!

Was this review helpful?

A genuinely sweet, romantic Christmas novel with some excellent characterisation. Will be reading more by this author.

Was this review helpful?

I love scotties and westies, so this book caught my eye for that reason, and I just adored it.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me access an advance copy of this book in exchange for my feedback.

Was this review helpful?

4.5 rounded up.

This was an absolutely delightful holiday romance read. I was looking for something cozy, light, and full of Christmas vibes. This delivered and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for those things.

I loved the descriptions of the fashion, venues, and Christmasy dates and romantic scenes. It really captures a romantic, Christmasy atmosphere. The characters were believable and sympathetic. This short romance manages to tackle toxic family relationships and dysfunction in really realistic, believable, and healthy ways. If you come from a dysfunctional family you will find this very relatable. The dogs were also a very cute and charming addition.

My one complaint is that there was a bit of over drama at one point and some of the situations/characters were portrayed in really extreme, black and white ways. But this is a romance and I expect that sort of thing in a romance.

All in all, a top notch read! I adored the ending and found it really satisfying. Give yourself a Christmas treat and read this charming holiday romance!

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Today I bring to you this cute, cute christmasy holiday rom-com that you can enjoy with a hot chocolate, cuddled with your furry, snuggly pet dog! Before I start the review, I would like to thank Netgalley and Sophie Penhaligon for giving me the opportunity to read this wonderful book. Now without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Christmas with Hamish is a holiday rom-com story about a couple falling in love with each other. Verity is surprised to be invited by her emotionally distant sister on her wedding and wants to get done with this event as soon as possible, owing to her disastrous and traumatic past with her parents, so that she can quickly go back to skiing with her best friends and never have the opportunity to face her family again. However, things take a wrong turn for her when she’s asked to take care of her sister’s pet dog, Hamish for a week the newly wedded couple are out on their honeymoon. What’s worse is that Verity doesn’t care about dogs all that much, nor does she have any knowledge about taking care of one. Enters Nikau Taylor. The sexy next door neighbour whose dog is best friends with Hamish and who is determined to make Verity stay even after her dog-sitting job is over. Verity, on the other hand, is holding back. A one night stand would have been easy to forget but a guy as nice as Nikau is really testing her theory of going back to live her usual life, away from her family. The time doesn’t stop for anyone and Verity must make a decision.

I really really enjoyed this book. Where do I even begin gushing about this book?

The writing is very immersive and very, very humorous. I could immediately see through the character-relationship dynamic within 3 minutes into reading, so the showing and telling of the character sketch was well done. The language was also not too wordy which made the content easier to lose myself into. 10/10 points to prose.

Pacing was quick too. I finished this book in 2 days and would have completed it in just one day, had it not been for other work related commitments. The short chapters and the easy language helped a lot. One thing I really liked about this book was that the author stuck to the script she had decided on. She did not let the plot wander over topics that did not advance the story. It was very to the point but in a good, simplistic way.

Did I mention that the story was an insta-love and yet I loved it? Usually I don’t gravitate towards instant love story or love at first meet tropes but in this book I did, because it was so well done. This book reminded me of this theory that Troy and Gabriella talk about in High School Musical movies that how when two strangers meet, they find something similar between them and then next thing they know, they have made this deep bonding of friendship. “Just like Kindergarten.” That’s exactly what happened with Verity and Nikau here which made the insta-love seem so realistic. Great job!

Christmas and dogs obviously played huge roles in the whole romance thing. So, if you like both of these things, then you would absolutely enjoy this book.

Speaking of Romance, there were one too many spicy bedroom scenes. Some a little descriptive, some not so much. However, if you don’t consider yourself much of a smut reader, then here’s your warning.

I also really liked the characters, especially Verity. She is this strong female character that people love reading about these days but not only that, she has legit fears that hold her back, owing to her childhood experiences. Her fears added tension and stakes to the story, making the story addicting and un-put-downable.

Speaking of the stakes or rather the lack of which was one thing that I did not like while reading about Nikau. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved him. But that’s the thing, he was way too simply perfect and therefore, unrealistic. I wished there was more depth to his character as there was for Verity. We do get to see his backstory but that guy is not flawed, nor has he any fears that hold him back. Very unrealistic. Similarly, even Verity’s bad family were just way too simply bad for literally no reason and I, again, wished there was more depth to their characters, and that “morally grey” aspect we all love reading about.

Moreover, like how with the progression of the story, I as a reader felt an upending, looming fear that Verity would have to make a choice- whether to stay with Nikau and be in touch with her bad family or go back to her old life, away from her only chance on love. This made the anticipation worth it! However, on Nikau’s part there was no such thing as tension. The guy seemed like he almost had no power over the plot, as if he’s the puppet to the story.

I just feel that there should be something more to why Nikau was so adamant about making Verity not leave him. I understand that love is a completely valid reason but then again, they had only been together for a week and they could always go with the option of long distance relationship. This factor did not bother me much in Verity’s point of view but it did in Nikau’s point of view. Probably because I knew why making a choice was so hard for Verity but there was no such thing with Nikau’s case.

I wanted to know why was this chance with Verity so important for him but I couldn’t find the reason. This might not bother a lot of people, but to me it felt a bit too easy, making the plot fall flat and become predictable at the end. So, this is the only complaint that I have for this story. The rest was flawless!

Overall, I guess I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend if you like holiday rom-coms, dogs and Christmas!

Thank you so much for reading!

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i really enjoyed this book! it was so cute and sweet! i loved all the characters and they really brought this tory to life! thank you so very very very much, netgalley. you guys are so sweet.

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As soon as I saw the cover I was sold. This was the perfect Christmas read. I'm still swooning over it. The characters were amazing and I instantly fell in love with both of them. Honestly, you don't even have to read the book for the main characters just read it for the dogs. There were so many cute moments in this book it had me grinning from ear to ear while reading it and it just gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I also could not put this book down if I tried. Every page that I read kept me wanting more and more and before I knew it I was done. It is a fast-paced read but it was done phenomenally and I really recommend it if you are looking for a cute Christmas book.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an EARC. While I did receive an ARC the thoughts in this review are completely my own.

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This is the cutest little holiday romance! Think Hallmark movie but steamy. It’s a sweet story with cute dogs and sure to get you in the Christmas spirit.

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Christmas With Hamish is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read.

Verity had a lot of problems with her family.
Nikau notices that the very first time they met.

Verity gets involve in her sister's whims by taking care of her dog while Millie (Verity's sister) goes to her honeymoon with Andy (Nikau's best friend). Verity and Nikau spend a whole week together taking care of Hamish (Millie and Andy's dog), they fell in love but nothing last forever because Verity had to go back to Toronto where she lives.

This couple is just perfect for one another, it's love at first sight and Nikau is so comprehensive and everything he wants is to Verity to be happy.

The story in general was so good, the characters were well built, they had a good backstory and their story is full of love. We see how much they love each other and the connection they had for the very first time was there.

They fell in love in less than a week but honestly who cares?

There were spicy scenes but just the necessary. Most of the time we see Verity and Nikau being a cute couple all over Vancouver.

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This is lovely short story about love , Christmas, hurt and family. I really enjoyed reading this Christmas story and will definitely read her books again. The story about Verity who at her sister wedding in December and she meets someone who changes her life completely in a week. Verity ends up dog sitting for her sister but they are not that close.
If your not read this book I definitely recommend it. Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book.

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I love a good Christmas romance in December, and Christmas with Hamish by Sophie Penhaligon is one of the most heartwarming I have ever read. Sophie Pehhaligon is a new-to-me author, and I will quickly be putting her books on my wishlist for future reading.
When Verity meets Nikau at her spoiled sister's wedding, I fell in love with him almost as fast as Verity does; he is one of the most charming male romantic leads around. Mix the romance with a couple of dog buddies, and who wouldn't enjoy the story. Both lead characters' childhoods add depth and interesting layers to the story and their personalities, and the resolution of the book is everything I hoped for. I really liked the alternating perspectives with chapters occasionally being from Nikau's point of view. Love, love, love this book!

Thank you to Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to read this adorable novel. The opinions in this review are mine alone.

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This was an enjoyable bowl of popcorn type of book. A couple meets over the Christmas break and sparks fly but they only have a short time to determine if they are meant to be together before the holidays come to an end. The ups include outings around Vancouver. The downs include dealing with family issues. Plus you've got two cute pups in the story. I think that I was more worried about what would happen if the two dogs--Hamish and Chunk--couldn't hang out anymore after the holidays were over! I loved the characters and the ending. Would recommend.

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A fun whirlwind of a holiday relationship for Verity and Nikau. During the week that Verity dog sits for her sister she meets and falls for Nikau. The relationship and the dog interactions feel fun and light hearted. Verity's family sounds awful and add a sad element to the story. I liked the book.

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Christmas with Hamish by Sophie Penhaligon is my absolutely favourite holiday read this year!
I saw the cover and it totally got my attention... well and what can I say?
This book totally surprised me! Honestly I thought I'd be a cute holiday love story with a dog involved.

Verity has to attend to the wedding of her sister. She never thought she would end up with babysitting the dog of the newlyweds during the holidays... and an absolutely hot neighbour. ;)
WHAT A WONDERFUL BOOK! Christmas with Hamish was such an amazingly funny and sexy love story!
I instantly fell in love with the main characters Verity and Nikau! Awww! I've a specific pic of them in my mind... and let me tell you: THEY'RE SUCH A HOT COUPLE!
Verity is such an inspiring, young woman!
Awww and NIKAU! The mysterious guy from her sister's wedding turns out to be her temporary neighbour.
Both are so perfect and good for each other because their families aren't the best...
And there are dogs involved in this beautiful book!
Verity takes care of Hamish and Nikau has Chunk. The dogs turn into great dog friends... and what about the humans?
Well... hope for the best!
Oh, and Sophie Penhaligon was absolutely new to me. I'm gonna check out her other books now. 😁

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I picked this book up to read because I love reading romances with dogs in them and this Christmas setting seemed perfect for the season. I enjoyed reading about Verity's strength and endurance despite the many challenges she's faced during her lifetime. Nikau was a fabulous supporter and partner for Verity from the very beginning of this story. I appreciated seeing how supportive, encouraging and patient he was as he recognized the validity of the struggles Verity faced and stood by her side throughout. These two shared some sweet moments and some tough moments that made their relationship that much stronger because of it. The tone of this story was not as light add Hallmarky as I had expected, since Verity reveals part way through the book the depth of emotional and physical abuse she's suffered through at the hands of her family. While I was thrilled to see these two characters find a healthy and happy romance for themselves, my heart broke a bit with her past and the ending was a bit bittersweet, despite the happily ever after for the main couple. This was a short read that I was able to read in one sitting. Thanks to netgalley for a copy of this book, all thoughts are my own. This is the first book I've read by this author and I'm glad I gave it a try.

Content: emotional abuse, describes past physical abuse, two open door romance scenes

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Christmas with Hamish , a Christmas romance, begins with Nikau and Verity meeting at her sister’s wedding. The newlyweds are the parents of Hamish, a Scottish Terrier, and are across the hall neighbors of Nikau and his dog Chunk. Verity stays and takes care of Hamish while her sister and brother in law are on their honeymoon. It is during this time that Verity and Nikau’s romance develops and flourishes.
However, this Christmas romance is not the only thing that develops for Verity. Because of Nikau’s love and support, Verity develops the inner strength and courage she needs to face her family and her past.
Christmas with Hamish touches on the unfortunate but very real circumstances of family abuse, the scars and trauma left behind, as well as the resulting emptiness and loneliness of the holiday season.

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Christmas with Hamish by Sophie Penhaligon. Fun, light and enjoyable holiday romance. A couple perfect for each, two adorable dogs and Christmas.
Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.

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Thank you to NetGalley and BooksgoSocial for the ARC of this charming holiday story. I am sharing my honest review voluntarily. I enjoyed the past pace of this story, the main characters met right away and there was honesty about their attraction and what was holding Verity back from pursuing Nikau. The characters were multi faceted and the conflict was well mapped out. I really enjoyed the resolution and the love story.

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Thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for an e-arc of this book!

LOVED this book. I felt ALL the emotions reading it. First, Christmas is my favorite. What a better time of the year to read this.
Secondly, this is my first rom com in a REALLY long time- I’m talkin’ years.
Fell in LOVE with the characters & their stories. Fell in love with their dogs. 😍 so many emotions while reading this book & I didn’t want to put it down!!!

Verity seems to always get the short end of the stick when it comes to her family. Christmas isn’t any different, she feels nothing special around this time of the year until verity flies to her sisters wedding and is forced to watch Hamish, her sisters dog, while the newlyweds go on their honeymoon.

Verity ends up learning a lot about herself and facing those demons in the time her sister and brother in law are gone, with the help of someone very special- the neighbor, Nikau.

When the trip is over, what will she do? Go back to her normal day to day? Or does she end up changing her entire life and staying where she’s at?

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I found this book the perfect read for the festive season! I read it in one sitting wrapped up with fairy lights and candles and it was exactly what I wanted!
We follow Verity who ends up getting stuck in Vancouver for Christmas instead of being on a girls skiing trip as planned. She meets the neighbour and things obviously escalate.
I found it was a really good mix of festive cheer with a little bit of smut which has subtle enough that this felt like a cosy romance, but spicy enough that it felt realistic for the characters. I felt verity's voice could really be heard throughout the book and the introduction of Nikau's POV was a really lovely touch now and then to add more depth. I honestly think this is a great festive read to get you in the holiday spirit and I definitely will be interested to read more from Sophie Penhaligon!

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Christmas….check. Dogs….check. Hot guy….Check. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a quick read and I liked the characters. Wish there was more.

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Christmas with Hamish - Sophie Penhaligon

I received an advance review copy for free thanks to NetGalley and Books Go Social and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Christmas has never been the most wonderful time of the year for Verity Robinson. When her younger sister sends her an invite to her Christmas wedding on the other side of the country in Vancouver, she decides to kill two birds with one stone and plans a ski trip to Whistler with some old friends. However, her dreams of a snowy Christmas on skis are thwarted by her sister’s dog sitting crisis.

This book was not when I expected when I requested the book, it is a cute Christmas romance. It is a relatively short book and therefore a quick read. If you are looking for a quick, festive book to read this holiday season then this book should definitely be on your list.

Rating: 4/5

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A sweet romantic Christmas story with some dark undertones. And did I mention there are two cute dogs in it too? An ideal read for Christmas, romance and dog lovers.

I got this arc in exchange for an honest review.

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A Heartwarming Read…
Is Christmas really the best time of year? Maybe not for some but this one will be rather different. A warm and fuzzy Christmas romance with a likeable cast. Some emotional and difficult themes are dealt well with sleight of hand. A heartwarming read.

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I really liked this book! A nice feel good light read with dogs! It was a quick read,. Just an all-round sweet story with a HEA at the end of the day. Absolutely recommend.

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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook. This book is a cute Christmas story. It is a bit more sexy tones to it than you typical Hallmark story. If you are looking for a quick light hearted read with a little bit of sexy in it this is perfect for you.

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Christmas with Hamish is a complete in every way. I read it in just a couple hours.
The story put a smile on my face from looking at the cover to the end of the book.
Verity goes to her sister’s wedding with plans to stay just one day and then go off skiing with friends. That was not what happens. Her sister goes off on her honeymoon and Verity ends up staying to dog sit Hamish, her sisters’ dog.
Verity meets very handsome Nikau at her sister’s wedding. The chemistry was instant between the two. It turns out that Nikau is her sister’s neighbor.
The path to happiness is a fun one to read in this book.
A story about Christmas, family, romance and two adorable dogs is a must read for every one’s holiday.
Thank you NetGalley, Sophie Penhaligon and BooksGoSocial for the book. This is my personal review.

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Wonderful! I loved Verity. She's has a horrible time of it but she is brave, smart, and sweet. And Hamish is just the sweetest!

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely loved this feeling good book! Enjoyed the characters and the story. The story flowed nicely and had me reading until the end. This is a wonderful story and a great read, I highly recommend this book!

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A lovely frivolous story, romance, Christmas and dogs tied together with a bad family situation. What more do you need? An entertaining few hours spent reading this book.

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Christmas with Hamish by Sophie Penhaligon

At first I thought this book was just plain froth and there was a lot of froth in this Christmas romance novel, but there were some really deep scenes in it and this elevated it from a normal Christmas happy romance novel to a really excellent read. I loved it and I could not put it down until the end.

Verity attends her sister’s wedding and after a nasty encounter with her mother, she meets Nikau who is the grooms friend and neighbour, the hit it off and although Verity has plans to leave town after the wedding she enjoys a little flirt with Nikau, but her plans to leave are thwarted by her sister and she has to stay in town at her sister’s apartment with neighbour Nikau across the hall who is determined to woo Verity and make a life with the cautious Verity.

Verity is a lovely character, she has suffered familiar abuse as a child and is still healing from this and this makes her extra cautious about falling for Nikau, she lives in the opposite end of the country so she will not meet her family and although her heart is in Vancouver she is loath to leave Toronto to return because of this.

Veritys family are awful, and you are rooting for Verity to have the courage to tell them to just leave her alone, and to have a life that she yearns for with Nikau and to stay with him.

Although there are some heavy scenes it is a light book and I really enjoyed it.. it is a perfect Christmas read and it is a pure romance with a HEA. Hamish and Chunk steal the book but you already know that as Hamish is on the front cover of the book!

I loved every character in this book (except Veritys family) and was rooting for Verity and Nikau to get there happy ending.. and I was rooting for Hamish to get his as well!!!

I totally recommend this book to be read on a cold day when you can curl up with a hot chocolate and just need a little cheering up.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy to read and review.

#Romance #Canada #Dogs #NetGalley #ChristmasWithHamish

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This was such a good read! Loved the story and romance between Verity and Nikau. Can’t forget about Hamish and Chunk too. Such a cute Christmas read which I finished in one sitting! Loved every bit of it. Looks forward to more by this author.

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