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Oh this book gives such a sense of tension and having to look over your shoulder! OUr characters, Alex Bridget River and Lucy really feel alive on the pages and what happens to them is very intense

Well written and highly enjoyed

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Alex, Lucy, River, Bridget and Nat have a group to address the stalking they are all suffering. All are scared and then Nat is murdered by her stalker and a message is delivered at her funeral that another one will die.

We follow the group as the countdown to the stated date approaches

i have rad most of this author's novels and this was another great read.

Highly recommended

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CL Taylor is one of my go to authors when ever I want a sure thing good read. “Every Move You Make” is an intense thriller that kept me guessing throughout and turning those pages as quick as I could.

Alex, Lucy, River, and Bridget are four individuals united by a common and terrifying thread, they are all being stalked. Their constant fear is always there, knowing that there is always a possibility they are being watched and their lives threatened. Always looking over their shoulders and imagining danger wherever they go, everyday of their lives.

The five characters attend the funeral of their friend Nat who herself became the victim of her stalker. Their grief turns to terror when they receive a wreath with the disturbing message that gives them a clear warning that in ten days, one of them will meet the same fate as Nat. They must confront their stalkers in order to ensure they do not face the same ending as Nat.

An intense plot that lays out the back stories of the main characters, their relationships and the terror they face daily. A well paced novel that is full of suspense and impossible to put down, needless to say I read it in one sitting. This is a novel that entertains and remains with you after you have finished it. A compulsive read that keeps you guessing.

I would like to thank both Netgalley and Avon Books for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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Lucy, Alex, Bridget, River and Nat are all strangers, but share one thing in common – they all have stalkers and support each other on a WhatsApp group. Nat is brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend stalker and at her funeral, the remain four members of the group receive a wreath declaring one of them will die in the next 10 days. Despite being the last thing they want to do, the group need to get closer to their stalkers to discover which of them want one of them dead.
A fast-paced psychological thriller that starts with a bang and doesn’t lose momentum. Each chapter is told from one of the groups perspectives and builds up a detailed scenario of the fear and apprehensive each feels about their stalker and the impact it has on their lives. It’s a real race against time action packed book. CL Taylor never fails to disappoint, and all fans will enjoy this latest read.

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I am a huge fan of CL Taylor's writing. Every book is so different and the stories are so gripping and believable. This storyline was again so different and really kept me reading to the very end

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A great thriller, with a unique premise. It's always a joy when a book in this genre offers something new - the stalking trope has been done before, but not quite like this. Meet Alex, River, Lucy and Bridget, a group of people supporting each other through their living nightmare of being harassed by a stalker. When their friend Natalie is killed by hers, and a mystery wreath implying one of the foursome will die soon after arrives at the funeral, the group start to take action against their stalkers. Enjoyed very much.

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Firstly I would like to thank netgalley and Avon books, and the fantastic author C.L Taylor for an early copy of her book to read.

I've read quite a few of this authors books, This one was right up my street and a fantastic read. Alex...Lucy..River...Bridget...and Nat all connected due to being stalked they form a group protecting one another there stalkers are out there scared everywhere they go...Nat was was murdered by her stalker,on the day of her funeral a wreath was given to them with a message on a card someone is next in ten days...Who is next to die? This books tells you there individual stories who they are and why they are being stalked...An intense read and knowing this happens alot in real the author note at the end to understand why she wrote this book..looking forward to reading more of her books. Highly recommend her books.

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This is my first book by C L Taylor, I loved it. Well written, fast paced, scary, confusing story of a group of people who all have one thing in common - they're being stalked. They form a whatsapp group and give each other help and support - they come up with a plan which should stop all their stalkers, once and for all. But things are never as they seem, and everyone has their own personal issues which inter mingle and cause more confusion, suspicion and stress. At times this was so fast paced, I needed to sit down and make sure I knew who was doing what to who! But, with all good books, a clever twist which I didn't see coming. Recommended.

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This was a fascinating slow burn thriller featuring four victims of stalking who have come together to protect each other. They were initially a group of five until one was murdered by her stalker and when they meet at her funeral they soon fear the same fate from their own stalkers. The four are very different, Lucy is being stalked by her ex but is terrified of going to the police, River’s ex is causing problems for him and his new girlfriend but the police have done little to help yet, Bridget had to change jobs after her stalker caused problems at work and actress Alex doesn’t know the identity of her stalker who has progressed from trolling her online.

There’s a real mix of both fear and bravery in this, I personally found Lucy’s stalker extremely disturbing whereas the unknown quantity of Alex’s stalker added a whole new level. I thought I had some idea where this was headed however there was a surprising twist. The authors note at the end also really makes you think about this and how challenging it may have been for her to write but she’s given these victims a string voice and it’s incredibly thought provoking.

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Five people being stalked have become a their own WhatsApp support group. Always in contact with each other, panic sets in when one member goes silent. Then the worst news arrives, another life claimed by a stalker.

Meeting up at Nat’s funeral, the remaining four receive what they perceive to be a death threat, to take place in ten days time. But who is the threat for, one or all of them? As the countdown to the dreaded day commences, the group decide that enough is enough, and they up their vigilance and take matters into their own hands.

Oh my goodness, what a book! At times I had to remind myself to breathe, it was so tense. Who to believe, why was it happening, all the terrors!

From the first page I was absorbed into the lives of the stalked. Not a chapter wasted, skilful writing and the suspense was too perfect. Even the title is spot on!

One of the best thrillers I have read, chilling and terrifying. Yes, it could happen to you!

C L Taylor really is a bestseller for a reason. Worth far more than 5* for this one alone!

Thank you NetGalley and Avon Books UK.

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I really enjoyed this book.
It has great twists I didn't see coming. Once I started this. I couldn't put it down

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I love this author and was not disappointed by the latest book from them. This time we are introduce to a group of people brought together because they are victims of stalkers and their fear has brought them together. After the brutal murder of one of their group they are delivered a wreath suggesting they are next. It’s a race against time to bring their stalkers out in the open but is everyone being honest and is the danger closer than they think. I loved this edge of your seat thriller which is not to be missed.

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A chilling thriller that looks at a group of people being stalked, who come together to try to help each other. Can they stop one of them being killed? Loved this book, it was so creepy and addictive, definitely recommend!

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Four strangers brought together, members of a victims of stalking support group. They've become a close support network, all subject to similar threats and fears.

At the funeral of their friend, Nat, who was killed by her stalker, the four are presented with a wreath, the message on the card threatening another death in ten days time.

Wow! This starts with a bang and doesn't slow down. The threat and tension is high and keeps on rising.

With four possible targets there's a lot of variety, four very well developed main characters. They each have their plots, backstories, lives, relationships and stalkers, including ex-partners and anonymous strangers.

This is a propulsive, compulsive read. The one-more-chapter-factor is huge as it switches between the four main characters.

The kind of book you have to race through but don't want to miss a single detail. I did plenty of flicking back to make sure I hadn't missed anything.

The plot is involved and intricate, the character writing empathetic, the pace fast and the atmosphere tense, obsessive and full of paranoia.

A masterpiece of a stalker / survivor psychological thriller.

Definitely recommended, read it as soon as you can!

Thanks to Netgalley and Avon Books

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River, Bridget Alex and Lucy have come together for the funeral of their friend Nat. The thing that you united them was the fact that they are all victims of stalkers. Nats life was ended by hers.

Now the group have been sent a warning. In ten days time the same thing is going to happen to one of them. The four are now living in terror. Should they run and hide or should they track down the people who are terrorising them.

The book gives a good insight into the world of stalking and the effects on its victims.

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to see an ARC.

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A brilliant concept which I found both outrageous and disturbing. It's a thriller based upon what happens when victims of stalkers come together in a Whats App group and try to support each other. I liked how everyone has their secrets and nothing is what it first seems. It all makes for a suspenseful, riveting read and a poignant authors's note at the end.
Highly recommended.

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