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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* Pretty good book, i like where it was going and the point of it but as other have said i did find it a bit, stereotypical? would like to read this book to my legally blind brother honestly to get his view on this too.
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What a fabulously simple accessible book about being differently abled, real-life superheroes.

Mikey is a nervous and apprehensive boy having a tour around a new school after having left his previous one due to misunderstandings and being mistreated. We journey with him as we meet some of his potential new classmates and experience his trepidation as he realises just how awesome each child is. How can he compare to such superheroes?

Potential lessons (not exhaustive):
Health & Wellbeing- uniqueness, talents
Maths/Numeracy- position and movement : children as human Beebots. Partners to lead "blind" partners through directional instructions. 
Developing Young Workforce- how does being differently abled affect working ability?
Technology- recreate a mechanical hand using cardboard and string (instructions should be online)
P4C- What does it mean to be unique? What is a superhero?
Music- Beethovan inspired study
Art- Frida Kahlo inspired study
Dance/movement- explore movement from different perspectives- try using a stick to find way around, range of reach and movement from a chair, try to tie laces with 1 hand etc.
Social Studies, Literacy, Science and Digital Technology- groups to find out about different neurologically and physically diverse individuals who have made an impact. (E.g. Stephen Hawkins, Greta Thunberg, Usain Bolt, etc) create a Sway/PowerPoint/Keynote presentation to share to the rest of the class.
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Thank you Net Galley for sharing a copy of this book with me. Mikey has cerebral palsy and is starting a new school. You can tell from the first few pages he has fears and has struggled with being different at his old school. However the new school proves to be more friendly and inclusive than he expected. 

This is exactly the kind of book I look for for my children. It does a great job of approaching the topic of disabilities and inclusiveness for little kids. It celebrates being who you are even if you are different and may not be able to do things that other people can do. It enforces the importance of being kind and being a good friend to all.
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What a wonderful book! As a parent of a child with autism, I see firsthand the lack of understanding when it comes to children with disabilities in schools. I believe this is partly because parents simply don't know how to approach these subjects with their children and explain it to them. That's what makes books like this so important. It was simple, short, and easy to understand for younger children. The illustrations were vivid and beautifully done.  I would recommend everyone to read this and share with their schools so that more children can learn to understand and accept children with disabilities or differences.
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Such a lovely book about kids with different abilities and the school that makes them all feel empowered. What a wonderful way to talk to your kids about special needs. Whether your child is differently able or not, this book starts a great conversation. 

 The illustrations are super cute!
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This book showed how disabilities can be considered as strengths. This would be a good book for kids to understand differently abled children. I enjoyed the illustrations in the book as well.
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We loved this book. 

Mikey is attending his first day at a new school. He has CP and had difficulty in his previous school. The book follows Mikey as his principle takes him on a tour of the school and introduces him to some of the children. 

As the book progresses, we meet lots of characters, each with their own disability. What makes the story great is, the children are celebrated for what makes them different. We hear of super powers rather than disadvantages. 

The illustrations are also fantastic. 

I would love more in this series, perhaps Mikey's adventures with children from the school. 

This book should be a staple in mainstream schools. So children learn from a young age to celebrate differences and be kind and helpful to all people we meet.
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This story is brilliant, I really love how it encourages readers to see their differences, that people often equate to weaknesses or debilitating, to superpowers. Representation matters a great deal and I'm so glad to see representation of children with varying abilities, in this book.
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This book centers around Mike and his tour of a new school. He meets children with a variety of challenges and sees the exciting ways they adapt to them. Mike has cerebral palsy and is concerned that he won't fit in or that other children might make fun of him. He soon learns that everyone at this new school has a superpower and they all accept each other, loving their differences and changing the view of things. I loved the tones of acceptance and viewing the things that make us different as the things that make us special. Seeing the real feelings and concerns that Mike has being addressed was lovely. I think this book would be wonderful for a classroom that was welcoming some students for inclusion. I'd happily add this to my classroom library.
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This is a book that should be on every school library shelf. It focusses on kindness and diversity rather than disabilities . It started lots of discussion and we absolutely loved it !
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Such an awesome book for all kids! Mike is a child with cerebral palsy that has been teased before, and as he is starting a new school he is worried he will be again. He meets many new kids that have differences such as being blind, deaf, ADHD, and more. He sees how they all have their own unique super powers and how we all have the power of being kind and helping everyone regardless of our differences. Such a great book for anyone!
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Natasha Carlow, the author of “Mike Neto and the Superhero school,” has fabulously portrayed the courage, determination and struggle needed to become a real superhero. The author has definitely made a successful attempt in providing a peek into the lives of disabled children which forces the reader to positively appreciate them.
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Mike is anxious about his new school, but he meets some new kids with all sorts of disabilities, blindness, deafness, Autism, ADHD, and sees that they've all really got superpowers. Mike, who has CP, isn't sure how he'll fit in amongst all the superhero kids but is assured that he will fit in just fine. This book does a nice job explaining what disabilities look like and what kind of behaviors and accommodations accompany them. A great book for helping young children understand kids with disabilities.
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This was so sweet! I loved how diverse the cast was and the representation was great! This is coming from a completely able-bodied person so take everything I saw with a grain of salt. I thought Mike was such a sweet main character and his journey that we follow was awesome. His school is full of kids with varying disabilities and it's a great way to teach kids that just because someone is different doesn't mean they are bad or worth anything less. While it was too wordy for a story-time book, it is definitely something I will be recommending my library purchases when it is released!
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I was lucky to be given the chance to read this book through NetGalley.

My daughter and I read this book together and she said it was amazing! She loved finding out everyone's superpower and it gave us a way to speak about others being different from ourselves.
I highly recommend this book for children and adults.
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A very informative storybook about different disabilities children around us have which demands more understanding not just by the school authorities and adults around but also by their friends and classmates.

A must read I would say. Kids now need this book urgently.

The illustration is really amazing. Love the artstyle and the popping colour combinations.

Thank you, publisher, the author and the artist, for the advance reader copy.
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Thank you NetGalley and Purple Butterfly Press, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions expressed are purely my own and not affiliated with any brand.

This is the book i needed to read! I LOVED it so much!!! It had characters of diversity and of disabilities. Natasha Melissa Carlow explains the differences in a way that teaches kids to be accepting and not fearful of those who are different. The story emphasizes kindness which is something that cannot be stressed enough. The art was amazing. The story was amazing. I highly recommend this story.
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Mikey is nervous on his first day at a new school, but, on a tour with his new principal, he meets lots of new friends with very cool unique abilities and learns that there is a place for him and his special abilities too!  

This is a wonderful introduction to kids with various physical and neurological differences.   The tone is so positive, affirming, and matter-of-fact that it's a great lesson for young children for how to speak and think about others.  It models kindness as a way to include everyone and celebrate what they can contribute.   

This will be an excellent circle time read for pre-K and early elementary and would make a fantastic addition to school and classroom libraries!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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Such a wonderful book! As a reader it was well written, succinct and a heartwarming topic. This is a book I will be getting for our library and recommending it to our P-6  teachers. We live in a world where we need more open dialogue about what each other go through even when it isn't visible. This book find a way to bring that out and highlight the importance of acknowledging individual circumstances while remaining kind and welcoming to others.

The illustrations in this book are just as beautiful as the story itself.
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